Ar Tonelico Qoga Trailer Sings In English

By Spencer . February 11, 2011 . 3:00pm

Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel made an appearance at NIS America’s event last night too. The game was fully localized (actually we received an English copy weeks ago…) and playable. For everyone that didn’t get a chance to attend, NIS America released an English trailer for the final chapter in the Ar Tonelico saga.



While the voices were in English, Ar Tonelico Qoga has a Japanese voice option.



Event screenshots with a peek at some of the game’s jokes follow below. We’ll have more on Ar Tonelico Qoga soon including answers to reader questions.


ATQ_Screen_01 ATQ_Screen_02Page19-01 Page19-03Page20-01 Page17-03 Page18-01 Page18-02 Page19-02 ATQ_Screen_03

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  • Hooray for optional dubs!

    • Hraesvelgr

      Hooray for unnecessary dub hate.

      • mirumu

        Hooray for everyone winning, even those who would take away our choice.

      • Lol I don’t recall saying “woot I hate dubs!”
        The hooray was for the fact that there is something
        for everyone and I actually like the VA. :/

        • Kai2591

          I second that ‘Hooray’~

          And besides, liking or not liking is simply the preference of each person. Can’t just dictate them to follow our way. Nothing to be irritated about imho.

          Once again, Hooray for dual audio!

        • Guest

          I used to be the type to always switch to JP but after a few years (and a bunch of anime watching), its kinda refreshing to hear English lol.

          Especially with something like Valkyria Chronicles, bringing back the original voice actors for some returning characters in VC2 made it that much more heartwarming to me.

          As long as its at least decent VO and it makes sense (Ryu from SF = Always JP), I will gladly pick English.

          IMO, British VO’s in a JRPG 10x Awesome (like DQ8)

      • Testsubject909

        Double Hooray for two individual causes that are worth Hooray-ing for…

        I’m not saying we should. I just doing two hoorays, don’t want to give any confusion.

      • lol if you actually like that dub of the main character, you have really low standards……or plain deaf.

  • Well that was a trailer that convinced me to pick up this game even though I didnt play the others. The music sounds awesome and the character designs as well, simply stunning. Ill surely get that Cosmosphere edition on day 1 baby!!!

    • I’ll be eyeing your Cosmophere edition (¬_¬)

      • Youre not getting it?

        • I can’t be bothered to import and wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive just to inhale that godly aroma of an anticipated newly released game.

    • But how can you enjoy it? It doesn’t have multiplayer!

      • I never stated my own opinions on multiplayer in games, lol. The number one thing I look for in games is epically phenomenal stories and great presentation values, and this looks like it has both.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Those must have been the opinions of the other Tsuna.

          • Not really. The usual Tsuna takes presentation and story over gameplay, singleplayer or otherwise. He’ll “Day 1” a title before gameplay footage is even shown (Tales of the Last Promise anyone?). :P

        • So that was your other personality in the Iwai/Enslaved article? Where you talked positively about, and I quote, “I think the age of the single player game is already swiftly spiraling to its demise. Games need multiplayer to keep us hooked and playing more. “

          • Darkrise

            Definately another Tsuna at work here. >.>

          • Its no use

          • It’s true anyways. Unless a title is made strictly for singleplayer, many gamers these days want value in their games. They don’t want to feel like they like they wasted $60 for only 8 hours of gameplay. That’s where DLC comes in, or perhaps, a developers’ need to add more to a single player campaign. It’s hard to believe people will still play Fable 3 despite its shitty game design choices.


  • I’m making an effort to beat the first two games before March 15.

    • Same here, I’m half way through Ar Tonelico 1.

      • Darkrise

        Argh, I’ve only barely started Phase 02 of the 1st game and my copy of the 2nd is still under wraps.

        • HURRY UP!!!! AHHHH!!!! and do you already know wich girl’s route go for first? xD

          • Darkrise

            I chose Misha lol. Actually I’m pretty much stuck and it’s discouraged me for the past week.

          • I’m going for Misha’s. :3

          • Haha both of you are going for Misha xD

          • Go for harem. I will not tolerate disobedience

          • If only you could…

    • Im gonna play it again too so you guys wont feel lonely, I RESPECT YOUR EFFORTS!

    • Same, Just beat the first one. Just started on the Second.

      • The only problem that i had with the second is that Croix failed a little as the MC when deeper into the game, is like he was just following everyone xD.

        But woah, it was so good, and Luca is scary >.< enjoy the game! the battle system is a lot better than the 1st one

        • I liked Croix, he was always like a clueless dude(The Cosmospheres are so awesome xD) in which every girl fell in love with, Cynthia for example is hilarious xD
          Liked Cloche the most and I agree with the battle system, I should start to play them again too, so I’m prepared for Qoga.

  • So, how much we’re talking for the english copy? :3

    Hard mode ftw, and is it my pc or the gameplay video in the trailer just looks like it’s running in 10fps. Nice trailer, anyhow

    • $59.99 and the game is 60fps 4xMSAA so I wouldnt worry about that, the player is just not playing nice with your PC I guess

  • Is it March 15th yet? Can’t wait to play :D

  • Excellent! I can’t wait!

  • HarryHodd

    Been looking forward to this since it was announced. Great to see the release date approaching.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Trailer is great. :) Now I’m even more excited!!! The English actors all sound pretty good too I was worried they were going to reuse the same actors that they always do (not really a bad thing but I do tire of it sometimes) but this dub’s got some variety in it. :D

  • M’iau M’iaut

    So I’m guessing Spencer wants all of us to really hate him with that little secret he gave out.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Even Spencer can’t resit to brag here and there. lol Hopefully everyone else is distracted by the cool trailer and pictures of pretty girls talkin’ about drills to notice the line. lol

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Pretty girls talkin about drills……by the impression I’m getting of this particular one, that’s going to be on the mild side of the innuendo!

        Akselsys is right, is it March 15th yet?

        • From my interpretation, they’re going to pierce the heavens and throw galaxies at each other

          • Zero_Destiny

            ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH lol

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Just as long as it’s done in a tub of hot oil, or at least a bubble bath.

          • Zero_Destiny

            What Gurren Lagann were you watching?! AND WHERE CAN I FOUND A COPY OF IT!!!

          • Ren


            You know that it being Gurren Lagann, it will probably be with the guys, right? Like the uncut version of episode 6.
            Well, as long as it skips Leeron… Wait, if only Kamina is included, can it be considered gay?

      • No it’s not a note to brag.. it’s more of an explanation of why we don’t have impressions… (apologies if you thought otherwise)

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol No need to apologize. Brag all you want or don’t brag if you don’t want to. I’m cool with either. Really I should apologize. Meant it jokingly no need to go out of your way to explain it. Thanks for caring though.

    • I’m still wondering what is he going to announce at 10pm PST. Anticipation is killing me

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Joins Ashgail in digital tears.

      • That tweet was from yesterday and it was Cave Story 3D. Long story short, we were under embargo for it even though we knew about it for weeks.

        • I see… Thanks for correcting me. I thought we’re getting more awesome news in addition to Cave Story ;___;

          • Sorry to disappoint! Things are probably things that readers here will think are awesome in the future.

            So, um… dry those digital tears?

          • *keyboard short circuits due to overflow of tears*

            Don’t worry it was my mistake in interpreting it wrongly :3

            Keep up the good work, guys!

    • No, no that wasn’t my intention! I was trying to accentuate that the game has been localized for quite some time, as well offer an explanation of why we don’t have impressions from the event.

      You will hear more about Qoga soon, but after Neptunia.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        That made sense since I recall the reports that once had this dated for January. You better be having fun!

  • the voice is too chese

  • kashiwaba

    Finally a JRPG which looks decent getting localized.

    • Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice and Resonance of Fate yearn for remembrance.

      • I consider Disgaea 3 more strategy game though, it didnt had any towns, maps to explore, and Resonance of fate… umm its a weird combination, but i didnt really consider it as “A RPG”, it was like a weird but cool combination of a lot of things

        • Why so technical? they are still RPGs, Disgaea is a tactical rpg, not a strategy game (like the Command and Conquer or Total War)…

          • tactical = strategy -.-

            And all you do is enjoy scenes and choose what battle to do next in disgaea, i dont really consider that a “full jrpg”, i consider those kind of games, strategy games.

            On the ps3 the games i consider “normal”, “traditional” rpgs are (and that i have played, so i might miss some)… umm eternal sonata, echanted arms, dragon age, white knight chronicles… FF14 could be because of the battles, the only problem is the town. Uhh and thats it, at least the ones i own…

          • Im going to have to vehemently disagree. Final Fantasy Tactics isnt an RPG? Disgaea isnt? Im quite sure theres a few other series where its select and battle.

            Sorry but Disgaea != Command & Conquer (Strategy) no matter how you put it. Youre still being too technical, “full jrpg?!” what? It can be partial JRPG?! You may not consider them RPGS but the developers do and they have the final say so.

          • First… arent we talking about PS3? why go all the way out with FFtactics? Dont tell me you think FFtactics is a tactic game only because the name? Well, it is, tactics means the same as strategy after all.

            …And when someone says lets do a strategy isnt it the same as saying lets do a tactic?

            Yes, you dont understand because you havent played that many games (at least rpg ones), and google/wikipedia cant really explain that, play a disgaea (strategy game) and then go play Final Fantasy 9, tell me if you feel the same rpgish feeling when playing the games, there are a lot of kinds of rpgs, but the most traditional ones are these kind of games where there are towns, places to explore, dunno, is hard to explain, is something you learn from experience.

            Meh, bascially we could say ALL the games that have a story is a RPG, becaus we are Playing the Role of some character in a Game

          • No it isnt, just compare the gameplay of modern strategy games to RPGS that have elements with tactics in them. They are vastly different in terms of character progression, storytelling, and item versatility and modification, and such. Thats why it is baffling to me that you are saying they are strategy when modern strategy games such as RUSE, Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, Total War and so many other games have gameplay that is vastly different than Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics, isnt Last Remnant also an RPG?!

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Pac-Man is my favorite RPG because I get to play the role of Pac-Man. See what I did there Sawada? Sorry to butt-in mid-conversation but had to interject with some points. Yes I usually call games like Disgaea tactics games but it’s been more and more popular to call those kinds of games Strategy RPG’s. But just because of the fact that their AN RPG doesn’t make them THE RPG to some people. It’s an apples and oranges kind of debate. Just like whether or not you’ll consider an action-RPG to be a real RPG or just an action game with some RPG elements in it. It’s best just to differentiate between the sub-genres of RPG’s so not to confuse and upset people. I have no idea why you want to relate PC strategy and RTS games to turn-based strategy or strategy RPG’s though. That’s too much of a stretch.

          • Yeah, xD is too much of a deep theme to talk with tsuna about this, i will just stop haha.

            And well, even if it isnt tsuna, this is a very delicate matter that could take pages and pages on any forum :0

            And for the tactical thing, It really doesnt matter if you call tactical or strategy game, after all, those words mean the same… they are what some crazy people call… synonyms!!

          • @Zero_Destiny See, youre being too technical too. They are just RPGS thats it. To evoke strategy, or as Wild Arms was trying to say the games are strategy means they have the gameplay as other games in strategy games and thats not the case. The games are at their simplest, an RPG, no need to go into technical details and sub genre classifications lol.

            RUSE and Command & Conquer (Strategy games) are both on consoles, you all must have missed the games.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Sawada It’s ok to think of Strategy RPG’s as RPG’s after all they are (technically). But when you go out in conversations and just declare them to be THE RPG it can upset some people. The term RPG has changed a lot and it’s becoming harder to define what an RPG is. This upsets some people and they will of course feel differently about Strategy RPGs than you do. Some might feel that they don’t make the cut and are nothing more than just Strategy RPG’s and shouldn’t be grouped together with their and I use the term lightly “REAL” RPG’s. Just be careful and play it safe by using the sub-genre. i.e. Disgaea is a Strategy RPG. We’re not trying to say that Disgaea games don’t deserve to be an RPG or that you’re wrong. It’s just that we view it differently. It doesn’t hurt to put an S in front of RPG . That’s all. And with that I’m ending this argument. :)

          • RPG is stats, stat progression, and combat based on STATS. Disgaea and FF both have these.

            Almost everything else in games labeled as RPGs is borrowed from other genres and/or common but not necessary to label the game as a RPG.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Has there been a lack of them?

      • Darkrise

        Only in other people’s opinions.

      • Zero_Destiny

        No but a lot have moved to portables now. Still some DARN good ones though. And the ones that are on home consoles are still great too.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Ah *thinks* Dragon Quest IX and VI soon, and Golden Sun DS, and Final Fantasy IV PSP soon, and Final Fantasy Gaiden (Four Heroes of Light), and Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Final Fantasy Type-0, and Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together PSP, and Radiant Historia, and PERSONA 3 Portable, and Atelier Rorona, and Trinity Universe, and Neptunia, and Lufia DS remake, and YSI&II, and, YSIII, and YSVII, and Trails in the sky soon, and the latest Rune Factory, and Disgaea 4 soon, and Tales of Graces soon. All those titles came out from June/July to about March 2011. With the exception Final Fantasy XIII-2 which is suppose to come out in the winter, Final Fantasy Type-0 which is suppose to be out soon, Disgaea 4 which comes out this summer, and Tales of Graces which doesn’t have a date yet. Either way take your pick. Plenty of good RPG’s to play.

  • I dont know about you guys, but me myself, think the english dubs are GREAT, and every time i watch the video, and after watching the freaking video for the 20318th time it always made me teary eyed at the end. Omg i wanna play this so bad…

    Anyhow, i always play the first playthrough of ar tonelico in english, but i found it funny how you guys put the big screen with the both languages options appear haha xD. Like Siliconera: “YES!! DUAL AUDIO OPTION, DONT ASK!”

    And (actually we received an English copy weeks ago…)


    • Guest

      Not that I watch a lot of anime in English – I recognize a lot of the voices and they make up the ones I don’t mind hearing. I might play it in English after seeing all this garbage against it knowing I’ll replay it over and over anyways.

      I understand how you reacted. Ar tonelico is the only console game series that I ever felt anything for the characters. Although the English lines are quite good in the trailer, I’ll probably have to play through those scenes to get teary eyed because I need context, haha.

  • I’m picking up both on the 15th, but man, is it going to be hard to decide between Yakuza 4 and Ar Tonelico when it comes to which one I’m going to play first.

    • I feel your pain, my good man. Probably Ar Tonelico first? Yakuza will eat up HOURS of your life, if you’re a completionist

  • evilmoogle

    *yoda voice*
    unncessary dub hate, i feel.

    • Not from me or any of the staff, but since so many readers ask about dual audio, I felt it was important to point it out for people who consider it a priority.

  • Darkrise

    Wow, the dubs actually aren’t that bad. 0.0

    • Locklear93

      NISA’s dubs usually aren’t. I’m actually mostly on the dub-hating side; I’ll admit that up front. I haven’t watched a dubbed anime since the 90s, and I doubt I ever will again. But NISA’s dubs are almost always very good, with some definite exceptions (BIG caveat: failing to pronounce Asuka correctly in Disgaea 3, argh).

      • simple dub-hating is one thing, nitpicks over pronunciations of names makes for a lot of baseless arguments these days. :/

        • Darkrise

          Well mispronounciations of names can get irritating.

          • It depends. I mean, I would look at a Japanese name and think of two ways to say it, one of them sound the same as the english voice actors say it. If people really mispronounced a name, I would notice.

            It’s not America’s fault they try so hard to say the names right. Even Japan fails a lot by using English lines because of the L and R slur (Other foreign dubs are taken to account as well). The fault goes to the viewers who a huge ass deal about.

            Like the Durarara dub. People are labeling it an absolute fail for mispronouncing of names; the “only” case here being Masaomi. The “a” in “Ma” is naturally silent. Personally, I don’t think it matters when anyone from America naturally uses the “a,” because it’s in their accent. You can judge the mispronunciations, just don’t push it over the voice acting as a whole.

          • mirumu

            Japanese pronunciation isn’t as vague as English though. Generally speaking there is only one correct way to pronounce each symbol in Japanese.

          • Locklear93

            I’m pretty strongly of the opinion that if you’re paid to do something, do it correctly. I’m not familiar with Durarara specifically, but I really do feel it’s the voice actors’ and voice directors’ responsibilities to know how names are pronounced, and get them right.

            (I should note, to be fair, that I’m biased. I buy NISA’s anime, which is sub only, and I’m perfectly happy with that, so I’m not in the same boat as someone who WANTS a dub, and might be more tolerant for the sake of having one.)

            Regarding your last sentence, though, I can agree with that to at least some extent–a mispronunciation doesn’t automatically make a bad dub. I can get through Disgaea 3’s dub in its entirety with no (major) complaints, except the awful mispronunciation of Asuka. I don’t consider the dub of Disgaea 3 bad as a whole; but I do scowl at the voice director who should’ve said, “No, that’s not how it’s pronounced.”

      • cj_iwakura

        Sadly, it can go either way. Prinny 2’s dub was terrible, Tonelico 2 and Prinny’s were fantastic.

    • Guest

      I thought the voice acting was fine as I felt rather hyped by what I heard. It makes me want to replay the first two with English just to see if it is horrible or not. I think most people just don’t give it a chance and blindly hate it. If people could understand original audios I think they would understand that bad voice acting isn’t bound to one language.

    • I agree. I like them

  • Woah! It seems my question has been answered!
    Thanks Siliconera!
    Now I’ll be waiting and purchase it in DAY1!!! ^_^

  • My God, what have I have been missing! D:

    It’s sooo glad for the recommendation from Gamestop! ^_^ I’m really excited for this. Pre-ordered and everything! Though March is going to kill me financially anyway. T_T

    Why can’t Feb. 15th come faster so March 15th can arrive already.

    • Darkrise

      Wait what? Gamestop recommended a jrpg!?

      • I know!! O_O
        XD One of the workers in the Gamestop near where I live is JRPG fanatic (other genres but you get the idea ^^). He dubs me “The RPG Lady” because of the games are jrpgs. XD

        Also I should that same worker recommended a lot of rpgs, including Ar Tonelico Qoga and HyperDimension Neptuna.

        • Darkrise

          Gamestop for once having an rpg lover working there… That’s something.

          lol, you’re lucky, every game store here including gamestop have workers that only care about the mainstream games and mostly fps and WOW is the closest rpg game that they’re willing to play.

          • Zero_Destiny

            There’s this pretty cool guy at one of the Gamestops around where I live. We have similar interest and often talk about or should I say joke about Death Smiles’ and Agarest Wars’ ridiculous yet awesome Limited Editions (the ergonomic mouse-pad sitting on the counter having yet to find anyone wanting to buy it is always a great conversation piece lol). When I bought P3 he told me how amazing it was, and we often exchange jokes from Disgaea. Plus he tries to one-up by tellin’ me about the new RPG’s comin’ out but since I have Silicon Era he can never beat me. heheheheh He’s also cut me some deals in the past too. Like selling me the promotional posters they had for Dragon Quest IX since he knew how much I loved Dragon Quest. Sadly he couldn’t save the display pieces but I got some awesome posters at least. Makes me sad that, that Gamestop didn’t have the Dragon Quest IX event since I could have at least hong-out with him. Instead I had to go to a different local Gamestop. :( There’s employees out there who enjoy this stuff too don’t you worry. Sadly not enough if you ask me. lol But hey this is a niche thing so it’s not like I can expect a whole store of RPG-loving employees. Just glad to see other people who like this stuff.

          • I know right! Some of the workers where I go, it’s only FPS and mainstream games, But it’s like what Zero_Destiny they are some workers who like and play niche titles. We just need more of them. Especially gamestop.

            Actually the worker I told you about, also has a friend/co-worker at that same gamestop, who some niche titles as well. O_o TWO RPG fans (jpgs at that) working in the same gamestop?

            (checks calender) Nope, still 2011…

            Now I’m on a mission to find the first two Ar tonelicos… Wish me luck. >.<

          • RupanIII

            lol same thing at my local stores. actually back when they were still Eletronics Boutique there was a guy who worked there who was into niche games, but that was years ago

  • z_merquise

    I just saw the Banpresto logo in it. Are they the developers (or co-developers) of this game?

    • Banpresto atre the japanese publishers, they fund the development and help out on some stuff but it’s mostly a Gust game ^^

  • Has it gone gold or are they like, dodecatuple checking for bugs this time?

    Also lol at “I want to do some advanced programming so can you take off some clothes?” totally trying that line on my gf sometime :D

  • Croix

    I’m so excited I can’t think of anything else to say!

  • PrinceHeir

    “Ar Tonelico Qoga has a Japanese voice option.”

    yay for more options :D

    i already plan on getting this but this will make my purchase 110% :P

  • I cannot wait for this! I absolutely adore Ar Tonelico and NISA’s voice dubs are usually really good, so that’s hardly a concern here. I think I’ll actually play through in English first.

    So excited! (>.<)/~<3

    Edit: Curse you Spencer for rubbing in the fact that you've had a playable copy. ;_;

  • prinnydood123

    Is it me or does the main character sound like adell form Disgaea 2 o.o?

  • Purge movie option stays on forever…. for me.

  • Kris

    Wow. I really like that music, but I can’t explain why.

    • It’s the Ar Tonelico Effect!!, you should hear some others with lyrics, it feels even more epic, for example…
      Have you played any ar tonelico before? It has its own language and writing as you can clearly see in the vid :P

      • Kris

        Yeah, I’ve hardly touched the series. The focus on music is actually pretty interesting, and it’s even more impressive that they made their own language for the game!

  • Shikinami

    I just hope it won’t have “dubtitles” like Sega did in Valkyria Chronicles. Not much point in having dual audio in that case unless you understand Japanese really well, or are simply replaying.

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