Snack On These Gods Eater Burst Screens

By Spencer . January 18, 2011 . 9:45am


Vajra is one of the first large Arigami you’ll fight and devour in Gods Eater Burst when D3 Publisher releases it in March. We have English screenshots of the lion-like creature and Kongou plus two smaller Arigami, Zygote and Ogretail.














While I checked out an English build of Gods Eater Burst yesterday (more on that later), I inquired about the slight name change. The story is… there isn’t a story. Orders from Japan were to change the name to Gods Eater Burst. That’s it.



Alisa_Introduction 1028_1_05 Battle_GodArc 1029_3_02 Aragami_battle Burst_Mode_Gboro_Gboro Magma_Field_Battle Devour Kongou_Battle Sword - Xi Shi Sword - Yang Gun - Gatling II

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  • Barrit

    I hope they release an English demo. I played the Japanese demo and really liked how the controls and combat worked. There were quite a bit of tutorial type missions and I’m sure I missed some cool stuff since I don’t understand Japanese.

    Really looking forward to this game. Hopefully the English VOs aren’t unbearable!

    • KotaroInugami

      Saw a english gameplay vid of a battle versus a Vajra. Sounded like someone’s voice actor was Yuri Lowenthal.

      • Yuri Lowenthal is in everything!

        • Zero_Destiny

          But that’s a good a thing.

          • Not when he sounds exactly the same for every role.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Not true he has a very good range. He does arrogant, nice/playful, really young sounding, and makes a great creepy voice. Play PERSONA 3 you can hear the great range he’s got. He does the main chara, Pharos, and Ryoji, they all sound quite different.

          • Why can’t he do that for other games? Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone, Tales of the Abyss (two roles in this one), Star Ocean: First Departure… He sounds the same as he does when he voiced the Persona 3 protagonist.

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol I remember playing Rivera and Yggdra but I don’t remember any voices (I played’em on GBA) were those added for the PSP or something? As for why he doesn’t try more range sometimes it can really just be the decision of his employers, the ADR director might tell him no do your standard voice and no complaining. Many actors in the US are sadly typed-casted like Liam O’Brien and Steven Blum who are both phenomenal actors but are constantly stuck playing the loud scary angry bad guys. lol If you want to see more of Yuri Lowenthal’s range I suggest checking out some of his work in anime/cartoons. (just try to google some clips or something). He plays arrogant mean @sshole Sasuke in Naruto/Shippuden and plays bashful crybaby whining ecchi male protagonists like in Girls Bravo and some other ecchi brought stateside. On a side note I like Yuri Lowenthal, you don’t always know if the actors actually like what they’re voicing or not but he’s pretty famous for being a big anime fan and often shows up at cons (cosplaying as his charas no less lol) Plus from the interviews I’ve seen of him he seems nice enough.

  • badmoogle

    Wow the cover really reminds me of Monster Hunter.

    I love the swords.

    • In my case, I’m reminded of Imperialdramon :P

  • Ladius

    Well, at least it will be better than Lord of Arcana :P I’m really curious to play GEB.

    • It is better than Lord of Arcana, at least from what I’ve played of the God Eater and God Eater Burst Japanese demos and both the Japanese and English Lord of Arcana demo.

  • I’m still going to be calling it like the ‘s’ in ‘Gods’ dosen’t exist and I will be the only person in my street who owns it, meaning I will be a loner :(

    • If you’ve got a PS3 with an ethernet connection, there’s always adHoc Party. Maybe.

      • Guest

        I would need a 50 foot ethernet cord to my modem : (

        • Well, it’s just a matter of buying cable in bulk then crimping the ends yourself.

  • They’re really still Calling it that? *Sigh*

    At least the game looks good :P

  • Guest

    Still a crappy title guys.
    Ya dun goofed.

  • Code

    rar, orders from North America; Change it back >w<

    • Guest

      Commander Code, clearly they did not get the memo please resend

  • Won’t stop me from leaving the “s” off of “Gods”. Any word on an English demo?

  • PrinceHeir

    im definitely looking forward to this :D

  • release fastahh!

  • Looks pretty cool. Putting it on my list of games to play.

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