Defend The Earth Against Galactus In Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s End Boss Fight

By Ishaan . February 7, 2011 . 9:09pm


Marvel vs. Capcom 3 continues the giant boss tradition by pitting you against Galactus in the final fight…but not until you’ve fended off clones of a whole bunch of other characters first, including Wesker, Dormammu and Akuma.


From what little one can see in this trailer, Galactus certainly looks like a more interesting encounter than the rather mundane Onslaught fight in the original Marvel vs. Capcom.

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  • I really do miss the days when the last boss would actually be a surprise in a game. I very truly long for the days before the internet told us everything sometimes.

    • You can always solve that by not visiting forums like Siliconera, which specialize in announcing game news.

      • Advent_Andaryu

        Siliconera is a blog, not a forum.

      • It’s not even this site in particular. This is actually the fourth article I’ve seen on Galactus being the last boss today. I just remember a time when the last boss of a game could’ve been considered a spoiler. Same with unlockable characters.

        I knew about the leaked list a while back and knew about Galactus, but I wish I didn’t. I wish I could actually be surprised when playing games again. It’s why I don’t watch trailers anymore for games in series I really like. They give everything away. I hated that I knew the entire Beauty & The Beast boss lineup in MGS4 just because I watched a trailer before the game came out. Between that and seeing Jill Valentine’s grave in a RE5 trailer, I realized you can’t even watch those anymore. It’s why I haven’t seen any of the MGS: Rising trailers and refused to watch any of the God of War 3 ones.

        Just me wishing back to a time where there were still surprises involved in gaming, rather than an indictment of this or any other site in particular.

        • PrinceHeir

          yeah i hear you :(

          especially MGS4. i shouldn’t have not watch that last trailer with the Shadow Moses and Ray vs Rex part. totally spoiler to me :(

          anyways yeah i kinda don’t want to watch any trailers from my favorite games. maybe the first trailer only just so i can see what the game looks like(even though it completely changes over time)

          i have been watching the Deus Ex HR trailers countless times now. that’s how badly i want that game O_O

          • Exactly. I know when the Rising trailers come out, they’re going to be filled with spoilers and I’m going to try to do my best to ignore them. What I’m worried about will be articles that will proclaim, in big bold letters, “______ RETURNS IN METAL GEAR SOLID RISING!” We know characters are going to return and I don’t want to know who they are until I play it. I mean, even if I hadn’t watched a single trailer for MGS4, I’d have known about Cyborg Ninja Raiden because there were 100 articles on him from the first trailer he showed up in.

            Imagine how awesome a surprise his appearance would’ve been if we didn’t know that he was coming back, and in that form.

            But yeah, I pretty much come on these sites because otherwise, there’s no way I’d have known about a lot of my favorite games. Used to be magazines and now it’s the internet. I mean, it’s not like, say, NISA has a robust advertising budget, you know?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Sadly this is happening in all mediums now. Movie trailers, merchandise, games, comics/manga covers, books exerts, even a lot of reviews on popular sites all seem to give away mad spoilers. I’m really surprised that more people don’t mention and complain about it. Makes me worried that our society has become so desensitized by all the massive spoilers that we don’t even know what qualifies as a spoiler anymore. I remember when Dragon Quest IX came out I put myself in a state of ignorance regrading it. I didn’t check out any previews, reviews, trailers, screen shots, or anything. I was for the most part successful at coming into the game with very little knowledge about it and it really was part of the fun to get to learn the interface and story of the game as you play it. I guess sadly we have to either take a leap of faith with games or suffer massive spoilers. There’s no midway anymore. Plus sites are just naming all their headlines as the spoiler in question. It can be hard on anyone. Luckily for me not too many American sites really cared about Dragon Quest IX like they care about games like this one so there really wasn’t any headline spoilers or anything. It has to be even harder on someone who doesn’t want anything spoiled in a really popular and well covered game. Sadly I guess this is just progress. With all our new tech we get super fast coverage and more info than we know what to do with but we lose our innocence. We become addicted. We want to see the news and the news wants us to see them. Thus they give out spoilers right and left trying to feed “our need” for knowledge. The lines on what is too much has become blurred. It’s not all too bad but I do miss the old days when people were surprised by things instead of only being able to guess how being surprised feels.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          And it ain’t just gaming. Animes have become exceedingly bad about having their OPs tell the entire story. Yes, I know it makes sense from a $$$ standpoint, and a 12-13 ep run means nothing builds, but I don’t want to know everyone before it is their time to show. And of course, they’ve always got to spoil the secrets.

          In the case of Galactus though, I would mention given how HUGE they are making this game, just how many other Marvel villains were likely candidates? The only potential swerve character I could have imagined would have been Dark Phoenix.

          • WizardoftheBlueOrder

            There’s the ever miserable Sentry/Void.

            Apocalypse or Onslaught could make a reappearance, as could Mephisto.

            Annihilus is pretty awesome.

            Oh, I know, how about another use of the Secret Wars incarnation of THE BEYONDER?

            My problem with Galactus is that…he’s kind of a really boring villain. And with no Silver Surfer, I’m left thinking of plenty of other villains I’d enjoy fighting. Furthermore, the “public” doesn’t know about Galactus too well. Especially not with how poorly he was handled in the last Fantastic Four movie.

            How about Fin Fang Foom?

            I suppose Ultron would be bad, because he’d feel very Seth-like…

            Hell, I wouldn’t have minded if Dormammu had been the final villain.

            (Most of these bosses you can scale up in size with no problems at all. I’m really of the opinion that there were a ton of perfectly good options, but they opted for a very boring one. Hell, I like MvC2’s Abyss better, and it’s an original final villain.)

          • I really wanted the last boss to be The Sentry/The Void. I know some older comic fans hate him, but I loved the idea of Superman with multiple personality disorder and the inability to die. And they could’ve even done a three stage fight against him. First stage is vanilla Sentry, after you beat him, his eyes start to glow and the Void says something along the lines of, “Screwed up again, Robert? Let me show you how it’s done,” and he gets either a whole new moveset or just more powerful.

            Finally, he turns into that big insect/demon looking form from the end of Siege, which gives you the traditional giant MVC boss.

            I agree, though, that Galactus is a pretty boring villain. Not sure if Fin Fang Foom would’ve been better, though. I mean, what would he do? Put you down his pants?

      • He can’t avoid that at all if the end boss’ name is on the title of a blog. :P

        • You can always solve that by not visiting “forums(Blogs, I gueess)” like Siliconera

          • Your spelling mistake makes me think of Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury.

    • PrinceHeir

      what do you expect? it’s to hype everything up ^^

      though i would like a cyber akuma type character. but this will do enough :D

    • evilhero

      On the contrary, a lot of us watch these trailers and see all this new info to get hyped for the game.

      I would rather be super hyped for a new game, then be kept in the dark. I understand how great it is to discover stuff on your own, but a lot of us wondered if this game was going to deliver, now we know and we’re even more excited for it than before.

      • I mean, hey, MGS4 was still fun for me, even if I knew too many of the surprises, but it could have been better if I had been in the dark. I’ve gotten to the point where I will watch the first trailer for something and then that’s it. I enter information blackout. For example, I don’t even read Catherine articles anymore if they’re storyline related. Also not checking out who any of the characters are in Tales of Xillia.

  • Poor Galactus, never ever getting that one chance of ever eating planet Earth…
    OH WAIT. That chance has finally come, thanks to She-Hulk jumping around.
    Stupid green ass bitch!

  • Cloud_ST

    Is that the MK announcer’s voice?,he is still awesome xD.

    • Which one? The MK vs DC one or Shao Khan? Both are pretty beast. lol

      • Cloud_ST

        Never heard the MK vs DC one,but the Shao Khan is so awesome,glad to see him still giving us the glory of ultra-deep awesomeness.

  • Testsubject909

    And now. I know a friend who’ll be creaming his pants tonight… or tomorrow night. Well, whenever he sees this.

    Whether spoiled or not. Nothing will remove how epic this is.

  • Eddie

    Nobody thumps Ryu away like that while he’s in the middle of a shoryuken. NOBODY

  • “rather mundane Onslaught fight in the original Marvel vs. Capcom.”

    You kidding me! He was fricking cheap! Abyss on the otherhand was more mundane and way easier to beat.

    I like Galactus as a choice. I just hope he isn’t that difficult to beat :D

    • I don’t like Galactus, but he’s a lot better than Abyss. Onslaught, on the other hand…that was a cool battle.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    This looks like a much fairer fight than the TvC final boss….so annoying

    • I found…It to be an easy fight to be honest. Though it’s grabbing super was pretty cheap.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        I thought it was easy if you characters with ranged supers, like Ryu, Batsu, etc. But if you were playing as, say, Alex, grrrr

        • True but with those characters I used them first, switch to the secondary character and used them to wittle down Yami’s life and then switch back and finish it off.

          I think Abyss was easier though. Once you knew what it’s attack was you could block them easily.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            I agree. Abyss was easier. Easy-to-memorize attack patterns and you could just attack, block, attack, block, attack, block, k.o.

  • Honestly I was hoping the final boss would be South Park Mickey Mouse

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