The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Has 1.5 Million Japanese Characters

By Ishaan . February 12, 2011 . 3:02pm

At approximately 1.5 million Japanese characters, Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is officially done being localized into English, thanks to the gargantuan efforts of Xseed.


While Xseed editor, Jessica Chavez (she has her good days and her better days), barely survived the experience with a sliver of her HP bar still in the green, she managed to muster up the courage to tell of her grand localization adventure nonetheless.


Such bravery. On the Xseed blog, Jess writes:


Trails in the Sky… What can I say? It’s long. It’s so long that many companies have avoided localizing it for years (the body count has always been off-putting for some reason). Conflicting reports put the total game text at ~1.5 million Japanese characters, but all ‘I’ know for certain is that I worked from home 11-14hrs a day, 6 days/week, lost 7lbs, cut off 18inches of my hair and used the XSEED twitter account to further the cause of bacon on more than one occasion. In the end we had to employ a total of 3 translators, 1.25 editors (myself, and Tom had to jump in the last month to help me finish chapter 4) and one or two other helpful Sora no Kiseki experts that didn’t mind spontaneous Instant Messages asking about whether or not certain characters would be at home saying things like, “Lo! I am hoist with my own petard!”


Wait, did we say “done”? The truth is, she won’t be entirely done until the game is out in the wild (sometime in March), and she’s working on another project alongside this one. That said, you could probably make her life a little easier, by sending her messages to the effect of “Plz be my waifu!!” on the Xseed Twitter.

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  • WonderSteve

    Only two more to go….

    God speed XSEED.

    • Ereek

      And the second one is even longer.

      I fear for their sanity.

      • yes.. the second one is crazy… i forget how long it took me to finish but my, it really is long.. lol.. but i love it.. XD

        • frantisek

          i can’t remember exactly how long i played it, but i think i clocked 120 hrs at the end doing the sidequests and all… really a massive game, even more than the first

          the third has a minor scope being almost a dungeon crawler, but to compensate that it’s filled to the brim with character development, while zero no kiseki is another massive entry just like soratrails 1-2… hope you guys are able to play it in english

      • WonderSteve

        Keep feeding them cash by buying all 3 games in the trilogy. That would keep them sane. :P

        • Zero_Destiny

          Or make them insanely rich Muwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hours

      More like three, we can’t forget Zero no Kiseki…. Mwahaha!

      • Xseed are my new gods if they bring everything as for now they are my legendary heroes, haha XD

      • WonderSteve

        Hopefully they will bring Zero no Kiseke…an English PSP port will probably be the only chance for me to experience it fully.

        I finished Trail’s FC in Chinese on PC. Still need to finish SC and TC….

        So I guess Zero no Kiseki will be called “Trail of the Zero?”

        • I’m really envious for those who can understand chinese (mandarin/cantonese/etcetc) Seems to be quite an amount of games translated to chinese. Once my friend bragged to me that he’s playing Stein’s Gate. As far as I know, he didn’t understand a single word of japanese. Turns out there’s a chinese translation available

          • WonderSteve

            It’s actually not that rosy. I would argue that knowing English is better for playing video games in general, even if you only play Japanese titles. FFXIII is the first Final Fantasy ever to get a Chinese port, and that’s only with subs. That is after millions of players in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China playing Japanese versions of FF for like 15-20 years. Finally SE and other Japanese developers realized there is an untapped market.

            Knowing Chinese does enable you to play some visual novels titles through official channels that will probably never be released in English couple of years ago. An example would be the Memories Off series.

            But I think the situation is changing now, Mangagamer seems to push quite hard at localizing these games. Now we got XSEED for Falcom games. Also, the official Chinese port usually have awful DRM schemes. My Chinese Trails in the Sky FC doesn’t work in Windows 7 thanks to the stupid DRM.

            The only advantage of knowing Chinese is probably for reading Manga these days. Lots of awesome manga probably will never be translated in English, but they all have Chinese version available.

          • Thanks to China I’m now able to play FF13 in English WITH Japanese voices!

      • And also Alternative Saga, so four more to go!

  • SolidusSnake

    Hmm I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask random video game translators to be my waifu so I will help by pre-ordering the special edition box instead.

    • You can try asking her to include the cardboard box that she wears..

      • SolidusSnake

        That’s one step away from buying “used cardboard boxes” out of Japanese vending machines!

  • If you start counting the characters that you’re translating, it surely isn’t pretty….

    Have mai monehs XSeed

  • inb4 a certain someone says “too much text =O”

  • Kaoro

    Very excited about this game! I hope I can buy it at launch just to support XSeed but there are limits to my extravagant $0/hr college-student income. Believe it or not.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Holy Christ. I don’t even wan to imagine how much text Second Chapter’s going to have…This lady deserves a lot of money.

  • I’m gonna buy the games even though I’ll probably be too busy to play them. I’ll write it off on my taxes as a good deed.

    Disclaimer: I’m not gonna write it off on my taxes, IRS. Please don’t feel the need to audit me.

  • karasuKumo

    Respect! She sure is dedicated.

    BTW That picture looks like someone sniffing a PSP XD

    • Zero_Destiny

      *sniff* Ah~ Take in the plasticy metallic goodness that is the PSP XD

    • WonderSteve

      Joshua is addicted to that new PSP smell fresh from the factory. I guess that’s why he is………at the end of the first game :P

      Estelle is not going to happy about it.

  • Hours

    Kudos Jess and the XSEED team, I’m really looking forward to this game and the rest of the series.

  • Zero_Destiny

    *message sent* Alright when the court comes callin’ with restraining orders I’m blaming it on you guys XD So excited for the game.

  • falcomgamefan

    1.5 million characters isn’t really that big at all. Xseed is trying to make it seem like these games are the biggest games ever…which they are NOT. There are several other Japanese RPGs out there that dwarf the size of these games as well as games here in the west.

    For example, the text in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (a western game) is about 7 times the size of the first Trails in the Sky game and about 4 times the size of the second Trails in the Sky game.

    In fact, any of you anime gamers who are familiar with “adventure games” like Kanon, Clannad, and Little Busters. All of these games have more text than any of the Trails in the Sky games. Key’s newest game, Rewrite, boasts over 6 million characters, which is more than all three Trails in the Sky games combined.

    The other little “dirty secret” that Xseed didn’t tell gamers, is that probably 25% of the text in Trails in the Sky is just “repeated” text, which means that when you talk to an NPC in several different situations, they say the same thing. Little do gamers know, that same text isn’t written once, but several times throughout the entire game script, so it’s nothing more than a copy and paste job and not “real” translation work. Pretty much every JRPG does this where you have multiple paths and you need to cover plot holes just in case you haven’t run into a certain character, NPC, or triggered an event prior to that when the possibility exists that you could have.

    Xseed is full of it when they say they translated 1.5 million characters and they just need to quit their whining and get to work.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I take it you didn’t read the blog where the editor says yes she had some trouble and needed some help but she tried her best. All the while her boss just chuckled at her and pointed out all the really hard stuff he had to translate back in the day. lol And yeah I get it now. You hate the Trails in the Sky games. So much so to start acting like a troll. You can stop now. We’re tired of it. And Likewise enough with your complaints on XSEED they’re a great company that treats their fans very well. I can look past your random almost troll like behaviors when it comes to these games but it upsets me greatly to see your random and senseless hatred for this company.

      • Feynman

        His behaviors are “troll like” because he IS a troll. He spends a frightening amount of time cruising the internet hating on Falcom and anybody involved with them, trying to push metacritic scores down with dummy accounts, etcetera. Best not to respond to him in the first place.

        • Zero_Destiny

          “His behaviors are “troll like” because he IS a troll.”____ How could I be so blind?! XD I’d try to ignore stuff like this but the hatred for companies. It get’s my blood boiling. I just can’t help but want to yell at him.

        • falcomgamefan

          I love it how you call people a troll when the people from your own fansite seem to troll the entire web and don’t want to let anyone have an opinion that differs from your own.

          Oh, and get this. A guy at work just showed me on your fansite that it was apparently the Ancient Land of Ys members who were the ones rigging the scores on metacritic because this wyrdwad fellow who is actually Tom Lipschultz from Xseed (Wow! This company is ever dirtier than I thought doing this!), asked everybody on your fansite to write super high reviews so as to rig the aggregate score. In fact, he even asked your group to ask metacritic to remove all the negative reviews! And then he apparently thinks I’m some dude named megalink who for whatever reason, doesn’t agree with his crap. And then you guys accuse me of making dummy accounts? I love the conspiracy theories, but you guys are so exposed!

          Everyone reading this thread needs to see this! I wouldn’t trust anything Xseed says ever again after reading this. I think this is the first time I have ever seen a company try to rig the review scores for a game. It’s downright disreputable of Xseed to be doing this. Shame on them!

          • Woah, never even knew of the site. Thanks dude, I just registered and made a post to show my appreciation to Xseed, and about my love for Ys 7.

          • You mean they asked their fans to say nice things about them? WHERE CAN I LEARN THIS DIRTY EVIL MIND CONTROL TRICK?

            I mean seriously you’re really reaching there, they cant force anyone to do anything they dont already want to do and organizing campaigns to raise awareness/profile/word of mouth are done by almost every single company.

            I’d like to call BS on your claim about them not being localised because they arent good, there are loads of great series with the same or less text that werent translated. Working Designs went over the idea or releasing the Langrisser series a hundred times but could never do it because it was just too much text for a niche game.

            The sora games are some of the best going, there’s really no argument to be made that they arent at least good, the world is well thought out with a lot of background, culture and lore. The battle system is solid, the music is amazing, the characters are likeable and funny. It’s an insult that someone calling themselves a falcom game fan would post something like that.

          • kupomogli

            Like Sieghardt said. No one is forcing you to write a good review about a game you play. If you like it then write a good review, if you don’t then don’t bother. XSeed is only one of the niche companies that Siliconera interviews, and like any company, do you really think they’re going to say something bad about any of their games?

            Oh wait. I forgot about Namco Bandai’s president. That pretty much put the nail in the coffin on games such as Splatterhouse and Enslaved.

            “We found the quality and development speed of titles made for us by the overseas studios to be lacking. Foreign studios can still propose and develop games, but our Japanese staff will control the process more closely.”

      • falcomgamefan

        Look man, what really bothers me (in fact pisses me off) about Xseed, is how they constantly pretend like they’re the only ones who have it hard in the gaming industry. Frankly, that’s a load of crap. Anyone who works in this industry knows about numbers of characters in games and I don’t hear anyone else (not Atlus, Konami, Namco-Bandai, NISA, Square-Enix, or anyone in the industry) griping and moaning about the number of characters in a game, and blah, blah, blah… There are plenty of games with more characters than Trails in the Sky and if Xseed would just get their asses to work, and lay off screwing around on Twitter and stuff, they’d get more games out faster. In fact, how can they complain about numbers of characters when they’ve been hoarding and buying up fan translations so they don’t even have to do the damn work themselves?

        Working Designs never complained, they did all the work themselves, and they treated their fans especially well. Even western developers like Ubisoft have treated their fans to some spectacular limited editions, and sorry, but Xseed’s stuff is like little trinkets I could buy at a pawn shop. And not even a full soundtrack? Total cop-out. Falcom has so many times given out the full soundtrack, an arranged soundtrack, and plenty of other nice bonuses with their games. Where’s the equal love with Xseed’s limited editions? Non-existent, that’s where.

        Falcom has had some really gorgeous limited editions in the past and their boxing is impressive to say the least, but that’s not the type of fan serviced items we are getting from Xseed. Falcom has about $1.6 million in capital, they create the games themselves, and they still manage to dish out one nice limited edition after another. Xseed has about $1.5 million in capital, they do not make the actual games themselves (which means they don’t have to use as many resources), and they are content with giving fans limited editions of less than stellar quality. If Xseed wants to prove they can do better, then I welcome change, but at this point, they sound to me like a bunch of whiny babies who want everyone to feel sorry for them, and buy their crap. And I for one, don’t and won’t. Especially when they don’t even know about the games they are translating and have to get so much outside help because they are too lazy to figure it out for themselves. That sounds to me like a company superficially dedicated to the titles they release.

        And for the record, the reason these games were not released before now is because they are really not that good. If they were spectacular, numbers of characters would have never been an issue to begin with because the games would have sold on their own merit.

        • I don’t recall Xseed ever saying they were the only company that has it hard. It would be nice if you backed up your statements with some sort of evidence or logic the next time you try to throw a childish tantrum.

          • falcomgamefan

            The title of this article, their tweets and their website give you all the proof you need. I don’t see anyone else crying over a little hard work. These people get paid and no doubt they get bonuses from sales too. And the only one throwing a childish tantrum is Xseed. It even says they didn’t do the translation themselves, they hired 3 translators to do the work. All they did is do the editing.

            In fact, can you ever remember another company complaining about the number of characters in a game? I can’t.

          • I don’t see how interacting with fans on Twitter is any sort of evidence of anything. Other publishers do it. We do it, too. I’d also like to remind you that these games don’t sell all that great, so if you think the folks at Xseed are swimming in pools of money, I can assure you they aren’t.

            Finally, as far as translation/editing goes, just because they’re outsourcing certain games (which nearly every game developer/publisher does, I might add), it doesn’t mean they aren’t working on other ones internally with their own staff.

            Being the “little guy” amidst an industry where people casually plonk millions of dollars on games, have them sell like shit, lay off a quarter of their staff as a result, and then keep trekking along is very hard. Especially when you’re the little guy trying to push the kind of game that 90% of the market doesn’t care about.

            Having dreams and ambitions isn’t wrong, and neither is it wrong to be proud when you achieve something. Developers are human beings, too, in case you lost sight of that fact somewhere along the line.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Funny you mention WD, as much as I loved them, their whining is largely what did them in. It is awful hard to get console manufacturers to not want to do business with a publishing house and WD accomplished that feat twice. Complaining about the size of your booth at E3 compared to a major publisher will do that. And I can also find you many loyal JRPG fans who did have issue with localizations so loose they at times came off as an episode of Beavis and Butthead.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes I love Working Designs but they weren’t the BEST company to follow and likewise didn’t set the best example. It was a for fans by fans company for the most part but you know what fans don’t always make the best business plans. I can’t see how spending years on games like Rayearth could help either. Plus yeah they didn’t always have the best attitude. Anyways I think you only brought up Working Designs as a tool to troll with. Here’s an idea. When you make a statement don’t try to back it up with a dead company that’s either you hate it or love it. Not very smart there. Jeez some people, can you believe them?!

        • shadowind

          Sorry, who were you again, you spoonybard you!?!

          My only beef with Falcom is the fact that there won’t be any UMD releases of their stuff in Europe, instead only DDL versions are available at full price which means that if we want the LE’s, we have to buy the import versions which isn’t easy thanks to SCEE’s attitude towards European gamers buying import PSP/PS3 games.

          If Tom from XSeed is reading this, I’d like to ask him why are there no UMD releases planned for their translated Falcom games in Europe. Do they and Falcom hate the European market that much?

          • Simply put, we’re not European. We don’t have offices in Europe, and we don’t have any partners over there willing to publish physical games on our behalf.

            We’ve been releasing the Falcom games in Europe via PSN because we don’t want to ignore a major gaming market like that… but all we can really offer is digital distribution. We have no ability to publish physical titles over there at this time. Maybe in the future, but for now… we’re doing all that we can.

          • shadowind

            Forgive me for saying this, but I find that hard to believe that XSeed can’t find European publishers willing to distribute your games in physical form here! If Koei can distribute NISA’s games over here in physical form (although NISA’s PSP games seem to be going the dreaded PSN-only route here), why can’t XSeed as you guys are only going to be making yourselves even more unpopular with gamers here than you already are because XSeed seem to be coming across as a company that doesn’t care about the European market even though it’s bigger than both the North American and Japanese markets comibined, size-wise.

            If Europe is supposedly an important market to XSeed, then I would have thought that the people running the company would have made a better effort getting their games out there to gamers in Europe through companies like Rising Star, Square Enix and Tecmo Koei instead of making a minimal effort.

            Look at it this way, a lot of gamers here don’t like their games in DDL format for the PSP and would rather have them in UMD format instead. Seeing as your company and Falcom isn’t offering that service here and we’re having to jump through extra hoops to get your games in UMD format from the US because of SCEE being douches towards companies that sell import PSP/PS3 games (although they seem to have no problems with people buying import PS2 games!), all a lot of us gamers in Europe are asking is that XSeed (and this goes double for other niche game publishers in the US!) is that we get a bit more respect! (after all, a lot of NA gamers are complaining that we get certain bonuses like Square-Enix LE PSP Collector’s Editions as well as the XBox 360 version of Arcana Heart 3)

        • I’m late on this, but I couldn’t resist a comment…

          “….if Xseed would just get their asses to work, and lay off screwing around on Twitter and stuff, they’d get more games out faster.”

          Allow me to quote from Jess’ entry as you obviously didn’t read it:
          “…but all ‘I’ know for certain is that I worked from home 11-14hrs a day, 6 days/week…”

          My own group that was working on Trails/Kiseki before XSEED announced their release of it had realized that it would take us quite some time to complete it while we had MULTIPLE editors and translators. I’m impressed with the time that it took Jess to work on the game.

          “Falcom has so many times given out the full soundtrack, an arranged soundtrack, and plenty of other nice bonuses with their games.”

          The LAST time I saw Falcom give out multiple CD’s as a bonus item was with the ORIGINAL RELEASE of Xanadu Next, which was in 2005. Let me get a list for you, since obviously you’ve not been paying attention… After Xanadu Next…

          Sora no Kiseki SC (2006) – Bonus Items: Artbook and Drama CD
          Gurumin (PSP) (2006) – Bonus Item? I do not recall a bonus item with this.
          Sora no Kiseki (PSP) (2006) – Bonus Item? See above
          Ys Origin (2006) – Bonus Item: Artbook (origin’s OST wasn’t released until the next year.)
          Sora no Kiseki the 3rd (2007) – Bonus Item: Artbook (3rd’s OST released three month slater)
          Sora no Kiseki SC (and complete FC+SC) (PSP) (2007) – Bonus Item: Sora no Kiseki Material Collection (Sora no Kiseki SC had a major LE set, but this was released by KONAMI. NOT BY FALCOM – artbook + art crystal)
          Vantage Master Portable (PSP) (2008) – I don’t recall a limited edition set for this, either. To this date, there’s yet to be an OST released of it.
          Sora no Kiseki the 3rd (PSP) (2008) — I don’t remember Falcom’s LE, but again, Konamistyle released a set with a PSP case and collection of buttons.

          …anyway- that’s getting spammy, and getting to be proving the point, more or less. Falcom hasn’t been doing large soundtrack sets in awhile. In fact, they’ve been doing ‘Soundtrack Mini’s’ for awhile, moreso than anything. Chronicles had one, Zero no Kiseki had one…

          “Falcom has about $1.6 million in capital, they create the games themselves, and they still manage to dish out one nice limited edition after another. Xseed has about $1.5 million in capital, they do not make the actual games themselves (which means they don’t have to use as many resources)….”

          Man. With some of the deals necessary to make the licensing costs, you’d think that it counts as “not as many resources”… The licensing costs, I’m sure, is the bulk of what XSEED has to deal with for their releases. They’re in a tighter position if they’re actually worrying about that AND what they invest into the limited sets.

          Just because a company “doesn’t make the games themselves” doesn’t mean that they get off easy. They don’t. 1.5mill, I bet, doesn’t even cover the licensing costs of some titles out there. D:

          “Especially when they don’t even know about the games they are translating and have to get so much outside help because they are too lazy to figure it out for themselves. That sounds to me like a company superficially dedicated to the titles they release.”

          Trails/Sora is such a large game- and it’s not just text-wise. This is a large game, period, with the development of its world. There are things that come up LATER in the series that are alluded to in the first game. If you’re not careful on making sure you catch those things, then you will be cornered with what may end up being a poor translation of the term later on.

          I usually provide this as a good example of the statement, when the word “rengoku” first shows up in FC, it has a particular meaning and can work multiple ways. When it shows up in SC, you can go with the standard translation… But when it shows up in 3rd? It then has a proper name attributed to it.

          I can’t say the same for Jess, but looking at our project from when we were working on it- if someone gave me warning of something like that in advance? I’d appreciate it greatly.

          You obviously have a clear bias AGAINST Sora/Trails, and while I’d normally understand that, you’re just being a troll and an asshat about it. You should just get off your high horse and stop throwing around crap excuses to your problems with the game, and just come up with actual *logical* reasons.

          • “Vantage Master Portable (PSP) (2008) – I don’t recall a limited edition set for this, either. To this date, there’s yet to be an OST released of it.”

            Actually, there IS an OST for this game, complete with a second disc containing the OST to the original Vantage Master. I think that was the pre-order bonus for the game, in fact. And it’s really, really good!

            Regardless, your stalwart defense of our honor is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!


    • SolidusSnake

      It’s obvious that this grudge is something personal; what, did an Xseed staffer steal your bus pass or something?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        And it really is not much of a newsflash that a 10-15 hour per route visual NOVEL would have more text than a somewhat combat heavy RPG series.

    • kupomogli

      OMG. REALLY???? NO WAI!!!!!!

      Let’s not forget that no one cares about what you have to say.

  • PrinceHeir

    more developers should be like Xseed.

    definitely will look into this :)

    • frantisek

      it’s a great game in a great series, even after some years the sora trilogy is one of the jrpg series i remember more fondly… falcom really did a wonderful job with the world and the characters

  • (This is Wyrdwad/Tom. I’m not sure what name this will show up as when I post, as I can’t seem to link up with my Facebook account for some reason. Apologies for any confusion!)

    I’ve been making a point NOT to comment on any of these threads thus far (as I felt it may be taken the wrong way to do so), and I certainly don’t wish to step on Falcomgamefan’s toes (he’s allowed his opinion, of course!)… but since I’ve been called out by name in these comments, I hope you all won’t mind if I stick my head in for just a moment to address a few of the points that have been raised.

    Firstly, that “call to arms” on the Ancient Land of Ys message board (where I was accused by name of having coaxed large quantities of people into inflating review scores on Metacritic) was actually a simple request I made that ALoY members take the time to write reviews of the game, period. If you’ll read what I wrote, I specifically asked that the board members there write HONEST REVIEWS of Ys: The Oath in Felghana, since I felt the reviews that had been posted up to that point were NOT honest (my suspicion was that they had all been written by the same person, and were written SOLELY with the intent of lowering the game’s average rating). I even specifically said NOT to write 10/10 reviews unless that was the score the reviewer HONESTLY felt the game deserved. Some people DID write 10/10 reviews, but the majority of reviews written by Ancient Land of Ys members were 8/10s or 9/10s, which seems to reflect the average opinion of the game amongst ALoY board members. These opinions were also generally backed up by the review text, which argued the finer points of the game quite nicely (ALoY is full of very eloquent people).

    Also, regarding the limited edition sets we’ve been offering for the Ys games and Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, I’d like to note that (in my opinion, at least) all of our LE boxes are actually on par with, if not packed MORE full of goodies, than Falcom’s own were in Japan. For all three Ys titles on PSP, Falcom’s LE consisted of the game, a drama CD, and (if you preordered) an “Original Soundtrack Mini” containing 5 or 6 tracks from the game’s OST. Arguably, the drama CD might be seen as a better LE bonus, but personally, as an English-speaking fan, I think our offer of 80 minutes of music + an art book and cloth map, or a calendar, or a mini strategy guide for Ys I is a bit more desirable.

    Trails in the Sky PSP, then, had a preorder bonus consisting of a separate UMD full of custom PSP themes and wallpapers and FMVs from Trails in the Sky 2. It was actually a pretty cool little bonus, but I’m personally much more partial to 80 minutes of music, a bracer badge and a poster.

    The PC versions of these games (where applicable) had some pretty hefty LE box sets, but that’s likely due to the lower publishing cost of PC games in general. In short, Falcom could AFFORD to include more when publishing a title for Windows than they could when publishing a title on the PSP.

    Working Designs’ old PS1-era LE boxes were also brought up, and while those ARE some of the best LE box sets of all time, I’d like to point out that even THEY never included full soundtracks to their respective games, instead opting for the one-disc “soundtrack selections” CD route. Reasons for doing this certainly vary from company to company and release to release, but I can guarantee you it’s NEVER a matter of being too cheap or too lazy to include a full OST. If that’s ever an option, you’d better believe ANY company (XSEED included) will always take it.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment. I hope I’ve managed to clear up a few of the misconceptions that have been introduced in these comments, however, and I hope that one day, we’ll release a game that even Falcomgamefan will appreciate.

    • Thanks for all the hard work you (and the rest of the team) have put into these games Tom :) (nectarsis ALoY)

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I don’t think many here beyond FGF had any misconceptions. We can compare bonuses and swag and come up with ‘id rather have’ arguments for every one of us. The reality is big box bonus releases for just about anything stateside have never found audiences beyond the cores for a particular title. Business decisions are as you say business decisions, and unless we are picking up the full tab ourselves, we can learn to live with whatever goodies we get.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Your hard work goes very appreciated. Thanks for going out of your way to explain these things in great lengths as well. You didn’t have to do it and you even went above and beyond by being the bigger man about it and trying to make even falcomgamefan happy. Thank you and keep up the hard work. And if it’s any consolation I really like the LE’s and feel that they are even better than the ones offered in Japan.

    • SolidusSnake

      Hey bro, don’t feel bad about that one user’s comments. Everyone here knows that he’s an angry troll with issues. And it’s obvious from clicking on the link he posted that you weren’t extorting anyone to clog up the tubes with 10/10 reviews of Xseed games.

      Keep the great games (and great LEs) coming, I can’t wait for Ys I&II or TITS. :)

    • You’re always welcome in the comments, Tom. Thanks for the awesome post. :)

    • Ladius

      Great to see you here Wyrdwad, I would like to extend my thanks again for all the hard work XSeed is putting in its Falcom lineup, it’s really appreciated and it’s a testament to your passion for your work :)

      Regarding the MegaLink issue don’t worry, no one here on Siliconera has ever taken seriously his hate-filled trolling. After all he treated Felghana and Seven like shxt (aside from reviewing them with 1 and 2, as another user pointed out) before starting trolling Trails, and if Trails is “as poor” as those games then it’s going to be a masterpiece :P

    • frantisek

      good points thomas, but don’t let that troll’s slander bother you

      even if i played sora no kiseki’s pc editions years ago (one of the best jrpg experiences i have ever had) i think i will buy the psp ones too just to support you guys… i like to see this kind of attitude from videogame publisher and the xseed crew has a good vibe about them… wish u all the best

    • Pesmerga00

      ~Tips Helm~

    • Guest

      Can you please release the fighting game please

    • Tom, you know I love you my Brandish Brother.

    • Tom, will LOH get PSN release? I want my purchases to be future proof if possible…

      • Yep, it’s getting a PSN release for sure, so no worries there. Will eventually get a European PSN release, too, though we’re not sure on the date for that yet.

  • harhar long is what i like :D

  • JustaGenericUser

    I am so pre-ordering this for the limited edition. I feel buying this would show my appreciation to XSeed for all their hard work bringing this here. I hope it doesn’t get pirated too much.

  • Now (when it comes to march) we shall see if It has been worth the effort and troubles. Hopefully so as the game looks interesting.

  • VWinds

    You know, XSeed has earned some serious bro-points with me over the years due to their quality of localizations and attitude to their fans. And thus I try and make a point of buying almost every game they put out new and at full price. Because for every game they release that’s meh to me, as long as they keep making money, I know they’re going to release 2-3 that I will enjoy or think are ‘fuckawesome’. Every little bit helps.

    So godspeed XSeed. Few game companies are willing to release the types of games you do (mainly only Aksys and NISA these days, as Atlus is slowly going away from niche) and even fewer release them with actually good translations and free of game crashing bugs.

  • Guest

    I thought at first they meant NPC’s. It’s Sunday and I’m tired

    Final Fantasy XII has 0.6 million Japanese characters.

  • i never heard of this game, what emotion should i have at this news?

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