Shadows Of The Damned Screens Are A Bloody Valentine’s Day Gift From EA

By Spencer . February 14, 2011 . 11:44am

In case you haven’t been following Shadows of the Damned, the Electronic Arts published Grasshopper Manufacture title, this is demon hunter Garcia Hotspur. Armed with a demon who can transform into weapons, he dives into hell to save his lost love.




And this is one of the bosses you have to kill. We’re guessing he’s not going to let Garcia pass without a fight, perhaps one utilizing light. Light is said to be a key element in the game for both puzzles and combat.




Shadows of the Damned is slated for release this summer on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We’ll probably have more to say about the title during GDC…


SOTD_Garcia_and_Johnson SOTD_Justine SOTD_Light_Barrel SOTD_Ready_Aim SOTD_River STOD_Arch_Demon_shoot01  SOTD_Dark_Demons SOTD_Demon3

  • BelmontHeir

    Considering the pedigree behind this game, it should be REALLY good. But nothing I’ve seen of it so far really excites me. :/

    • Code

      Agreed omo; here’s hoping Lollipop Chainsaw is more my thing.

  • I’ll buy every Suda51 games.

  • MisterDandylion

    Mhm… Now Now if you think of all the creative background this game has behind it’s development, it should become a masterpiece. Only time will tell tell…

    Screw it, this game is gonna be a GOD GAME (Nope that ain’t a mispelling I literally meant GOD GAME). For crying out loud Mr.Suda and Mr. Mikami’s previous works where excelent! I’m telling something good will come out of this game :)

  • Aiddon

    good times, now we need a Lucha Libre character

    • A gorilla with a luchadore mask! ;)

      • Aiddon

        robot gorilla from space with a luchadore mask that speaks solely in nouns

  • Looks like a twisted RE4, not the psychological-thriller-type horror I was hoping for but should be a fun romp

  • My name is Garcia Hotspur. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

  • mikanko

    Screens and short video of the game released so far are very underwhelming, and probably something I’d never normally be interested in. I hope Suda51 and Mikami prove me wrong.

    • gatotsu911

      Yeah, if it weren’t for the talent involved I’d undoubtedly have never given this game a second look. With all due respect to Grasshopper, this doesn’t look like the type of game for which periodically leaking little bits of information is the most effective method of building hype. To any impartial observer, it looks like just another third-person shooter, only with fantasy elements.

      That said, the talent involved is, as fans like us know, in and of itself reason to anticipate the game (I know I was looking forward to it for years before it was formally announced). I not only won’t write off, but will undoubtedly buy the game when it comes out. I just hope it lives up to the promise inherent in its elite creative team.

    • I could say the same thing about both Bayonetta & Vanquish when they were shown with screenshots first… both games were my GOTY contenders with Deathsmiles… Bayonetta is the best game I’ve played since God Hand was released.

      I have much faith in this game!

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Yeah, that’s UE3 alright.

    I hope we get to see the HUD and a decent gameplay video during GDC (we know EA will show the game there).

    I’m sure it will be a memorable experience in its own right. A bit more info about the game wouldn’t hurt, though…

  • PrinceHeir

    this looks awesome :D

    though i would prefer another Killer 7 like game. but this is shinji mikami and suda 51 we’re talking about. expect awesome things from them :P

  • z_merquise

    “Travis Touchdown” “Garcia Hotspur”

    Grasshopper sure loves cool and wacky names in their main protagonists. This game looked promising indeed.

  • Hmm, I wonder what that chick is doing in the spotlight… Anyway, looks neat so far. When Alan Wake meets Devil May Cry? Demon slaying with flashlights.

    I don’t know what I can say yet. Because despite Grasshopper having a good track record, records are easily broken.

  • shion16

    the greatest minds of videogames together in this project…….theres no way this fails

  • Apollonis

    I’m liking the sort of surreal look of some of the environments so far, and the creepy enemy design.

  • I am excited! Suda + Mikami = AWESOME!

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