The 3rd Birthday Won’t Give Life To Any DLC

By Spencer . January 14, 2011 . 5:09pm

imageDirector Hajime Tabata popped up on Twitter to tell fans there won’t be any downloadable content for The 3rd Birthday. For this game, the development team tried working with the Square Enix members group instead.


You can collect stamps with a Square Enix members account, which unlock Over Energy (ability) chips and the Lightning costume for Aya. Stamps are earned by adding Square Enix members friends, writing a The 3rd Birthday journal, and giving your Square Enix members avatar a prop from The 3rd Birthday.


Tabata explains Square Enix was investigating a collaboration between members and a game. The 3rd Birthday is the first title to test this out and in the future other games may take advantage of this service.


While a Square Enix Members service is online in North America, it isn’t clear if the Western version will use the same unlocking system.

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  • Guest

    That stamp thing sounds arduous and stupid

  • I have to question Square Enixs goal of making money. In this day and age, DLC is vital for making extra bits of money. To just avoid it completely and rely on a members site is simply baffling. People are willing to buy stuff as DLC so it should be pretty much assured that they include it in every game. Square Enix continually fails to offer DLC for its games. Dude, they just do not make sense.

    • You make less money by releasing a $5 DLC pack than you do by adding $5 worth of content into a game that’s dropped in price and rereleasing it at full price.

      • What are you talking about, they can easily just throw in $5 DLC packs of, say just weapons, then another one of just more weapons, and maybe costumes, and then another $5 of more costumes and weapons, and maybe some levels. People buy DLC up, especially in full cost games. Missing up on DLC is just odd, especially how we are in the golden age of DLC, you know, its not like people dont buy it, lol.

  • cj_iwakura

    How about some DLC that makes the story into something that isn’t raping the franchise?

  • thaKingRocka

    The stamp business is nonsensical, but I applaud the lack of DLC.

  • Personally, every game that doesn’t rely on DLC is a much better game from the beginning for me.

    BUT, the stamp thing with their website is one of the most stupid ways, I ever heard of(no SE I won’t register on your site, lol), to unlock something, and if you don’t you have to play through the whole game so often that it isn’t worth, never..

    • falcomgamefan

      Oh, I can’t agree more. I hate half-assed games only to find out if I want to get the full experience and actually enjoy my product, I have to pay more money. That business model and anyone doing it can go the way of the dinosaur for all I care.

  • OneOkami

    I’d rather he focus on finishing Agito XIII than DLC for this game.

  • PrinceHeir

    just include all these bonuses on the western release please

    • I hope, should they decide not to include these extras from the start, that we can work our way around by copying a savegame with everything unlocked.

  • pridesin

    I am not sure why Square Enix is making simple thing into complex one.

    Final Fantasy 14 online had problem with paying monthly fee which require to buy crystals through Square Enix and then use that crystal to pay the monthly fee, and most of people did not like it.

  • neon6

    They’re not making DLC for it because they’re going to re-release the game next year with slightly more content.

  • You already killed the franchise, what else can you do?

    • Aiddon

      use the corpse for a puppet show. They WOULD do it

  • Tokyo Guy

    Hmm…considering how short this game was I would very much like DLC. Like a new area or chapter. Even a random dungeon crawl (akin to the Crystler Building bonus area in the original) would suffice.

    Seriously…Koei is making boatloads of FREE DLC for Zill O’Ill Trinity and yet Square can’t even make PAY DLC…Alas…

  • Pichi

    The way they are gong about is too cumbersome. They should make things more accessible than that.

  • The stamps seem dumb, but what it unlocks is stupid anyway so who cares, and any game without DLC is better for it, DLC sucks, no one is willing to pay for it, and if you are then you are a twit. The reason people download DLC is because they paid for the game, and DLC basically holds the entire experience hostage unless you pay more.

    It’d be like if movies, instead of releasing un-cut versions, made you have to down load the deleted scenes. It’s like, how greedy can you really get?

    • I can attest to the fact that I am not a twit. The DLC provided in racing games, and then in games like LittleBigPlanet have been abundant and often times awesome. The DLC made Split/Second awesome to play even months after its release, and Modnation Racers. Its not like one is forced to buy it, lol. Even Dragon Age DLC was awesome.

  • I would have defended Square but the whole “Stamps are earned by adding Square Enix members friends, writing a The 3rd Birthday journal, and giving your Square Enix members avatar a prop from The 3rd Birthday.” thing does make it more of a hassle then it should be.

    The journal does sound somewhat neat I admit, but it’s also time consuming. Rather have a system in The 3rd Birthday where you get points for different reasons and use them to unlock stuff in a menu/room.

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