A Closer Look At Persona 2: Innocent Sin’s Revised Battle Interface

By Spencer . January 28, 2011 . 2:32am

Atlus shared a bunch of screenshots for their expanded port of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Before we get to those check out the box art for the Japanese version. The cover art shows Tatsuya and Maya with their personas, Apollo and Artemis rising to the top.




Persona 2: Innocent Sin has a union skill system where characters can combine their powers for stronger attacks. Maya and Tatsuya, for example, can summon King Frost. Up to five characters can participate in a skill union. If Tatsuya, Eikichi, Lisa, Maya, and Yukino team up they can summon a Shikigami. Union skills have cut-in graphics, a new feature for the PSP version.


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Atlus also added an emotion meter similar to the one seen in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for PSP. This is designed to help players during demon negations.


022[2] 023[1] 024[2]


After a slight delay, Persona 2: Innocent Sin is on track for April 14 in Japan.


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  • malek86

    So how does the battle system compare to Persona? It looks very similar to me. If that’s the case, I might skip it.

    • Uhhhh.. It’s very similar to the first Persona aside from a few tweaks .__. (From P2:IS and P2:EP experience)

      May I ask what is that you didn’t like about the first Persona’s battle system?

      • malek86

        Eh, I don’t really know. It just didn’t click. Perhaps the fact that you had so many different elements, and how most conversations ended up being crapshoots.

        • Exkaiser

          Conversations are more structured in IS.

    • Ren

      It’s fun but very unbalanced, and takes a good time until you ‘get’ the whole system, not that it’s complex or something. Gone is the positioning of the previous game, and the game now focus on the Fusion Spells. It’s the main battle component and your biggest focus in battles. You can customize the battle order, and if a certain order of attacks is achieved(say, Agi, Magna, Aqua) you can loose all those characters turns in order to use a certain Fusion Spell. Most of the early game fusion spells are powerful single target attacks. If you take the Fusion Spells away, you got a very strange and awkard system that can become fairly annoying to reprogram every turn to do what you want. You can also let the game run with your predertemined order and then play by itself repeating the same previous issued order until you change it.

    • Yui

      I’m going to assume you’ve played EP here…

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch-H0yj0Um8&feature=related – major spoilers contained. Basically, that video is of an IS boss fight from the original, and if this is anything like it, there’s none of that tactical placement stuff or whatnot. I’m not sure about the rest of it.

  • Did Kaneko Kazuma design the box? The art looks unusual

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, that’s Kaneko’s art.

      • Maya’s design looks a bit off. The shading, eye shape and generally her face is a bit different from what I remembered. But I’m just being picky, here

    • I’m not sure he was responsible for most of it, personally. I’m not a fan of the guy, but this cover is a pretty tacky example of Photoshop abuse and AFAIK he wouldn’t do that.

      …There is a part of me that suspects Maya was drawn by an understudy, but who knows? Maybe he was just having an off day.

    • It looks like they just took the old artwork piece and used it on the box art, so it should be Kaneko Kazuma. lol that was the first thing I thought when I saw that box, “Oooooh, they’re using that picture.”

  • Hraesvelgr

    Man, that red is actually a bit grating… I would’ve preferred blue or a more neutral color. Of course, an English release would really help me look past the poor color palette.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I miss the old days when you could tweak the color of the message boxes and menus, and name your charas whatever you want. Sadly that’s ignored now :(

      • MakoSoldier7

        yup the naming characters feature went out the window in jrpgs as soon as voice acting hit the scene, and the other characters actually had to say each other’s names

        sad, i know :'(

  • Im so ready for its eventual US release in the Summer. I hope they do a CD, but with the NGP on the horizon, hm they should do it on the PSN, but I would still have to get the UMD for the soundtrack, decisions decisions, lol.

    Oh and the game looks awesome. I need to continue off from P1P, I stopped once I got to the mall place and it wants me to go through the dungeon in there twice.

  • I can SMELL a U.S release. We’re ready for it! Even though it does have Hitler in it.

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      I’d be pissed if it didn’t

    • NOPE. He’ll be censored and become Charlie Chaplin.

      • SolidusSnake

        Charlie Chaplin > Hitler

      • Chow

        He’ll be called Master-D, or, given the reputation of the localization team, maybe a parody of that name, like Master-B or something. lol

  • remember this “!!”



  • Zero_Destiny

    Really can’t wait for it to come out in the US (yes I still believe in Atlus lol) Having recently beaten PERSONA 3 FES I’ve really been getting into more Megaten games. I know the earlier PERSONAs are different from 3 but they sound great. And five member parties. YES!!! That’s what I’m talking about I haven’t seen those since Lunar 2 and Final Fantasy IV. When will developers learn we want MORE people in a party 3 people are just not enough lol!!!

    • AHA! Then Suikoden you must play! You don’t get 3, 4 or 5, no sir, but you get 6 party members! That’s right, kind sirs, and 108 total Stars of Destiny to collect! You can’t get any better value than that in a normal jRPG in terms of party members even though half of them are useless! Step right up

      • lol, do forget, Ashgail, that you only get 4 in Suikoden IV & in the DS game. But you can have 3 teams of 4 in Suikoden IV.

        • Suikoden IV? That game exists? lol. My list jumps from III to V :3

          • lol hey, each game has good characters, no matter how terrible the story and/or gameplay was. XDD Well.. at least that’s how I see Suikoden. lol but I can kind of agree with you.. and the DS game doesn’t exist in my book. Should have called it something else and not a Suikoden game.

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Funny. But IV’s not too bad and because of it we got the awesome Suikoden Tactics which is one of my fav games of the series. It may just be a tactics game but it’s got great gameplay and solves all the plotholes in IV. And to Aunna Terrell I really loved Suikoden Tierkreis. It was a departure but had steady gameplay and a really cool story. Though I did wish the main chara would just shut-up and be a silent protagonist like he’s suppose to be lol

      • Zero_Destiny

        Nice try my good sir but I’m already quite a big Suikoden fan!!! Ironic I know. heheheh Got every one of ’em except II. Curse your limited print run Konami and your utter refusal to even put it on PSN!!!! I can’t fork out hundreds of bucks for it right now !!! lol

        • Yay~ for a Suikoden fan~ *has all of ’em in English* :D
          Good luck on your search for II. ^^

          • Testsubject909

            My sister has the SuikoGaiden games.

          • lol I want those. XD Just haven’t gotten around to importing them yet.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Not so much a search as it is a massacre for my wallet :( Especially since I refuse anything less than the game, manual, and original case. Still checking all the Flea Markets and local game stores hoping to one day come across it and the seller won’t really know it’s worth. It’s happened before with Dragon Warrior VII, I know I can find it. If not, goodbye money you we’re a precious ally but now we must part lol

          • I totally understand that, Zero. lol I wish mine was in the original cases and whatnot for I & II, but my idiot brother got rid of the cases and just kept the manuals and the discs.. then went and gave them to me like that as a Christmas present one year. I wish I could have smacked him for that. lol

    • PrinceHeir

      you must play the Xenosaga Series(Episode II Disc 2 as of this moment) and .Hack GU :D

      i cannot wait to pick my Godhand and Megaman X Collection copy next week brand new seal ahhhhhhh O_O

      Western release atlus, and remake eternal punishment also :P

  • nonoko

    Dat box art!

  • Very nice boxart. What’s the holdup for a local announcement Atlus?

    • Testsubject909

      Surprise reveal of both Catherine and Persona 2.0 at the same time in less then 6 month’s time of release over here in the western world?

      …Oh how I wish that would be true…

      • Id rather they just reveal the game like 2 or 3 months before release instead of many months in advance. I hate knowing that a game is coming out Many many many months in advance.

  • skymap

    Having just played Innocent Sin, I realized how glitchy the game was. Considering they’re keeping the original music, I’m definitely considering the PSP ver.

  • Scallion

    Innocent is in a completely different league from the other P-games.
    It’s like the perfect fusion of old-school Megaten, Persona, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    …So, yeah. US release?

  • Well here’s to hoping that it’s a success and Atlus can finally get back to making new games instead of remakes and horrible bombs being forced on them.

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