Enslaved Sales Are Just Shy Of Half A Million

By Spencer . February 3, 2011 . 12:35am

enslavedboxWhile far from Namco Bandai’s 800,000 sales target, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West sold 460,000 units worldwide. Ninja Theory’s game was one Namco Bandai’s top selling games during the holiday filled third quarter.


Gods Eater Burst managed to sell that many units in Japan alone. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, which was released at the tail end of Namco Bandai’s fiscal period, edged out 430,000 units of sales.


Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction soared slightly higher than all of these games with 490,000 units in North America and Europe.

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  • Not a total bust, but a pity nonetheless; I imagine its budget, while not altogether exorbitant, still dulls the impact of what is otherwise a decent milestone. It’s a good game, if immensely flawed, and I’d be interested in playing a sequel.

    • Kaoro

      Yeah I enjoyed it too. Most criticisms about it are pretty valid, although I thought it had a good story.

      If anything, I want it to succeed just so people can see not all post-apocalyptic settings need to be as bland as Fallout.

  • Code

    I still really wanna look into picking up Enslaved, just a case of too many games in the last few months and too little money; but maan one of these days, I’m going to suddenly snap this up, it’s price is already absolutely appetizing opo’

    • Aoshi00

      You definitely should check it out, I thought the game was really fun and the story was very well told and the chars were interesting.. I still need to get Pigsy’s Perfect 10 DLC though once I have more time.. I really want that Trip robot skin DLC but it’s was only a bonus and not on the marketplace now..

      • Code

        Bah TpT I hate when stuff like that happens, one-time chances on DLC are a pain in the side especially when it’s something you want.

    • I just picked up Red Dead Redemption yesterday, when I saw it on sale for $20. I have no idea when I’m going to find time to play it, though.

      • Code

        Nice find >w<~! Lately there's been a lot of games fall into this $20-$29 price range that are really good games, I picked up a few before Christmas but I'm going to end up having to waiting a little longer before I can pick up some more.

        • Yeah, but as I said, I have no idea when I’m going to find the time to play it. Still, I couldn’t pass that up. The day after, I looked in a couple stores and all I can find it for is $40, so I know I made the right decision. I guess I’ll get to play it June or something. lol

          • Code

            Oh yeah when you spot a good deal, sometimes it pays to grab it then, I’m STILL kicking myself for passing up during Amazon.ca’s boxing day sale they had Dragon Quest IX $19 and all I can find ever since is it at $34-$40 now opo;;

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      It’s totally worth it, though. Such a great game and great story

      • Code

        Yeah I know, everyone who’s told me about it, really oozes that it’s a all-round great game,m and I should pick it up as soon as possible >w<' I'm looking forward to trying it soon hopefully!

  • It’s a good game, if u enjoy playing uncharted’s story mode then u definitely should play this too.

    • badmoogle

      Uncharted and Enslaved although both have similarities in their focus on storytelling if you try to compare them they are not even remotely in the same league.

      • True, which is why i only referred to the story mode. Platforming & storytelling should be the biggest similarity both these titles have in common. If one wants a shooter or a Multiplayer this title isn’t the right choice, and i’m not saying these titles are of the same level either.

        • The difference is that you can die in Uncharted’s platforming if you mess up.

      • Yeah, the gameplay is leagues better in Uncharted.

  • Woot woot, you go Ben 10, still my favorite cartoon ever! The kid is awesome and I wish I had that Omnitrix; it is just oh so cool!!!

    • puchinri

      You know he’s a teenager now and not a kid anymore, right?

  • Well…it just didn’t click with people. That’s the danger of releasing new IP’s espically against established series.

    There’s talk of a sequel which will be interesting.

  • I think it released right in that Fallout/CoD window so those numbers are actually higher than I would have thought. I bought it, and aside from a bit too much Andy Serkis I really liked it

  • My own opinions about the game aside, it’s interesting to see the “glass half full/glass half empty” approach taken by numerous sites. The headline for here is a positive one, while another site says “Sales of Enslaved fail to break 500,000 mark.” Very interesting, really.

  • Probably because it’s like 20 dollars now. Still not worth it tho when there’s Heavenly Sword.

  • Yukito

    It is what happens when a fanbase is neglected, and you act like you know what everyone will buy. I heard the game could be fully experienced in less than 15 hours too, so why bother buying when you can rent?

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Because it’s an awesome game that’s really fun to replay. And if everybody rented it, companies would go bankrupt and there won’t be any good games left to rent

  • hush404

    Seems to be a recurring theme for Ninja Theory.

  • Tropxe

    Enslaved really reminds me of what Yahtzee said about Square Enix and the Final Fantasy series – and it also applies to Hideo Kojima to a great degree – that they obviously just want to make films rather than games (before jokingly adding that we’re trapping them in the career of games developing because we keep buying their stuff, and we really should stop so they can move on and make films like they want).

    I bought this game – in fact I pre-ordered it – and I cannot talk highly enough about the voice acting, the motion captured acting and the amazing facial expressions. The gameplay isn’t as meaningless as some make out, but it’s certainly not really addictive. To this day, I’ve still only played the game once. I just never feel tempted to return to it. My friend who also bought the game has had the exact same experience.

  • Tropxe

    That’s true of most games nowadays. Particularly if you don’t like being yelped at by nasal, 13-year-old American kids (i.e. online play). In fact, 15 hours is a long playtime compared to games like Halo, COD and all those “Triple A” games. Fable took me about 18 hours to complete (all quests, everything) and that’s with hours of messing around, like starting bar fights while my character was paralytically drunk. That’s horrendous for an RPG; at least Enslaved is a story-driven platform/beat-em-up, and 15 hours is a lot longer than something like New Super Mario Bros takes to complete.

  • steaminferno

    This games gameplay was refreshing at first and I liked it but it just got old and repetitive for me after a while. Sure the characters are fleshed out and all but the story didn’t really give me any incentive to finish it either.

    I have yet to pick up my controller and finish the game even though I’m so close to the end.

    Maybe it just that the time that I could do the same thing over and over again for hours on end is just gone for me. There are alot of rpgs I couldn’t finish because I simply couldn’t put up with their random battles.

  • Roses4Aria

    Though it wasn’t my usual type of game, I picked up a copy and was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t do better. :(

  • PrinceHeir

    i’ll probably buy this when it hit’s bargain price. don’t get me wrong the game seems good but the lack of replay value is just too much.

    hopefully Namco will localize tales to recover some money :)

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