First Foggy Screenshots Of Silent Hill: Downpour

By Spencer . January 24, 2011 . 10:11am


Silent Hill 8 has a new name Silent Hill: Downpour. This survivor horror game centers on convict Murphy Pendleton. After his prison bus crashes, Murphy finds himself lost in the woods of Silent Hill.


In addition to a foggy forest, Konami gave us a look at other areas players will explore in Silent Hill: Downpour – a diner and the Devil’s Pit.




Devil’s Pit

sh_d_dp_01 sh_d_dp_02


Silent Hill: Downpour is slated for a fall release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Vatra Games, the studio behind Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot, another Konami title, are developing Silent Hill: Downpour.


sh_d_14 sh_d_16 sh_d_17 sh_d_19 tw_01 tw_02 tw_03 sh_d_01 sh_d_03 sh_d_04 sh_d_05 sh_d_07 sh_d_09 sh_d_12

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  • doesn’t look that bad. Looks more eerie and scary compared to SH4.

  • NecroEclipse

    One Word “stunning”, these games always scared me and my fiance the graphics also look like alone in the dark tho that game blow so much ass it’s not funny, I’m crossing one hand and prying that this game will deliver a blow so hard to the psyche it will leave people under there bed.

    • Guest

      Also try Night of the Sacrfice for Wii when it comes out.

      • alundra311

        I would love to try Night of the Sacrifice. Has there been any news if the game could be played without the balance board?

  • Guest

    Silent Hill: Heavy Rain?

  • PrinceHeir

    the girl with the handgun reminds me of Jill from the 3DS game.

    can’t wait for this, it might not be on par with the first 4 games, at least make it in the same vein as them ^^

  • Icon

    It’s really weird how Silent Hill 4 was considered the most “non-Silent Hill” Silent Hill game at one point. Now look where we are. The glory days for this franchise are long gone, I’m afraid. Not a hater, just telling it like it is. It doesn’t even look that bad, frankly. I’d much rather see them call it Downpour, and leave the Silent Hill name out of it. But, yeah, they’d probably sell less copies. Sad fact of reality.

    • SH4 wasn’t even supposed to be a SH game. It started as a new IP before Konami intervened :(

      • Icon

        I know. But it feels a hell of a lot closer to Silent Hill than anything since, in my book.

    • badmoogle

      Personally what i would’ve liked to see Konami doing in the feature is to give the main series back to Japanese hands,number the next Japanese developed game Silent Hill 5 (if you think about it Silent Hill 4 was the last officially numbered SH),and keep the other external developed games as spin-off titles,some sort of “what if”.
      It will never happen though because the Konami of old,the one who wasn’t afraid to take risks and encouraged artistic freedom is long since dead.

  • Horror games are too clean-looking this gen. No grain filter, no buy.

    • lucy1986

      Yeah…It seems silly that I should be complaining about more advanced graphics, but even the screenshot of the blood covered bed looks….kind of shiny and lovely for Silent Hill. However, I probably will buy it……or watch someone else play it….because I’m scared…*ahem*

      P.S. I really liked SH4

  • So what will it be this time? Split personality? OCD? Fregoli syndrome? Or are we actually going back to the cult?

  • Well, I hated the music from the new trailer, but at least, this looks graphically better than Homecoming, which somehow didn’t even match SH3 for character detail. Homecoming really soured me on what was one of my favorite franchises previously. I will take a wait and see attitude with this one, as it’s still a Western developer. I hope it’s good, but I’m not going to bet money on it being so.

  • badmoogle

    Judging from the screens i don’t really feel this as a Silent Hill game…The screens give me the impression that this is another typical abandoned American town.Even if it had the noise filter on i think it’s too “pretty”,bright and colourful to resemble Silent Hill.
    Then again no other SH game since SH3 managed to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the first three.

    • Bruce

      i agree , all the charm the silent hill series once had is probably gone with this one … i’m still looking forward to it , they might have something for old fans . and there is always the Siren series .

  • Tokyo Guy

    I can somewhat agree with the comments others have made about the graphics looking “too good” for Silent Hill. Paradoxically it seems that the better things look with the horror genre, the “worse” they are. Silent Hill 2 still looks fantastic IMHO. And I also agree-sadly-about the comments with Silent Hill 4 being “bad” at the time and now thinking about it…

    Seriously, can anyone tell me what happened with this series? Why did Team Silent disband? They had such a successful franchise with the first 3 (4?) games. How could Konami of all companies, have done that? As for the series going downhill, I think opting for the absurd decision to appoint the MUSIC COMPOSER to the game’s director (SH4) might be a major contribution.

    Recently I’ve heard people bashing horror games in defense of movies. I really like horror movies, but I must admit they have nothing on games, if only for the fact that games can get away with questionable monster design because they are games and thus no one expects them to look realistic. Horror movies on the other hand, all too often have “unbelievable” looking monsters in them simply because no matter how good the makeup and costume is, it will always be limited by real world/human elements.

    On a final note, wasn’t this game supposed to have been released last year?

  • xxx128

    I played every single game in the franchise so far. But i have to say the latest western titles are not nearly as cool or creepy as the japanese games. Definitly going to skip this one. The series is somewhat dead now thx to konami of Japan.
    Outsourcing sucks.


    Burial sculpture contest on facebook. :D

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