Dark Souls Details Leak Out (Yes, This Is Project Dark)

By Spencer . January 31, 2011 . 11:34pm

imageJust like the trademark we dug up hinted at, Dark Souls is the official name for Project Dark. First announced at Tokyo Game Show, From Software’s spiritual successor Demon’s Souls is on track for a release this year.


Dark Souls is set in a dark fantasy world with a similar premise as Demon’s Souls. The essence of the game is learning from mistakes and the joy of discovery. From Software is setting the difficulty bar high and aim to make it as difficult as Demon’s Souls. The story and world in Dark Souls does not have any connection to From Software’s previous work, though.


This game begins with a player creating a character, but jobs have been removed. Project Dark has a wider selection of weapons and magic spells too. Both elements should allow players to find their own style of play. While Demon’s Souls was broken up into worlds, fields in Dark Souls are seamlessly connected.


From Software developed an online element for Dark Souls. This game has both cooperative and versus play. The concept for the online mode is mutual role playing. You’ll be able to feel a gentle presence of other players in Dark Souls. Details are scarce, but From Software mentioned to Famitsu you can leave messages behind for other players to see when you die. Interestingly Dark Souls does not use a centralized server so there will not be tendency changes like in Demon’s Souls.


In Japan, Dark Souls is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Namco Bandai will publish Dark Souls in the West on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

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  • Code

    rarr, hit me with your best shot From Software +o+ I’ll tear it apart piece by piece~!

    • Testsubject909

      “It’ll tear me apart piece by piece~!”


      But my body is ready too! And no matter how many times you rip me a new one… I WILL have sweet revenge, and the glory of my victory will be all the sweeter, until the next great challenging creature comes my way.

      Come on From Software! Do you best! ….And keep the save file away from being copy-protected, please.

      My PS3’s HDD got corrupt Just before I was going to do a full backup… if I could’ve at least done a partial backup by just doing a simple copy. I wouldn’t be sitting here re-going through Demon’s Souls to get back my character up to shape…

      • Code

        haha >w<' you weren't there when the carnage unfolded as I voraciously tore into Demons Souls +o+' *picks ear* rar, if only I had the interest in collecting the last couple of obscure drops, silly pure Bladestone opo; But still I want Dark Souls to be hard, dial it up From Software, it's a challenge +o+

        • Fonic

          Yeah those drops are a pain. Marrowstones gave me the most trouble personally. I must have done that run of giant ticks a hundred times to get all the ones I needed.
          Really wish RPG devs would maybe lower the whole farming dial a bit in their games.

          • Code

            Yeah, honestly I wasn’t crazy about the notion of one-enemy drops in Demons Souls to me that isn’t considerate for the player’s time spent literally grinding for one enemy opo; Which has been what’s stopped me from getting my Pure Bladestone, and Pure Darkmoonstone which seems potentially worse since you only have X Lizards per cycle in the game to get it TpT; I mostly just wanted to get the Pure Bladestone out of the way before my 4th cycle, but it kind of drug the game down at that point just because of how time consuming those drops alone are. Everything else in my books was solid and well paced, nothing too obscure or rare.

          • Fonic

            Yeah I was lucky with the Pure Darkmoonstone and somewhat lucky with the Bladestone as well but it really was a chore regardless.
            I like to listen to music while I’m farming in games since it seems to help a bit with the monotony. I’m still mucking around in FF13, farming turtles.

      • Honestly, that’s why I never beat Demon’s Souls. I got the YLOD on my old school 60 gig when I was right up to the King. I never had the urge to go back and replay all that.

        • Testsubject909

          I feel for you bro…

      • PrinceHeir

        actually you still can’t back up copy protected saves. no matter how many times you back up the system.

        im just glad Sony is implementing a cloud based system(hopefully you can also back that up too)

        well i was hoping they were adding multiple jobs this time, guess not.

        cannot wait for this. Demon Souls and The Witcher definitely has some similarities. cannot wait for The Witcher 2 and Dark Souls. hopefully sony will make a proper sequel to Demon Souls, while they’re at it. Capcom should join in and make a seamlessly open world Monster Hunter PS3. and what about Square’s “Fortress” game? it shares similarities to Demon Souls i would like to see that too :)

        and lol at Namco publishing this. it should be Atlus but since they see this as a seller they simply “stole” it. honestly they should be publishing their own games starting to i don’t know? “Tales” series?

        • Testsubject909

          Actually I did extensive research on the matter.

          You CAN back it up… per say. You can back it up via the Full Backup procedure in the System’s area of the PS3.

          The trouble is, to re-implement your backup, your original save needs to be gone from the system to begin with. At least for Demon’s Souls (unchecked for any other games).

          People who’ve decided to upgrade their HDD for example were able to transfer their save file from one HDD to the other safely without having to make use of the Transfer option.

          It’s an oddity, an annoyance and I really hope this whole copy-protected idea dies…

          Just one moment of corruption and… Voila. Your save, which you could’ve backed up with great ease, is now forever lost because the programmers are worried people will cheat, typically for the purpose of getting trophies…

          How about just linking the save to the freaking PSN account instead? I mean, you can move from one console to another and activate your PSN account there, to which the trophies only matter to your PSN account and doesn’t transfer unto someone else’s account.

          On top of that, it’s still somewhat protected as you can’t just trade around your save, as others will need to be logged in your account to make the save work in the first place.

          Aside from that, it just means players could go back to a previous moment in their saves by re-uploading their prior saves. But considering how the game works, the only reasons to do that would be so to re-enjoy the game at earlier stages without having to do a new game entirely or go through a new game +, which really isn’t going to be so detrimental in the player’s experience of Demon’s Souls per say.

          So in short. All that’s left is for me to think of Demon’s Souls copy-protected save file as nothing more then absolute ridiculously lazy annoyance.

          …That and my HDD got corrupt and I lost my save file, just because I couldn’t do a regular copy and my 500GB external HDD wasn’t yet configured into Fat32(0x0c) yet…

          • I’ve never understood this whole copy-protected save business. I don’t see why they don’t do what most developers do, which is just link the save to your account. You try to use someone else’s save, it gives an error message. End of story. Making it so I can’t back it up means that you’re just making me never want to play it again if I lose the data.

        • PrinceHeir

          well i actually did it but for some reason copy protected files we’re never back up an example is Genji.

          i actually know about saves can only be used when you login your PSN account. tekken 6 is an example of this.

          yeah i think they should get rid of those lock saves and just implement the save directly to your PSN account. if you don’t want your save you can always delete it on your account anytime.

          yeah i think the idea of puuting your PSN account onto saves so that you and you alone can use it is a great idea.

          it’s kinda funny back then we’re having trouble clearing up memory cards due to small sizes and all, and now we have a unlimited storage yet they don’t bother using any of it. it’s the same with the 1-3 save slot games. honestly why can’t we save up to 99? we already have the space for it(FFX did it that was years ago) im glade early PS3 games actually uses the PS3 as a means of saving(MGS4 and white knight chronicles as well as FFXIII) instead of being limited by in game slots.

          it’s just annoying.

  • kupomogli

    If Batman isn’t released this year, then this is game of the year for sure.

    • dood read the last sentance, Namco is releasing it this year

      • Vino (Tim N)

        You either think Namco will taint the game some how, or you didn’t read his comment correctly.

        Anyways, I hope this game is GOTY for me. Demon’s Souls was mine before.

  • joesz

    Why did I read this as”Demon’s Souls”?

  • Best news today.

  • Fonic

    Oh thank you From Software for taking out tendency changes. That was one of the few aspects of Demon’s Souls I wasn’t crazy about.

    • Code

      Same omo; I remember getting hit by there PURE WHITE TENDENCY CHRISTMAS just as I wanted to start really searching for Pure Bladestones which needs a Pure Black Tedency omo;; The timing for that little event could not have been worse for me T_T’

  • Still sad it is for the 360 too
    This game isn’t pushing to the limits…Probably not even on the level of Demons Souls

    • stop hating mayne

      • Don’t bother. I’d estimate 90% of this person’s comments have been about how the 360 ruined everything about console gaming and then shot his dog. Basic logic does not apply here.

        • Wow you’re right, never seen someone with such a major hard-on for Sony

          • Testsubject909

            I’ve seen worser hard-ons for Sony.

            I’ve also seen worse hard-ons for Microsoft.

            I don’t see many people with such hard-ons for Nintendo. Except some for the 3DS who heralds it as the best of the awesomest just because it has stereoscopic 3D…

            Such a dangerous field though. Trying to dismantle such people tends to lead to immediate actions from all sorts of fans who believe something is being attacked or unfairly elevated the moment such threats to intelligent discussions are presented.

            And then, we also need to watch out for those who’re far too defensive on the matter of handling such ‘fanboyism’. There’s a lot of incidental moments of fanboyism, and these defensive procedures sometimes targets the wrong person at times.

            Such touchy subjects….. My suggestion is.

            Let’s change subject and… let’s Dance!

            *puts on a bollywood musical*

        • DisgaeaGuy11

          I think this game will be more of a commercialized version of Demon’s Souls. No doubt, a game such as DS would never of had a chance on the 360, and it had to be tried on the PS3 to garner popularity first. I imagine it’ll be a watered down, far less unique Demon’s Souls. They’re already talking about bogging down many features of Demon’s Souls.

          • Neckbear

            You honestly believe both corebases on the PS3 and the 360 are all that different?

            The PS3 has as many retards as the 360, for one.

            Second, the whole “dumbing down” won’t happen, jesus christ.

            But, oh, right. This post is directed towards a fanboy. Guess it’ll be like talking to a wall, as honorless said, so I won’t even bother.

          • DisgaeaGuy11

            not a fanboy, but thanks for that, go fellate a bum now please.

            and yes, I do believe the core audience is very different. they’re already changing quite a few things to meet the needs of the 360 crowd and watering down the most unique aspects of Demon’s Souls.

            I don’t care, in the end, this is spiritual successor, not a sequal.

          • I think you mean PS1, not PS3. Demon’s Souls itself is a spiritual successor to King’s Field, remember?

            What features are being “bogged down” because the game is going to be multiplat outside of Japan? This is certainly not the first time From has developed a multiplatform game that they know will be released overseas.

          • DisgaeaGuy11

            a spiritual successor of a spiritual successor, then, if you will.

            no dedicated server, no increase of difficulty, and if there’s no centralized server… how are you going to invade others and get invaded randomly? I hope you guys have played Demon’s Souls and aren’t just here to play superhero for the 360.

            I wouldn’t mind if there were a Demon’s Souls 2, and it went multiplat… but it remained Demon’s Souls. But, it doesn’t matter because this game is just a spiritual successor.

          • badmoogle

            They have only released 3 multiplatform titles in this generation (PS360) and the 2 of them suffered a lot technically with screen tearings and framerate drops (AC4 and AC4answer) in the PS3 versions.

            But hopefully they’ve become better now and both versions of Dark Souls will be equal.

          • badmoogle

            “they’re already changing quite a few things to meet the needs of the 360 crowd”

            I also believe that Sony is a bit more open to daring new ideas and to “experimental” artistic games than either MS or Nintendo therefore a part of their fanbase is also a bit more ready to embrace these games because they are quite used to these types of games even from previous generations.For example i don’t think a “game” like Lingering Shadows would have ever been green-lighted for the 360 or Wii.
            But still it’s too early to make assumptions that From Software will make a commercialized version of Demon’s Souls.I loved DS and the changes they have announced so far for Dark Souls will more likely add to the gameplay (like the emphasis on exploration) than subtract from it.

          • “The difficulty has been increased greatly over Demon’s Souls.”
            Per http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/02/01/dark_souls/.

            The fact that there are no dedicated servers means that connections will be made peer-to-peer; there are downsides to this, but there are upsides too. No World Tendency, and depending upon how well From handles connectivity there could be bad lag.
            However, this means that you will be able to interact with players online long after a dedicated server might have been shut down. This is something a lot of people had concerns with when Atlus first licensed Demon’s Souls. (By the way, it’s not as if From can’t do dedicated servers on a 360 release. From a quick googling, L4D and Section 8 have them…)

            …I’m here to quash two misconceptions more than a few Siliconera commenters seem to have:
            1.) all Western 360 gamers are of the “dudebro” stripe, therefore they are completely uninterested in anything that requires patience and/or Japanese games
            2.) anything multiplatform must have been moneyhatted by teh evul Money$oft and was artificially limited on PS3 (especially if the game turned out badly—that is absolutely the 360’s fault, no exceptions)

          • DisgaeaGuy11

            I meant to edit that, but this site is quite buggy. I meant to say that there will be no means to increase difficutly naturally like with world tendency.

            again, I don’t care, as long as it’s not considered a sequal. those other points you made have nothing to do with me, so I won’t comment.

          • How someone is able to say the “difficulty isn’t harder” when it has already been stated to BE harder is beyond me.

      • Dude never actually comes back to reply, so, it falls on deaf ears…

      • Hraesvelgr

        It’s not the first time someone has blamed the 360 for something like this. There are people that really think the PS3 is pushing gaming to its limits, even ignoring its Blu-ray capabilities. There are even people that really think the PS3 outdoes even PC gaming in that regard, and not just graphically.

        • Well, I tend to think it’s equally silly to say that it never makes a difference. Capcom and ID Software have said that it very well did make a difference in Lost Planet 2 and Rage, and despite what the developers like to say, I think everyone knows it definitely effected FFXIII. However, I don’t think it’ll be too much of a problem here. It really depends on the ambition of the project. While 360 development definitely hampered FFXIII, I don’t have any fear of it harming FFXIII-2 development, since that is probably being created with the limits of the 360 in mind, instead of cutting stuff out in both versions because it wouldn’t fit in one.

          I don’t think this game will be a case, either, where it matters that much.

          • Speaking of Rage when it was first announced it was supposed to be in multiple DVDs for the 360?

          • It is still going to be on two discs, but content was cut out from all three versions to avoid the 360 version being on three, since Microsoft charges third parties extra for going over two discs.

          • Do you honestly believe that FFXIII would have been a good game if it were PS3 exclusive?

          • I think it’s a good game as it is, but it could’ve been better.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Personally, I think that Blu-ray is a bit better for console games – more disc space means potentially larger games – however, beyond that, I think the difference between 360 and PS3 is marginal, at best.

          • Surely you aren’t talking about the same FF13 that started as a PS2 game right? Because no one with half a brain would blame the 360 for the faults of the PS2.

    • badmoogle

      The only thing that MIGHT handicap this game is that SCEJ is not collaborating with FS for this one.Demon’s Souls was mostly developed by From but SCEJ also played a major role in development (especially one guy that i can’t remember his name right now) and the line of who did what in that game is blurry.Also Armored Core For Answer suffered a lot technically on the PS3 (when compared to the 360 version) so i hope this time they manage to balance this game more carefully between the different versions.

      Still i think i’m more optimistic than you.:P

  • Hexen

    Namco Bandai on west? they’ll modify the title from Dark Souls to Dark’s Souls.

    • malek86

      Dark’s Souls? Is that a D.N.Angel spinoff or something?

  • Well I missed out on Demon’s Souls because the collective voice of people scared me away. However this time Im feeling more confident in myself and will thus most likely get this game. Im always heavy on using magic so with more spells would make it better gameplay for me. Now if only we knew the exact launch date.

  • Hraesvelgr

    No more jobs, huh? Can’t wait for people to complain about how it’s dumbed down somehow because of that. Not necessarily here, but I know someone will do it, possibly someone on gamefaqs or youtube.

  • Ereek

    I-I. . .open world Demon’s Souls?
    My dreams have come true.
    the joy of discovery.
    I’m sorry Skyrim, I think I have a new open world favorite this year. Don’t worry, I’ll still love you though. At least you have some interesting lore?

    dark fantasy
    This phrase worries me after what Bioware seems to think a “Dark fantasy” is. Still, Demon’s Souls was very “dark,” so let’s see if From can outdo themselves.

    • malek86

      I wouldn’t expect too much. They speak of “open world”, sure, but when was the last time a japanese-developed game featured a truly open world like Morrowind and the such? If they mean “open” by their standards, it will probably end up having a couple branching paths.

      • Ereek

        I know you’ve got a point here, but let me dream a bit! I can come back to reality a month before the game comes out.

        I went through my Japanese titles to look for open world ones and I can only think of ones that “might” be considered. FFXII is definitely more on the “open” side, since after a point you can simply explore wherever you want, but you’ll probably die. Nier went with an open world-ish approach and, for what it’s worth, it did well. Very small, though. The Valhalla Knights games are pretty much MMOs (I like to call Valhalla Knights 2 “PSP FFXI, except without transportation and with brokenly intelligent party AI”). Other than that I can’t really think of any off the top of my head.
        We all know XIII was meant to have an open world part, and it actually did relatively well with the feeling at first, but XII actually ended up more open world, oddly enough.

        • malek86

          Unfortunately I could never get into FF12: the inverted X-axis camera made me turn off the game immediately in a fit of rage (by the way, I didn’t see any options for that, but if you tell me it can be changed later, I’ll give it another chance).

          Overall, however, japanese developers just don’t like open world games. I wouldn’t mind if somebody tried one, it would be a nice experiment on their part. Just like I wouldn’t mind seeing some western-developed JRPGs for once. I haven’t seen any since Anachronox, and that was a pretty good game, people say.

          Maybe From Software could actually do it, I remember some of their previous games (thinking Shadow Tower here) featured maze-like huge dungeons. If they went a step beyond, an open-world game is not an impossibility. I think it’s just a dream, though.

    • Neckbear

      But From Software isn’t BioWare. I mean, they already did a pretty good job doing Demon’s Souls enviorment- and that’s as dark fantasy as it gets.

      About the open world, while I share malek86’s troubles, I believe I should simply wait and see. But, if it’s truly an open world, then I share your feelings, Ereek, this is my wildest dream coming to life.

      I have no words to express such joy I would feel if it’s at least a quarter of what I think it should be like (With Dungeons, Caves, special monsters, no level scaling/just keep the same mechanic of strong monsters there was in Demon’s Souls, Towns, Swamps, Traps everywhere, etcetera…) and has a true feeling of “exploration”, then I’ll simply buy twenty- no, thirty copies to showcase my happiness in such extreme levels.

  • Reminds, I must Plat Demon’s Souls before I get my hands on this. 2011 for me is looking great! Dark Souls and Anarchy Reigns for PS3! I feel the need to light up…

  • KyoyaHibari

    I like how the world’s are integrated this time around, making it seem more expansive and the new weapons, spells and versus mode, although WHY DID 360 HAVE TO TAKE IT TOO! ONE OF THE ONLY GAMES I ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT BEING SONY EXCLUSIVE AND MICROSOFT JACKS IT….urgh, there better be a Demon’s Souls 2 which will be better than this, but im definitely getting this still

    • I am confused as to why “exclusivity” means so much to people. Is it not better for more gamers to be able to experience a product? Thus increasing the potential revenue for a company? Which increases the chances for a sequel? This notion is beyond me.

      • Well, yes, but you’re also the guy who cites Splatterhouse as a worthwhile experience, so it is possible many things are beyond you.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Yes although some prefer expansion onto multiplatforming, others take pride in having certain games that we deem superior to the rival consoles. If you wanted everyone to experience the game, why not instead, have just one integrated console which would render the term “exclusitivity” pointless and then all gamers would experience the same games which would be a good idea, although I guess with so many employees for each console’s company, they wouldn’t want to further divide the profit amongst many more staff members. If there were multiple platforms with EXACTLY the same games & no exclusives, everyone would clearly buy the more superior console to play said games and rival console creators would lose profit, exclusive games sort of give a certain…advantage if you will, to the console itself, because more people would buy those consoles for those exclusive games

  • Jaxel

    I do agree a small bit, that we often see the 360 bringing the overall quality of a game down. Developers have to develop for both consoles, and if one of the consoles can’t do HDR or Specular Lighting, then they can’t really put that element into either version. They need to do everything they can to make the two versions as equal as possible, and if that means purposely handicapping the PS3 version, thats just the way it is.

    That being said, Demon’s Souls, which is my 2009 GOTY in no way pushed the boundaries of the PS3. The game could EASILY be put on the 360 without any sort of degradation.

  • PrinceHeir

    for those who want to see the scans :P


    my god the monster are more ferocious as ever :)

    i cannot wait for this :P

  • HarryHodd

    Ready to sink 200 hours into this potential masterpiece like I did the first game.

  • “gentle presence of other players”

    Hahaha! With the Xbox 360, all you will feel is the presence of immature people and underaged kids.

    • Well, hopefully, like the first one, it won’t have any mic support.

    • So I am immature? Or am I underage? Because last I checked I was neither. Sure feels good to be generalized.

      Perhaps I could say, extrapolate from your statement that your are a narrow minded individual. One that possibly takes delight in pointless argumentative rabble. Unleashing a wave of pent up fury towards the first person (and thereafter the second, third, etc.) that disagrees with you in the slightest?

      All that would result in is igniting your fury though, now wouldn’t it?

      Open that little mind of yours, and feel better about becoming a better human being.

      • Wow. Someone’s certainly feeling defensive.

        • More along the lines that I was under the impression that stereotypes were something people matured over using after the second year of High School.

      • ^Immature and underage.

  • I want more info on this. I LOVED Demon’s Souls.

  • Sekundes

    If they put in a poison swamp level, I’m gonna rage… oh I’m definitely gonna rage.

  • Some of the monsters look absolutely nightmare inducing. And seeing as the difficulty is even harder than Demon’s Souls I am excited. Cannot wait to pick this up.

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