Phantom Brave PSP Trailer Tells You What A Game Is Supposed To Be

By Ishaan . February 9, 2011 . 8:30am


Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle is headed to North America (again) next month on the PSP. While we’ve seen screenshots of the game before, NIS America recently shot a new trailer out, highlighting the enhanced port.


When Phantom Brave is published, it’ll cost less than your average PSP game — NISA are releasing it at a budget price of $19.99.

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  • … I have to wonder if they, ironically, used the Wii port’s video to do this.

    The aspect of the video shots weren’t exactly the 16:9 ratio the PSP has, after all.

    • Zero_Destiny

      OMG you’re right. Wow they really just added some new subtitles from the Wii trailer and called it done. lol For anyone who doesn’t believe me look for yourself. []

      • Hahah! Oh NISAmerica, you’re amazing, but sometimes, you’re just so lazy when it comes to this stuff. XD They didn’t even go with English video for it!

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol NISA a company with great translations and awesome bonuses but can’t make a trailer to save their life. :D

  • Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!! Ash looks epic though, I thought he would sound like Almaz von Almadine Adamant. They look strikingly similar. Even though Im getting it on Day 1…I doubt I will get to playing it until I fully explore ZHP (what was the max level in ZHP), after that mazimization guide in D3, I like to play the games to get some character to maximum level.

    • Guest

      We are all out of day one requests. You’ve used them all up. Pleas try again tomorrow.

      • Ren

        Actually, all companies have halted their productions after a certain hitman forced their productions to end for the sake of a young mafia heir to start to act like a decent person and focus on his training, so please never try again.

  • At least is freaking cheap

  • Ereek

    I have a love/hate relationship with this game.

    I love the music, I think it’s far and away Sato’s best work.
    I love the gameplay, but I hate that I, being a tad bit obsessive compulsive in this game, spend about 30 hours in Chapter ~3 making super weapons using Weeds.
    I love Ash. Morona annoys me.
    I love that weapon and Binding stats matter more than character levels, but it also makes your characters feel rather pointless until you start doing the post-game bits.

  • hystzen

    Its trailers like this that make me wish Japan stop trying to think they need to Westernize. Trailers from japan should make me question if I’m on drugs or what I’m seeing is true

  • Darkrise

    I’ll PROBABLY get this.

    • Its only $19.99, there is no excuse to miss out on getting this game.

      • OneOkami

        ….unless you already own it.

        • How can one already own this new PSP game?

          • Darkrise

            …How is this new? There was already an enhanced port for the wii a long time ago from the original ps2 ver and this psp ver is just another really slightly enhanced port from the wii

          • Heh but you just answered the question, lol. It is more enhanced than the Wii version. Thats enough reason to rebuy it for less.

          • Darkrise


            I said “really” slightly as in not much of an enhancement at all… It’s not exactly worth buying the 3rd time.

          • It is worth buying a 3rd time, if you want the definitive version of the game to play on the go, and for such a inconsequential price.

          • OneOkami

            Ahh c,mon. Well personally, there isn’t $20 worth of new content in this port in my eyes. And like Ereek, I’ve put loads of hours into this game already to feel like playing it again (let alone spend $20 to do so).

        • Ereek

          Or if you don’t have enough time to play every game that comes out.
          Or if you don’t have enough money to buy every game that comes out, because let’s face it, Februrary/March are absolutely brutal on the wallets of those of us who buy our games.

          That said, I do plan on getting this eventually, but I’ve spent way too many hours with the PS2 version and don’t feel like playing it again yet.

          • Easy, buy it not and play later? That solves the first issue. The second issue…well its just $19.99, avoid going to Mickey D’s for lunch for three days of the week…there, solved the issue of it being brutal on the wallets.

          • Ereek

            1. When I buy games to “play them later” I don’t get around to it for 3 years. Games are constantly coming out that I enjoy, if I buy it simply “because” it won’t get played until I have absolutely nothing on my plate.

            2. I don’t eat McDonalds. But this second one doesn’t really apply to me, since both my husband and I have steady jobs.

            But not everyone does in this economy. Some people only have enough money to buy a game a month, or less.
            Don’t act so spoiled.

          • I am very sincere about what I am about to say:

            Tsunayoshi Sawada, you are the most thoughtful, elaborate troll I’ve ever met on the internet. I wish the trolls on other forums put half the thought into their posts as you do.

            You almost had me thinking you believe what you write in these posts. Bravo, sir, bravo.

          • @Ereek

            1. Theres nothing wrong with buying stuff to have for that rainy day when one wants to just boot up a PSP game and enjoy it. Surely everyone stocks up games to have when they wanna play later.

            The economy has actually been improving since it hit rock bottom years ago (theres only one place to go but up when its at the bottom). Consumers have not stopped spending money on entertainment and videogames as it has been on the rise (through 2010) even through your implication that the economy is not good. Therefore, people are easily able to save just a mere $5, or were actually so far out, a mere $2.50 a week to get this game on release date. I honestly can not visualize how one isnt able to put that much money aside. Avoid eating out at a restaurant this month, buy lunches that last longer, avoid buying sodas, etc. Smart spending, you know.

          • @Kikuchiyo Ali Hey thanks for the compliment, it makes me feel good to know that others see me as thoughtful and elaborate!!! I will take it in stride and continue to deliver thoughtful comments. Although I have been likened to a troll, unfortunately, I am not. Verily, I only post sincere and heartfelt thoughts on topics that I and others are truly passionate about.

          • Darkrise

            Summer will be just as brutal, more rpg’s coming out then. I’m evening planning to import the BRS LE which is going to take a big bite out of my wallet.

          • The main reason for getting this game would be that is portable lol

            And dont pay attention to tsuna =.=

          • Actually, I agree with the first statement!

          • alundra311

            Wow! Tsuna actually agreed that people should not pay attention to him. O_o

          • Is weird, i know

          • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

            Coincidentally, i stopped reading after “Actually, I agree” LOL

          • even though Castile is now a playable character?

      • Darkrise

        It’s a port of another port. T.T Sure $19.99 is reasonable but still, it’s just not another game to be hyped up about.

  • I hate Marona as a character, but the gameplay itself was really fun. I suppose for $20 it’s worth a buy.

  • As much as I liked Phantom Brave, I think a better port would have been Sould Nomad, I loved it on the PS2 and I know I would buy it again on the PSP if it ever comes.

  • cmurph666

    At that price I can buy a physical and digital copy on day 1~!

  • “Lift, throw, it’s all in the mind…”

  • Natat

    Wow, I really didn’t expect them to use the very same trailer as the Wii version, just with Hermuda Triangle instead of We meet again.

  • amagidyne

    I’ve pre-ordered this. Never got around to getting it for the PS2, so this is great news for me. 20$ too!

  • PrinceHeir

    definitely has a Disgaea feel :P

  • ninetailes4life

    Do whatever I want… does that mean I can make Laharl the main character!!

  • Finally, I can play PB on the go and not have to plug up my PS2 just to do so. And, it’s chock full of levely goodness! …and Extras, right?

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan


  • NetscapePizza

    Really wish they would bring Makai Kingdom to PSP. Phantom Brave looks beautiful but I just found the confine system too frustrating

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