Tidbits About The New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer [Update]

By Spencer . January 18, 2011 . 2:41am

image A new trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII was shown at the Production 1 press conference. The video, like others, started with the tagline "this is a fantasy based on reality."


It opened with a scene of Prince Noctis that may have been in or resembled Japan on a freeway. The next scene showed Noctis and a beautiful blonde as described by 4gamer (I believe this may be Stella) talking about how they can see the "light." Then a man in a suit said, "I’m sorry to say you cannot become the king. The crown won’t be handed over to just anyone. I will be remembered in history as the final king."


The trailer then cut to gameplay footage where a fight took place between a character (Noctis?) wielding a sword and battling a swarm of soldiers. A gigantic behemoth showed and the fight continued. Many more common monsters came out. Later, there was a scene where a character (it isn’t clear if this is Noctis) boarded a tank and controlled it. A two legged robot was shown too.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII, as mentioned many times, is for PlayStation 3 only.


You’ll be able to see this trailer and others from the Production 1 press conference on January 27.


Update: Pictures of the mysterious man in the suit who makes the king comment and some gameplay screenshots. Regarding the quote, it appears the "suit character" is being merciful with his decision to end the linage. Text, in English, read "an act of love by the last king."


Bits of gameplay showed Noctis running away from an exploding building. There were no transitions into fights. Noctis ran into armored soldiers and attacked them with two other characters. It appears players can switch characters in Final Fantasy Versus XIII. During battles, the trailer showed glimpses of magic like a lightning spell and a fire attack.


Noctis can commandeer vehicles. He took control of a turret on a tank and a two legged robot in the video.


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  • onilink888

    Just how in the hell does FFXIII-2 get released before Versus XIII?

    Man, SE’s priorities are all over the damn place. -_-

    • Gelsa

      Remember when SE said that they cut out material from FF13? They said it was enough material for a whole new game. And remember when they said there would be no FF13 DLC due to “technical difficulties”?

      Yeah. My guess is that’s the reason the game will be out so soon.

      • onilink888

        Ah. That makes sense.

        • OneOkami

          On top of what Gelsa said, also take into the account the likely reuse of the engine and many assets from XIII and a lot of the work is already done right from the start.

          • Also, despite mixed opinions on Final Fantasy XIII, the game did very well and made SE tons of money. So they aren’t going to wait for the momentum to cool off now are they.

          • badmoogle

            Were they really satisfied with the sales when we take into account that XIII was a multiplatform release?
            Sure six million copies are quite a lot when you compare them with most game sales today but this is Final Fantasy we’re talking about and previous titles sold as much (or much more) and they were exclusives.
            For example how much more FFVII or X would have sold if they had come out to Nintendo consoles as well?

          • @ badmoogle Of course they were satisfied. Would they have wanted it to sold more, you bet but then that goes for any video game studio.

            You can ponder what would happen if it was an exclusive but it’s a moot point. It did well and gave Square Enix a healthy profit.

    • onilink888

      Man, the more I read that, the more ignorant I realize I come off as. Bad moi!

      I knew damn well how easily it could have been released before Versus XIII. I guess getting screwed over by buying FFXIV and having to wait so long for Versus XIII combined to put me in lolderprage mode…

      I apologize to any clear, calm and analytical minds that comment might have offended. :P

    • Bakuryukun

      ugh….you people have no idea how stuff like this works. They already HAVE all the graphical assets and tools to MAKE FFXIII-2 so it’s going to take WAY less time, whereas Versus XIII is being made from scratch.

  • karasuKumo

    GAAAA!! Sounds so good! This is what we have been waiting for for so long! Bring on the 27th! Finally some proper gameplay *manly tear* XD

    Look at this!!! (XIII-2)


  • malek86

    “I’m sorry to say you cannot become the king. The crown won’t be handed over to just anyone. I will be remembered in history as the final king.”

    Uh, ok. For some reason, this line sounds very bad to me.

    Are we sure this is gonna be alright? People seem to have incredibly high expectations for this game, but after 13, they could be in for another disappointment.

    • Christian Wright

      you’re right. even from that tiny bit of gameplay that got leaked. i was disappointed by that battle with the behemoth. wasnt as intense as the trailer showed. my expectations have already been lowered since then

    • Depends on how it was said. If it’s done in a badass manner then your worries would have been for nothing :D

      • malek86

        If it was said by a guy in a suit, I doubt it was badass. But I’ll wait for the trailer.

        • You can still look badass in a suit. It’s all about body language and the voice. If he wears leather gloves that will add to his charisma.

        • Preposterous! A good suit is probably the most badass thing a man can wear!

          • Zero_Destiny

            Agreed!!! Why else would the mafia wear them? XD

    • badmoogle

      Yeah it does sound a bit childish but we don’t know if this was said exactly like this.Anoop (Andriasang) translated this part from the Famitsu live blogging and they could have written it very fast.

      Or at least i hope so.

    • HarryHodd

      It already looks better than xiii and xiii wasn’t bad.

    • Guest

      I’m sorry to say you cannot become the king
      The crown wont be handed down to just anyone who can sing
      I will be remembered as the final king in history
      You will be forgotten without a thing to battle me

    • From my personal translation is more like…

      -I see, you are the only one that can make use of it? (or use/utilize something, i would need to know what he is talking about, maybe the throne? the king tittle? we still dunno)

      -But, pitifully/sadly, you can’t become a king.

      -I won’t give my throne to anyone. (Is not crown, is throne “oui”)

      -My name will be remembered as the last king in history.

      That is my translation, im close to be 2 years of japanese’s studies, but luckily for me, what he said wasn’t that complicated, i think it sounds better (and more interesting) than what you wrote xD…. I hope it sounds better for you too.

  • What? I have to wait again? 27th? Isn’t that the same day as Sony’s owns conference? Or since its exclusive they plan to do it there? So meaning other tittles are exclusive too? Anyway, not that I care.. As long as SE come out with something good.. I am sold.. But still I hope for more action… And interesting side quest…

  • PrinceHeir

    i will not be surprised of FFXIII-2 manages to be released ahead of Versus XIII either this december or next march 2012. though it’s good to see agi– err i mean Type-0 being released this summer.

    i really feared square will announced multiple XIII titles and i was right, oh well as long as you finish everything, and make Dragon Quest X, Kingdom Hearts III it’s all good.

    • badmoogle

      According to Andriasang FFXIII-2 will be released in 2011.

  • Until I see the trailer I will withold any hype or caution to this game. That said the trailer does sound neat.

  • 2013 for NA

  • Well, happy it’s still exclusive, but…uh…why no release date? Seriously! At least, for Japan.

    • Nei_chan

      haha. lol

  • Xekyo

    wow so much Final Fantasy goodness lately! i’m pretty hyped up about this game, duodecim and type-0. and the new kingdom heart games on top of that. Square Enix are on a roll. Woo! :D

  • cmurph666

    I’ve given up hope that Versus or Agito will even make it out before the end of the world…

    • Didnt it say Agito or TYpe-0 is coming this summer?

      • cmurph666

        I’ll believe it when I have a copy.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Really disappointed by the lack of a release window even, but I’ve got to admit that Agi*ahem*Type-0 coming out this year will make it easier to bear.

    Anyway, with the severe lack of content for Versus, I’ve been losing my excitement lately. I hope the new trailer fixes that.

    • There’s a trailer already! Watch it!!!!

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Ive seen it and…. It looks so GODLY. And we will be able to fight while wearing that Roen suit! Very impressed, and here I am, hyped about Versus… Again.

        Well, let’s rewatch the trailer… again and again and again <3

  • Oh something is super epic. I can not wait for the official trailer! Please provide a reminder when its released. I would so hate to miss out! The three or four other guy characters werent in the trailer?

  • Hexen

    here’s the trailer and gameplay video


    • Holy god that’s absolutely gorgeous. The music too! Redemption is near

  • PrinceHeir

    Versus XIII Trailer quick watch it before it get’s removed(also include XIII-2)


  • PrinceHeir

    wow it looks like Mamoru Miyano is the voice of Noctis, damn i was expecting at least Jun Fukuyama to voice him.


    all trailers are here ^^

    *oh crap it looks like i was wrong, Mamoru voices the one that looks like a professor(one of his gangs)

    • Ren

      Noctis voice sounded like Shizuo’s for me for some reason, that would be Daisuke Ono? It’s probably not him anyway. I just hope FukuJun strays as far as possible from this unless he’s doing a Lelouch like voice, I just hate his voice as much as I like Kana Hanazawa’s.

      • If I’m not wrong I think Noctis might be voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa. He’s not as well known since he hasn’t really done many anime roles, but he’s pretty popular in the seiyuu fandom. (And he can sing! I can just imagine Noctis releasing a character song now… LOL.)

  • Ok, so versus and agito look great and all, but what does square-enix have against turned-based rpg exactly!? And I’m really tired of games in which a billion thing fly out on the screen…

    • Ren

      These games were always action RPGs, so complaining now won’t change a thing. Besides, most turn based RPGs of this gen are getting stale, and most of the younger crowd nowdays prefer action based games. It’s just a matter of times changing and companies adapting to what will give them more money and, sometimes, freedom on what they develop. That’s why I’m waiting for a new MegaTen and Persona game. They know how to make good Turn based.

  • karasuKumo

    That trailer is so amazing! Seriously I can’t put into words how epic that was.

  • Gonna import this either way when released!

  • The first half of the trailer after showing the Prince seemingly bored with life was a let down. Why the hell show characters speaking but yet unable to hear what they are saying. That felt really flat. Thankfully when it started to show the gameplay footage it started kicking off and manage to increase my interest in the game.

    At least I manage to call the “last king” wearing leather gloves :D

    • I’m guessing it might be because they haven’t cast Stella’s seiyuu yet?

      I can’t wait to see who they choose, I hope it’ll be someone good and not someone with the stereotypical unmemorable Japanese female voice.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Is the battle system supposed to be a more detailed version of Crisis Core’s? Maybe with seamless transition into battles?

  • Hraesvelgr

    The facial animations in the FMVs look quite nice, even if that doesn’t translate to the same quality of animations with the in-game graphics. Of course, with the graphics looking as good as they do, I don’t see why the feel the need to have FMVs…

    • thebanditking

      It helps with the presentation, at least in my opinion. For example I had absolutely no interest in Deus Ex 3 until after they revamped the main character a little and made those amazing looking FMV’s. When your playing the game it can seem like an unnecessary wast of time (I actually don’t mind watching a few cut scenes) but CG lends it self better for promotional and presentational purposes. Not to mention reminding us much we can still improve in game engines.

  • Croix

    Game is starting to remind me of XIII, and not in a good way. Well, at least it looks like we’ll be able to have much more direct control over the selected character which is a huge plus. Maybe even able to switch characters during battle. And if that eliminates the whole ‘one character dies, game over’ mechanic, then I will be rather pleased. The only other thing I could ask for is to not make this game as linear as XIII was, at the very least allowing you to revisit past areas.

    • FireCouch

      How does it look like XIII? I guess the graphics are as great as those found in XIII, if that’s what you mean.

      • Croix

        I mean that it looks packed to the seams with events. Not that such a thing in itself is bad, but with Square lately, I worry that they focus too much on the events and forget the gameplay sometimes. And without gameplay, there is no game. Granted, I’m not condemning this game yet, and I do have high hopes for it.

        • thebanditking

          I know what you mane but I feel a lot of Japanese developers are going through a traditional phase while they figure out where to put the focus in their titles, S-E is no different. Though I do blame Yoichi Wada for a good portion of S-E’s recent failures, as I imagine the morale within S-E to be quite poor by now. You can’t expect the crew to maintain the ship with a drunk crazy captain. Still its always easy to play Monday morning quarter back and with a changing Japanese game fan base and the industry going through some difficult changes perhaps his decisions are just a result of those factors.

  • joesz

    After seeing the trailer all that I though of was Sasuke, Snake and Itachi.

  • My new most anticipated game. That trailer really did it. I’m not keen on the shooter elements, but everything else just looks so good.

    XIII-2, Versus XIII and Type-0.. The wait is gonna kill me.

  • It looks so damn good
    So much like a Final Fantasy and oh shock….Is it just coincidence the 1st good lookin Final Fantasy in this Gen is also (still) PS3 Only?
    Every game with the SquareEnix Tag sucked and they were all made for the 360 in mind or got adjusted for it(like FF13 that was a completely different game as a PS3 Exclusive)

    God please let it stay PS3 Exclusive,FOR ALLWAYS AND EVERYWHERE!
    This is exactly what I am and everyone is dreaming of in this Gen…This looks like the 1st real Final Fantasy

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    So far so good SE. KH 3D, Versus XIII, Type-0 and XIII-2 all look great.

  • HarryHodd

    Looks absolutely amazing. CG, dark city, bright colorful natural setting, interesting combat and story. Absolutely can’t wait.

    • badmoogle

      Indeed that was a great trailer and it had a little bit of everything.I’m glad Nomura’s team is not afraid of showing actual gameplay in their trailers.

      If i was 10 times hyped about this game before now i’m 100 times more!This will be the true FFXIII for me.

  • thebanditking

    This looks awesome, given how long its taking to release it has fallen off my radar a bit but with this I am definitely interested. This still looks the best out of all of them, but with XIII-2 coming out I almost wish they would just rename this FFXIV. I am also glad to see that the development team is not going to compromise its vision this late into development by making this multi-plat. I still feel that some of XIII’s shortcomings were caused by the late 360 port decision.

    • Then I guess you don’t know much about the game, do you?

      • thebanditking

        on the contrary I know quite a bit about its development and why some of the choices were made in terms of design. Personally I still feel there are benefits to console exclusive titles that go beyond the sales numbers. Knowing full well that multi platform development always leads to developing for the lesser of the two or in the best case scenario the middle ground is half of what causes so many titles to have cut content that we later get charged for. Because often developers spend too much time on getting something to work rather then the actual creative process and this always causes compromises. Neglecting to acknowledge this shows you don’t know much about game design (since were throwing around baseless statements). Still I’m not looking for an argument, despite this seeming to be written to instigate one.

        • Then you would also know that the real cause of FFXIII’s development issues stemmed from their engine and coming to terms with new technology. The rather miserable-looking 360 port itself is indication enough that FFXIII wasn’t toned down for the PS3 in any way at all. The only reason they cut content from the game was because they were over time and over budget…and one could even say that was precisely because they were so eager to push the PS3 as far as they could.

          • thebanditking

            Yes I do know all that and good deal about what went in to building the engine that runs the game but I still find it hard to believe that the decision did not add additional pressure on top of a clearly stressed out team. Not to mention having to put together that E3 demo so quickly, as the decision to accept Microsoft’s offer was made well before the announcement.The quality of the 360 build is proof that the engine was designed for PS3, though I do attribute most of the decisions to be due to the key members having worked on FFX which also had some of the same odd choices. Overall I think its a miracle the game released at the quality that it did despite these circumstances. I appreciate your response being more open ended, I do like discussing things but its not my intention to derail conversations.

          • malek86

            In that case, you shouldn’t say that FF13 suffered from being multiplatform, but rather, from having a 360 version announced late in its development cycle.

            Thus, if the game had been multiplatform from the start, it would have turned out better… well, you could say that of any game.

          • @Malek86 – I have to agree with you on that. I think the FFXIII definitely suffered from having to suddenly be shoe-horned into fitting the 360’s limits, BUT I don’t have the same worry about FFXIII-2, precisely because it was meant to be multiplatform from the very beginning. They won’t have to make any cuts to content, since they’ll have their limits known from the very beginning.

  • pridesin

    Wow, just watched the gameplay in trailer.
    This is the gameplay that I have been dreamed for the JRPG.
    If square-enix add the exploration part with good story line,
    I will be completely sold out for the Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
    I hope Square-enix come back as the best JRPG game maker with
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

  • Noctis sounds like he is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

    • If I’m not wrong, it’s actually Suzuki Tatsuhisa. :)

      • Eri

        That sounds like a good guess. He doesn’t sound like Midorin to me either.

  • ooooohhh the music :D

    sounds so familiar to kingdom hearts
    i know it’s the same dev team, so its not that surprising, but it makes me even more excited for this game.
    though in recent years i have grown to hate square enix’s policy of announce 200 games, at once and then release one every seven years (exaggeration)

  • IceRomancer

    Wonder whats up with that dragoon looking guy/girl that fell from the sky?
    Looked cool whoever it was! :D

  • Bakuryukun

    I really think this game looks interesting. I like the World Map and the Battle system at it’s worst looks like Chaos Legion and at it’s best looks like an RPGish Devil May Cry. I like both of those games, so I’ll probably like this.

  • That trailer actually made my jaw drop. This is why I bought a PS3. If Squeenix do have as good as job promoting this one as they did FFXIII, I think there’s a good chance that it’ll actually exceed XIII’s sales.

    • This? Out of the PS3’s huge arsenal of exclusive PS3 titles….this is the game that is your reason for buying the PS3?!

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        If this game’s potential ends up being fully realized (gorgeous graphics, classic world map and overall RPG structure, absolutely AWESOME ZOE2-like fighting, beautiful soundtrack (Shimomura <3), etc.), then yes, this is a perfectly valid reason for someone to buy a PS3.

      • Yes, it was, actually. It was one of the games. God of War 3 was another. Metal Gear Solid 4 was another. I don’t buy a system until there are 20 exclusives either out or upcoming that I absolutely can’t live without and this one, when it was first announced, excited me more than FFXIII did, from the very beginning.

        Seeing it in action, so far, it has exceeded my expectations.

  • Raidou

    Actually just release this game already.. :S

  • Zero_Destiny

    OH GAWD that was beautiful for the first minute or two I honestly thought that it was real life actors (like the old PERSONA cms) I was blown away and almost feel like the wait was worth it if the game can maintain that level of graphics. But and it may sound weird to say I don’t think the graphics aren’t the best or maybe I’m trying to say that they don’t compliment a game like this the best. I don’t know how to word it but looking at things in an almost real look just makes their designs seem silly or too over the top. I’m mostly talking about the charas and the tech though. Like I love how Cecil looks in Amano’s Artwork, his SD sprites form in FFIV and even in his chibi big-headed form in it’s DS remakes (which apparently I’m the only one who likes it XD) but there’s no way I can look at his CG (in both PS1 and DS) form and not laugh. The chara looks ridiculous and scary, like if I ever saw him in real life I’d turn around and run. I kind of feel the same way with this. I haven’t seen enough of it or even played it so I can’t judge yet. But I don’t know if the realistic look is going to work? Sometimes some designs just don’t work in real life and will always look better animated (be it comp graphics or drawings). I may not be real big on guns and tech in my Final Fantasy’s as well but OH BOY an epic all out battle in a city with it getting torn away and building ruined does look incredibly fun. Just hopes this comes out in America with in a reasonable amount of time.

  • The trailer looks awesome, but what I really want is more info/footage on the Noctis-Stella relationship. :D

    I really, REALLY hope this game doesn’t disappoint. I’ve been looking forward to this even more than I was looking forward to FFXIII when they were both announced, and now I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it doesn’t prove to be the letdown that FFXIII was for me.

  • Fail game will be fail, just like FFXIII was in the west.

    • Dr. Useless

      I diagnose this comment as… useless.

      • Oh man this made me laugh xD

      • Wow, you sure are serious about role-playing :D

    • Dude you have to say more or else the mods will ban you.

      That being said, I dont think FFXIII was a failure in the West. It was stunning, and how does it even relate to Versus, this game has what seems to be lightning fast gameplay that the people in CONUS love.

    • Rather than simply retorting “Fail comment will be fail,” since that would be too easy, can I ask you exactly how it failed in the West? I’d say millions of sales is far from a failure.

  • Joanna

    Ugh, Stella is giving me Rinoa vibes (when she turns her head, it’s the same as Rinoa in the opening) and I dislike Rinoa. She is my least favourite FF heroine. :|

    I hope that this is just a case of first impressions being misleading. Actually Noctis is aesthetically quite similar to Squall…..who also happens to be my second least favourite male lead. D:

    Oh well, if the game can be fun, I’ll bear the unlikable leads like I did with FFVIII.

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