Ancient Maps From Modernized Ys I & II Chronicles

By Spencer . January 25, 2011 . 3:17pm

The bump ‘n grind gameplay from the 80s lives on the PSP. On February 22, Ys I & II Chronicles will arrive on PSP with revised graphics, rearranged music, and a new translation from Xseed.


Isles of Esteria

Beaches sandy white and clean contrast with trees of dazzling green

as prairies roll on far and wide and sunlight glistens off the tide;

on sight it seems not all so dire till one beholds that dreary spire…


Esteria is where Adol’s adventure begins.



His journey takes him further in Ys II where Adol seeks out the six books of Ys.




Ys1_Battle Intro - Goddesses with wings spread Goddess Palace - Adol turned around

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  • cmurph666

    I’ve waited forever to start this series.

    My time has finally come.

  • This is so great, i seriously hope XSEED sold a good amount of the FALCOM games so far, I still have some hope for humanity, they deserve all of it T_T so cool XSEED.

    And they are still not done (trails…), i dont think i deserve so much love *sniff*

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I hope many people buy this, aren’t XSEED’s only games this year this and the Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki) trilogy?

    • So far, and if my memory doesn’t fail me, yes. But im sure these games are worth 10 games… They could take the rest of the year free, and i wouldnt mind.

      Of course, i dont want that one last thing xD

  • kupomogli

    Hopefully this sells well, because one thing I’m hoping is that Falcom decides to do a Ys Collection. Maybe seeing good sales from the Western version they might consider it with the amount of all sales combined.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Didn’t the Japanese PSN get YS IV or something. I would love to see XSEED bring that over. :) But I wouldn’t count on it. Still got Trails thou and that’s awesome!!!

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Y IV got on the PSN because of the PC-Engine (TurbuoGrafx16 in America) games were now available on it. Unfortunately I’m not sure if XSEED could get Falcom permission. I think they may need both Falcom and Hudson for some kind of agreement, but I don’t think it would be too hard.

        • It is fan-translated, though

          • Zero_Destiny

            I’d rather buy a real version, I still dream that one day Falcom will bless us with a remake of both versions on one disc and then go all out and give us a V remake as well. Just have to keep waiting I know it’ll happen. I don’t care if they’ve got PS2 remakes I know Falcom can’t resits the urge to put them on a Portable system!!! XD and when it do *fingers crossed* for an NA release this time XD!!!

  • Zero_Destiny

    I love YS BOOKS I&II. on my DS which was what got me into this series, I’m SO going to buy this game. Would love to replay it with better graphics and well gotta finish that spine!!! XD I hope the OST will be just as good as the one Atlus gave with BOOKS I&II. It had like 30 songs on it and like 75 minutes long. It’s by far my fav OST I own. The ROCK remixes sound like this OST will be just as fun to listen to. YAY XSEED!!! And now I can’t wait for Trails in the Skies!!!

  • PrinceHeir

    old school JPRG FTW :D

    i hope in the future they still make this games. im okay with them being in handhelds since it’s much more cheaper and profitable :D

  • Yeah! Finally, it has arrived! :D But man, I gotta finish up YS Seven. Too bad I lost my save last month (my memory stick broke so I can’t access my save :( )
    Can’t wait to play this one! 80s-style baby!

  • vall03

    first time I played Ys was when the VC version came out back in 2008 and was really surprised at how great the game is! Cant wait for a portable version of Ys 1 & 2!

  • Thank you XSEED! I’m still waiting for Trails In The Sky, i hope you release it as fast as you can

    • falcomgamefan

      I can’t believe how many people are so misinformed about these Trails in the Sky games. They absolutely suck! I have never played an RPG series with so many characters that never shut up and let me play the damn game. Sorry, but 30 minute+ conversations between characters, a super linear world, and a crappy battle system to boot just don’t make for a great game at all!

      Xseed will NOT get my money for these TiTS games or for a stupid rehash of Ys I & II–a ported game from over a decade ago from the PC. No siree!

      • We can clearly see that you dont understand japanese

        • falcomgamefan

          Wrong you are about that. Try again. Gamers who ARE Japanese and grew up in Japan obviously can obviously read their own language. Kind of a no-brainer there.

          The dialogue in the Trails in the Sky games just isn’t interesting plain and simple and it’s too drawn out. All 3 games in the series are just like that…

          Problem is, I bet you never could read the text yourself let alone understand it, could you? Seriously, go ahead and waste your money in blind support of Xseed. They’ll just laugh their way to the bank thinking, “Ha! Ha! Suckers!” And for someone who hasn’t played these games, it’s just silly to hype them up when you don’t even know what they are about, you think?

          To tell you the truth, pretty much every NPC just says something similar to the next in the various towns, there is little variation in the quests at the Bracer Guild because the games don’t have any robust features, the battle system is slow and clunky for RPGs especially the first game, the games are extremely linear, you are forced to read and read and read conversations that are just not interesting, and when a game has to spell everything out for you because the creators think you’re too stupid to figure out who’s running things behind the scenes, that’s just makes for a boring gaming experience. There are so many other better games out there than these…

          • If you could easily read what they all say, you would have said “They talk about boring stuff like blah, bleh , bloh”, or “They were alwayas talking about X thing”. Not just the generic answer rpg haters say “30 minute+ conversations between characters” Or “All they do is talk!” or “Omg they are talking so much in the opening” etc, kind of the things people that only smash button in dialogues say.

            Besides, all you talked about is the gameplay, havent hear a bit of story (besides “all they do is talk”), a rpg is normally boring if you follow all the things and cant understand 60% of the dialogue.

            Im sorry man but i cant belive you could understand it. Because it was linear you could move, but you didnt even knew why, all you said just 100% proved it.

            And i dont think this kind of games became “big” or at least very respected in japan because it was bad. To a point where it have sequels.

            If you dont want to buy it, dont buy it, i dont think is necessary to flame the game like that, you can easily point out your reasons (good reasons) for not liking the game in a better way too, same with YS I and II, go play the PC ver. while i play the psp ver. sitting on the toilet. The fact that you played it doesn’t means everyone has played it.

          • falcomgamefan

            “Im sorry man but i cant belive you could understand it. Because it was linear you could move, but you didnt even knew why, all you said just 100% proved it.”

            Um, I could care less if you believe me or not. I know I understand Japanese, but I’m not sure you understand English grammar very well though… Look at what you just wrote above in the quotes. Just saying is all.

            And OK, dude. If you’re into Trails in the Sky’s almost incest-like relationship between Joshua and Estelle, seriously go for it. It’s kind of creepy and sick and Joshua is a big fem while Estelle is a freaking tom-boy. Sorry, and I don’t buy the whole 16 year old kids save the kingdom of Liberl crap. Sorry, the story is retarded, you’ve got a bunch of little kids that make up the majority of your party and even the adults are pretty unconvincing. The only character that’s even remotely funny is Olivier, but for most of the game you just go from town to town and are locked into that area until you finish it (that’s called being “linear” if you didn’t know already), and the character’s lifestyles almost all revolve around the various incidents that happen. Uh, how unrealistic is that? Most of their jobs are completely unrelated to what goes on, but players are forced to endure non-stop talk about the same thing you’ve already heard hundreds of times before…
            Falcom needs to develop more interesting characters in their games and stop being lazy where they basically make 75% of the NPCs say the same thing in hundreds of different ways.

            Falcom’s older games had so much more class. Man, the Gagharv Trilogy rocked and each game was set in a completely different part of the world, but was connected through various characters and such.

            Trails in the Sky trilogy, however, totally sucks… Trails in the Sky is nothing more than about 85% recycled graphics from the first game for 3 whole games… That’s a ripoff, bar none. Using the same main characters is one thing, but using the same towns, caves, places, and even some of the music because they’re too lazy to make something from scratch is just bull. And then asking gamers to pay full price for that crap three times is just unbelievable. The nerve of those jackasses working at Falcom today. I guarantee those punks working at Falcom now are going to pull this crap again with the Zero no Kiseki games. That’s how they can pump out a sequel in a year for Zero no Kiseki even though it just released last year. WTF? Pure laziness.

            Seriously, Zwei!! or Zwei 2; great games. Both are completely original and built from the ground up. Trails in the Sky, on the other hand, is just a heap of recycled assets. If you want to do that, DON’T ask for full price for a game.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Hey don’t go dissing XSEED, they’re awesome. Likewise you’re entitled to your own opinion and what not but it really just sounds like you’re bashing the game. Plus so what if a bad game gets localized there are tons of games that come out that I find horrible but it doesn’t ruin gaming for me or anything.

          • falcomgamefan

            Why not diss on Xseed? Do you know them personally? I doubt it. Their limited editions are crap compared to what we’re getting from other companies. I’m sorry, I just don’t buy the excuse that “We’re a small company.” or “We’re poor and can’t afford to do more.” That’s utter BS. Xseed’s parent company, AQ Interactive, shows that Xseed has almost $1,500,000 in capital and, of course, that doesn’t equal even close all their financial assets because a single game generates millions of dollars in revenue and companies stash that extra money in the bank. Plus Xseed is financially backed by AQ Interactive who has a whopping nearly $35,000,000 in capital (which once again, does not equal even close to their total financial assets). Xseed is not poor. That’s a lie. There are tons of other companies out there who have way less capital who are putting out awesome limited editions with their games and who aren’t backed by a huge parent company. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself below. Here is Xseed’s financial data straight off AQ Interactive’s website.

            XSEED JKS, Inc.は日米でのマーケティング/広告業務経験を持ち、これまで北米で多くのビデオゲーム販売に従事してきた岩崎氏を中心にして、ゲーム業界に精通したメンバーで構成されたビデオゲーム販売及びマーケティング業務サービスを提供する企業です。ローカライゼーション、QA、マーケティング、セールス等のゲーム販売に必要な機能を有し、主要リテーラーとは直接取引にて商品を効率的に販売いたしております。 またマーケティングサービスでは北米向けタイトルの単なる広告戦略のサポートのみならず、開発予定タイトルの北米市場における嗜好性を探るフォーカスグループ調査等の商品開発に関わるサポートも提供しており、ゲームタイトルの製品開発段階から店頭販売までの一貫したサービスの提供を可能としています。

            代表者 Jun Iwasaki
            設立 2004年8月18日
            資本金 1,320,702 USドル
            事業内容 ビデオゲーム及び関連商材の販売業務及びマーケティングサポート業務
            所在地 23001 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 205 Torrance, CA 90505

            Tell Xseed to give us something of value for our money first, and if they do it, then maybe I won’t be so critical.

      • Darkrise

        So you’re irritated by the amount of dialogue and tactics in the gameplay so you declare that a game sucks because of it? Im guessing you’re just into action rpg’s. No need to hate if it’s not you’re type of game.

        • falcomgamefan

          Uh, there are like no tactics in Ys I & II… It’s just bump and grind with the enemies literally and that’s all you can do in the first game, the second game has magic, but even still it’s nothing to write home about…

          Trails in the Sky on the other hand, is a series of clunky, linear, boring dialogue filled games. I slogged my way through the mire of mediocrity these games are a few years ago so I just call them like they are–a trilogy of nothing but crap and stolen ideas from mostly China and Europe.

          • Kris

            The contrast of your screen name and comment make me curious. What Falcom games ARE you a fan of?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Maybe it’s an Ironic Name? lol

      • So is like the only Falcom game you actually like Star Trader or something? You seem to be really upset about people who like games by the company you’re apparently a fan of

        • falcomgamefan

          I’ll say it again, the Gagharv Trilogy rocks. Those are the kinds of games that should bear the name “The Legend of Heroes” because they have an excellent story, excellent music, excellent characters, and most importantly, they are not made up of recycled assets for 3 whole games.

          The Trails in the Sky trilogy sucks, 85% of the characters suck (Olivier is the exception), the story sucks, the music sucks in the first game (while it gets somewhat better in the 2nd and 3rd games), basically running through the same towns and environments again and again sucks, and seeing countless ideas and names stolen from Chinese and European literature in both Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki) and its successor, Zero no Kiseki, makes me think that Falcom is recently not creative at all. There’s just not a lot of positive for these games. Falcom should scrap this crap and get back to basics where they made great characters, great stories, and GREAT games. I really do not like this new direction they are going.

          Zwei!! is also another great game; original, creative, and fun.

    • Draparde

      Trails in the sky for the win! thats the series i’ve been waiting for myself as well lol

  • After this, please concentrate on other Ys games :D

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