Jill And Shuma Gorath DLC Bring Style And Tentacles To Marvel vs. Capcom 3

By Ishaan . February 2, 2011 . 9:32pm

Rejoice! The Jill Valentine in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is the overclocked-and-brainwashed, eat-your-heart-out-Keanu-Reeves Jill from Resident Evil 5! It looks like Capcom managed to retain all her style from the game in MvC3, too.


Marvel vs. Capcom 3 also has tentacles. Shuma Gorath has those covered. Both Shuma Gorath and Jill will be available as downloadable content after Marvel vs. Capcom 3 releases. We’ll have more details on this front as Capcom reveal them, but for now, we do know that buying the special edition of the game will grant you a free download voucher for both characters.


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  • John_Polson_IGB

    Chaos Dimension FTW! However, I am sorely missing Blackheart.

  • It sucked that Gamestop stopped taking pre-orders for the L.E. Still plan to get this the day it comes out though.

    • I think the edition sold out at many retailers, its been gone from Amazon for quite some time.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      Glad I preordered mine from the Capcom-store a few weeks ago.

    • Yeah, I had to go to the Capcom online store to order mine, as Gamestop had stopped when I went. I had waited to get a confirmation on the size of the PS3 box. I didn’t want it if it was DVD sized like a few recent PS3 special editions. Then I found out it was standard Blu-Ray size, but it was too late to pre-order at Gamestop by then.

  • Fonic

    Shuma Gorath still seems like a wasted slot. I know someone says that about every character but he was always a weird addition even back when Marvel Super Heroes came out.
    Jill looks a little different in playstyle from MvC2 but she was one of my favorites in that game so I remain glad that she’s back in some form.

    • Marvel felt the same way about Shuma Gorath. But the Capcom reps had taken a liking to it in MvC2 and ironically it was amongst their favorite characters so they decided to include it.

      • John_Polson_IGB

        Shuma’s body takes some weird forms. I wonder if he’s a good “prototype” for Darkstalkers in 3D with his different body morphs/types. Granted, I think Darkstalkers should stay 2D.

  • kazzy0

    maybe I’m biased because i played Jill in 2…and wasn’t a fan of RE5. Feels odd seeing her this way again, I guess this means all her zombie specials are probably gone and no more summoning tyrant and rocket launchers from out of no where.
    She is the only reason I bothered with reserving the game though, so here’s hoping she plays well…and that there will be a classics STARS uniform with beret included later on.

    • mikanko

      That’s what Frank West was supposed to be, but they had difficulty keeping that much stuff on the screen so he was canceled. Rumors are since they did so much work on him that they’ll bring him back as one of the next dlc characters since they’ll have more time to fiddle with him.

      Meanwhile Jill is hinted at as being the fastest twitchiest character in the game, overtaking Chun Li.

  • Gotta love Shuma Gorath. :D

    And Jill…but I still think they should have used her brunette look. :/

  • kupomogli

    Watch out Jill. You’re going to get tentacle raped.

    • And..
      Thats ALL you can think about. :/
      But, that is probably the real reason why they wanted Shuma Gorath in this game anyway.

  • Scrooge_McDuck

    As somebody with a military hat fetish, I really hope that they’d include the RE1 costume as an alternate.

  • Aiddon

    good times. This needs a helping of Tentacle Grape

  • Shuma Gorath is one of my fave fighting character just simply because of his design and his super move “Chaos Dimension”

  • dlc character for real? the game isnt even out yet…

  • Oh, awesome, JIll FTW!!!! I hope future DLC adds Ada Wong…

    • There’s enough Resident Evil. I’d like to see Juri as well, but there’s enough Street Fighter too! Let another Capcom series get some representatives.

      • hystzen

        rather have some Sengoku Basra reps..but a juri would be badass. too many xmen and RE in this version which shame as i rather have gambit

  • I want Blackheart and Venom, ugh.

  • xxx128

    I do remember times when capcoms fighters looked so exciting they set a new standard for graphics as a whole in videogames. This game here looks like i dont want to be caught in the same room with it. Doesnt do marvel nor capcom ip’s any justice imo. Not even mentioning the horrible voice overs.

  • Tropxe

    I really hope they do an alternate costume for Jill – her classic RE STARS costume. And hopefully not as DLC…

  • DLC is the master of unlocking in games these days.

    • PrinceHeir

      i would rather have my Jill Sandwich :)

      cannot wait for this. the RE Team is soo perfect brings back the Stars memories.

      let’s hope Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 has a similar RE Team(Leon,Ada and Claire)

      that would be sweet :P

      • You mean, “Lettuce hope for Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 to come to powerful HD console and has a similar RE Team (Leon, Ada, and Claire).” I can only hope, lol!

        • PrinceHeir

          lol it seems your clueless about TVC. im just gonna give you the short version.

          without TVC there is no MVC3 no questions ask. the gameplay of MVC 3 comes from TVC. it sucks that people are disregarding the game just because it’s on the wii.

          • Excuse me, I played Tatsunoko vs Capcom extensively, the second greatest fighting game on the Wii. Dude, lol, I know TvC!!!!!!!!!!

          • PrinceHeir

            if you have played Tatsunoko then you do know the gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same in MVC3(at least the core), while they just tweaked it and added tons of crazy moves and such. heck even the super animations and sound are similar to it. just look at Zero, it’s pretty much guarantee he will be using all of his moves from Tatsunoko with more tweaks and balances.

            and if you really love Tatsunoko so much, why does it that your making the game look bad just because it’s on the wii?

          • @PrinceHeir Im not making the game look bad on the Wii. Wishing for a PS3 version is the same as wishing for the PS3 version of Tales of Graces, surely there is nothing wrong with wanting to see a game on a more powerful system in full HD glory?

  • thaKingRocka

    I can now say with certainty that I will not get these add-on characters. I think I’ve paid enough money for the game, so I find it insulting and offensive that I would have to pay 10 bucks for two additional characters. This is especially insulting and offensive since the one of interest has turned out to be the lame, blond Jill from RE5 instead of the master of unlocking from RE1.

    • ForeverFidelis

      Just get the limited Edition on the Capcom store and use free shipping, with the Coupon code “THANKYOUTEN”

      10% off. Ends up costing 62 bucks. A dollar less than what people who go out and buy the normal version and have to pay tax.

      Also, guaranteed that you’ll get it by release if you order by the 4th (Tomorrow)

      • Aoshi00

        Pretty good deal.. T-shirt’s not really for me though too big to wear anyway.. Do you know the box art for the LE yet? The US regular ver’s box art looks pretty ugly compared to the Jpn ver :(..

        Wonder if it would truly be rare or put on sale later like most LEs..

        • hystzen

          judging off what we got in UK for pre order.. NA and euro have the ugly ass boxart for both LE and normal

          • Aoshi00

            I took at a closer look at the regular US cover, I can’t buy it.. so I went w/ the LE which I think it’s okay, it’s the original sketching on a black steelbook right? I don’t exactly love the Jpn cover either.. but the characters on the US one are awful, like the old Megaman games… look at what they did to the beautiful Morrigan :(…

          • thaKingRocka

            I haven’t seen the cover yet, but I remember part 2 having a great cover for the Japanese edition and a really blah one for the US edition.

    • First, it wouldn’t make sense for it to be RE1 Jill, storyline-wise.

      Second, if you’re complaining about two characters at $10, you should try playing BlazBlue where it’s $8 per DLC character.

      • thaKingRocka

        Storyline? What storyline? Resident Evil’s storyline has always been an uninspired, derivative sack of crap emulating zombie cinema, but that doesn’t matter because a game like MvC3 could never be canon for any series involved. Are they going to accept as canon that Storm, Tron Bonne, and Amaterasu defeated Galactus? No one cares. This is fan service, and I am not being served.

        As for the complaint about the pricing, I find it funny you mention BlazBlue. I loved the first one, but I remember commenting here on Siliconera that I would skip the second one solely because I didn’t like their plans for downloadable characters. I don’t want downloadable characters at all. They are always disproportionately priced, and these companies have yet to address the issue of posterity. I couldn’t care less about DLC that doesn’t affect the core game in any way and can be easily ignored, but fully playable characters change the core game greatly.

    • How is it insulting and offensive? Shouldnt you take the alternate approach and be glad the $59.99 game is being supported post launch with new content to make playing a blast?The $10 extra is getting you the DLC characters at possibly a discount as it includes more stuff such as an ornate and gorgeous steelbook case. Dude, this is such a bargain!

      • thaKingRocka

        It’s pre-launch DLC. The game hasn’t come out yet. I’d rather see it refined and balanced with those characters before we get hold of it. I’d rather see those characters as part of the roster available on the physical media. I tend to think of posterity. If the download service is not in place, we may be left without the possibility of playing with these characters. I do not see gaming as temporary or disposable, but the market is definitely shifting in that direction.

        What happens if this game is played at tournaments? Will these characters be legal even though they’re not included from the get-go? What if they are unbalanced? How do you run a tournament with so many consoles when all need to be connected to the internet and all need to purchase the additional content? Who claims those licenses at the end of the day?

        I have a million and one reasons why I think DLC is absolute garbage. Put it on the disc. If it’s not on the disc, then I would rather it be something inconsequential.

        • See, I’m the opposite. I like when DLC is something that extends the gameplay. I refuse to pay for an alternate announcer or something stupid like that. I love the thought that when I’ve played a game for a while and I start to get bored of it, there will be a new character or level I can download to revitalize my interest in it.

          I haven’t played BlazBlue Continuum Shift in a month or two. Once they release Platinum as DLC and the balance patch, I’ll be back all over it. If they had just made another disc for CSII, I wouldn’t have touched it.

          • thaKingRocka

            DLC had the promise to be what PC expansions once were. Instead, most companies have itemized and put up for sale content that should, appear in the game at launch, later in the sequel, or not at all. Having DLC characters splits the user base. Inconsequential in-game items are of no interest to me either, but these companies can make their money from the people who love dressing up their dolls, while the rest can just go on enjoying the game as a single community.

            Even before this game’s release, Capcom has split the user base, and once again insulted us by withholding content that should have appeared in the retail release. MvC2 was released about ten years ago. Are you saying that people should really be happy to get the game a month sooner sans two characters that could have been put in for everyone to learn and enjoy included in the cost of the game?

        • What do you mean by pre launch DLC? It is coming out at 4 weeks after the game releases. Why are you so against DLC? I think its a better option for fighting games so then one can at least additional characters they want without having to wait a full year or so for a sequel or robust version.

          If you do not like DLC then dont buy it, I do not see what there is to complain about, and it isnt even like it costs that much, simply one just needs to not go to Mickey D’s for the day.

          • thaKingRocka

            I’m calling ti pre-launch DLC because it was announced and in progress before the release of the game. That makes me feel ripped off. I would prefer to wait a bit longer to have them put the “DLC” in the game and charge me the standard MSRP.

            The argument that it costs as much as a meal at Mickey D’s is just the sort of thinking that hurts the consumer. You’re using irrelevant price referencing. Use video games as your price reference. Use this very game as your reference. 36 characters at 60 bucks and 2 characters at 10. That’s a steaming load of crap. Not to mention the fact that this sort of DLC causes a rift in the game’s community and creates problems down the road with the potential lack of support.

            Had I paid any money for Halo 2 maps, I’d be plenty pissed. They had about twenty dollars worth of maps, and now, not only are the maps unavailable, but the entire library of Xbox titles is no longer supported. In five years, when people are looking to play MvC3 at a tourney and the DLC has been removed from the marketplace or 360 Live service no longer exists, anything not contained on physical media will be unavailable.

          • 36 characters is a great deal, there are other fighting games that feature less characters and content and charge much more for characters, this is a bargain dude! With the amount of time that people play the Halo 2 maps…one just needs to play them for 15 hours or so and then there they’ve spent 1$ per hour on the DLC and essentially gained a valueable and unforgettable entertainment moment, and with most people playing the maps for so much longer, it is even better value. When you take it at face value it may seem like a ripoff, the same as paying 59.99 for a 4.5 hour game that has multiplayer that one doesnt play. But if you get hundreds of hours of fun from multiplayer then the amount was way worth it. If there was no DLC for FPS’s with map packs, then there would be unnecessary Halo 2: enhanced editions released later. It adds to the value of a game and maps get played tons, there an incredible value when examined over a long period of time. The same as 5$ DLC characters will be for a fighting game. Would you still be against it if it was free, which it essentially is in the Special Edition.

            Wouldnt the people playing at a tourney have the characters already downloaded? Assuming they would have had it downloaded then there is no need…you make it seem like constant connection is needed to maintain DLC access. And even if they dont have it downloaded, I would think the organizers would have planned well in advance to ask each other who has the DLC downloaded…

    • Couldn’t agree more especially considering your showing these characters before the game is even launched into stores so it begs the question are these already in the game and just locked content , I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was…

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