Tales Cameo Characters Have Background Stories In Venus & Braves

By Spencer . January 14, 2011 . 1:07pm

Venus & Braves has a number of guest characters from the Tales universe in the PSP version. How did they get there? Namco Bandai gave each character a background story. For example, Suzu from Tales of Phantasia stumbled into the Venus & Braves world while studying ninjutsu.


040[1] 041[1] 042[1] 043[1]


Each Tales character has their on even in Venus & Braves. Speaking of Tales cameos, these characters are in Venus & Braves.


Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia

024[2] 025[2]


Genis Sage from Tales of Symphonia

026[1] 027[1]


Presea Combatir from Tales of Symphonia

028[1] 029[1]


Guy Cecil from Tales of Abyss

030[2] 031[1]


Rita from Tales of Vesperia

032[1]\ 033[2]


Raven from Tales of Vesperia

034[2] 035[1]


Venus & Braves also has new events in chronicle mode that are unrelated to the Tales games. In one event you help resurrect a group of fallen knights by taking the Fairy’s Road. Another takes place in a phantom village that suddenly appeared.


004[3] 005[1] 007[2] 008[3] 009[3] 010[4] 011[3] 012[7] 014[4] 015[1] 016[3] 017[4] 018[3] 019[2] 020[1] 021[2] 022[2] 023[4] 002[5] 003[5]


Venus & Braves comes out on January 20 in Japan.

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  • … am I the only one thinking how oddly the Tales portraits clash with the non-cameo ones in the first few screens? o_O

    I think it would’ve been interesting to redraw — or at least touch up — the Tales portraits so they have the more realistic shading that the original game character art has. But again, that’s just me.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, the Tales characters are really out of place in this game for this very reason.

    • Masengan

      I agree too, I guess localization is not the only thing they fail at…

  • DarkWaterClone

    I so wish the Tales characters were not in Venus & Braves. But if them being in the game help sell Venus & Braves to allow a sequel to come out then I am all for it.

    I so hope Venus & Braves sells well because if it does there is a chance for a sequel & remake of Seven. http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/01/13/venus_and_braves_sequel/

    • Ladius

      Having a SevenV&B sequel would be great, but my enthusiasm was diminished when I read the part about making a network-enabled game “to make the characters alive”…

  • Caligula

    Heh, I like how they blatantly reused the Tales cut-ins from actual Tales games. Couldn’t be bothered to draw something new, I guess. Oh, well. The game looks interesting, anyway.

    • That’s because they’re too broke to make new ones.

  • Dimentionalist

    “Hmm, we were trying to find our way to North America and somehow we ended up on Venus instead. That guy with the ‘Namco’ shirt wasn’t very good at giving directions!”

    • Ladius

      I lol’d hard XD

      That said, I liked V&B back when it was released on PS2 and I like it now, even if a western release seems really unfeasible :

    • Masengan

      Didn’t another commenter say that if they decided to bring this game to states they were gonna remove all the Tales of Cameo? XD, made me smile just like your post.

  • PrinceHeir

    and the release outside of japan? never gonna happen.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Lol I like how the Tales portraits look nothin’ like the portraits in this game. It gives it a certain charm in it’s cheapness. Seems fun but yeah Namco and everything.
    OH yeah is it just me or does anyone else get a Vandal Hearts or Vagrant Story vibe from this game. Maybe it’s just because of the art.

  • Barrit

    Has anyone ever played this game? If so, is it actually any good? I downloaded the PSP demo, but I don’t know Japanese so I could only do so much. I just kept fighting the same monster it seemed over and over until I eventually died.

    It probably won’t be released outside Japan, but I was just curious.

  • This is one of the best SRPGs I ever played – I’m really sad that it is 99.999% unlikely to get over here.

    …the Tales portraits look like donkey dick though. Did an artist get fired??? >_O

    • Ladius

      They are fine taken for what they are, they simply don’t fit with the rest of the game due to Namco’s decision to not let them be redrawn by V&B’s character designer :

      • That’s kinda what I meant. I think the reason it annoys me as much as it does is because it is a blatant demonstration of “lack of effort”. =/

        Anyways, I hope any importers get drawn to this title.

  • omg it looks so sad haha

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I just have to say this:
    that portrait of Suzu just looks adorable :3

    I have not played Phantasia, but everyone here says that, that exact portrait is being reused? lol I hope its in the GBA version

  • *sigh*

    I just gave up and imported some of the Tales. I now how Graces F, Vesperia ps3, symphonia, Destiny DC, and Rebirth. Tired of waiting, and the only one I bought new was Graces so Namco aint’ getting my money. This will be a great 2 months.

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