Nomura Arms Noctis With Swords, Spears, Shotguns, And Bazookas

By Spencer . January 26, 2011 . 11:31am

imageSpeaking with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura shared a few more details about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The game has swords, axes, spears, handguns, machine, guns, rifles, bazookas, shotguns, and so forth. Players can equip weapons, multiple weapons, by setting them on a menu screen. Weapons can automatically change depending on your combo.


Nomura also describes the three other characters traveling with Noctis. We already know about the blonde boy who excels with guns and can target enemy weak points. Another ally who throws knives is particularly good as a support character. A third ally with a scar on his face is well trained in hand to hand combat. His prefered weapons types are a pile bunker and great sword.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII is designed for players to switch between characters in the middle of a fight. As an example, you can smash an enemy with a hammer to destroy part of it and then turn to Noctis who can hit it with a quick slash. The combo count will be retained even if you switch between characters.


Nomura also says Final Fantasy Versus XIII will not have a job system. However, you will see classes like dragoons and summoners in the game. There is a "summon" command too, but Nomura wouldn’t explain how it works.


During battles, Noctis can revive fallen allies. However, if Noctis dies the game ends. Nomura says he plans on upping the difficulty of Versus XIII.

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  • NoElixirs

    Looking great! Again, the ability to switch characters and chain their combos will accentuate battle tension.

    • I like the idea as well, it will be fun to just try to accumulate high combo numbers. Battles are gonna be so awesome, so can not wait!

      • MakoSoldier7

        well your right it does SOUND fun, but i will keep my excitement level at “cautiously optimistic” in order to prevent another FFXIII incident for myself :P

  • This game is sounding epic, I will play exclusively as the blonde gunner dude, because he seems utterly amazing. I like how there is no more job system, it just bored me in the non tactics driven Final Fantasy games. Oh well, Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!

    • joesz

      What you mean by job system ?Epic.
      Do you mean Final Fantasy XIII’s job/style system ?Epic.
      Or do you mean the old job system in the previous titles?Epic.

    • MrRobbyM

      You sure made my day a day 1.

    • Ooo ya~!! Day one for me too.. And I really want to get those OST, guidebook, artbook, drinks, perfume and if possible Versus design PS3.. Guess its time saving money.. XD

      • Dude wow, Im right there on getting the outstanding OST and the hardcover guide book on day 1!!

    • Zero_Destiny

      Wait how can you not like a job system? So much customization. It’s awesome. I’m kind of sad to see that it won’t be in this game.

      • Too much thinking, not enough Abs.

        • Zero_Destiny

          But thinking is the best part of RPGs!!!XD lol

          • He was always following a guide, so…

        • Exactly!

      • I like customization but in a game that isnt really tactically driven, I feel that a job system of sorts takes the focus away from the character and their individuality.

        • Zero_Destiny

          But I rather define the chara then a lame set of limited moves that the programmers give you. Well I guess to each his own.

          • I do not understand, your comments makes it seem that characters cant be defined in games that do not have any sort of job system. I would have to vehemently disagree.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Well I meant mostly like customizable movesets and magic, not just games that let you switch gear here and there. And if you ask me the best way to customize your charas like that is a job system. That’s all I was saying.

        • I know you probably haven’t Played it, But FFIX has a class system that’s much more subtle than, say, the nonexistent yet prevalent systems of 7 or 8. Each character has a specific class to them that only serves to bring out their individuality, as opposed to what you recommend. And whether you realize it or not, FF13 has a class system akin to the one you say you dislike. Think about that.

          • I thought they were “classes” in FFXIII, similar to how this game will have “classes” but not jobs?

          • Classes = Jobs

      • I have to admit, I prefer each character having a specific job too. I like one character being a healer, the other a tank, etc… When you can just give every character every ability (and if you level up enough, you run into that problem. I know I certainly did in some of the previous Final Fantasy games, especially in XII, where everyone was pretty much the same character if you leveled up enough), it takes away from the specialness of a character. To me, at least.

    • BadenBadenPrinny


    • Just wondering… Which games are you talking about when you’re talking about the Job system?

      • Final Fantasy III DS, the very first Final Fantasy game that I ever played.

        • Zero_Destiny

          That’s a good game but V has a really great job systems and a bunch of Dragon Quest do it very well too. Out of curiosity did you end up liking Final Fantasy III or was it too old school for you? And no that’s not a dis lol I hear a lot of people make that complaint. Kind of just want to know if you liked it, with it being your first Final Fantasy and all.

    • At one end of the spectrum, you have FFVIII or FFXII, in which the characters are interchangeable, and there’s no effective difference between them, except in how you choose to develop them. On the other side, you have FFIV or FFIX, where each character has their own individual class, and there’s almost no choice in how you develop them. Each system has its pros and cons. When you have more choice in developing characters, you lose some of their individuality, because they all become the same. But when you have less choice, the game becomes more linear and less strategic. It’s a trade-off.

      I like job systems (FFIII, FFT) because they force you to choose a specific path for each character: healer, figher, mage, etc. FFVIII bothered me because it encouraged you to develop every character in more or less the same way, so that they would all be well-rounded. FFXII had that problem too, to some degree. Job systems are perhaps the best solution to the whole issue.

  • joesz

    This game sounds mentally exhausting.

  • Ah! a Bazooka.
    It was kind of irritating when we weren’t getting any info on this game and it was easy to forget but know it feels like they’re teasing us announcing all cool things I just want a demo.

  • Zal_Yagun

    Still don’t like the fact that if Noctis dies you get a game over regardless of if you were actually using him or not. This would be fine if the AI is smart enough not to do dangerous things while in critical health, or programmable like in XII

    • midgard229

      u obviously never played kingdom hearts huh, the AI in that was very good at keeping u alive, and guess who made kingdom hearts? nomura which is making versus, so stop worrying

      • Zal_Yagun

        Donald and goofy always died on me for some reason, my friend played my save during the POTC level, D&G survived with him with minimal healing, i loaded it again and they died 5 times after beating Barbarossa, no matter what game i am playing, my ai partner will somehow always die. RE5 pissed me off till i gave Chris/sheva a infinite M500.

        And Nomura as Director does nothing more than than lower my expectations for story that doesn’t involve confusing plot points and J-melodrama.
        Game-play wise I’m usually never been disappointed with him, just the game Structure, The DS kingdom hearts games were been there and done that x10.

        • Did you take all their items away?

          • midgard229

            lol ur talkin to a guy who has only ever played KH on proud mode with the exception being birth by sleep which i started on critical mode in that game.

            but yes u guys r right, donald always died, and they couldnt handle the bosses, wud sorta suk if they cud cause that wud take the fun out of the game lol.

            game wasnt hard in the first place….with exception of a few cheap hits on proud mode…. >.>

      • PersonaBull

        In higher difficulties the AI in KH is good at dying quickly. Most boss fights included at least one AI getting KO’d (usually Donald), so I tended to rely on myself and not the AI to defend me.

        To be fair, I also took all the items my AI friends had as soon as possible so they wouldn’t waste my freebies, so half the time they had no way to heal themselves >.>;;

        • So I’m not the only one?

          • PersonaBull

            I’d only give them second-hand equipment, too. I’d get a better accessory, figure out the best set-up for myself, then give the items I had taken off to Donald or Goofy. I’d hardly ever give the AI from particular worlds any good equipment, either. They definitely only got what I would have otherwise pawned off.

      • MakoSoldier7

        that’s not true at all, you must have been playing on easy, because Donald and goofy get themselves ko’d almost purposefully..
        you REALLY had to pull the weight in that game

  • Whoa.. Different situation need different help… I think I have to use my brain when I am playing this game instead of subconscious reflexes..Not bad at all.. Lol..

  • karasuKumo

    There’s a couple of new scans out too and one of them shows Noctis with a Lance/Spear type thing that looks lovely. I can’t wait until this game comes out it really will be amazing.

  • Man I don’t know if it is just me, but I don’t like the “main character dies, the game ends” mechanics a lot of rpgs tend to have these past years, ok not that much, but it was annoying in Persona 3, with having enemies that could instant kill you, it was annoying in FF XIII and it will be annoying here to..well other than that I like my games hard, so up it as much as it is feasable dude. :D

    • Zero_Destiny

      Ha that’s been in games for years. I remember the original Shining Force, if the main chara dies it’s game over. Spent many days cussing at my comp over this! Imagine being 10 or 11 and spending your Saturday with a hard fought tactical battle that last like more than 30 min you move in your charas to beat the last boss enemy and he kills your main chara and it’s all down the drain. Oh man that was crazy. But yeah PERSONA 3 sux about the death of the main chara especially since you couldn’t control your party to heal him in time. Still not really a fan of it myself but I don’t think it’s a recent fad, it’s been in RPGs since day 1.

      • Fire Emblem also comes to mind, as well as Persona 4.

        • Zero_Destiny

          That’s more Perma-death with anyone though, Shining Force just with the main chara. But then again I always did rage quit when I lost someone in Fire Emblem so I guess on frustration levels there about the same. lol Just played Shining Force first, so it’s frustration is ingrained into my childhood. XD

          • In FE, if your Lord dies, insta game over.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yeah but thankfully Fire Emblem actually gives you useful main charas, in the first Shining Force the main chara=FAIL. He’s the weakest member in the Shining Force and has a limited Range attack.

          • Yeah, I remember that guy (Max, right?). Even when you promote him to the cool black armor, it turns out the armor is made out of glass -.-

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Armor made out of glass. Why did Shining Force do this to me!!! I can’t remember the main chara’s name in Shining Force. I always named him after me or used my alias zero_Destiny. lol I think Max is right.

        • Fire Emblem is not really the same thing, as srpgs live with these restrictions, they are not as annoying as having your main be the target of almost all enemies in a rpg where you have a gameover if he/she dies, and having enemies that can instant kill you doesn’t help. xp

          • Zero_Destiny

            I seem to remember the enemies being infatuated with the idea of killing my main chara in Shining Force. They’d run all the way across the map if they had to just to kill my main Chara. And enemies loved to kill Marona in Phantom Brave, and Sanzo in Saiyuki as well. At least they did when I played thoae games. Maybe AI just hates me XD

          • Then you clearly haven’t played FE, as it fits all those requirements, and then some. And in all the SRPGs I’ve played (which admittedly isn’t an insane amount), the only 2 with Lord Death = Game over are Fire Emblem and Shining Force.

          • Nah, I did play FE, what I’m trying to say is that in a SRPG there are restrictions such as Lord death=gameover or base occupied or something because it is a SRPG, it just needs something like this for tactics sake(and story plot probably).
            If the lord mustn’t die you can always place him somewhere where it is safe and can use the others to do the job(yeah the perma death in FE is giving you a headache nonetheless..), while in standard JRPGs you fight with a team of 3-4 guys in a dungeon, and then surprisingly appears a monster out of nowhere that can use a super death move, and kills the main, which ends up in a gameover, now if you forgot to save, it is even worse. Though you could use this battle again thing in FF-XIII.
            I’m very sorry as I am not that good at explaining. :/

      • True enough, didn’t give it too much thought. But yeah I know exactly what you mean had some of these times myself, the dents on my wall speak for itself xd.

        • Zero_Destiny

          *Stares at old GBA all busted up with dents and bite-marks* By whatever do you mean?

    • Bruce

      it was in SMT 3 too .

      > Enemy gets advantage and plays first .
      > Enemy uses instant-death spell .
      > MC dies but 2 other monsters live.
      > Game over screen .
      > me : O_o?

  • MakoSoldier7

    Oh man, this experience is just more epic by the second! I’m only going to play as noctis however, since hes jaw-droppingly amazing! Day1 Baby Day 1!!!

    • Wait, what?

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      A challenger appears!

      Is that you, Ishaan? I know that’s you, no use hiding it.

      (Anyway, I thought one TS was enough?)

      • Zero_Destiny

        Looks like we need to make them fight to the death over the right to be this sites Day 1 baby guy!!! XD

        • … Tsuna Wars?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Let’s just hope TS syndrome doesn’t become a pandemic or else Silicon Era will be one bloody mess. XD

          • Just send them off to do a bloody battle royale in the Netherworld, and perhaps the original one would end up doing something heroic in the very end.(Massive spoilers if you get what I’m referring to.)

      • Ugh, if this becomes some kind of trend I’m never reading comments in Siliconera again.

        • I hope he stops… i dont really find it funny… actually, i never found it funny.

          I just dont want Siliconera to become a circus with tsuna as the main clow lol

    • Zero_Destiny

      OMG Tsunayoshi Sawada is multiplying!!!

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      What was in that primetime I smoked?

    • Wait…you…no…another one?!
      …this does not bode well…

    • holyPaladin

      Please stop….

      Since when Day 1 become a meme?

      • We already got him to stop. The reason he started was a pretty cliché one too(no offense er… MakoSoldier); It was “He seems to get a lot of attention.”

        • He could at least make it interesting with a dark past and whatnot xD.

          And i dunno why Day 1 became a meme… Atlus’s forums is so full of it that it already lost meaning

        • Zero_Destiny

          Hey at least he stooped. That makes me happy enough. Hopefully he can bring interesting things to the comments when he’s not trolling.

        • MakoSoldier7

          well the first reason was that everybody seemed to be on his case for being a troll, so i wanted to see what people would say if they thought we was making alts :P

          • Zero_Destiny

            Be careful when you pick who’s shoes you want to walk a mile in. And also gag accounts would naturally get some laughs and then upset everybody lol

          • Its so odd that people consider one who is so excited about the essence of the site, videogames, a troll. lol.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Don’t worry about it Sawada we all love you, just in a different way lol. Also bravo on not getting all on this guy’s case, that’s very mature of you and I honestly mean it.

          • It’s fine to be excited, but you shout too many praises for the things you like in 1 comment and for the ones you don’t or at least hold less favor to, you disparage them in a manner that enrages people. Then there’s the part where you think that majority of people think what you think, which may be true from time to time, but, once again, the way you present yourself online just enrages people.

          • Tsun, talking seriously, is because sometimes what you say is too… err… inchoerent? Maybe irrational?, sometimes, even i wonder if what you are saying is truth or you are just talking random and weird stuff to see people’s reaction.

            I still remember when you compared bomberman’s multiplayer with call of duty’s multiplayer… i mean… wtf?!

            Anyhow, so far, for me, it seems you are just too inexperienced not a troll… for a simply way to put it.

          • It’s because the stuff you say sometimes is so blanket that it leaves no room for error: It’s either all or nothing with you, it seems. You’ve gotten better, I’ll admit, but when you first started (or at least when I first started attacking you, considering it’s probably my fault the Tsuna bashing started lol), you lacked, for lack of a better word, tact. You outright dissed everything that this site and we as gamers stood for and then you go around having major whinefests over stuff like how you miss some silly collector’s edition for a game that you’ve been able to play for months/years before the people getting the SE’s, or whining about blocky fingers and not taking the console that hasn’t even been released yet to its maximum output and then, in the same breath, praising any Naruto/Bleach/whatever game that you’re a fan of regardless of it’s actual quality and validity, which is what irks me personally the most.

            But you are getting better, and when you do say things it seems like ou’re genuine, as opposed to Tsunamaru, which is the reason I can tolerate you.

      • On Day 1?

  • cmurph666

    As much as I disliked FFX-2, FFXI, FFXII, FFXIII, or basically any final fantasy game released after FFX, I have no idea why I’m still waiting for this…

    • Perhaps it is just a result from the initial reveal of the game to the years of minute details being revealed that we all have some level of pent up anticipation.

    • That is the power of a big franchise my friend

    • Aoshi00

      I’m in the same position as you (I didn’t totally dislike X-2, 12, or 13 though, I just didn’t like them as much as X or before).. I thought I would swear off the series.. but I’m like what the hey, it’s just 9000 yen… that’s how S-E makes their money based on the famous franchise fame..

  • PrinceHeir

    “During battles, Noctis can revive fallen allies. However, if Noctis dies the game ends. Nomura says he plans on upping the difficulty of Versus XIII.”

    FFXIII all over again? but then again it’s the same as Kingdom Hearts i think. so it’s all good, hopefully you switch to other characters as wel(doubt it)l ^^

  • Oh the irony when this becomes that “finally a great FF game” but is actually more of a departure than FFXIII ever was. But who cares, towns ’nuff said.

  • Guest

    “However, if Noctis dies the game ends.”

    Oh no…

    Apparently Nomura did not get the memo from the FF XIII hater organization

    • neurogal

      That’s exactly what I feel.

  • Gameplay is sounding good. I won’t mourn at the lack of a job system until I get more information on levelling up, abilities, etc.

  • Freakin’ epic! Must…accumulate…more funds!

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