Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy’s Box Art Is A Bit Busy

By Spencer . February 10, 2011 . 12:25pm

Cramming nearly every Cosmos and Chaos character on the cover, Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy’s box art appears a tad crowded.




Especially crowded when compared to the Japanese box art (left). Like other Final Fantasy titles, Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy sticks with the traditional logo on white background. The US box art for The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, in contrast, are quite similar to their Japanese counterparts.


image 3RD_Boxart FFIV_PSP_Boxart


Oh, and we have a few more screenshots of Cecil, Paladin and Dark Knight, walking around in Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.


FFIVTCC_0009_FF4_03 FFIVTCC_0011_FF4_05 FFIVTCC_0007_FF4_01

  • definitely better than a logo on white background

  • Ladies featured prominently, as they should be

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Hm, are you calling Laguna a lady?

      • Haha, I wasn’t initially but now I kind of am I think!

    • Hexen

      me either. while looking at it ” Lightning, Yuna, Vaan ” Yep its a ladies cover alright. until i saw the other characters.

  • Barrit

    Why is Vaan smelling his finger?

    • Do you REALLY wanna know?

    • Guest

      The same reason Jecht has his back turned

    • He’s not, he’s pretending he has a moustache.

      • yes because he is rowdy yet sophisticated

      • Barrit

        Hmm, I think you’re onto something. Maybe Jecht will acknowledge him then.

    • kupomogli

      That’s the first thing I was going to mention. I was like. Wtf?

    • alundra311

      He must’ve grabbed yuna’s butt.

      • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

        Nah, it would definitely have to be Jecht’s butt. That’s why Jecht is ignoring Vaan for the rest of his life.

        • alundra311

          You’re right. Now it all makes sense.

          • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

            I smell a one-way yaoi fanfic, like Vaan xD

  • Nice.
    The fact that Prishe and Gilgamesh aren’t on there gives me hope that they have yet to announce new characters, or they’ll be secret characters like Shantotto and Gabranth from the last game xD

    • Not so much of a secret anymore.

      • I know. I’m just saying that they weren’t announced to everyone before the game was released, giving more characters a possible entrance in the game other than the ones displayed on the box.

  • Code

    Busy, but looks alright to me. rar, personally I’d rather have a busy cover then an empty cover. And an artistic cover above all else, but this’ll do >w<;

  • Well as long as Vaan is on the cover I am happy. Just look at him, lol, awesome.

    Ive never been a fan of covers that have all of their characters on it this way, though Ive hated covers that are just logos and white boxart, seems like an utter waste of money. I need to read guides and get the photo paper so that I can print of fan box arts to use instead of official box arts for my games.

    • alundra311

      If Vaan smelling his finger because his finger stinks is awesome to you, then you must have a really bad sense of awesome.

      • I must admit, I almost cried when they put in Vaan. Long live Balthier!!

  • Pichi

    Rather have this cover. Not to mention its sure to turn a few heads when on the shelves.

    • I think that’s the main reason they put everyone on the cover: to advertise who all is in the game for those that don’t follow the news. I know I sold a few copies after telling people which characters were in the game.. but if SE does this, then all you have to do is tell them the secret characters, since everyone else is already on the cover.

  • Kaoro

    That… doesn’t look like Lightning’s face.

    And is that Yuna to her left? ’cause it doesn’t look like Yuna’s face either.

    • Ha! Compared to those two, Sephiroth had the most change in facial structure. It’s like he belonged to a Visual Kei band.

      • very true…and I can’t proudly show the game cover to my friend especially Sephiroth.. the up close look make him looks very very awkward…who did him in Duodecim anyway? or did they hire someone else to do the cg and design?… cuz he looks so much more better in crisis core… i mean just everyone looks better in their original franchise… Maybe except a few.. Tidus and cloud looks fine… Phew, lucky Zack was not there… I can’t accept it if they change their feature this much…

      • Kaoro

        I had to look up visual kei but yes, you’re right :).

        If those Chinese companies that make those knockoff iPhones made a Dissidia cover, this would be it. It looks so similar yet something’s off about it.

        • lol… but seriously speaking of china, they actually have got many great illustrators.. I have never really seen any artist create visual kei-ish characters before.. Most of them looks soft but not any close to the design we seen on the box, like at all.. But, well, who knows, maybe they hire the wrong people to do it.. Sephiroth looks very out of place now..

  • PrinceHeir

    yay Yuna on front cover :)

    the art is good but it wouldn’t been cool if they use the same art is the first dissidia instead of CG but it’s all good ^^

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    Looks like there’s a moogle imprinted on Cloud’s back.

  • While the boxart is good, I kinda prefer the logo with white background. It’s just so simple… and clean…

    When you walk away…

  • BelmontHeir

    Cripes, there are so many people on the cover of this game…they should apply for representation in the UN.

  • SonicRulez

    So does this confirm Prishe and Gilgamesh as super secret unlockables ala Shanty and Gabranth?

  • Ronldbx6

    I wish Dissidia duodecim and The 3rd Birthday weren’t so close in release. I want both of them! (cries) But I’m gonna have to chose one over the other. I think I might go with The 3rd Birthday, becuase I’ve been waiting longer for it.

  • evilhero

    Know what the cover reminds me of?

    When you’re playing a team sport, or in a lab group in class and you’re forced to switch to another group because they don’t have enough people.

    I always hated that.

  • I think most of the character underwent plastic surgeries that goes very wrong… I wonder who is the culprit here.. Lol.. Because, Cecil looks very very weird in the CG trailer.. Now, even Sephiroth looks abnormal.. Tifa looks very different too.. and so is Kuja … For the love of moogle.. SE , just what are you doing?

    • Kuja is not pretty enough! Garrrrrr!!

  • KyoyaHibari

    Still can’t believe Terra, Tidus and Cloud are evil /facepalm why Square…Warrior of Light seems like he could be evil being so driven by his mission to eradicate evil that he fights some of his allies, Kain and Squall too, I just honestly cant see Terra and Tidus going bad, if Shuyin was an added character to be the new FFX villain then hell yea that would be badass, but Tidus himself, just no…

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      The Chaos side’s goal is more about redoing past than doing something obviously evil, anyway. Tidus and Cloud surely have something from their past they want to change. Terra has the whole slave crown thing going on.

      Heck, Jecht and Golbez aren’t even bad in the first game.

  • kupomogli

    The cover would look good except Vaan smelling his finger looks so stupid that it completely ruins the rest of it.

  • Souji Tendou

    I’m gonna get flamed for saying this but, I hate the boxart, basically because Lighting (or whatever her name is) being put on front. It’s SUPPOSED to be Warrior of Light gawdammit SquarEnix.

  • Roses4Aria

    You know, I kind of like this. Yes, it’s busy, but I’ve never cared for the plain white cover with logo, so I think we got the better box art.

    Awwww, Onion Knight looks kind of sad and depressed without Terra, lol. Terra, Cloud, Tidus, come back to the lighhhhhhht…

  • suzaku_hien

    I love the simple cover more than this. However, it is more attractive to the eye from far away.
    One thing though is that it looks like Kefka has mean dealt a hit to the jaw by Garland’s hilt xD

    Photographer – “Smile for the camera, Chao minions”
    Garland – ” I am the STRONGEST!!!!’
    Kefka – ” and I was lik- OWWWWWW!!!!!”

  • ninetailes4life

    why is lightning in the front like shes important

    • Souji Tendou

      I know, right? It supposed to be Warrior of Light, not the ohsocoollightingorwhateverhernameis.

  • adam483t

    Does this mean that there’s no more new characters?

  • It still pisses me off that they added new characters only for the Cosmos side but not for the Chaos side

    • Zal_Yagun

      I thought Gilgamesh would be chaos….

      • Oh yeah, forgot about him, but he seems to appears just as an extra secret character like Gabranth and Shantotto in the 1st game

  • vadde939

    ugly. ugly ugly. The simple logo on white background Japanese box is so much nicer. Or at least they could have done something with art like the first Dissidia box instead of this ugly CG crap.

  • They need to make he game for the PS3 so they’ll get a bigger Box Art with more characters to put in.

  • badmoogle

    Is this cover both for US and Europe?

    Edit:Scratch that,this is only for US.Pheww…

  • I guess SE cant please everyone! but im loving the CG cover hell yeaa if u dont want it just throw the case away! or sell it on ebay for a buck or two :D

  • I’m kinda surprised that that is the American cover. I notice that when it comes to game covers, the Japanese ones tend to be more crowded and busy, and the American ones usually go for a simpler design.

    • malek86

      Uh, what? It’s the opposite, actually.

      • I think its a case by case basis, compare Disgaea 3 US to Disgaea 3 JPN…

        • malek86

          There are a few exceptions, but overall, american covers seem to add at least one character if the japanese cover doesn’t have any. If there’s already one or more character, then it becomes a case by case basis.

  • protofox

    average Sephiroth in advent children: hello cloud. feel my power. let me end your suffering.


    cloud: o_o; why did i come to the chaos side again?

    • XD One of the funniest comments I’ve seen!

      But Seriously, what’s up with Sephiroth? It’s like someone is dressed up as him…Unless it really is! And top of that is really is a chick…


  • They should have done what they did with the first Dissidia: reversible covers with Cosmos on one side and Chaos on the other.

  • animefans12

    I wonder why they have to smack on as much characters on the cover as possible… I mean, they could’ve stuck with the Japanese cover. But then it would be kind of boring to look at.

  • It is just a bunch J-Pop singers!

  • Has anyone the english voices yet?
    I heard some* of them on the Facebook fanpage. And the voices sound very good even though they were just a few seconds.

    *=Lightning, Laguna, Yuna sound awesome. Yuna and Lightning seem to have their original VAs.
    Couldn’t hear Kain to clearly to give an opinion.
    Vaan was just WTF.

  • One question: Why is Cloud, Terra, and Tidus on the bad guys’ side? Or is that just to even out the look? I haven’t finished playing all of the first Dissidia game, so I was just wondering. Unless no one knows and we’re all just anxiously awaiting the release of the game. Sorry for my ignorance. -_-

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