PSN Is Burning With PsOne Fighting Games

By Spencer . February 10, 2011 . 2:10am

darks As a prelude to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Capcom put a fistful of fighting games on PlayStation Network in Japan. Digital copies of Star Gladiator, Cyberbots, and Darkstalkers 3 (aka Vampire Savior EX Edition) are just 600 yen ($7) a piece. All girls fighter Asuka 120% Excellent: Burning Fest. Excellent from Familysoft joins the fighting game ball in Game Archives too.


Mega Man 4, Cheerful Fishing Paradise: River Legend, and realtime simulation game First Queen IV are also on Japan’s PlayStation Store.


In North America, Capcom released Pocket Fighter on PlayStation Network. The cutesy crossover fighting game with super deformed Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Red Earth characters costs $5.99.

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  • malek86

    Weirdly enough, “Pocket Fighters” isn’t compatible with the PSP. The irony!

    • Exkaiser

      You mean the original version? I bet it wasn’t compatible with the Pocketstation, either!

  • “Star Gladiator, Cyberbots, and Darkstalkers 3 (aka Vampire Savior EX Edition)”

    Well aren’t the Japanese being spoilt. Hey Capcom, be a pal and bring them over to the west will ya ;)

  • I want Rival Schools and Tech Romancer.

    • Scallion

      YES, YES, YES.
      Or rather, a new Rival Schools/PJ game or Tech Romancer.
      Don’t get me started.

      • Code

        rar, hooray! Awesome >w<~! It'd be more awesome if all of those were released here too, but I'm 100% with you on Rival Schools/Project Justice and/or Tech Romancer! I was playing Project Justice last week, and for the first time I realized that game has no clock, it only has a burning diamond — now that's intense +o+~!

        • Scallion

          I think it’s an allegory on how to live out our lives:
          Time, as we perceive it, is only an illusion.
          Live life as if it was fueled by burning diamonds.

    • But Tech Romancer’s for the Dreamcast :(

      • Advent_Andaryu

        Didn’t Sega say they are gonna release a ton of Dreamcast games for the PSN? Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi being the first.

        • max_REM

          I think that meant Sega-created/published video games.

          Sega wouldn’t have anything to do with getting Tech Romancer released on the PSN.

      • Guest


        • The art of asking a question with only one word. Such beauty.

          correct me with I’m wrong, but the reason several games are not available on psn is due to licensing issues and seeking permission from the original creators. It’s not as simple as creating an eboot of your cd.

          Also, for the record, Dreamcast is a Sega system, if you forgot, so it has a diferent architecture and programming compared to the PS family. I know that Sega is planning to release a Dreamcast collection, but take a deep look at the list and refer to Max R’s post

          That is all

    • The U.S. won’t see Rival Schools on PSN for some reason. That doesn’t mean Capcom can’t remake the game though (like they should).

  • Asuka 120%? Interesting choice

    • neo_firenze

      I’ll never get why Asuka 120% has somewhat of a cult following. Completely mediocre game. Perhaps some of is it the rarity/word-of-mouth effect. And perhaps now that it’s available for only $7 people will try it and realize that it’s actually not that good.

      • Or its availability on PSN will make in even more popular ^_^’

        The game’s alright for what it is… It’s definitely no Guilty Gear/Street Fighter, but it’s fun to impress random people with insane combo counts

  • PrinceHeir

    why not Darkstalkers Collection? that way we can play all games that never made it here.

    please release this on western PSN’s as well as Strider games :)

    • puchinri

      That would be awesome. ♥

    • max_REM

      Because it wasn’t released on the Playstation? I don’t suggest getting the PS version. It’s not a perfect port of the arcade version.

  • Guest

    Poketo Faitaa!

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