Hsien-Ko And The Sentinel Smash, Blast And Pulverize In New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Screenshots

By Ishaan . January 29, 2011 . 12:00pm


Earlier in the week, Capcom revealed Hsien-Ko and the Sentinel as playable characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. While the Sentinel made his debut in X-Men: Children of the Atom and eventually crossed over into Marvel vs. Capcom 2, this is the Hsien-Ko’s first appearance in the series. Here are high-res screens of both:



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  • So were these the final two characters in the game? I still wish Ada Wong was in the game and wanted more Resident Evil characters but alas, lol, I have to be content with the cast. I wonder how much the DLC characters will run, $7.99 maybe, and if they will support it with many characters?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Day 1? We all know you have Black Hole Pockets and a bank account with more numbers in it than the equation of pi.

      • You know it! Ill be there on day 1 baby! Ive already preordered the special edition too. I wish we were getting the shirts like they offer in Europe for some of the designs look great (better than the one on the Capcom Store).

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol I did know it. I love you Sawada with all your excitement lol No one’s more psyched than you be that a good thing or a bad thing

          • Testsubject909

            We seriously need to find a way into his bank account.

            ..Um… I mean. Stealing is bad.

          • SigmenddArthur

            It’s for a good cause.

          • Exkaiser

            The only victim if we tap into his infinite bank account is the economy.

            Inflation and all.

          • alundra311

            I don’t think he would mind. Heck, I don’t even think he would notice anything missing either.

        • I dunno about the quality of the t-shirts… I got a dhalsim t-shirt from buying SSFIV, and I decided to wear it only if I’m going to bed. Lost Planet 2 t-shirt on the other hand, that was some impressive stuff. The best thing is, it’s free, even though it’s a tad too large

      • And who knows? His pockets are so deep, they divided by zero.

    • PrinceHeir

      well we can just save Ada and Leon on Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 alongside Strider, Gene, Seig Warheit and Juri :P

      how much money do you have anyways? sharing is good too you know :P

    • The characters are supposed to be in packs of 2 for $10.

      And as much as I wanted Ada Wong in the game, there’s enough Resident Evil right now. Three characters is enough for any series. I’d rather see Gene or the Smiths (from Killer 7) or Ms. Marvel or the Sentry as DLC.

      Watch, soon, they’ll probably announce Ken or something and I’ll just be annoyed.

      • fermented

        There’s already 4 Street Fighter characters, so I would think it is a lot more likely that we would see Ada then Ken Masters, though chances are we won’t see either of them.

  • Lei-Lei!!

  • Capcom officially said we could be getting more character reveals (Though I bet it’s boss characters and two more DLC characters.) in the “next couple of weeks.”

    • Well, we already know the boss is Galactus. I don’t know who the two other DLC characters are, though.

      • Nice job spoiling the final boss lol , I believe Jill Valentine was one of the DLC characters but I could be wrong… I honestly hate the fact that there is gonna be DLC for more characters espeically considering Marvel vs Capcom 2 had 56 all together while 3 doesn’t look to match it it seems…

  • SigmenddArthur

    Looks pretty awesome so far! Day 1 to be sure!

  • Fonic

    Going to have to wait on this personally. Too many other games in the coming months. Plus there’s always the possibility of an enhanced edition down the road. Hard to resist though.

    • You realize that all the talk of an “enhanced edition” is all fan speculation right now, and that while Capcom have always been big on updating their regular fighting game series titles, they’ve never done it to a versus game before, since that would require a whole new round of licensing.

      • Fonic

        Haven’t really paid attention to any talk of it, I just consider it a possibility. I was mainly thinking of a GOTY type version with all the DLC included. Anyway, I can wait for a price drop if nothing else.

        • Even a GOTY edition would require new licensing. Keep in mind Capcom does not own half of the characters in the game. Every time they want to add someone non-Capcom, they have to go through Marvel.

          • Fonic

            Believe me, I’d like to buy it on the day of release since I was a fan of the older crossover games and it looks fun, but I just feel like I can wait for a price drop.

        • fermented

          Feel free to wait for a “Gold Edition” MvC3 if you want to save money, nothing wrong with that. Not everyone wants to be a serious competitive player and needs to have this game as soon as possible.

          I myself like to stay competitive in fighting games and I already have MvC3 pre-ordered, even though that means I will be paying full price for later DLC. I plan to invest a lot of time and work learning the game’s mechanics, the characters, and team combinations, as well as competing against local players in casual and tournament matches, so the money I spend on this game will be more than worth it.

          It also helps that I’m not too interested in any other game coming out this year, at least not at full price.

          • Fonic

            I’m sometimes tempted to try and be more competitive with these types of games but I don’t really have the dedication I guess.
            I would definitely buy it early if I did though.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yeah I’m waiting too, unfortunately my pockets are quite shallow so I can’t just jump in on every awesome game coming out around now. I have confidence That it’ll still be easy to find a couple months down the line thou so I’ll probably get it then. Not sure if it’ll get an enhanced version but I don’t think I can wait that long anyways lol I’ll Just wait as long as it takes to get enough money and keep playing Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom at my friends house in the mean time lol

      • Fonic

        Sounds good to me.
        I agree that it will be easy to find for a while whereas other Feb. releases, like Radiant Historia for example, will probably be more rare.

  • ZomaNeko

    Of all the characters on my super want but I thought would never happen list, I’m really happy that at least one (Hsien-Ko) made it!

  • puchinri

    So we now have three Darkstalkers characters? Is this their attempts to hold us over until they finally feel like giving us another game, or is this their way of saying ‘see, we use them, expect something soon!’.

    And the roster isn’t complete now, is it? I thought I saw something saying that in the original announcement for these two, but my mind may be playing tricks on me. (I still want Stider, Jin and Molly Hayes.)

  • Ordered my Special Edition of this and am excited to give it a go. It’s also amazing to see how many people who aren’t really gamers want to play this. I’ve got a model friend from Philly, doesn’t even own a console or portable system, telling me that she wants to come visit me to play strip MVC3. I’ve never heard her even acknowledge a videogame before.

    Just have to pay off Neptunia and my February purchases are complete (I always try to pay off any pre-orders I have the month before they come out, so I don’t have to ever choose between bills and games if an emergency comes up).

    • Dude, February has some great games, are you just getting those two games?

      • That’s all. I may pick up Killzone 3 one day, when it’s cheap, simply because of the presence of Malcolm McDowell, but otherwise, I’m not really interested in it. Haven’t seen enough of Trinity: Souls of O’Zill to get excited about it and Bulletstorm’s demo didn’t do anything for me.

        • I didnt know anything of Bulletstorm but it looked interesting, a bit too multiplayer focused for me I think. I wish more sites covered Trinity: Souls of O’Zill its like nothing, the stores dont even have a box art for it, and if it truly is coming next month, they arent even advertising it. >.< I guess it will be a sleeper hit.

          • There’s a demo for Bulletstorm on the PSN. Went up on Tuesday. As for Trinity, as I said, if I see enough about it that interests me, I’ll pick it up. They’d be very stupid to not make a demo for it, with how little exposure it’s gotten.

            But yeah, the next few months, it’s only really two or three games a month, and I’m fine with that. March is Ar Tonelico and Yakuza 4. April is Mortal Kombat, and Portal 2 (I could have sworn there was a third game I wanted that month, but I don’t see anything on the release date lists), and in May is Duke Nukem and No More Heroes.

      • Testsubject909

        I believe if people had your enchanted wallet of money making. People would buy more games.

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