Fan Requests Influenced Namco Bandai’s Decision To Localize Tales Of Graces F

By Spencer . February 4, 2011 . 9:05am

talesg When Namco Bandai confirmed Tales of Graces F for North America during their press event, Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, mentioned there were over 50,000 requests asking for Tales. The announcement was teased as a puzzle, which they estimated would take 40 hours for one person to solve. It was cracked by Tales fans in nine and half hours.


"There is a strong existing fanbase. The buzz became too big to ignore, in a sense. Our company’s new theme and challenge is how to embrace community," Makoto Iwai, Bandai Label President, said in a Siliconera interview.


"It’s been a challenge for the JRPG in the US market. As long as they are loyal to this title, why don’t we embrace them? That’s a starting point." Since no platform(s) were announced I asked Iwai to clarify if Tales of Graces F would be released on PlayStation 3 and Wii. "We’ll see. We’re working on it. We’ll make the announcement later on," Iwai replied.


Iwai also spoke to us about Namco Bandai’s internal studios and partnerships with developers like From Software and CyberConnect2. Check back next week for that part of the discussion.

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  • They are actually considering the Wii then? Its strange if it doesnt get to JPN on Wii. Though I guess PS3 is assured. Day 1 Baby Day 1! Now we need to rally together and get Vesperia.

    • The fact they are still considering more platforms is actually depressing because it means the release is not going to be during the first half of 2011. I’m extremely tired of waiting for another english Tales. At this point I’d pretty much hope for the team to finish the patch and just import the Japanese version, I couldn’t care less if the sales don’t go to the american branch.

    • Just like how Square games have the International versions of their games, which contains extra stuff people outside of Japan got in their copies and even more stuff, Namco can do the same thing with Graces F if they really decide to make a Wii version. Whether they do it or not is up to them though.

      • Its just seems like the Wii version would still miss out, maybe no DLC opportunities. Would people in JPN even consider buying Graces F Wii (wasnt Graces Wii even rereleased over there too)

        • That was a bug fix, not a re-release. A re-release is something that contains additional content. As for DLC, it’s all costumes. No additional scenarios, new moves, nor balance patches are going to be released as DLC for the game. If they can actually make the DLC small enough for the Wii to handle, it can go onto the Wii Shop Channel.

          • Ren

            Vanilla Gaces had DLC(really downloadable, not hidden on disk) and it was handled through the game network menu, not through the WiiShop Channel.

        • Ren

          Vanilla Graces had DLC costumes like the PS3 version, so that’s out.

    • PurpleDoom

      It’s a very rare occurrence for this sort of thing to happen, but it has happened before. The example I’m thinking of is Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus – PS2 and PSP only in Japan, also got a Wii port in other regions. I’m sure there are others too.

    • This is Namco. I have a feeling they’re making a 360 port. Think about it. Dark Souls is PS3-only in Japan but PS3/360 in North America. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them do the same here.

      • malek86

        A couple differences here:

        1) Demon’s Souls in the USA sold a lot more than Graces can probable hope to sell.
        2) It also shares more similarities with western hack’n’slash games, which gives it a better chance with the 360 audience than a standard JRPGs.
        3) It’s also being developed for PS3/360 from the ground up, while Graces would require yet another port.

        I don’t see it happening, personally.

        • Well, I’m a PS3 owner, so that’s the only version I care about. But, I could very easily see them making a 360 port, since it is North America we’re talking about here.

          If they do bring the Wii version over here, wouldn’t really bother me either. I’m just worried the sales would hurt the future of the series, like it did with Sakura Wars.

          • malek86

            I think there are actually more chances of seeing a 360 version of Xillia for the USA, rather than Graces getting ported yet again. It should be a closed chapter for them now.

  • jarrodand

    I thought CC2 was an internal studio? Doesn’t Bandai own them?

    • While over 90% of their work has been with Bandai, CyberConnect2 is actually an independent studio. They’re developing Asura’s Wrath for Capcom right now.

      • jarrodand

        You’re right, I just looked it up and NBGI doesn’t list then as a subsidiary (unlike Bec, Tales Studio, Banpresto, etc).

  • maxchain

    And I hope they heard my crack about the dartboard method.

  • Wackoramaco87

    Alright Namco, let’s see how your new challenge works out! It’s nice to see all the complaining and b–ching worked out in our favor, for once. Now it’ll be up to the fans to make sure we buy the game! On the other with, with Namco’s recent release dates for their previous games, we may end up with another drought… or never seeing another Tales game again. ;__;

  • neo_firenze

    “Our company’s new theme and challenge is how to embrace community”

    MUCH better theme than the hamfisted “appeal to the West” approach that seems to have backfired on them. Instead of trying to figure out how to make something out of your comfort zone with second rate subcontracted developers, just make the stuff you’re good at that fans of your company are begging for.

    Now it’s up to the fans to show that they will support what they’ve been asking for. Don’t blow it, guys.

    • It usually ended up as ‘hey let’s make games that don’t appeal to anybody and say that they were meant to suit western tastes’

      • HarryHodd

        I really like thier new focus. I think it’s going to work well for Namco as long as they bring games like Graces f and Dark Souls. Bring me more From Software. Not to mention Armoured Core.

    • Jirin

      Yeah, you can’t make JRPGs appeal to the West. You can only make them appeal to the Western gamers who don’t agree with the other Western gamers, and like the things unique to the JRPG genre.

  • AQuatermain

    I do not understand … Why can not clarify once and for which console is the game?

    • malek86

      Maybe for the same reason why Nintendo didn’t announce the european price of the 3DS at their latest conference: to avoid backlash.

      I still don’t think we’re gonna see a Wii version. If it were coming out, they would say it already, in order to get people hyped. Then again, it’s Namco, anything is possible.

      • I think its one of three choices
        1. Only PS3 Version
        2. PS3 Graces F, original Wii Graces…called Graces F
        3. PS3 + Wii version of Graces F

        I just thought they would have difficulties and need much time to go from the JPN PS3 Graces F to the Wii and change it considering the game was just released in December…Maybe they are pondering releasing the PS3 version with dual language option, or releasing on both systems with no dual language support.

        Do you think people would really have bad comments about whichever option were pursued.

        • Caligula

          If what you mean by option 2 is that they would release the game with the f-arc or whatever on the PS3 and not the Wii… I doubt that’d happen. The Wii version sales would suck. Why would you buy a game with less content for the same price?

          • thebanditking

            It would not be the same price. This game on PS3 will be 60USD like any other the Wii version could come out for 40 but 50 is still the norm.

          • Caligula

            Touche. Still, for the difference of 10-20 dollars for so much extra content, I just can’t see the Wii sales doing as well. But hey, whatever floats Namco’s boat. I’m fine with whatever version, really.

          • Darkrise

            It all depends if some of those said fans actually have a ps3 or not. Not every gamer or fan of one series has the console to support it. The wii ver would be for those who have no choice BUT to buy that version if they want Graces.

          • lostinblue

            Because some people only have that platform, or have both and will buy both, or antecipated it as a Wii game and will make sure to support the platform?

            ToS2 sold pretty well considering the game it was, ToS before it sold very well on the GC overseas, no reason for the “sales to suck”, really. Not before trying.

          • Caligula

            ToS2 and ToS were not available overseas on other console systems with more content, so your point about their sales not sucking is irrelevant.

          • lostinblue

            @Caligula: Ahahaha! Nice try mister, you amuse me.

            ToS GC sold considerably better overseas than TotA and ToL on the PS2, also overseas. Userbases are built on releasing games and seeing the response to them; claiming it wasn’t released elsewhere it’s a null point, really. “if” it was then it would be data we don’t have, but ToL and TotA sales combined didn’t top ToS GC ones.

            The sales didn’t suck because there was interest, whatever the reason the userbase that brought it up was GC’s and judging from ToS2 some of that recognizance/openness to Tales of titles is still there. I don’t get the prejudice, no one in his right mind is saying releasing it for a Playstation platform is stupid, for instance. It exists so they’re right in releasing it.

            Your theory is irrelevant.

          • @lostinblue
            Actually, there IS a PS2 version of ToS (with extra content) that never made it outside of Japan. Hence his argument. Just because ToL and TotA were both released on the PS2 and no other system, it doesn’t really mean anything in his argument.

            ToS on the GC sold better because it’s easier to play multi-player on the GC (don’t have to buy an attachment and plug in extra controllers), it’s a Nintendo system, there were no real big RPGs on the GC, and it was probably released in a relative schedule that didn’t have BIG Nintendo games to compete against. Nintendo actually advertised ToS in their magazines, unlike ToL and TotA never really saw much advertisement.

            I personally had to learn of the other two games (long after it’s release) from a person who played RPGs, but I wasn’t too big into them because of FF, Suikoden, and Shadow Hearts (even tho SH is a lesser known RPG series). So, ToL and TotA were overshadowed by other RPGs easily on the PS2 than the GC.

          • lostinblue

            @Aunna Terrell: I know that but we’re talking about what if scenarios regarding the GC english version right? it’s no good considering “what if” a PS2 version existed, right?

            We could discuss the reasons back and forth, but the fact is that releasing ToS for a platform starved for them, like you said, created a window of opportunity. Windows of opportunity are what defined Halo as a system seller for instance, it’s a mix of timing and luck, but hey… the fact is that due to that there was clearly a userbase for ToS2 there, a significant one at that.

            There’s nothing warranting the Wii sales will suck “just because”, and to be honest, I don’t even care how they’ll compare, the game exists for both platforms releasing it for the Wii is therefore a service and a relatively easy one to do for Namco. Thus, they should.

  • Tales of Graces was the Wii version and Tales of Graces F was the PS3 version right? Isn’t that pretty much confirmation it’s just the PS3 version being translated? Sure do hope they announce a European release, if not then… I hope it’s region free.

    • They wouldn’t be so reluctant to say the platform if it was PS3-only, so it’s definetely multiplaform.

      Only sad thing is that this announcement will start more port-begging for Xillia, given it doesn’t look too hot graphically right now (almost a Wii game ported to PS3, if you get what I mean).

      • jarrodand

        I wouldn’t rule out a port of Xillia yet, but if it happens it’ll probably be to 360, and just for western markets.

        • malek86

          I don’t really think we’re going to see anymore late ports by Namco. I guess they understood their lesson. Took them a while.

          And I don’t think they are gonna make a 360 version for the western release either, unless Microsoft pays for it – which they won’t, because after FF13, they don’t seem interested in RPGs anymore.

          • thebanditking

            I agree with you but I still don’t get why they would not announce the platform? The game is already out in Japan, and the F in the title makes the PS3 version an obvious outcome for this “surprise”. Still doesn’t seem right to mess with the Wii owners like that, honestly it makes no sense at all.

          • Well they could want to hype of the announcement and say, “For the first time every, Tales of finally returns to the Playstation Platform.” I could see it happening, easy way to tease and build more hype.

          • HarryHodd

            Maybe they are just hedging there bets or letting this settle first before letting one fanbase or another down.

          • There are companies that would release a port for other systems, even if the game is only out for one, like Koei Tecmo. Dynasty Warriors 7 is only for the PS3 in Japan, but it’s coming out on the 360 and the PS3 here in America and in Europe. But that’s because KT KNOWS that there’s more 360s than PS3s in the world. So to increase their sales for the game, they’re making ports for the 360 for America and Europe.

            lol and yes, I know DW is a bad example, since people like to dis it with each release.

          • What? There are barely more 360’s than PS3s in the world. I think you are taking the wrong angle every time you bring up the sheer fact of more consoles. Once again, if that is the case, then why isnt DW7 coming to the Wii or DS for that matter…there are more DS and Wiis in the world, so they should be making ports to those systems. Surely Capcom would have brought Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes would have been brought to X360 because there are more 360’s than PS3s, right?! There are more and other underlying factors to bringing games out to systems than just sheer strength in numbers.

          • malek86

            Yeah, but that’s because DW games have already proven that they can sell on the 360 – as a matter of fact, the 360 versions have outsold the PS3 versions in the west – and Koei doesn’t want to lose that. But Tales games? Not so much, Vesperia wasn’t particularly successful, pretty much like most other JRPGs on the console,.

            I’ll say however that, after the relatively good sales of FF13, if it were me, I’d give it one last try… and even if it only sold 200k or so copies, it would probably be worth the porting cost. Problem is, with a PS3 version out there too, would be able to sell even that much? I’m not so sure. Vesperia managed its (not even that high) sales because people had no other choice on the matter. But maybe the million and half copies of FF13 sold on 360 mean that there is a potentially good amount of buyers for other JRPGs.

            Even then, I wouldn’t port Graces, but Xillia. Since the graphics will probably look a bit better, it would give them a bigger chance of success.

          • @Tsunayoshi
            DW is a console game with spin-offs on handhelds. The main flagship will always be on a console before a handheld. As for Sengoku Basara, the main flagship was normally on a Playstation and spin-offs on handhelds.. but Wii & PS3 are bigger consoles in Japan, so they made the 3rd game for those two systems and not all three. No one has heard of Sengoku Basara in America (little alone the name Capcom gave us lol Devil Kings), unless they followed games like DW & SW and researched it on the internet because of the similarity between the two games or read about it in a small article in a video game magazine.

            All in all, the final decision is based made by the company. If they decide to make a port for another system, then they’ll expect a little better sells than just on one system (lol unless there’s a deal made, like with Microsoft).

            lol and besides, my example isn’t a suggestion to port it on the 360. It was a “hey, look another game is changing an exclusive to a multiplatformer, so Namco Bandai can also do the same, if they wanted to” comment. You just read too much into every single word that’s written and don’t look at what everyone said from different angles.

            Either way, Graces f will still have my support, no matter which system it’s on. I own Wii games and don’t have a Wii.. it’s to show support for the game till I can actually get the system myself. Like I did with the PS3.. owned PS3 games till I got the PS3 two Christmas ago.

      • I wonder if the Wii version may come out then…I mean hell, if they’re localizing Graces F then that’s most of the work right there.

    • PS3 version is guaranteed to be region free. All PS3 games are. Happy importing!

      • lol actually, not all PS3 games are region free. My former co-worker went and imported a game to play on his PS3, because he was told that it’ll work, and found out it didn’t work. So he was horribly disappointed to buy a game and just have it sitting on his self.

        • And which game was this?!

          • Truthfully, I don’t remember. It was one of his fandoms from back when he was younger (and god.. was he older than me — and god, did I ignore him most of the time) and the game never came out in America. But like I said, he was disappointed that he couldn’t play it on his PS3 because it was region-locked.. So, like a good 95-99% majority are region free.

          • malek86

            … are you sure about this? From what I know, all PS3 games are region free. The only reason a game would not work, is because you tried to play a PAL title on a NTSC system connected to a non-HD TV.

            Now, if you’re talking about PS1/PS2 games, sure. They’ll only work on a PS3 of the same region (and for PS2 games, assuming you have a backward compatible model).

          • @malek86
            Yes, I’m sure it was a PS3 game. He talked about it every once in awhile with the customers, telling them that the PS3 is region-free a good 99% of the time. Even after looking up games on the net, there’s a small percentage that is region-locked for that region only.

    • Barrit

      I thought the same thing. With NB being so reluctant to spend extra money to just localize a game, I’m sure it still costs a lot less money than working the extras into the Wii version, then fixing all the bugs on top of that.

      Despite all the good news, they do make some odd decisions sometimes. For example: with the puzzles, they teased on the last day with an obvious scrambling of the TOV logo and later said it was just to keep the fans guessing. This could be the same type of thinking. Give us what we want, but troll us a little at the same time lol

      • lostinblue

        Might be easier than you think. Specially the bugs, the source code should be pretty similar when it comes to the game structure, same game, on the same cpu architecture (both the wii and the ps3 are powerPC based), and the bugs we’re talking about are not graphical ones but how the game works.

        Those parts should be directly transferable without much fuzz.

        The extra content though would depend of the assets being done in line with the rest of the game or if it looks “way better” (as in a PS3 tech demo). Just because if so the assets would have to be reworked and Namco most likely won’t bother.

        But bringing the game without such extras is good enough for me. If they bring the extras though that will be a extra mile that I’ll be sure to appreciate.

    • thebanditking

      Same thing I said in the other post. Tales of Grafes F is the PS3 version. How odd that they would not confirm anything at all. Seems rather stupid, well given their track record I guess I should not be surprised.

    • lostinblue

      Did you read the news? they didn’t announce a platform and are saying now that:

      (regarding the wii version) “We’ll see. We’re working on it. We’ll make the announcement later on”

      “We’re working on it” same as, at worse they’re trying.

  • shion16

    finally the power of annoy works

  • Zero_Destiny

    I don’t want to sound like a jerk or start the argument of “Well if it was only on [X] system I would buy it.” but I do hope the people who made those 50,000 request will buy the game. I know I’ll probably buy two (something I don’t do often). Glad Namco listened to their fanbase. Really in this industry that’s all you can ask for. :)

  • Barrit

    So awesome. I’m loving NB lately for giving their fans a chance. Not much else to say that hasn’t been said many times over this week. Pre-ordering this game as soon as it is available to show my support!

  • This article is so gonna encourage more people to spam Namdai about Tales.

    • I will hand-write 50,000 more letters to them to get Narikiri Dungeon X in English

      • MizuMikomi

        Do it, the more tales the better! *Shot*

      • Guest

        I will leave a note on the passenger seat of the CEO’s cars.

    • And enrage them even further? An excellent way to show brand loyalty.

  • IceRomancer

    Awesome great news! I hope this sells extremely well here so we can get our hands on future tales games a little sooner. Im with zero_destiny, I might pick up 2 copies.

  • Draparde

    Well that’s wonderful! i hope graces sells amillion copys to show them embracing their community is the way to go

  • What the hell happened to .hack//Link? These campaigns were running at the exact same time. The tales one was given, and the .hack pleading was ignored? They’ve translated EVERY other .hack game, and decided to cut the last one? That doesn’t even make sense. We had nearly just as many people asking for .hack as they did for tales. A little recognition would be nice.

    • really? i been hanging onto namco bandai facebook for a while now and i’ve only seen .hack related post every 48 hours. Now i see them frequently with their god damn terrble looking display picture/avatar/profile picture. Can’t stand them.

    • Neckbear

      An acronym:


      That’s the reason why they’re not doing it.

      • They’re releasing God(s) Eater Burst here though, or was that purely because it was a success in Japan so they’re trying their luck with it here?
        I DO hope they say something about .hack though because I’ve been waiting on a response for that too…

        • Neckbear

          That’s because the game’s like Monster Hunter and the only thing that sells in the PSP is Monster Hunter. (For the record, I’m just half-playing a stereotype and half-saying the truth.)

          I don’t think they’ll say anything about it, though. And I can understand their doubt on the game.

          • I DO hope they will start making risks here and there now, seeing how much of a fanbase Tales has. Perhaps, they still might tackle a couple other titles? The position the company’s in right now, it’s like flipping a coin if it’s worth it or not, but they don’t have much to lose if they don’t try, especially if their western titles sold so poor.
            Maybe now will be a bit of a change instead of “if it ain’t Naruto/Dragonball, it ain’t worth selling” >_>

    • Hmmm take a small step at a time. I’m wanting .hack//Link too, but for the meantime I’m really grateful that they decide to bring Graces F

  • Eddie

    Never played a Tales game, maybe this will be my first.

    • go buy Tales of the Abyss if you still have a PS2. gamestop re-released it brand new (even tho it says it’s used -.-)

      • Eddie

        Was it multiplayer?

        • AdamBoy64

          Yes – Abyss is multiplayer. Up to 4 players. The multiplayer is just in the battle scenes, however. Still, I think it’s a lot of fun.

  • Happy Gamer

    I used to play almost every Tales game ever released up to PS2 era. I am still surprised I did no play Vespira, which looks like one of the best Tales to release recently. I feel there are just so many of these Tales games dropping at once.

    I remember my last great memory with a Tales game was Eternia! :)

    I plan to go backwards in time and play forward to now. Anyone have any suggestions on which Tales to start with or skip? There were couple of PS2 titles that interested me like Destiny 2 (Japan) etc.

    • Caligula

      Personally, I liked Abyss best, and as far as I can tell, DotNW and Legendia are the least well-regarded among fans. I’d play Legendia over DotNW any day, though. DotNW was just… painful. If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother picking it up, but like all things, YMMV.

    • Zero_Destiny

      This is just my break-down. I’ve only played the US released games so I can’t recommend a lot. But I LOVE Tales of Destiny II(Eternia) too. It’s either that one or Tales of Legendia for my fav Tales game. Legendia was pretty cool. It’s got random encounters and the battles aren’t as complicated as the later games but it’s solid. I love it’s unique artstyle and how it’s really two games in one. You got your main story and then you get epilogues for each main chara. It becomes pretty long because of the epilogues. All the other tales game from here on no longer have Random Encounters. Tales of the Abyss is loved by lots of the Western fans. It’s story was VERY good and I liked how it had animated movies in it. The gameplay starts to get more advance where you can move your charas around freely in 3 dimensions (instead of just to the right or left) by holding down R or L. You can’t attack while doing it but it helps out a lot with targeting and avoiding cheap attacks that push you into the corner.Tales of Symphonia 2/Dawn of the new World (whatever you want to call it). Is an okay game. It’s not nearly as bad as many people make it out to be but really it’s just like an add-on more than a game. And if you didn’t play the first Tales of Symphonia, you’ll be 100% lost you really need to beat it to know what’s going on. It has a similar battle system to Abyss. Speaking of which the first Symphonia was also a good game. Nice cell-shaded graphics, good story, and solid gameplay. But the battle system only let you move right or left, instead of in 3 dimensions. I remember Symphonia being pretty easy too. I never played Vesperia though. And there’s nothing else to mention besides Phantasia and Destiny (which considering there old) I’d assume you’ve already played those so I won’t comment on them.

      • Wow, a person who likes Legendia. I have respect for you, sir

        • Zero_Destiny

          I have respect for you, too. Reading that long comment I made. lol But yeah I don’t care what the haters say Legendia was a good game that needs more love <3!!!

          • Like the sacred eres attacks in Radiant Mythology 3?

          • I totally agree with you that Legendia needs more love. I only watched a friend play through chunks, so I’ll withhold comment on plot/characters—but the battle system was cool and it deserves so much credit for pulling in Go Shiina and Kazuto Nakazawa instead of Sakuraba/Tamura and Fujishima/Inomata yet again. The OST in particular is legendary.

        • He’s not the only one.

          • Good for you guys ^_^

            Sadly, I find that Legendia and me don’t really click.. But Tales of The Abyss, I love that game to death

          • Darkrise

            I’m sad that I didn’t get to play Legendia yet….

      • Caligula

        Abyss wasn’t the only game with animated scenes. iirc, Eternia and all subsequent games had them.

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol I guess they slipped my mind. But the Abyss animation is the only one that has stayed with me. Plus it popped up a good bit here and there like the animations in PERSONA 3. I don’t remember many Tales games being like that. Symphonia only had like 3 animations. The opening, in-between disc, and at the very end. I don’t remember Destiny II (Eternia) having any animation other than the opening. I don’t know where you got that idea from lol. Now that I think about it Legendia had some animations in it to but really just at the beginning, middle, and end parts of the game like Symphonia. I know Symphonia 2 only had an opening and ending. I’ve only played the GBA version of Phantasia so I can’t tell you if it has any animations. And if memory serves me right Destiny didn’t have any animations except for the opening. So I don’t think there’s been that many animations worth talking about. Not sure if Vesperia had any animation in it. I haven’t played that one.

          • The Eternia ones are online on youtube if you need to jog your memory. There were plenty, the ship leaving out the dock, the traversing the worlds, being in the center of it all, etc.


          • Zero_Destiny

            Oh those bring back memories. I guess I spoke too soon. But I think most of those are just FMV’s (not animated by hand but one the comp like Final Fantasy games). But you’re right there is the very beginning part.

          • Caligula

            Oh, shoot, you’re right. Blegh, ignore what I said earlier. I was wrong; not all of them have FMVs. Most of the console ones do, though.

      • Darkrise

        I can vouch for Vesperia being really fun, battle system isn’t as free as Abyss but you do get to move around in 3D, except once you’re on the corner of the map with an enemy in front of you, you have no choice but to attack and move forward or backwards. Graphics were really hd anime type, skits are as always, funny like in any Tales, story wasn’t too bad, nice elements in the game and costumes were great.

      • Happy Gamer

        Yeah the Legendia concept sounded alot like Lunar 2. Which was pretty unique imo. I loved Symphonia i can’t believe forgot about that one. But I can’t remember a single thing about it…my memory for game is getting worse. I remember everything from Chrono Trigger like 15 years ago but no something from 2003 T_T

        I was thinking about picking of Legendia and Vesperia soon.

        • There’s one downside about Legendia. If you’re a fan of the multi-player, like in most of the other Tales games, you won’t get it with Legendia. Legendia is strictly one player. No one can join in and help you with your battles, like most others. That’s the sole reason why I dislike Legendia the most. I play Tales games with my boyfriend/family/friends, not alone.

  • falcomgamefan

    Sweet! I love Tales games! Bring them all over to America!

  • Kaoro

    I just hope all the people begging for this game weren’t just bandwagoning with the NamcoBandai hate, because if Graces is a flop, I think the Tales series fate will be sealed. Also requires some good advertising and non-astronomical sales targets on Namco’s part too I guess.

    Anyway, I hope they use a localization shop of similar quality to whoever did Vesperia. It feels like the game was made in English all along.

    • puchinri

      And them not putting the game for release when 10+ other hyped titles are coming out. But definitely agreed, though I suspect ToG F will make good sales, regardless.

      • Exkaiser

        It won’t.

        Tales fans don’t want it anymore.

        They want Vesperia PS3 and regular Graces instead.

        • and fans like that piss me off.

        • Im still baffled why people actually want the regular Graces version…just as I am baffled by many people crying out for Vesperia PS3…when they never even touched the Xbox 360 version. How can they gauge wanting Vesperia (and saying its better than Graces) when they’ve never played either…Maybe Im too accepting and just want to play any new Tales of game, lol.

          Ive not seen many who played Vesperia X360 say they want Vesperia PS3 more than Graces F…

          • Not saying here that it’s smart to want the PS3 Vesperia over Graces F, but I’d like to point out that I’ve heard great things about Vesperia, but I’m unable to play it since I don’t own a XBox 360.

            Many of the people who’d want PS3 Vesperia will want it because they don’t have access to the 360 version– the other percentage want the PS3 version because it’s considered to be the definitive release, with extras included into it.

            I’d like to at least ask that you don’t assume that everyone is going to be able to plop down the $200-$300 or so for a 360 console, just to play Vesperia.

          • Honestly, I’d prefer the PS3 version of Vesperia to Graces F, but I’ll take what I can get. It’s not like there’s enough exclusive on the 360 for me to buy that too. I mean, I’d like to play it, but if I never do, it won’t be the end of the world.

          • malek86

            Oh, the irony. That’s exactly what many are saying to Wii-only owners here: something along the lines of “just buy a PS3 if you want to play the game”.

          • Well, look at who it was who implied it. And I’m not talking about Linka.

        • puchinri

          I almost couldn’t tell if that was sarcasm or not, but you have a point.

          People have wanted PS3 Vesperia since the beginning, but that didn’t stop them from wanting Graces (f). The weird part is people wanting Graces instead of f, but honestly, I can’t say I’m much better. I actually don’t care which version we get, and looking at it in perspective, I probably won’t care for much of f’s content. The end even with the extra story/epilogue didn’t seem satisfying to me, and the question of DLC remains open (as far as I know).

          I can kind of see how some people would want regular Graces instead, but there’s still a lot of people that want Graces f (and can’t comprehend wanting Graces).

  • HarryHodd

    We did it! I just hope this comes sooner than later. I know a lot of PS3 fans jonesing to play a Tales of game.

  • Japanese voice option on the game please <3

  • Oni123

    Hope This comes out in EU we miss out on more tales than US T.T we like tales to!

  • Tales of Graces f was released for the PS3 exclusively. Why is there even the slightest doubt that this will be true in the west?

    • jarrodand

      Because Namco’s being cagey about listing it’s platform. Which raises questions…

  • Caligula

    Huh, I was dead certain it was going to be on the PS3 alone, but they gave such a noncommittal answer regarding the console that now I’m not so sure.

    • Personally, I’m thinking a 360 port might be in the cards.

  • This is great news. Hopefully, this will extend to other Tales games as well. I’d love Tales of Vesperia too. (I am planning on getting Tales of Graces F though, of course. XD)

    Perhaps even Tales of Vs!

    • Roses4Aria

      I so second this!^ This is wonderful news, so color me happy. I’ll definitely be purchasing a copy. :)

    • Guest

      Tales of Xillia does not interest you?

      • It definitely does. :D But it hasn’t even been released yet.

  • Neckbear

    Interesting. Does this means there’s a chance the guys will port the game for 360 or anything?

    I think the Wii’s out of question, unless they get the “vanilla” version of the game.

    However, it’s nice to see that Namco Bandai listened to their fanbase, even when they’re insufferable, unpleaseable and probably autistic idiots. Now let’s hope the fans do their thing and buy the damn game, as well. I know I am.

    • thebanditking

      I don’t know I think the 360 port is more of a long shot then the Wii. Only because of the amount of work involved with a 360 port vs a Wii localization. They could just release the regular Wii version and use the translation from the PS3 version, then release Graces F on PS3 and sell it as “Exclusive Bonus content”.

    • lostinblue

      They just said they’re working on it and have no further announcements at this time. If anything it seems like they’re trying or considering to bring the Wii version as well. Notice the question was specifically for the Wii version, not for a X360 version.

      As for a X360 version, I’d say it would be highly unlikely, because such build simply doesn’t exist.

  • If they release this for the Wii don´t they have to recode everything again?

    So considering that, it should only be available for PS3 right? Otherwise I´d feel more trolled by Namco than anything else.

    • Neckbear

      Trolled because they’re making the game available for more platforms?

      Even when many, many people at this moment are bitching FOR THAT EXACT REASON?



      Oh, dear.

      • Rather I´d feel irritated that they keep on making changes and more versions of the same game instead of focusing on one game at a time and finishing it before releasing it.

        I´m happy to see it released. I´ve been waiting for a new Tales of game since I played Vesperia since the Tales of series is one of my favorite game series.

        But if they do release this for Wii and PS3 outside of Japan how are they going to make people buy the Wii version when there has been so much stuff added in the PS3 version?

        Or will they spend 2-3 years and code all the bonus stuff from F into a Wii disc?

        It´s just weird that they haven´t mentioned what console they will release it for.

        • jarrodand

          As incompetent as Namco is, I think estimating 2-3 years for porting the Future scenario and DLC costumes is a bit over the top.

          If a Wii re-port of F does happen though, I kinda wonder if they’ll do a JP release too?

          • Ladius

            It isn’t over the top, it’s downright absurd. Announcing the game’s localization in february means that we will almost surely see it in 2011 (the worst case scenario being the first months of 2012).

            Of course, since this is the Tales fanbase everything gets dramatized, and a “We are going to listen to fans a bit more!” post is immediately mixed with hating and pseudo-factual assumptions, becoming something along the lines of “We will backport ToGF to Wii and release the game in 2014, we were just trolling you *insert evil laughter*” :P

          • I wish people would settle down…. I would hate to be in Bamco’s position now

          • Darkrise

            Yeah this is getting out of hand. They finally got a Tales game being localized so why should they be complaining? Better yet, there are some who would wait for the price to drop which is stupid because those very same fans would just shorten the chances of success. No matter how “minimal”

          • Imagining them having to redo the full extra chapter back to “wii” graphics. Get all the added stuff coded in to Wii instead of being PS3.

            It isn´t as easy as just slipping it onto a DVD instead of a bluray :p

            So not that absurd. If they could just port it easily then it would be fine and dandy. But I don´t think the programming is made that easy.

            But as said. I´m happy to get Tales of Graces F localized. At this point that is the good news I´ve been waiting for.

          • thebanditking

            Hence why they should have just said right now what platform its for. I honestly just don’t see them releasing both and since Graces F is a PS3 release its really terrible for them to bait people this way and make them jump to conclusions.

          • Ladius

            @manga: Porting the whole game to PS3 with many new contents took less than a year. How could porting back the Future arc and the other extras to the already made Wii version (provided the backporting rumor is anything more than rubbish) take 2-3 years?

        • Darkrise

          Well there ARE ppl who do have a wii and not the ps3 so they at least have a chance to buy the wii Graces and the ppl with ps3 can be satisfied with Graces F. Both parties will be satisfied. Well not really, after looking at the forums yesterday, none of them will be satisfied. Idiots.

          • Guh, that’ll be the worst case scenario


            Wii owners: Omgwtf we’re not getting Graces F!!


            Wii owners: Omgwtf we got a downgrade instead of an upgrade.

            Unless Namco re-ports Graces F from PS3 to Wii, no one will shut up

          • jarrodand

            Even if Wii gets the full Graces F, that still leaves 360 owners in the cold. Namco might’ve been disappointed with Vesperia sales, but it was still the 2nd best selling game in the series in the US after Symphonia.

            I kinda think Namco should’ve just done multiplatform day one on everything this gen. Vesperia, Graces and Xillia across 360/PS3/Wii, day and date.

          • I don’t know if they’d attempt that again, seeing that the sales of both Vesperia PS3 and Graces F are way better than their original counterparts

          • malek86

            I don’t see how 360 owners could be disappointed with Vesperia. I mean, they actually got to play the game. That’s more than you can say about western PS3 owners.

          • Well, the situation wasn’t really directed to 360 userbase because the situation Vesperia and Graces are in are a bit different… Bamco released Vesperia before there were talks of Vesperia PS3, but now we’re having a Graces localisation after the enhanced port was made on the PS3. For Vesperia, the question is simple. “Will it be released on the PS3?”But for Graces, the question is”Do we get Graces?””If we do, do we get F or normal?”As a person who only has a PS3, I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t get to play Vesperia too, but a main tales game is good enough

            Edit: Sorry, I didn’t notice you were replying to jarrodand over there. Too much maths! >_<

          • @jarrodand some version would have to suffer if they had done it full multplatform. I dont think an RPG has ever gone full multiplatform this generation…

        • thebanditking

          down porting the code would not take years, it could likely be done in a few months, the question is will they bother? The cost of doing so is more of a factor then the time, though since we don’t know how much of the new code is PS3 specific it might take longer then I think it would.

          • lostinblue

            Not necessarily when they have the engine up and running on both platforms, all the game was done on the Wii spec minus the extra content. If they didn’t do that extra content with assets thought specifically for the PS3 it should be quite easy to do; whatever code they did, providing it’s not graphical-dependent should work easily on the Wii.

          • They won’t bother porting it back to the Wii because it would require full QA testing and programmers for that specific console. No, Namco will not be able to afford or willing to spend money on something they already have in their hands.

  • Localize all those PSP and DS titles you completely forgot about even though you trademarked some of their names in the U.S.


  • kupomogli

    Really Namco Bandai? Fan request? Are you serious? What about all the fans who begged for other games in the series?

    • It was the most fan requested game when the new community manager(hired November) reached out to Namco fans on Twitter and Facebook. I think there was some Vesperia PS3, some Xillia, but most of the demand was for Graces f since that was just released in Japan.

  • More like one person that made 50k email accounts

  • That doesnt make sense. How the hell could graces f be on the wii?Not even japan has graces f lol.Would they make the extra work just for the wii???? I wouldnt mind if they release graces on wii and graces f on the ps3 btw.

    • Darkrise

      ??? What r you talking about Graces F already has Graces F. 0.0

      • Translation:

        That doesn’t make sense. How could Graces F be on the Wii when Graces F is exclusive to the PS3 in Japan.
        I wouldn’t mind if they release Graces for Wii and Graces F for PS3 btw.

        *translation ends*

        Punctuation helps

        • Darkrise

          Ah my bad.

  • Fan “request”? So that’s what the kids are calling it these days, eh?

  • Darkrise

    Well, for once we actually got heard. =P
    Now if only the fans can live up to their complaints and pleads, then we can see success for Xillia and maybe Vesperia ps3 to be brought over. I’m serious, we just got what we wanted so ppl should stop whining even more about “Oh F$%& you Namco, no wii or 360, no buy” or “I’ll wait till the price drops”… T.T You know who you are.

    • HarryHodd

      True. Fans need to step up no matter if they have the platform or not if they love these games.

  • puchinri

    Now to bug them for ToD Director’s cut, Hearts and the PSP titles/ports. Maybe we can get Solatorobo out of them too somehow.

    • Sadly, I have bad news about Solatorobo…

      • jarrodand


        XSEED save us!

      • Hopefully the bad news is that its releasing sooner than we think so people have no time to save up money for it? right?!

        • Lol, that’s some serious bad news here xd

      • puchinri


        How soon do we get to hear it? ;n;

      • vadde939

        Does that bad news involve the presumed PAL release being cancelled?
        I hope not. :(

      • thebanditking

        What was their reasoning behind not bringing it? Did it have anything to do with the 3DS launch?

  • HarryHodd

    If they announce a 360 version of this and without announcing Vesperia PS3 then I will be pissed off.

  • karasuKumo

    The fans are obviously the only reason it’s being released in NA, I don’t understand why some publishers and developers give off this attitude that they don’t pay attention to what the fans think. When they mention the fans “influencing” their decisions it’s always in a way that makes it sound like the fans opinions are a last resort for their decisions. It really gets on my nerves.

    Also I hope they have realised that they need to take risks, you can’t say that the games wont sell well in the west without actually selling them here, they can base guesses on the sales of previous titles but they are different games. They obviously wont sell as well as in Japan but they wont do terribly either at the end of the day they will make a profit.

    Finally it shouldn’t matter how well they sell, what should matter is how much the games are enjoyed. I’ll definitely be buying it :)

    • Neckbear

      That’s because completly and absolutely listening to “fans” and only “fans” will lead to the utter demise of your company. Why, you ask? Because most of these oh-so-called fans are nothing but kids that have nothing better to do excluding complaining and complaining over and over, without understanding that a business is that, a business.

      I actually like companies that respect their fans and listen to them, after all, criticism is the way to improvement, and there’s a big chance that at the end, both fans and companies end up happy.

      However, with a fanbase such as the Tales Of one, if Namco truly listened to them and made EVERY SINGLE LITTLE REQUEST OF THEIRS a reality, their company would sink down faster than the Titanic.

      At the end of the day, I think that a balance of listening to your fans and actually making smart decisions on your own is what could lead a company to success.

      • karasuKumo

        Fair enough :) It’s just odd that it has taken them so long to do this (but I’m also not surprised considering all the “better not be the Wii” trolling). They can’t say it is because of sales concerns when thousands of people a day ask for localization. It is like having tons of people outside a shop and not opening because you don’t think they want to buy anything.

        I agree they shouldn’t listen to fans for the development of the title but for where the title is released it should be common sense to listen to the fans first.

    • I think they had to actually have tangible results before they could listen to fans, ie, games not named, Naruto, Ben 10, DBZ, drastically missing expectations in 2010 before they were left with no choice but to listen to fans.

  • malek86

    I don’t think it will come out for the Wii, but we’ll see.

    If it does come out for the Wii too, I’d like to see the difference in sales between the two versions.

    • epy

      I dont think it will come out to the Wii either. Bamco is just giving the standad business answer that translates to “I am not going to tell you.”

    • HarryHodd

      Pretty much every PSWii owner would go with PS3. I mean if they want Xillia they would and the ps3 will have at least better visuals and sound.

  • Day2Day

    Namco? Listening to their fans? Preposterous!!

  • 50,000 requests /=/ number of people actually buying this game.

    • it sure does not. It could be the same 20 people spamming over and over.

    • Kinda of like the hype over Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Just because fans are interested doesn’t mean they’ll actually go out and do something about it.

  • PrinceHeir

    please both PS3 and wii(if you can, put the extra content from the PS3 Version) games as well as Vesperia with Dual Audio and subs ^^

    i know this is asking too much but please can you localize more SRW games Namco? specifically the sequel to frontier which is exceed. im glad Tales is gonna be part of Namco’s big games outside of japan(alongside tekken and naruto) but they can also make SRW a part of that too you know? :P

    • Tales and Tekken and Naruto in the same sentence, big? A Tales game has shipped as many as 1 mln before?! Which one?!

      On the subs…didnt the last game that had in the US dual audio, JPN subs for Wii, Sakura Wars Wii, require two discs? I think additional content on top of dual audio and subs is really quite much for the game on the Wii…

      • More specifically, it required two discs and therefore wasn’t released is dual-audio on the wii. The PS2 version required two discs, but actually did ship with english/japanese voiced versions on different discs in the same package.

        There’s a lot of weirder stories than Sakura Wars though. Disgaea was released as a single-language version in the UK, and because of that it was actually printed on CD rather than DVD, as the US version -did- get the dual audio release.

        And then of course there’s the notorious Ar Tonelico 2 localisation, where to fit both language tracks on one DVD they actually reduced the amount of dialogue that was voiced in both versions (which is to say, if you had it set to Japanese VO there was less voiced dialogue than there was in the actual Japanese release)

        Sorry that was a little much, I just find that side of localisation really interesting.

        • lostinblue

          Actually, the Ar Tonelico thing was a screw up, as you might be aware :P right after the game came out undubbers noticed the game had duplicated audio. Take it out and the japanese voice-overs could all fit all of a sudden in a regular DVD.

      • vadde939

        Symphonia (Gamecube) has sold 1mln worldwide.There is no such thing as a 2 disk Wii game. Sakura Wars Wii is English dub only and only one disk. Some other Wii games like Fragile Dreams and Samurai Warriors 3 have dual audio and are also only one disk. Single layer Wii disks are around 4gb dual layer are around 8gb same capacity as Xbox 360 disks.

        • PrinceHeir

          you forgot to mention Castlevania Judgement and Other M(JP Version) they both have dual audio and subs and it’s only 1 disk

          • Why did you bring up Other M when I only mentioned games released in the US? It had dual audio in the US too?

            I think itd be extremely challenging to get dual audio Tales of Graces F on Wii. Unless they do as, Alex mentions below, reduce the amount of dialogue as in other RPGs…

          • PrinceHeir

            umm yeah the JP version of Other M has dual audio and subs(with english btw)

            ask Aoshi-Kun here. he has the game :P

          • lostinblue

            Or reducing the quality of the voice-overs like they did on a episode of xenosaga (where the voice-overs were mono). But why are we asking for dual audio on it?

            I love japanese voice overs as much as the next guy, but I’m more focused on getting the game than details like that.

        • To add, the reason Symphonia for the Gamecube was two discs is that Gamecube discs were mini-DVDs and only held something 1.2 – 1.4 GB a piece.

          • lostinblue

            To be honest, I never understood how Namco managed to resist the “play on wii” adaptations and not re-release Tales of Symphonia in a single layer disc version to promote the sequel way back. cheaper to do, doable with “easy extras” such as 16:9 and 480p and voilá.

            Now the timing is very off.

          • malek86

            Wasn’t the NPC series only limited to first party games?

            Apparently it wasn’t too successful either, even Nintendo only did a handful of titles and never looked back again… I was hoping for Wind Waker.

          • Wasnt the Tales of Symphonia a players choice game, it would be hard to sway people to get the release over the GC version.

          • lostinblue

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada: Play on Wii games were priced like a player’s choice game.

            Also, we in Europe lack a players choice version and ToS is expensive as hell on ebay. A re-release would have made a lot of sense here, considering the game was out of print for a long time already.

            @malek86: Yes, but companies like Capcom capitalized on it by bringing Resident Evil 1 “archives” version (and that was lousy, seeing the game lacked 16:9).

            I didn’t mean for them to bring it specifically within that line; like you said that was for Nintendo developed games, but that a re-issue version with a few “easy” extras would be something they could pop out with very few work and thus would be easy money. The timing to do it though would have been a few months before ToS2 coming out.

          • malek86

            @lostinblue: I don’t think an european re-release of the game would have made much sense. If it’s rare, that’s for a reason: they didn’t ship many copies. Vesperia is very rare too, probably for the same reason (I wanted to try it, but no less than €70 for a copy is insane). JRPGs here are even more niche than in the USA. That’s why we haven’t been seeing anymore SMT games for a long while now, aside from the sporadic PSN-only releases.

            A re-release might have made a bit more sense for the US, but again, why? I’d rather take a new game over a re-release any day of the week. And all fans must have probably played it already (since it’s the best-selling title in the series in the USA), and I don’t think widescreen would’ve mattered enough to them to buy it again.

            I mean, with that logic, everyone should be making GC ports. After all, they would be very cheap, and no risks involved. So we would be flooded with GC re-releases. I, for one, am glad that’s not the case. Maybe companies know better.

          • lostinblue

            @malek86: The game was a best seller at full price until the day it was discontinued here in PAL-lands, it is comparably much cheaper to get the US version. Then again I’m not saying they should have done it just for the PAL-lands, I’m saying they could have capitalized on the fact they were releasing a sequel with the previous game out of stock. My point being, I don’t know if it’s that rare, a lot of people are not letting them go though, for sure.

            And if there’s such a demand, making second hand market prices to rise like that then there’s money to be done by the publisher, with right timing. I know people that never played the game simply because they couldn’t get their hands on it, since it’s not sold in local stores anymore or because of how expensive it is on ebay.

            As for fans having played it already, that’s applicable to any reissue edition, most people that were expecting God of War 3 had played 1 and 2 on the PS2 and they still went for the PS3 port and some people that were left out of it previously picked it up as well; reissuing is a vehicle for maximizing follow-up sales IMO. Just like Tales of Graces F being released might raise awareness for Xillia.

            What you say is true though, no platform should be flooded with ports, specially if they’re ports with no follow up/reason to be other than easy money (for example, I think re-releasing all gc RE’s on the Wii was of poor taste considering they never did a RE4 style game follow-up for it, they were just capitalizing on old high budget titles) but it would be fine if they were releasing it, I think re-releasing ToS would have been fine and very appropriate with the right timing; just like God of War ps3 ports, and others were appropriate.

            But I was only suggesting a what if scenario, like I said there was timing at one point (before ToS2 came out), now it would come without pretense.

            As for play on wii games being successful, I think they were, but they were always second priority for the company and up to the teams themselves. and perhaps some of them happened due to the stuff the teams were developing; it would be logical if a Pikmin 3 “demo” started off as a Pikmin 2 with Wii controls, just like the Wiimote was originally shown running along with Metroid Prime 2 way back when.

        • malek86

          You’ll notice, though, that dual-layer discs on the Wii are extremely scarce. There is a number of games which really could have used the extra space, for example Fatal Frame 4 which had really bad compressedly movies. It seems developers don’t want to go for 2 discs (haven’t seen any yet), and will only go for dual-layer when absolutely necessary. It’s like they are avoiding it like the plague.

          A reason for that might be because dual-layers used to give problems with earlier models of the console, but I don’t believe it. Another, more likely explanation would be that it costs more to produce them (since they are in very scarce demand), or maybe you need permission from Nintendo (with more royalties), or something like that.

          If so, a dual layer game would only be feasible for bigger titles. A niche game might not justify the cost.

          As for 2 discs games, I don’t know. Could be a matter of costs as well, or maybe Nintendo doesn’t want them.

          • lostinblue

            Companies will always avoid Dual Layered discs unless they can’t help it. Kingdom Hearts 2 on the PS2 was supposed to be dual layer for instance and they fought it like the plague to get it onto a DVD-5, and Xenosaga 1 was dual layer but later releases were packed on multiple DVD’s instead of a dual layer disc, most likely because it was just cheaper to do that way.

            Anyway, we’ll be lucky if we get the game (fingers crossed), so I think we should be rooting for that rather than making demands for the extra content (it would be nice, sure) or “what if” scenarios of namco going the extra mile such as this (a lot of extra miles actually), it’s important that we have that set in stone. (not saying you don’t have)

      • lostinblue

        Sakura Wars on Wii was supposed to have the aforementioned dual audio thing with 2 discs (one with english the other with japanese voice-overs and a more “japanese” translation) but it was axed. Caused quite an uproar back then too.

        It would probably be no big deal to do providing they went with a dual layer disc, but it’s highly unlikely they will. No Tales before this was dual audio after all; and if I might add… I highly doubt this one will be, on either platform.

        The game was ready to be translated into english from the get go, but if you played any tales undub you’ll know the battle “outcome” part of the game, where the character talk between themselves is never subtitled, and it isn’t subtitled in the japanese version of this. Unless they implement that (and I doubt it) I’d bet on the PS3 version lacking dual audio altogether too.

        Not to mention that for dual audio to work on a single disc you have to have a structure behind it, just like you need a structure for multiple text languages. For that a lot of games need quite a bit of adapting (they have to implement a switch after all), which is why a lot of games come in only one language; keeping the audio in japanese would be simple enough to do but doing it dual audio might not always be doable if the game wasn’t designed from the ground for it. I doubt this was, I remember Tales of Symphonia european version didn’t even have multiple languages because the aforementioned low level “language switch” was not implemented; instead if you bought the french version you’d be stuck with french text, if you bought the italian version you’d be stuck with italian.. and so on.

        • malek86

          But why was the 2 discs version axed? Did we ever get an official reason for that?

          • lostinblue

            I believe so. From what I remember the company that was porting the game was behind schedule on the Wii version and fixing a japanese audio version for it would take and extra month or so… and NISA wasn’t willing to wait.

            They probably were also realizing 2 dual layer discs could come expensive per game and were looking to decrease costs that way; I highly doubt they’ll ever do a dual language two disc release ever again just because of the audio (and doing it like they did, with two different translations) considering how much it probably costed them to do.

      • If they handle it anything like Eternal Sonata for PS3, it’ll have dual audio (not sure if the 360 version did).

        • malek86

          Yeah, and it had spare space too. It was’t a big game by any stretch of the mind. I expect Graces to be similar.

    • PrinceHeir

      you do know im talking about the localization part do you?

      it seems most Namco games that get’s released outside of japan are only big ones in japan. we might get some games like SRW but they don’t even publish it themselves.

      • Cross out the SRW part. You know it’s near impossible with different licenses held by different companies. Especially Harmony Gold

        • PrinceHeir

          that’s too bad but at least localize Exceed :)

          come Atlus :D

        • Zero_Destiny

          I think he just means The OG (Original Generation) games. Those have very few ties to other series and those ties are just cameos with charas like KOS-MOS from XenoSaga. But sadly I don’t think Frontier’s sequel will ever make it stateside by legal means at least :( And don’t hate on Harmony Gold, it’s not JUST their fault that the licensing got so messed up. Half of the property is owned Big West, because of stupid court hearings. Both companies hate each other. Thus no more Macross because these two can’t gel. It’s not for a lack of trying on Harmony Gold’s part either. Sad but it’s just how things ended up.

          • Hahaha, after several cases of cease and desist for anything Macross related, I have literally no more faith in Harmony. The last time I heard such case is related to the Mechwarrior reboot. It’s cool if you support them…

            I don’t know about SRW:OG:Exceed. Probably if some publisher’s feeling generous enough, they’ll do it. However with the 3DS on the horizon…. Hmmm
            *scratches chin*

          • PrinceHeir

            well can anyone explain to me who this harmony gold is and what’s their part on the localization of Macross Frontier?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Back before my time a company called Harmony Gold wanted to release the anime Macross in America. This was before DVD releases where the norm (well it was the 80’s so it’s before DVD’s lol but you know what I mean). So they had to show it on TV to make money off of it. But there’s a problem. Macross is only 36 episodes long. In order for any show like this (imported animation) to be in syndication it must have more than 65 episodes. It’s a rule that TV networks in America all follow. It’s a problem that’s still in American TV. Every time you see an anime on TV that’s shorter than 65 episodes the dub company atcually pays the networks to show it. That’s right since Gundam 00 was only about 50 episodes Bandai literally paid Sci-Fi channel money to show each individual episode. It sucks but showing anime on TV is a good form of advertisement that’s why companies do it. But back on track to what we were saying. To combat this syndication rule Harmony Gold got the rights to two more shows called Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada. They then cut the three shows together to make their own show called Robotech. Before you go “Wait? That sounds like a horrible dub.” don’t. Robotech is more like the Power Ranger shows in America. It is its’ own show that tells its’ own story and just happens to be made up of footage from other shows. I personally love Robotech. Got my boxset of it :) Also got a boxset Genesis Climber Mospeada and Southern Cross (unedited) too. Harmony Gold wasn’t the first company to try to make money off of Macross though. Years before them the company Revell which sold models from around the world (including things like Gunpla) had the fights to the Macross toys. They were able to settle and the Robotech show went off without a hitch. It’s credited as being one of the first Mecha shows brought to the west and it sparked many westerns interest into anime. It’s movie Macross: Do you remember love? was atcually the first anime to ever be fansubed. How’s that for influential? So to summarize an already long story, years later a US court hearing said that Harmony Gold had all rights to the Macross franchise because of the deals they made in the 80’s with Tatsunoko. So if any anime company wants to release anything Macross they’ll have to get Harmony Gold’s permission. Now that’s honestly not too bad. Harmony Gold is more than willing. That’s how the original Macross got a sub/dub release here in the US by ADV Films. But the problem is that the court hearing also found that another Company Big West holds the rights to Macross in the US as well. Both Big West and Harmony Gold HATE each other and refuse to work with each other. So we ended up with two companies that hate each other both owning half the rights to Macross. Because of that no one can get the go to release any future Macross titles in the US. Not unless the two companies can settle their problems. You can read more about here

          • malek86

            @Zero: Who’s this Big West company, and how are they tied to the franchise?

          • Zero_Destiny

            @malek86 Big West is main copyright owner of Macross in Japan. It was one of Tatsunoko’s sponsor companies. They were PO’d that Tatsunoko give the rights to Macross to someone else even if that someone else is half ways across the world. The US court said they’ll have half the rights in all US dealings involving Macross (but nothing involving Roboitech).
            read more here:

          • PrinceHeir

            oh well, i kinda wondered why there was no english dub macross frontier. now this explains it.

            sucks that some IP”s get’s localized by multiple companies. kinda like Rival Schools, same with Tatsunoko. there were too many companies owning several rights, that;s why we never get the good stuff in japan such as SRW.

    • Caligula

      I like what little I’ve played of SRW, but it’s even more niche than Tales, imo. I really can’t see it being a “big game” outside of Japan.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      While I would love to see SRWOG games localised (if nothing else, it would be nice if they at least localised OG3 once it is announced), I sadly doubt that we in the SRW community can manage 50,000 requests. =(

  • Balmung

    Awwww so excited! Been wanting this since its release in japan but thought it’d never be localised. Just hope we get all the dlc costumes especially the .hack haseo one ><" well this does leave hope that the .hack//link localisation campaign may succeed *fingers crossed*

  • MizuMikomi

    I like that new theme of their’s, maybe we’ll see more games they have neglected from here on out? Nice to see Namco actually LISTENING for once, and not trying to “Appeal to the west” with every release. Lol

  • great i’m a fan of “tales of” series since tales of phantasy and i need to play this game i already play in japanese but i will not be happy until i play this game and understand what they say XD

  • Icon

    We’ll see how this does. I sincerely hope that everyone here actually buys the game and doesn’t find an excuse to “WAIT TIL IT DROPS IN PRICE.” If you truly want more Tales games, you won’t wait for a price reduction. A price reduction means you’re not getting a sequel, sorry to say.

  • vadde939

    It’s nice to be rewarded for being annoying. Proof of why whiny Tales fans and Facebook spammers are a good thing. :) I’m really hoping the reason for being so cagey about announcing the platform is because the Wii version is coming too but Namco are probably just trolling.

  • AzureChaos

    That means…that means…Tales of Xillia too?!?!

    • vadde939

      Depending on sales. If Graces F flops we won’t be seeing Xillia or any other Tales game for a long time.

      • AzureChaos

        Hopefully not, considering the fanbase…I guess this is the chance for us to chose if they translate more games.

  • Fonic

    Still amazed we’re not only getting a new Tales game but the enhanced version at that. Strange times we live in.

  • Dimentionalist

    Please not Wii… money would go to better use with full English dialogue…

    • vadde939

      Uh what? Your comment doesn’t make any sense. If they’re localizing the game of course it will have full English dialogue that is the definition of localization after all. And as the games use an identical translation it wouldn’t cost much extra to localize the Wii version at all.

      • Tales games usually leave out spoken dialogues in their skits, and the entire last half of the game for Legendia. Maybe that’s what todr06 was referring to.

    • lostinblue

      huh? Does not compute matey.

      And just because you don’t want it, some people actually do, and we’ll be paying with out money for it so they better “put their money” on it.

      They’re most likely doing full english dialogue anyway; and if they don’t… the wii will not be to blame. The game structure is the same (considering translation groups were already having a go at both) so really, translating both should be really cheap, and as easy as drag and dropping between them.

  • WonderSteve

    So what’s our next target? :p

    Let’s all whine about another title that hasn’t been localized

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I can’t believe people are still complaining about whether or not it should be both on Wii and PS3 or not. Just let it be on both and don’t worry about it. There must be a reason they’re not announcing a system yet. I know I’ll be buying both versions anyway.

    Can we at least try and rally other game series that deserve to see their games released over here? Please?

    • WonderSteve

      I thought the fact it is “Tales of Graces f” and NOT “Tales of Graces” means it will be PS3 only.

      We should be happy we are even getting it, and PS3 isn’t too expensive these days anymore.

  • Oh. My. God…

  • I’m really excited to hear so much support and NamcoBandai’s response and I really hope everyone supports this game with wallets as well as words. I know it may not be what everyone wants (some want Vesperia or RM3 or something) and I want more Tales too, but we have to start with what we got. Graces F looks gorgeous and for me, is a day one buy!

  • vall03

    took them long enough to realize this. If only they will be kind enough to localize the other Tales which I think will not happen. Even though it was great that Graces got localized, I wont say Namco is redeemed unless they also localize Xillia and *ALL* the following Tales games after it regardless of platform. If they truly are listening to its fans that is…

  • Sakurazaki

    Now to see how big the fanbase actually is here.

  • anbu

    I was hoping for Tales of Vesperia.

    So I’m guessing Vesperia fans< Graces f fans.

    Oh well, back to waiting…

    I'll get this game when the price drops or get it used. lol.

    • Extra_Life

      You know, the Vesperia logo was mixed in with the rest of the image on the Graces teaser site for a few days. Along with other games. There may be more announcements yet!

    • malek86

      Well, at least Vesperia is available in english language, but Graces would be stuck in japanese if they didn’t choose it.

      If sales do well, maybe they’ll eventually localize Vesperia PS3 too.

  • LynxAmali

    Graces/ Graces F and Gundam Musou 3?

    Why not add G Generation World to that list of possible titles? O.O

    Seriously. SCAMDAI NAMTROLL is quickly redeeming itself with Graces, DWG3 and Armored Core V.

    Hopefully they do localize G Generation World. I would crap my pants and buy several copies of it if they did. >_>

  • Schwer_Muta

    I really do hope those 50k people actually buy the game.

  • Kai2591

    That’s a lot of requests…and a lot of likes. and comments.

  • Guys, please don’t pirate this and screw over everyone else. Thanks.

    Both for PS3 and the Wii? PLEASE?

  • KyoyaHibari

    YEEEEEEEEE BOI, now all we need is Vesperia PS3 and the 2 other RMs

  • I’m very glad to see our continuous spamming has worked, and once they localize it and we buy it (I’m on first day for sure), let’s send them again to localize Vespeira.

    • No no, Id rather after they finish Graces F they work on Xillia instead of Vesperia

      • I disagree. The complete version of Vesperia should also see some sort of light in English. Vesperia is my second favorite Tales game (considering I’ve only played from Symphonia to current with a little bit of experience with the original Destiny — but my memory is horrible and I totally forgot about that game, FF7+ & Suikoden totally overshadows my memories than any other RPG) and I ADORE Rita and Raven (they became my favorite Tales characters of all time). I’d love to see the new interactions the characters have with Flynn and Patty as their teammates. So, working on Vesperia between Graces f and Xillia isn’t a bad idea. That.. plus PS3 needs more RPGs, lol (besides what we can download from PSN).

        • Maybe not a bad idea to please people who have played it, but based on past attempts to bring ports of X360 games to the PS3…sales would be rather low.

          • Sales would be rather low because of the fact that a majority of the people who bought video gaming consoles didn’t HAVE a PS3.

            I used to work for a game store (and not just one, but 3 different stores) and a good majority of the consumers had a 360 or a Wii; not a PS3. Most stores were trained to help them choose which system to buy and most often it was the 360 because of the number of games they had over the number of games the PS3 had. So, it wasn’t really the fact that the sales would be low for “porting a X360 game to the PS3”, it was because there was (and still is) a smaller number of people who own the actual PS3 system.

            For instance, my boyfriend and I got an Xbox360 a year after it’s release only because of the price, the fact that all the people we knew also had one, and the fact that there’s more games on the 360 than the PS3. Then eventually, when Sony decided to drop the price (just around the same time as 360), we decided to get a PS3. And knowing that Eternal Sonata was released for the PS3 (with more story and new characters), I believed that the same would happen with Vesperia. lol I have, like, no real actual RPGs on my PS3 and that’s the only thing that I play. So buying the PS3 was a waste of money for me.. all we use it for is to play blu-rays (since the boyfriend buys the blu-ray/dvd combo movies now) and use netflix.

          • If the case was people didnt have a PS3…then why even bring Graces F out to the PS3? I dont think your opening line of reason makes much sense to be honest, especially considering that it has been shown to be that software sales just as well on PS3 as it does on 360 when games are multiplatform titles.

            If a game is releasing a year later on another platform then there goes much incentive to get that version when its already been available before hand on another system. Sales will just seem low as one platform had a year lead (if we ignore exclusive titles). Clearly one didnt expect Bioshock or Assassin’s Creed or Mass Effect 2 to sell phenomenally on PS3?

            There are real actual RPGs on the PS3 youre just not giving the games a chance, Disgaea, Trinity Universe, that Atelier game, there was Last Rebellion, Folklore, and then with multiplat titles, Enchanted Arms, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Resonance of Fate, Eternal Sonata.

            I honestly dont think the sales would be low because of the single solitary fact that there are just a tad under half more X360s than there are PS3’s in the US. Havent RPGS sold better on Playstation 3 this gen then on the x360?

          • I’m speaking from experience from working at GameStop and Wal-Mart. And my opening line of reasoning makes sense just as much as your line of “the PS3 is now cheaper than before”.

            Just because a game was sold a year before on a different system doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be bought. The only reason why it’ll have low sales is because of the lack of advertising for that console. RPGs, outside of SE titles, normally have low sales unless it’s advertised decently in magazines and/or in stores, as well if there’s a following for the title. I had to talk up sales for various RPGs while working at GameStop because people only KNEW of SE and were missing out on other great titles.

            lol I actually own all those RPGs besides Disgaea, Trinity Universe, Atelier Rorona (which is on my “to buy” list), Last Rebellion, and Enchanted Arms. Disgaea & Trinity Universe are no buys for me. Despise the series. Last Rebellion was a rushed product, so it scored lowly everywhere. And Enchanted Arms isn’t a game for me either.. I’m extremely picky about battle system, artwork, characters, etc, just like all other video gamers.

            Also, you gotta take in account that some games that are later ported to the PS3 have an agreement with Microsoft to release their copy first and then a year later for other consoles.

          • @Aunna Terrell how does local experience equate to or is indicative of countrywide experience. Not every game is sold in Walmart so it cant be used as a gauge for what sells, how much or how little, and what doesnt sell. Some Wal-Marts only have virtually 4 rows dedicated to PS3 games and multiple cabinets for Wii, at least in the realm of RPGs. Its vastly different than every store placing PS3’s for $299 and it is true that PS3s are more low cost than ever. I can go to one store that has a title plenty of copies of a title, say Trinity Universe and I can go to another that doesnt have it, I dont see how we can make a conclusion based on a game at one retailer and not at another. Statistics would tell us that we would need to have knowledge of experiences based on multiple stores in multiple locations to generate an adequate sample size to have with maximum though realistic power to make the type of conclusions that you are trying to make and that I am refuting for the sake of a lack of statistically significant evidence.

            I think we drifted off the point but Namco Bandai has already released a game that was out first on Xbox 360, Eternal Sonata, and probably saw low sales of the year later port on the PS3. So ultimately, perhaps, they do believe the sales were low and will not attempt to bring out a port of an released in America x360 game to the PS3.

            And youre going back on your word, first you say “you have no real RPGs on the PS3” and now you say “I have all those RPG’s except…”

          • I did mention that I worked at more than Wal-Mart. My main employer was GameStop for awhile and GameStop shares stats with each other. That, plus I worked at various GameStop stores because of lack of employees.

            Microsoft has the money to throw around to make exclusive deals to where games are released on the 360 before any others. Hence why certain titles are sold later on a different system.

            lol and nope, I didn’t go back on my word. Most of the RPGs on the PS3 are mediocre, not great. (So far, only Resonance of Fate is great..) Hence why I said “no real RPGs on the PS3”. I can’t sit down and play all those titles for hours on end or even days on end.. Real RPGs would make me wanna play from beginning to end, not stop half-way through and just let it sit on my shelf to collect dust.

  • Tokyo Guy

    This seems rather suspicious to me. It’s not like fans have suddenly just started asking for these games. Either Namco is just trying to pander to the fans or else it has genuinely started to rethink its strategy.

    Though I find it quite lame they can’t just announce the platform. Is this supposed to be some kind of marketing trick? Get people interested and then risk alienating them when they learn it’s not releasing for their platform of choice?

    • Aoshi00

      Oh man Tales w/ its 233 comments, can’t read all of them.. I think maybe they just hear too much Bamco bashing now they want to throw a bone to the old fans to quench their anger? And this is better late than never. Like everyone said, I just hope people who requested this actually buy this game on release day to support the sales number instead of being cheap and wait for price drop now that they got their wish.

      That’s true, they should just come clean whether this would be on the Wii as well, I think they really should do both for the Wii fans that had been waiting for this, it’s really unfair to them.

      It’s funny my friend asked me the chances of Graces F coming here, I said don’t bother waiting and he just imported it.. well he has money to burn though..

      I wonder if the US ver would have the same DLCs on Jpn PSN now, there’s like 10 free extra skits for d/l.

  • I mean considering the Tales series sold pretty well on the PlayStation and Nintendo platforms to begin with I never understood at all as to why they brought Vesperia exclusively to the X360 it just never made sense at all and its the reason these companies tend to make the financial mistakes they do…

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