• Zero_Destiny

    And here I thought Square was finally going to man up and treat Enix right by taking their relationship to the next level lol

    • PrinceHeir

      Tah Tan Tanaaa, Tah Tan Tanaaa, Tah Tan Tanaaa Tan Tanaaa Tan Tanaaa, Tah Tan Tanaaa Tah Tan Tanaaa Tah Tan Tanaaa Tan Tanaaa Tan Tanaaa

      Square do you you take Enix to be your wede…

      *OBJECTION!! – Phoenix Wright

      *crowds reaction “-_____-

      oops sorry wrong company.

  • What is that? Aya Brea and Luigi? @[email protected]

    • Ereek

      Hmm, spoilers.

      Aya Brea and Kyle Madigan, the male character from Parasite eve 2.

      • No, it’s WildArms, a male commenter of Siliconera

      • I see. Thank you, as I never had the courage to play horror games..

        • Heheh, well i dont think this is a horror horror game… more like, dark action, Silent hill… now that is freaking @[email protected]# T_T

          • Tell you what, I won’t be touching the Silent Hill series anytime soon. Saw some videos on youtube and it scared me to death.

            I can’t bring myself to play dark action/zombie horror/anything that scares you horror game. Have you played the original shadow hearts? The ghost story that was told in Dalian scared the crap out of me, and after playing Fatal Frame 3, I gave the game to my brother after the first hour.

            Maybe I can play PE2 now since the graphics are dated on that thing, but yeah, I’m just that much of a scaredy cat. Uguuuu ;___;

          • Shadow Hearts isn’t actually that bad tho, should try it again. But then again, it’s been forever since I played the first game… need to go back and play it again.

          • I never managed to finish the first SH, but SH2 is one of my best games of all time. Words cannot describe how polished and engaging that game is

          • See, I’m the exact opposite. When I play, I play at night, in the dark, with the phone off. I want to be creeped out as much as possible by a horror game.

  • neogeno


  • YoFace

    What? what? Stupid blood!

  • SigmenddArthur

    I don’t care anymore. Whenever I turn around and look Amazon UK, I see Square releasing these neat and affordable collector’s editions of practically every game, while here in the US…they’re…well, not to mince words, but they’re cheap bastards.

    Amazon UK already has limited editions set for Lord of Arcana, 3rd Birthday, and Dissidia 012. Here in the US…NOTHING!

    Screw Square Enix USA. I’m importing my games from Europe.

    EDIT: Oh, and Square USA’s Members rewards are UTTER CRAP. You have to work your ass off and literally spend hundreds of dollars to buy every one of their games just so you can be legible to get a crappy lil compilation soundtrack CD, only for them to delay production of them a whole year, then take 2 or 3 more months to ship them.

    Screw SE USA. They haven’t been doing anything right for the past decade.

    • Zero_Destiny

      It’s like we woke up in some kind of backwards world were companies actually care about Europe!!! lol I hear you though. But I think you should give SE-USA some more time. They seem more like they like pre-order bonuses over LE’s. Like how we get the really cool Tarrot Cards w/ Tactics Ogre. Don’t worry too much. Besides Europe needs some love they’ve been shaft for so long now by game companies.

      • Yui

        Amen! Hell, you Americans get the damn games, at least. Where’s Devil Summoner 2, huh, Atlus? Where are all the games?! :<

      • I think Ive come to understand the gripes that those in Europe have over games, I should just be glad to get the games in whatever form they come.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Yes!!! Very good. Besides if you REALLY want it and do haves some extra money than honestly import it. PSP is region-free.

        • Kevin_Levin

          Well, that’s Europe. They always like to do it in “style”.

    • See, I am not the only disgruntled buyer when it comes to the special editions that the US consistently misses out from Square Enix.

      • Zero_Destiny

        But you have more money than all of us and all those games can be imported and played on your PSP. So why mad? lol (points to lower comment)
        edit: That’s now not under this comment lol

    • karasuKumo

      A few special editions that aren’t even worth the money (if your are paying the full amount) do not make up for europe’s past mistreatment but I see your point.

      If you do decide to import from europe I’d reccomend Zavvi their prices are great. At the moment the special editions of Duodecim and LoA are the same price as the regular ones and there is quite a bit off of T3B too.

      At least you have rewards, have you looked at the UK members site? It’s horrible compared to the US one and not even worth comparing it to the Japanese.

      • For me it’s either Zavvi or Shopto. Zavvi’s delivery is a bit slow compared to ShopTo, but some of their deals are just out of this world. Sengoku Basara 3 for £13. I was sold

        • karasuKumo

          Exactly it’s hard to believe they make a profit lol! Lost Planet 2 for £9.85 craziness! I honestly hadn’t heard about Shopto until now but I’ll check them out. I used to use Amazon but their delivery times are more than often horrible.

  • karasuKumo

    Looks like the cake-cutting went horribly wrong :P

  • MY AYA!! I SEE A “W” that is wildarms, sorry guys, but im going to the next phase in life.

    I’ll see you on the other side…. *And as wildarms smiles, he turns and walk into the unknown future*

    • Zero_Destiny

      *sniff* (wipes tears away) You will sorely be missed Mr. Number 2 commenter on this site (a whopping 2089 comments). Have fun with Aya I hope it’s worth missing out on Ar Tonelico 3 lol

      • Hey hey, you gotta take my word that i will always pick a woman that will support my gaming hobby, NOTHING WILL MAKE ME MISS AR TONELICO 3, i happily check my pre order list at NISA store every now and then :).

        And hey! Disqus is lagged, click on my avatar and you will see i have 3.1k comments :(, and that 2089 is the likes i’ve had so far >8D, im very liked, yaay, maybe that is why Aya choose me?!?

    • Yui

      …what about us? ;_;

      I can’t believe you’d pick Aya over me! I’m hurt, even if she is far more willing to have her her clothes removed than…well, anyone else ever. :D

      • Testsubject909

        And I believe you just answered why he ran away from you at the altar.

        Aya’d at least have the decency to remove her gown at the wedding reception…

        Wait a tic…

        • Yui


          OK, you win this one. :D

      • She hasnt shown anything more than what was necessary, i accept her job at square enix meanwhile she doesn’t cross that line >8O, but i support her career fully.

        And im sorry… Love is sometimes merciless…. but it will make you stronger!

        • Yui

          You’re a good person. I’m jealous of Aya now. ;P

          It has made me stronger! It’s made me strong enough to discipline you, anyway. Look forward to being hunted down and harmed repeatedly! :D

          • Nooooo! D: That is not the strengh i was talking about! INNER! INNER STRENGH!, stronger heart!

          • Yui

            My heart is strong! Strong enough to bludgeon you with, over and over again, like a steel club! XD

          • Guys, guys, chill out. This is a public site. No need to get all lovey dovey here. And WildArms, who knows what Aya might do to you if she finds out you’re flirting with Yui-chan over here

      • You’re… a dojikko. Enough said

        • Yui

          That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me. Hugs? :D

          *trips on ellipsis and falls*

          • ^_^’

            You’re hopeless without Ui, aren’t you?

            *Ashgail lets out a faint sigh*

          • Yui

            *shakes head vigorously*

            I can do things without her! She’s just helpful. In fact, I could go for some ice cream right about now. :D

    • LUCKY!!!! lol

      • It’s not luck *With his hand, WildArms moves his hair emanating an air of arrogance*

        It’s my natural ability to attract wild girls, heh, i just can’t help it, sometimes, i wonder if i am controlling this ability, or if it is controlling me… Hah… what a “curse”…

        • KyoyaHibari

          How I pity you Wildarms, that’s clearly an “M” for Mizuru Souten.
          *Mizuru takes Aya’s hand and sets off towards the distant horizon, and just before he disappears into tomorrow, he turns and smirks with a final quote: “Blondes have more fun!” ;P


          • KyoyaHibari

            ;P “You can’t handle the truth!”

    • Testsubject909

      And by unknown future, you mean getting killed while Aya gets a case of slight amnesia…

      No worries Wildy. I’ll take good care of Aya once you’re gone.

      • Aya won’t let ANYTHING HAPPEN TO ME! SHE IS POWARFUL AND HOT, there is no better combination

        • Testsubject909

          And also amnesiac during the reception, as per what I’ve been reading.

          Don’t worry Wildy, she’ll be in good hands.

      • PrinceHeir

        oh yes don’t worry Tetsu i’ll make sure you follow the same way >__>

        come Aya, Dive into me and me only :P

        • Testsubject909

          When you say… Dive into you…

          Do you mean that Overdrive dive where she takes over your entire being, mind body and soul without requiring your consent?

          Hmm… Kind of sounds like marriage doesn’t it?

          Or do you mean with a strap-on?

          • PrinceHeir

            lol any “Dive” will be fine with me ^^

        • “Dive into me”, reminds me of ar tonelico xD

    • PrinceHeir

      damnit wild arms share some love, i was busy playing Xenosaga and i missed this post.

      oh yes see you on the other side….of a balcony :P

  • Well I’m excited that the game is coming so soon (and this invitation is pretty creative). I so can not wait to buy The 3rd Birthday and have more on my PSP. I feel like it was listed for release in March which is looking to be a hot month for games (The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky, Deus Ex Human Revolution: Augmented Edition (please still release in March!), Dragon Age 2, Pokemon White, Phantom Brave: Heroes of the Hermuda Triangle, Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive, Dungeon Siege III (listed for March please), Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, Ar tonelico Qoga Cosmosphere Calendar Set, Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, and Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy (for kicks)). I hope the soundtrack to the games are good too, I wouldnt mind owning them if they are, Star Ocean and FFXIII made me a fan of Square Enix musics.

    • Yui

      GOD, TS!!!!

      I wish I had your cash. I’d kill for an endless wallet like yours. The way you flaunt it burns away at my feeble human middle-class soul. XD

      • KyoyaHibari

        Lol he’ll probably get a FEW of them, some of them aren’t that great seemingly so he shouldn’t be greedy about all these games, Legend of Heroes is ok, Deus EX, idk, Dragon Age meh, Pokemon mayb, Phantom Brave maybe, Kizuna Drive will suck guaranteed, NFS will suck, Trinity idk, Ar Tonelico seems ok sorta like Tales, but idk seems perverted, Ico dual pack and Dissidia are definite winners though

        • Yui

          He’s TS. He’ll get ’em, I’m sure. He’s our lifeline. :D

          (To be fair, I think they’re all hits, but that’s just me. :D)

          • Darkrise

            Sasuga desu-ne TS really does have endless pockets… I would kill for them to finish my list of games to import. >=D

          • Zero_Destiny

            *points to my lower comment*
            He has more than just endless pockets my good friend lol

          • Yui

            We should hunt him down and take his money! It’s the best solution! :D

        • Dude, me, missing out on a Naruto game on the PSP?! lol, never! Ive got them all and they are epic! Im getting all of those games as they are all looking to be guaranteed awesome experiences. Human Revolution has such an epic story lined up, Dragon Age is an awesome world and characters, Phantom Brave Ive always wanted to play NFS has Autolog which will making racing a blast, and Ar Tonelico looks awesome!

          Like Naruto, I never go back on my word for that is my nindo, my ninja way, so if I say Im getting the games then Im getting them, dattebayo!!!

          • KyoyaHibari

            lol tsk tsk, trust me dood, the only good Naruto games (and Naruto propaganda in general) are the fighting games, specifically the PS2 & PS3 ones, trust me don’t waste your money on Kizuna Drive, you seem like a cool guy, though just don’t like too much hyperactive optimism, think of it like this, if your Tsuna, im XANXUS ;P but still there is alot of games & anime i want in March too, so call me a hypocrite I may get them too :P my list is alot different though: Rurouni Kenshin Saisen, Yakuza 4, Fight Night Champion, 3rd Birthday, Duodecim, Moribito, Yu Yu Hakusho, FMAB, Evangelion 2.22, DBKai, Summer Wars, FLCL, Nausicaa & Eden of the East movie 1 (all on Blu-Ray), Gods Eater maybe, Pokemon White & Dynasty Warriors 7

          • Im getting the FLCL, Eva 2.22, FMA Brotherhood (is this the final volume of it?), and I think Soul Eater Blu-Ray as well, well I think it comes out then too! Im so excited for all of them, especially EVA 2.2 (its gonna be glorious in HD just like the first one, epically awesome!!! and FLCL, as I saw clips of it and it seemed like a simple short show people suggested I get it and I was like might as well, so I ordered it too). I have Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles and that is epic, Im quite sure I will love Kizuna Drive, I cant miss out on Naruto!!!

          • lol @ XANXUS comment. XDD
            And yay~ for someone who’s gonna get DW7, like me.

          • KyoyaHibari

            @Aunna Lol yea XANXUS is a bauss, i like him, Kyoya, Takeshi, Byakuran and a few others

          • KyoyaHibari

            Btw, ill face you in Storm 2 sometime, i haven’t played in a while but ive platinumed, my PSN is AngelsArcanum

          • Oh mines EatDeath I should boot up the game sometime, I was in the process of still getting all the characters, lol.

          • KyoyaHibari

            Oh and lastly, I think Ico collection comes in April, it was listed for April on the Walmart website

          • April?! Darn now I have to wait even more to play the games that others say are just simply, epic! Im just a bit cautious because what I saw of the games, there is no HUD !!!

          • KyoyaHibari

            FLCL is amazing, really innovative, unique and flamboyant, don’t let the length fool you, its really spectacular & there should be 5 FMAB sets since the forth covers 39-52 and there’s still 12 more episodes, FMA isn’t the greatest show ever, (especially with the endings of both series IMO) but for the most part both are really good, my absolute favourite anime of all time is R.O.D the TV, absolutely perfect, i got it on Blu-Ray from the Bandai store online even though i also own the DVD collection, i may sell it, but I love it so much that i have an emotional attachment to the show so selling the DVD set even though I own Blu-ray doesn’t seem right, i recommend you check it out

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Sawada: FLCL is awesome not only is it hilarious but it’s beautiful. If you like GOOD animation (like the actual artstyle/movement/camera angels) you’ll love FLCL. I love how it has that one scene that pays homages to the Daicon shorts XD!!! It’s so pretty. One of Gainax’s better works really. And it’s length is perfectly normal it’s an OVA not an anime. 5 or 6 episodes is the usual length of them especially bigger budgets ones not based off of an already known franchise.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Pockets that are not only endless but can divide by zero, a bank account with more numbers in it than the equation of Pi and whenever he sneezes money comes out of his nose instead of mucus lol

    • holyPaladin

      Can I have some of your money, pretty please? :D
      You’re a mafia boss

    • PrinceHeir

      i want some Deus Ex HR too :P

      hopefully a full 3rd person camera view will be implemented as an “OPTION”

  • maxchain

    I’ve put BLOODSTAIN Cathedral into Google Maps, but I’m not coming up with anything. Also, I’m feeling kind of dizzy, maybe I shouyllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • tubers

    Aya’s “red flood”!? 0.o

  • Am I the only one who noticed the very crucial detail?

    We’ve already MISSED the wedding! T~T

    • HURRY! Everyone, to the Knot! Perhaps we can make up for it by buying cheap knock-offs of everything they asked for on their wedding registr-ohh….

  • 2010? I hope SE is teaming up with Dr.Who or something because I don’t know how to time travel. *rage*

  • Aiddon

    too bad that the game SUCKS. I’m still reeling about how bad that narrative is. Toriyama obviously didn’t know ANYTHING about the PE games and even if he did he didn’t care about them. It’s by far the WORST thing he’s ever written, and that’s saying something

  • ignisdivine

    So why does the blood splatter have that corrugated cardboard pattern to it?

  • skymap

    I wish the story of that game was good. :(

    So disappointing.

  • Please join us in celebrating in the marriage of Aya Brea & Kyle Madigan… the 24th of December 2010… 1:00 PM… cathedral… Manhattan, NY. Reception to follow.

    DAMN YOU, KYLE!!!!

  • Darkrise

    Blood on the invitation. Does that mean Aya was torturing SE to write that letter to invite us all in one place so she could use us as extra bodies to Dive into and sacrifice?

  • Icon

    St. Patrick’s Cathedral?

  • makotozenshou

    “Reception to Follow”.. I bet it’s a sequel..

  • Tokyo Guy

    It sure would be nice of SE added some additional content for the North American release. Despite the rather…substantial shortcomings of THB, I ended up spending something like 18 hours on it as I cleared the game 9 times (unfortunately I bought into that baseless rumour of the Lightning costume unlocking). The gameplay side is fairly solid and thus it would be nice for new areas or even an EX dungeon…

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