Each Character In Tales Of Xillia Has A Unique Battle Move

By Spencer . January 28, 2011 . 1:41am

imageParty members in Tales of Xillia have character specific actions. Jude, a cool and collected character, has focus evasion, which lets him backstep to avoid an enemy strike. Magic casting Milla’s ability powers up spells. When she activates magi her "fireball" spell will change into "flare bomb," which has an explosive effect. Alvin’s charge ability boosts techniques. If you keep pressing a button after landing a technique you can do a charge attack. All of Alvin’s techniques can be charged.


Who’s Alvin? Kosuke Fujishima designed this wandering mercenary who doesn’t talk much about himself. He has a calculating personality, although it seems like he acts without concern for others. Alvin carries a sword in his right hand and a gun in his left.


Famitsu also mentions map actions, a new feature that encourages players to explore in Tales of Xillia. In past games, small ledges were a dead end. You’ll be able to cross these in Tales of Xillia and players that search every nook and cranny may find surprises.


Tales of Xillia is slated for release on PlayStation 3 this year in Japan.

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  • Testsubject909

    I still have this uncanny suspicion/fear that this won’t get ported over to the western world despite how interested I may become of it…

    • It will all be apparent after we see sales of Graces F
      (please god bamco announce it already)

      • I hope they dont decide this over the Tales of Graces F sales
        Those will be bad,really bad…Alone the look of the game is too wuzzy for
        the manly US People who only play Gears of War and Call of Duty

        I love Graces F and i have a Plat Trophy but this will bomb in the west and then Bamco will say “We tried it again,this time with PS3 and failed again instead Gears of War 3 sold 10 Million Units in 5 Minutes and generic CoD is doing again 25 Million units…Next Tales of is a spinoff specially made for the West with US Army soldiers and senseless killing…”
        Wait and see…This will happen.

        • If Namco advertises, maybe they’ll see more sales. They should look at FF13. Sure, it’s a horrible game, but all these people you speak of that love COD and GOW went and bought it because they saw ads for it (sources being people at my college into COD and GOW), plus it looked pretty.

          • Nei_chan

            >They should look at FF13. Sure, it’s a horrible game

            it’s not

          • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

            FF13 wasn’t even that bad, if every game that tries to do something different gets complained about then we end up with the same crap all the time and ppl complain about that too

          • maybe you should learn to accept people’s opinion’s.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Final Fantasy is also a widely recognized name that even the casuals know of. Frankly, Tales, and JRPGs in general, don’t have it that easy.

          • Darkrise

            Lack of advertising and lack of localization of even their best titles. Put those two together and we only get a mildly known series that’s a hit in japan but overshadowed by FF in NA. Plus, the fact that everyones just gun crazy all across the world for the overly re-used COD and other fps title.

          • neogeno

            The way I see it, the Tales series wasn’t consistent in the west with their games so Final Fantasy became widely known because it was left unchecked without much competition and grew so large that the mainstream began to recognize them as much as they do their mainstream fps titles. Ask any Halo player about RPG’s and the first thing out of their mouth is Final Fantasy.

            It kind of reminds me of Capcoms Monster Hunter and Namco Bandais God Eater. Monster Hunter is very popular in the west and is becoming widely known. If Namco Bandai is going to continue the GE series and release it in the west, GEB needs to do well also.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Why wouldn’t they decide to localize future titles based on the sales of a game in the same series? That seems pretty logical to me.

          • Yui

            Logic and hope are two entirely different things. You’re right that it’s logical, but it’ll ruin the chances of future entries in the series being localized if whatever they decide to announce is commercially unsuccessful in the future, and that’s just sad. :D

        • Exkaiser

          Um, if Graces F would bomb, why wouldn’t Xillia?

          • Exactly. If people want Xillia, it’s time for them to drop their excuses and “vote with their wallets.”

          • Darkrise

            I’m sold along with a couple of my friends.

          • Draparde

            Consider my vote cast! and my friends too! (weather they want to or not! )

        • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

          If Bamco advertises properly and doesnt release it the same day as something highly anticipated for example MvC3 the game can do fairly well with the Tales fans who probably imported Graces and are willing to purchase it again inorder to support the series’ western efforts

        • Darkrise

          Hey hey, Namco’s mistake has always mostly been the lack of advertising, I’ve met other people who love jrpg and never heard of Tales and they instantly fell in love with it when I showed Vesperia. The least they could do is advertise over the net or tv if they’re smart enough. Other than that, there will be Tales fans who do not have a ps3 and will be unable to buy it if Graces F really is the localized Tales that we’re being teased about. Also, there are idiots out there that base some average to terrible reviews written by ppl who hate rpg(aka IGN) who make the game sound terrible and then the mass just eats it up and believes it. X Play I don’t trust very much either since they have that particular distaste for jrpg’s withut Final Fantasy and Star Ocean in their name.

          • Zefux

            They could go back to the roots and play Phantasia. The most amazing jRPG I’ve ever played since I was a little kid.

            And it’s still amazing now.

          • vadde939

            ‘there will be Tales fans who do not have a ps3 and will be unable to buy it’

            Yup. Which is why I’m still hoping Namco will release the Wii version of Graces too so I can do my part to support the series.

        • Well, the bottom line is if you want Xillia, whether you bought the Japanese version or not, you have to buy the North American version.

          I can give you a two word reason why we didn’t see Tales of Vesperia PS3 over here: Eternal Sonata. With how poorly that sold, why would Namco localize their next RPG? If you want a game, you have to show them you’re willing to buy it. When Graces F comes to America, if people all say, “Oh, it’s just an upscaled Wii port, I’m not buying it at full price” or “I’ll just Gamefly it” or “I’ll just wait for Xillia,” guess what? We will not see Xillia.

          Not only that, we won’t have the right to complain about not getting Xillia. I can guarantee you that if Graces F doesn’t sell, at least, 250,000 copies, we will not get Xillia. Period.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Keep Preaching because you sir are absolutely right!!! Us fans need to get off our @sses and support the franchises we love. It’s not a hard concept really. If you want something to do well you BUY it. If not than who are you to complain when the next game doesn’t come out, you did this to yourself. Us Tales fans need to rally together and get everyone we know to buy the next game that come stateside/Europe side.

          • Eternal Sonata was also godawful. Even if I knew the fate of Vesperia PS3 was directly at stake I still probably wouldn’t have taken a second dip on that game on PS3

        • raymk

          Gears of war has nothing to do with TOGF. Gow is an 360 game. Yeah i know what your trying to say i’m just messing with ya. Anyway it won’t bomb if we help advertise which i never did before. I got a few friends willing to try the game after i told and showed them about it so it may work for you as well.

  • joesz

    The combination of a sword and a gun is uncanny…it will never die,

  • Yui

    Oh boy, a cold, calculating mercenary who acts without concern for the people around him! Never seen that character archetype before. ;P

    • Hraesvelgr

      Don’t act like having overused character archetypes is a new thing to video games, now.

      • Exkaiser

        It’s pretty much the series’ claim to fame by now.

      • not when he seems EXACTLY like another Kratos.

      • Yui

        I’d have thought the little winking emoticon would have given away my thoughts on the matter. You are right, of course. There are precious few truly original characters in any medium nowadays. But I do love these archetypes, even if they’re generic – just as much for the value of mockery as I do their actual characters. :D

  • i like the “new map actions” to search everywhere! ^^

    now i just pray this gets localised… x)

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    Can’t wait to see more of this. Xillia and XII-2 are my most anticipated mainstream jrpg’s this year I wonder how this game’s gonna be different from Graces and Vesperia? It’s good to seee the Tales fanatics have changed their attitude toward localization and areant posting “omg bamco will never localise this!” and the such

    • Yui

      We have hope! This is an entirely new concept for us! :D

    • Barrit

      Yea, after those puzzles, it totally changed for me. It looks like 2/2/2011 will be the day they officially announce and when that puzzle will becoming completely unscrambled. Only a little bit longer!

      • Darkrise

        Excitement Level Rising.

  • Darkrise

    Alvin is also voiced by Tomokazu Sugita; Ragna’s jp voice actor(from blazblue). =P As well as voicing in Haruhi and recent anime like Arakawa.

    • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

      Infahno Dividah!!

      • Darkrise

        Deado Spiku!

        • HAAAA~ RAGUNA! >_<

          • Darkrise



          • Zefux

            Tager: RAGUNA BARARUTO EIGI!!

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Gintoki: Just Do It!

    • PrinceHeir

      he’s also the voice of Kazuhira Miller(aka Master Miller) in Peace Walker :P

      SNAAKKKEEE!!!!!! :P

      lucky japan getting all the Tales stuff. honestly this is one of biggest jrpg’s that are not coming outside of japan. hopefully the Grace F speculation is true :P

      also please put KOS-MOS costume in Vesperia(if you plan to release it alongside Grace F)

    • Yukito

      Yuuichi Aizawa from Kanon. )=<

    • When I heard Sugita Tomokazu was voicing Alvin, I let out a chortle because he TOTALLY looks like the type of character Sugita would voice. I think this was perfect casting. :) (Not like the choice of Yonaga Tsubasa for Jude – his REALLY doesn’t suite Jude’s looks. *sigh*)

  • This Alvin better not be another Jecht. His timing is so impractical.

  • Hehe, the website has a picture of Alvin. Not too bad. Can’t wait for more characters~ <3

  • Wait, backstepping is now character-exclusive? That’s been a universal action since Destiny 2, though. What’s with Team Symphonia and limiting battle actions that have been around for most of the series’ lifespan? I think the worst offense was having to learn a skill to use items on other party members in Vesperia and Abyss. I hope that’s not making a comeback…

  • http://www.imagebam.com/image/723b96115748840

    Hi Alvin, aren’t you looking cool today?

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