Falcom’s Trails In The Sky Series Soars Past One Million Units Sold

By Spencer . February 9, 2011 . 1:55am

Movie2Falcom, in their latest financial report, proudly reported sales for all of the games in the Trails in the Sky series broke through the one million mark. Moving forward, Falcom has high hopes for the Trails titles and consider the property a major series.


Xseed will release The Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky, the first title in the series, in North America next month.


Zero no Kiseki (Trails of Zero), a sequel to the Trails in the Sky titles, for PSP was released during Falcom’s first fiscal quarter. Windows 7 compatible versions of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Ys Origin, and Xanadu Next were also sold. Sales are up 125% compared to the same period last year. Falcom reported a net profit of 58 million yen ($704,000), a huge difference compared to the 30 million yen ($325,000*) during the same period last year.


* This figure was calculated by using the average yen to dollar exchange rate from February 2010.

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  • Ladius

    I’m truly happy for Falcom, but I’m happier for us since we are finally getting the first Trails in the Sky game :) I hope everyone support it and spread the word, the game need to sell well if we are to see the other chapters localized.

  • Well I’ll be giving this game a go but I hope Falcom aren’t expecting high numbers for it.

    • falcomgamefan

      I doubt the numbers will be that high with this one. Trails in the Sky (the first game) is boring as hell. It’s not the game that everyone is expecting. It’s extremely linear and despite all the world building they try to purport, you’re locked into mini sections of the kingdom for each chapter so there’s no way to backtrack. And with all the roads and stuff being so linear, there’s no real sense of exploration. That right there takes the “RPG-experience” and kicks it in the balls. Most of the characters are quite bland as well. Somehow I don’t think this one is going to be as well-received as Falcom thinks it’s going to be. It’s way different from what we get as far as JRPGs and WRPGs go in the states. I think people should save up for Tales of Graces F instead. That’s way better than Trails in the Sky and it’s finally coming in English if you haven’t already imported it.

      • I cant play tales of graces on the go like i could with this

      • Draparde

        i’m getting both, and so are all my friends!

  • Even though its old school and the plot wasn’t very fresh and extravagant… However, the experience and environment they provide are awesome and somewhat magical… Their emotions and everything you can almost feel it with them.. It is not rushed like most of the RPG we get these days but not too slow either.. The pace were just right and it just get you going and going…

    I do not know what else to say but I really love this series very very much… Glad that there are still company who do something base on their passion…

    • kactaplb

      feel same way. honestly there wasn’t anything very special or unique, but it was endearing.

  • frantisek

    played the soratrails trilogy years ago, definitely one of the best jrpg experience out there. the setting is extremely well done, with details ranging from politics to commerce, the battle system is one of the most intelligent turn based efforts i have ever seen and the plot is a good mix of old school fantasy, steampunk and intrigue i would like to see more often, not to mention the extremely likeable cast… zero no kiseki was awesome too

    i hope soratrails manages to do well in the united states, the first chapter is really good but the second one is even more fleshed out and expansive (the third is the odd one, being more of a dungeon crawler and all)… maybe i will double dip just to support

  • steaminferno

    Because of this game, I can’t decide whether I should get a 3DS or a PSP when my exams finish.

    • Ladius

      If you get a system for games and like JRPGs, definitely choose PSP. Its library is growing in awesomeness every day, with titles like Ys Seven, Ys Oath in Felghana, ZHP, the Trails trilogy, Valkyria Chronicles 2-3, Tactics Ogre, Cladun, Parasite Eve 3, God Eater Burst, Dissidia 012, Jikandia and so on, not to mention the tons of jrpgs released in the past years (FFTactics WotL, Star Ocean 1-2, Tales of the World, Jeanne D’Arc, Brave Story, Generation of Chaos, Crisis Core and tons of others).

      3DS will probably have a great jrpg lineup too, but it will take some years and then the console will probably cost less (and maybe have a nicer revision), so if you actually want to play jrpgs Psp is by far the best choice right now.

      • falcomgamefan

        I agree about the PSP being a great system, but Trails in the Sky is not a good game. Some of those other games Ladius has got listed there are pretty good. Valkyria Chronicles 3, for example, is a far superior experience to Trails in the Sky. Mind you that, Trails in the Sky was originally released in 2004, so the game is basically 7 years old and recycled onto a portable system. Valkyria Chronicles, on the other hand, was just released this year. A lot of these newer titles are much better than Falcom’s old recycled games.

        • Exkaiser

          I like how Valkyria Chronicles and Trails aren’t even similar games.

          I also like how all you do is troll Falcom-related threads, but that’s another matter.

          • falcomgamefan

            Ever played the Trails in the Sky games? The problem is that most of the people hyping the games have never played them and don’t even know what the heck they are about or how the games even play. I have had the unfortunate experience of slogging through their boring story and lackluster gameplay for all 3 games in the series more than once. Look man, I’ve tried to like these games, and given them more than a fair try because they’re from Falcom, but a sucky game series is always going to be a sucky game series regardless of how much of a fanboy someone tries to be. I’m just warning everyone to think twice before they buy. It would be better they make an informed decision rather that waste their money on crap.

            And you’re right. Valkyria Chronicles 3 is way different from Trails in the Sky. You see, Valkyria Chronicles 3 is just really good and worth the import price while Trails in the Sky…well, just isn’t worth either the import price or even the price for a version in English because the gameplay sucks. Just because Xseed does an English translation, doesn’t make the core game mechanics or the world layout any better. That’s the fact. If you don’t like it, well, I don’t know what to tell you, because the gameplay isn’t just going to magically get better for you. I’m just being honest with gamers. If you can’t be honest with people about the quality of a game, then that’s just sad.

          • kupomogli

            How about all the hyping with Ys7 and Ys Oath in Felghana? I’ve hyped those games up? Why? I’ve played the PC version of Oath in Felghana with an English patch. I’ve also played Ark of Napishtim on PS2. Both of them are good games. While I didn’t play Ys7 when hyping it up, being a huge fan of the other games(and the rest of the series) and then watching that amazing Ys7 trailer it’s easy to know that the game would be amazing and worth the day one purchase.

            I haven’t played Trails in the Sky, however the game looks very good. The first set of Legend of Heroes weren’t amazing by any means but they were playable. I’ve wanted to play the Trails in the Sky games ever since seeing the very first PSP trailer and then watching some gameplay videos. It’s obvious that the battle system had more depth to the gameplay instead of just the basic gameplay on the Legend of Heroes games that we got. Also add how well received in Japan they are and how well they were received among importers who enjoy text heavy RPGs. So while I’m not hyping up the games. I’ve never played them. They look absolutely amazing and I’m sure they’ll be good.

            On that note. Bash the games all you want because those of us interested will still pick them up.

          • Exkaiser

            I like how you keep talking like I even mentioned the quality of Trails in my post.

            I didn’t. I don’t care what they’re like. I just find it amusing that you keep trolling them and every other Falcom game.

          • Taosaur

            Ok, so you ‘slogged’ through all three games. It was a painful, horrible experience for you… but you played through them ‘more than once’? You are so full of venom and BS. Why on earth would you dissuade people from what had been praised among the press as one of the best things never to reach US shores? Did Xseed fire you? What’s your problem?

        • And the “falcomgamefan” is back… btw, I dont think 1 million of sells for a series in a little island means it sucks, thank you

          • falcomgamefan

            Uh…Final Fantasy XIII sold like 3 million copies…and how many copies of Final Fantasy XIV sold even though it’s a broken mess? If you haven’t noticed, even sucky games can sell.

          • Uh… First of all, that you didnt liked FF14 doesnt means everyone hated FF14.

            Second, are you seriously comparing a WORLDLY, MASSIVE branch as Final Fantasy againts a game series that is just about to have its debut localization out of japan?

            Bad strategy

        • xenus86

          So sad to see you trolling every single Falcom related news.

          For those in the dark: falcomgamefan is MegaLink from the Ancient Land of Ys board, he was banned for trolling there and on RPGamer and since then has been stalking the news about XSeed Falcom releases with a passion for his personal grudges, to the point of writing Metacritic user reviews with 2 for Ys Seven and 1 for Ys Oath in Felghana just to lower their ranking (for Felghana he created multiple fakes, to the point that the most obvious one in which he practically admitted his identity was removed by the local staff, links at: http://www.metacritic.com/game/psp/ys-seven and http://www.metacritic.com/game/psp/ys-the-oath-in-felghana/user-reviews?dist=negative ).

          He has a personal grudge against the Falcom western fanbase and uses every opportunity to bash Wyrdwad, Falcom fans, XSeed and Falcom games released by XSeed (to the point of praising the Gagharv PSP games while hating on the Sora no Kiseki ones, or, ludicrously, flamming XSeed because they didn’t localize Zero no Kiseki instead of the Trails games, when even people who haven’t played the series know that Zero is a sequel-> http://www.siliconera.com/2010/10/24/three-falcom-psp-games-get-super-prices/#comment-89860368 … even Zero would have been labeled as crap if it was announced, obviously, and that’s only a small part of his antics).

          Luckily there’s plenty of people who have played the Trails trilogy and can attest its great quality (practically everyone who played it, in fact), not to mention the fact that it sold more than a million copies and recently received an award by PSP users (the only low budget titles among AAA games).

          Feel free to search his Siliconera posts on Disqus, you will have a nice collection of hate posts not only related to Falcom, but to XSeed itself, not to mention his account is used only to bash Ys and Trails.

          • JustaGenericUser

            Sounds like a nice old chap, huh?

            People who make accounts just to bash particular games have to be butthurt about something. Question is, what?

          • falcomgamefan

            I love how you guys keep harassing anyone and everyone who has an opinion that doesn’t match yours. And seriously what is up with this megalink person to keep referring to? As far as I can see, your group doesn’t want to allow people to have and opinion and are trying to gag anyone who says anything different from you. America is founded on free speech and if you don’t like it, maybe you should try living in some place like North Korea or Iran or for that matter form your own country where you can control the media. And who in the world is this wyrdwad dude??? The conspiracy theories are what gets me the most. Obviously there are other people who don’t like Falcom games either as can be seen by clicking on the links so what are you doing to them for not being assimilated into the Borg? Singling them out one at a time and attacking them too? Geez, that’s so lame.

            Sorry, but I stand by my opinion that Trails in the Sky sucks and if you don’t like it, oh, well. I will state it for the record here that nobody has a grudge against Xseed. I just call it like it is. Gamers have a grudge against cheap boxed limited editions and games with sucky gameplay. I’m just sick and tired of the lies that Xseed is somehow poor and they can’t do more for their fans when their financial data doesn’t support that claim at all. If you are real Falcom fans like you purport to be, then you would demand more from your games, because the Falcom bonuses in Japan are way better then anything we have ever received from Xseed. EVER! I demand good bonuses from Falcom games I import and they have delivered for me in the past, many times. Xseed has never once pleased me with anything in their limited edition sets.

            And Xseed is no Working Designs either. Not even close. I bought WDs limited editions and they are premium quality while Xseed’s so-called “limited editions” are a far cry from the deluxe games, boxing, hardcover manuals, soundtracks, making-of discs, pendants, watches, high-quality paper, posters, Ghaleon punching dolls, and the works that Victor Ireland was willing to go all out for to please fans.

            Xseed also doesn’t release their numbers to the public because then you would stop feeling sorry for them when you realized how much money they are raking in off you. As far as I’m concerned, any game company who doesn’t release their numbers is being dishonest with their supporters. Even Falcom releases their numbers, if you didn’t notice. Gamers should be banging on Xseed’s front door and demanding that they do the same. Screw American corporate secrecy. That’s how you get companies like The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Ya, we’ve seen him here. If he’s looking for new places to start good old net brushfires, he should know by now this place doesn’t burn like that.

            Siliconera don’t rollz wit’ the trollz, sorry falcomgamefan.

    • Exkaiser

      If you’re an RPG gamer, I’d grab a PSP now and wait to pick up the 3DS.

      Among the things already listed by Ladius, there’s also the library of PSone Classics which is slated to get Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana and Threads of Fate sometime this year in addition to stuff that’s already on there like the four PSX Final Fantasies, Front Mission 3, Alundra, Arc the Lad I & II, and Wild ARMs I & II.

      Definitely a good system for a fan of RPGs.

    • Zero_Destiny

      That’s a hard question. The PSP has gotten a lot of love lately which is good. We’ve seen a lot of Falcom games, Star Ocean 1 and II remake, and some cool games from NISA too. But since the 3DS is backwards compatible it means you can play all the DS games. And Oh boy does the DS have quite the library of great RPGs on it too. Games like Dragon Quest IV-VI, Monster Joker, and IX. It’s also got the new Golden Sun, Final Fantasy III and IV remake in 3D, and some fun games like Magical Starsign, Phoenix Wright, Lufia 2 remake, etc. I guess if you already have a DS than get a PSP but if you don’t that’s a hard question to answer. Well I guess whatever games you find more interesting you should get the system their one first. Sorry that’s all I can tell you.

    • PSP, get 3DS later when it get better games, but the psp is biiig

  • Tom_Phoenix


    Anyway, that is nice to hear. I guess RPGs in Japan have a future yet. =)

  • Zero_Destiny

    Still really excited for the US release. These games keep sounding better and better. Glad Falcom has made more money. XD

  • Pre ordered

  • kupomogli

    Glad Trails in the Sky is doing so well. I hope it does just as good in the US and Europe as it has in Japan.

    Xanadu Next is another game I’d like to see make its way over here. Unfortunately that probably won’t ever happen.

  • PrinceHeir

    great news indeed :D

    we need more developers like this :P

    hopefully they localize more games for the west :)

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