Darkstalkers 3 And Star Gladiator Continue The Fight As Downloadable PsOne Games

By Spencer . January 31, 2011 . 12:39am

imageCapcom announced over Twitter four more PsOne games are coming to PlayStation Network in Japan.


Star Gladiator, Cyberbots, Mega Man 4, and Vampire Savior EX Edition better known as Darkstalkers 3 in North America are slated for re-release on Game Archives. Release dates and prices were not announced.


Since Capcom previously localized Star Gladiator and Darkstalkers 3 there’s a chance for those to come to Game Archives in the West. I’m more curious to see what happens to Cyberbots. While the console version was only released in Japan, Capcom put a Japanese-only PsOne port of Mega Man in the import store in North America. Would be interesting to see if Capcom continues the digital import trend MonkeyPaw started.

  • John_Polson_IGB

    Cyberbots was great. I loved the rockin’ CPSII soundtrack. I had the Saturn import with the Mech-Gouki extra, the excellent voice acting, and the awesome animation fueled by the 1MB RAM cartridge. Ah, the days of cartridge switching! Warlock had a very sleek mech design, as well.

  • I just downloaded about four games that Monkey Paw unleashed on the import section. It definitely took me back to when games really had some flare in the cinematic bits instead of trying to be a “movie”, like the opening in Sonic Wings Special. It also reminded me when games made you die about 50 times till you actually got decent enough to advance to the next level :P

    So, are some of these games were what people requested when Capcom asked about PS1 games they wanted to see? Star Gladiator was… interesting. Since the chances of seeing Rival Schools come around is slim-to-none (would LOVE to see the complete game appear in the import department since the west missed a small bit) Darkstalkers is a nice title to see pop up again.

    Cyberbots… I think the only time I played that was when it was available on Game Tap.

    • I suppose some of the fan requests were taken into consideration. Rockman 4-6 are kinda given at this point. :P I was a bit surprised to see Star Gladiator myself.

  • PurpleDoom

    I checked out The Drop over at the PlayStation Blog and it seems like Capcom are dropping Rockman 2 this week. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!

  • Hours

    I want Rival Schools please.

    I know they said there is an issue with the rights to the voice acting, but I’m sure they can figure it out. It would require effort, but it would be worth it for the fans.

    • TTTT

      yes. I am hoping the Japanese PSN shop comes out with the 1.5 version of Rival Schools. Maybe soon. Even just the original will be fine.

    • PrinceHeir

      i wonder why they didn’t chose Darkstalkers Collection instead? that way we can play the most complete version up to date.

      i just wanna ask, what is this issue about VA in Rival Schools? i only read that several companies contributed in the music but why is it that capcom is having a hard time making a new one? if they made MVC3 im sure they can make another Rival Schools ^^

      • Hours

        Oh, there is nothing stopping them from making a new Rival Schools. They own all the rights to the IP.

        It’s just the voice acting tracks (and possibly the music) from the first Rival Schools game was only licensed for a Playstation release, so they need to renegotiate the rights for releases on different platforms. (At least, that’s the excuse they are using.)

        Rival Schools has a lot voice acting, much more than a standard fighting game. The Japanese version especially with all the original content.

        • PrinceHeir

          though i still don’t understand why can they release a PSN version? it is playstation afterall though.

          though im more excited for Darkstalkers IV, KOF XIII, KOF Dream Match and the next Capcom Versus series.

  • zweii

    I used to edit Felicia’s colors to flesh tone in Darkstalkers 3 back in the day. That was over 10 years ago.

    Good times. Good times.

  • TTTT

    it would be nice to see these in the import store. It would make getting that PlayStation plus subscription service worth it since you can get import psone games for $3(versus 600yen)

  • Interesting, finally ill be able to play the game that Hayato comes from :P. Looking forward to Darkstalkers 3 as well, i enjoyed playing those games in the arcades some years ago :ยด)

  • Because it’s too much to ask for their legacy to live on as MVC3 characters

  • Why hello Cyberbots. I’ve been waiting for you.

  • PSX port of DS3 is the worst one, why can’t they just put the Vampire/Darkstalkers collection up on PSN/XBLA instead? It has the most “complete” versions of all the games. Then just slap GGPO on it for good netcode.

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