Final Fantasy Coupons Bundled With Other Square Enix PSP Games In Europe

By Spencer . February 11, 2011 . 12:36pm


Square Enix Europe is packing 50% off coupons for two Final Fantasy remakes with their upcoming PSP releases. You can get a digital copy of Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition for half-price with the voucher inside Dissidia 012[duodecim]. The 3rd Birthday includes a coupon for Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition. Each game will cost £7.99 ($13) on the UK PlayStation Store. After the coupon each game will be roughly $6.50.


Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition will be available on PSN starting February 16. Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition heads online on March 2. Neither title is on the US PlayStation Store as of this post.

  • Yukito

    Coupons? Coupons are stating the series is even worth something anymore. =/

  • malek86

    Anniversary edition = nobody cares. If they went with the definitive Origins version, maybe. I already have the disc, but it would still be a much better deal.

    • Zero_Destiny

      That or the awesome GBA port. :) PSP port = whatever.

      • malek86

        Dawn of Souls = meh. If they had kept the original magic system… but they had to go for the streamlined one, which made the game really boring.

        Origins lets you choose between both systems, so it’s effectively the best version around.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Hey I like Origins too but the GBA port was more fun to me and I felt that it needed to be mentioned. I got to play it on the go and it made Final Fantasy II more bearable. Though I think Origins also brought down the difficulty of Final Fantasy II. But I never bothered with II on Origins. I hated it at first and didn’t give it a fair chance until the GBA game. God I don’t know how I played it all the through back in the day. lol I must of been quite the Final Fantasy fan. Serious Final Fantasy II is the only game that rewards you for beating yourself half to death. lol But it’s not as bad as I make it out to sound was frustrating but not too bad. But I’m sure you know that already. lol

          • malek86

            I know a couple other games that reward you for a similar approach. In FFTA, in every mission i always left one enemy alive, and then started using a lot of spells such as healing on my allies, because it would give you exp regardless of their actual usefulness.

            Still, I completed FFTA, while i couldn’t get past half a hour of FF2, so yeah.

          • Ereek

            The first three hours of FF2 are far and away the worst.

            This may be me being biased (since I’m one of the few people on the planet who actually loves the game), but try and give it a chance until you finish the Mythril dungeon. It gets better after that.

            You’ll also find the game more fun if you don’t try and level up by attacking yourself.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Final Fantasy II gets better but you need to be hardcore to beat it. lol But yeah it can be grueling and the hours you put in level grinding will slowly make you go insane. lol Still a fun game to pluck away at when you’re on the go and are looking for something tedious to do to keep your mind off of things. That’s why I think the GBA version is better. Could never put that kind of attention into the console version. It takes dedication man. lol

      • Ereek

        But the PSP version is an improved port of the GBA version, but with more content (an extra dungeon and boss as well as the extra 4 cameo dungeons from DoS) and improved graphics.

        I honestly cannot think of a single reason why I’d play the GBA version over the PSP version at this point. The Origins version is at least both harder and has the different systems all together.

        • kupomogli

          Well. Aside from the load times which aren’t too bad on the PSP port, there is one reason to play the GBA port over the PSP port. The dungeon effects.

          Whenever going through almost any dungeon on Final Fantasy Anniversary, there is an effect that darkens most of the area surrounding the character, basically a circle of dark(or light if you’re in the Temple of Fiends 2000 years in the past.) It’s just extremely annoying. I already know the game like the back of my hand, but I really like to be able to see everything.

          There’s even a flaw in the Temple of Fiends 2000 years in the past. One of the floors on the way doesn’t have the effect yet the rest of them do. It really makes you wish there was a way to turn this effect off because the game really is beautiful and it just takes away from how good it looks.

          Like you said though. Origins is the best version if you’re interested in the graphics enhancement and the original gameplay. It’s almost exactly like the NES FF. It’s slightly easier though because the 1-25 game gives you 10,000GP every time you beat the record which is very easy. You can run the time up so that you beat the record by a second(or a few seconds) so you can just repeat and beat that record for more money. Spells also don’t have accuracy(which is a good thing) and will always take around the same amount rather than the varying amounts that can often happen on the original.

          I also agree with you on FF2. It’s a much better and more enjoyable game if you don’t make your characters kill themselves at the beginning of the game. It actually has fairly good balanced gameplay without the need to do so. As long as you have atleast one character to become proficient in magic and equip shields rather than duel wield it’s fairly easy. The only problem I see with FF2 and the reason people probably hate it is that right outside the areas they’re supposed to be at are some enemies they shouldn’t be fighting until near the end of the game, basically saying “you’re going the wrong way.” Infact that’s kind of cool about the game as it lets you know you’re not supposed to go this way yet.

  • Right?…good luck with that :P

  • Who cares?

  • I’d be happier if the coupons gave discount to FFIV complete :

  • Cloud_ST

    Is the PSP version very different from the PS1 version?,I remember beating the first two on the PS1,good games.

    • Ereek


      Yes, in that the magic system is almost completely different. The PSP version is pretty much a ported GBA version with improved (very lovely) graphics. This means a few things:
      1. The PSP version has a good deal of extra content. Maybe 10+ hours.
      2. The PSP version is much easier. Certain spells aren’t as cheap or as useful with the exception of. . .
      3. The optional bosses are much, much harder than anything you’ll find in the main game. Some of them require a somewhat specific setup to beat (have fun with Shinryu without a White Mage, or good luck with Omega without multiple Attack boosting abilities!).
      4. The PSP version uses a more traditional MP system. Think FFVI-V-VI-VII-IX. Basically “cast a spell, it uses MP.” You can still only set 3 spells per level of each type of magic, but each spell level does not have the limited casts.
      5. Compared to the very, very, very old versions the level cap is much higher. Expect to be around level 60 or so by the time you beat the game, and if you do all optional content 70 or even 80.

      No, in that at its core it is still relatively the same game. Much of the changes are cosmetic or simply there to make the game more easily accessible.

      • Cloud_ST

        Seems significantly different,maybe I’ll try it out someday,thanks.

  • That would be awesome since I got the Legacy Edition of dissidia and the twisted edition of the 3rd birthday pre ordered I’m so exited now I can’t wait…:))

  • And you get half price Crystal Defenders on PSP with Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition and half price Vagrant Story with Tactics Ogre Premium Edition! Its a cool way to link retail and digital sales.

    • Exkaiser

      A coupon for Vagrant Story with Tactics Ogre? How delicious.

  • PrinceHeir

    would have been cool if it was free though ^^

    but alas at least you can buy them once NGP get’s released :P

  • I’d prefer if the games came with a signed contract stating “we promise to start working on enchancements of Final Fantasy V and VI”

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