This Is Ubisoft’s Portable Games Development Strategy

By Ishaan . February 14, 2011 . 2:32pm

Of all the publishers supporting the Nintendo 3DS at launch, Ubisoft have the largest line-up of 3DS games with Asphalt 3D, Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D, Rayman 3D, Rabbids 3D,Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D, and Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars.


All of these titles will be available at the Nintendo 3DS launch in Europe, while some — but not all six — will also be available for the system’s U.S. launch as well. But what about games in the future? How do Ubisoft plan to approach portable game development going forward?


At an investor Q&A earlier today, Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot outlined the company’s portable games strategy for investors, where he revealed that Ubisoft’s primary focus will be to develop strong brands on high-end consoles, but that they want to be able to extend those franchises to portable machines.


"Our goal is to go with very strong brands on high-end machines, but in going to portable machines, to be able to port those games to all platforms that are available," Guillemot said to investors, revealing that PSP game, Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines, has sold 500,000 units to date since its release two years ago, including PSP bundle sales.


Additionally, once Ubisoft make games for the Nintendo 3DS and NGP, they’d like to be able to further port those to other portable platforms at lower prices, Guillemot revealed.


“We are working to make sure that the games we create for portable machines can be adapted for those platforms, so that after making good revenue on 3DS or PSP2, we can go to a second phase, which is going at a lower price to other machines,” Guillemot said to investors.


In addition to their Nintendo 3DS launch titles, Ubisoft have also announced two other games for the system so far — James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes 3D and Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy.

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  • Interesting. I wonder if the portable consoles will be able to handle a console game. If not, then I could see them doing one of two things: watering down the port, or watering down the console version. I hope they aren’t too intent on making sure the same game can be released on all platforms, because they might have to do a lot of cutting to make sure it works.

    But, like I said, I have no idea how much the 3DS and the NGP can handle yet. If they can do it, kudos to them!

  • It’s still a shame that they can’t even port Rayman Revolution (the best version of Rayman 2, for the PS2) to the 3DS. But yeah, more games on more platforms is probably the best for multiplatform gamers… like myself.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    They said there would be an Assassin’s Creed game announcement in May, so this could be related. Even if it’s not, they need to stop milking series. How can I miss you when you don’t go away?

    • As I understand it, that’s a proper, full-on Assassin’s Creed for consoles. I highly doubt they’d talk about the 3DS version like that. :p

      I’m sure they’re looking at multiplayer, too. Guillemot said over 70% of AC: Brotherhood buyers played the game’s online mode.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        Oooh, well then, if it’s ACIII I wouldn’t mind so much since it’s been 2 years since the last numbered iteration. And the multiplayer was pretty fun, in my opinion. I thought it’d be some lame tack-on but it’s pretty substantial and I still play it a little nowadays. No doubt that’s going to be in every AC game from here on out.

        • Yea, I haven’t played Brotherhood but everything I hear about the multiplayer makes it sound super-interesting. I love the idea of a non-“run and gun” multiplayer game. :)

          • I thought you didnt play console games (or well many games?)

          • I play games every chance I get, hahaha. It’s just that Spencer and I don’t get too many chances to do that since the site keeps us busy.

            I don’t do online stuff much, though, unless it’s the occasional game of Mario Kart DS or Wipeout Pulse or something. I prefer co-op stuff in that area now. RE5 was a blast (played it with some Russian guy that barely spoke a word of English…it was amazing).

  • Ubisoft is trying too hard to be Activision. Just give me another Rainbow Six.

    • gatotsu911


      Nearly every big Western publisher these days seems to be trying their damndest to be Activision, and I don’t like it one bit.

    • Well I dont really see companies buying up studios like ATVI and ERTS and so Ubisoft isnt trying to be like them I think. No matter what Ubisoft does they will permanently remain in their position of hm number 4 publisher…unless they can improve the quality of their press show and deliver more hit IPs like Assassins Creed.

  • BelmontHeir

    Huh, I guess Splinter Cell in 3-D would be pretty interesting. Maybe the extra dimension would make it easier to avoid detection. I remember the first game being really unforgiving in terms of difficulty!

  • hush404

    lol… so Sony’s announcement of porting PS3 games to NGP (or PSP2) would be great news for Ubi, right? :P

  • Well hopefully this means that NGP will get Assassins Creed! I think I may have mentioned it before or something, but after seeing Uncharted in action on the device, Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider would be phenomenally epic on it.

  • gatotsu911

    Considering the vastly different specs of each handheld device, I’m gonna have to say… good luck with that, Ubisoft. I won’t be rooting for you.

    Also, I’m surprised that Guillemot is straight-up saying to potential consumers, “Don’t buy these games at their initial release, because we’ll be putting out way cheaper digital versions later.” That takes some hella confidence, to come right out and announce that. Does he think what he says to investors won’t make it to the ears of his consumer base? Or is he so confident in his brands that he believes they’ll sell themselves?

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