Pre-Order Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy For Cloud Or Tifa DLC

By Spencer . February 15, 2011 . 9:57am

Remember the Kingdom Hearts Cloud costume? In Japan, you had to purchase Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, which included a product code to download the item. You can get the same bonus item in North America by reserving Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy at Gamestop.


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Pre-order Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy at Amazon and you’ll get a redemption code for Tifa’s Enforcer costume, an outfit designed by Yoshitaka Amano, as a bonus.


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Details regarding the Aya Brea outfit for Lightning and Kingdom Hearts Leon costume for Squall were not announced at this time.

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  • Code

    omo; Square your tearing me apart.

    • Yui

      Ha ha, what a story, Code!

      But seriously, why always Gamestop? I’m a European and even I know how infamously terrible they are. ;_;

      Also, will this DLC be making it into the European edition of Duodecim?!

      • Preorder Duodecim Legacy Edition (Same Price as Normal) in Europe, and you get 6 Cards AND Both Amano Tifa and KH Squall.

        • Yui

          Ah, yes, good point. I actually commented on that article here yesterday. I guess the more pertinent question would have been whether KH Cloud would be made available in Europe at any point. Wow, memory like a sieve. XD

          Thanks, anyway! I’ll try to keep my stupidity to a minimum from now on. :>

    • Testsubject909

      I did not hit her. I did not…

      Oh hi Code.

  • Ereek


    Nope. Looks like I’ll be living without the DLC costumes.

    Edit: Though, I am ordering at Amazon, so I suppose I get one. Thankfully I misread and they’re both not GameStop exclusive.

  • I’ve honestly never had an issue with Game Stop. Am I just lucky?

    Besides that, I’m not getting the game for awhile so I’m hoping this stuff ends up DLC…

    • Guessing so you are lucky but still wondering how some can have issues it all depends who is working on the clock at that time.

    • Barrit

      I don’t really get the Game Stop hate. I have never had issues with them either. Although, lately I’ve been ordering from Amazon since they have usually have better deals, plus the 99 cent release date shipping… you just can’t beat that for new releases. Now I mainly use gamestop for used games or for their exclusive pre-order bonuses.

      • Bakuryukun

        The reason Game Stop gets hate is because they simultaneously rip off both consumers and developers with their near monopoly on the used game market. It’s not really a customer service thing, and so long as your even a little business savy you can avoid being ripped off on the used game front as well.

        • RupanIII

          I don’t hate them, but I’m def not crazy about them. Perhaps this isn’t all their fault, but when they bought up everything (Eletronics Boutique, Software Etc., Babbages, etc.) it seemed like the stock became very homogenized. The EB nearest to me used to have import Saturn stuff, Action Replays, older games, big variety of magazines, figures, etc. After everything changed to Gamestop it’s like you can get the latest releases, or dig through endless piles of grimy unremarkable used stuffs (sticky Madden 2003 with cracked case and no manual? SCORE! at least at my location, people really don’t take care of their stuff :P), and that’s about it. They used to have more variety to the selection imo

          • Code

            Nahhh that’s pretty universal I think — I worked at EB Games for a few months, and EB Games literally buys all used games, as long as there listed on the computer, if someone’s turning games away for looking too crappy, they are going against store policy. The only games we don’t buy are games that aren’t listed on the computer, and generally that cutoff means most games pre-PS2 (which is why most stores have become really homogenized, we literally had a bin out back of PS1 games we couldn’t sell because at this point we aren’t allowed to sell them opo;) and games that have $0 trade in value we can’t buy.

            Here’s the crossup, if it is something listed as having value on the computer, we literally have to take it no matter what, by policy, that means even if it looks like it’s been in a pile of manure. And I’m not kidding I had to go through cases that looked like just that, and even ran into a case loaded with chewed gum, and things that looked like they had been in a fire opo;

            It’s the companies policy to take everything, because it’s considered a service to the customer. And then once we’ve bought it, we basically then decide if it’s “defective” or what; and more often then not even though it’s against the policy of the company I was told if the game looks like trash, put it in defective any ways because our manager didn’t want it on shelves, but I imagine not all managers are going to do that, which is probably going to lead to some disgusting games making it onto shelves in some stores opo;

            Honestly it was one of the crappier parts of the job, mostly because people bring in garbage half the time, being an avid OCD sufferer, going through gunky games, made me wanna peel the skin off my hands opo Although I will say I didn’t hate the job >ww<; So it was a little bit of the bad with the good, but at least form working there a bit, have a better understanding of what goes on opo;

          • O_O You worked at EB games. I only went in that store once, unfortunately. The only reason I go to gamestop is like it’s literally like 10-15 minutes away from where I live. The other videogame store that’s not gamestop is an area I particularly don’t like. And there’s jrpg fan who works at gamestop I can relate to that makes going there tolerable.

            But Bakuryukun is right about ripping off people off. -_-;

          • Code

            @Sharda Colon
            rar, yep briefly >w<' rarr then I got axed in the back by the manager sadly T_T' still it was a good experience, it's just a shame it ended the way it did opo' But yeah definitely agree with Bakuryukun above too, I was mostly just ranting on the whole homogenized thing RupanIII was getting at though.

            I'm kind of in the same boat, EB Games is like 10 minutes away and the only other game store in town (that's not just a general retail store like Walmart) carries a terrible selection of games, so I really don't have a lot of options locally. It's a shame too, I use to get along with the manager before she became manager. Afterwards though she got really bitter opo; and after I got axed, one of the best employee's that's been there forever, who I always got along with even before she was working there got axed too. It's generally becoming a really rotten place to shop now a days T_T'

          • RupanIII

            wow o.o that’s an eye-opening behind the scenes! haha it definitely makes sense

            ick I’d have a rough time going through the junky stuffs ppl bring in too -_- I’d have some alcohol swabs or something on hand lol

            what is it with places, they always seem to fire the ppl who are easy to get along with and hire a bunch of asshats

            I kno what you mean about shopping locally. Maybe cause I was younger too but it used to be more fun going out to buy games/DVDs, nowadays I get most everything online

          • Code

            Yeahh, it was hard to not feel kind of ripped off, especially when one of the only other two decent people working there also got “laid off” too (despite the fact he was there nearly two years) xpx; At first I just kind of accepted it as general lay offs, you know too much staff not enough hours — but then discovered they were hiring again for like 3 positions literally 2 weeks later opo; lol.

            But yeah, I know the feeling I use to like shopping around searching for all kinds of games, deals, and treasures >ww<'

          • Guest

            Random, I know, but what does “opo” mean? I looked on urban dictionary and couldn’t figure it out.

          • Aoshi00

            Whoa, you got axed? I always imagined you having a thing w/ that female coworker of yours behind the counter lol.. working in retail sucks anyway..

            Personally I don’t have much problem w/ my local Gamestop either, it depends on the store people, sometimes you get cool people sometimes you have asses like in any store. I didn’t get along w/ this guy in Funcoland back then and I only go in there when I peek inside to see he’s not around, that guy actually lost weight too, he was like Peter Jackson.. Actually I haven’t been to my local GS in so long they’re closed now.. now Amazon or Kmart have the best prices. Just now $15 credit on DQ6 and $25 on MvC3 at Kmart, can’t argue w/ that.

            Gotta go w/ Tifa here.. not a big KF fan.. so Amazon I guess, tax free too.

          • Code

            haha it’s just one of my stupid faces I tack on the end of my sentences >ww<' lol.

          • Code

            Nahh, nothing like me seriously she hated my guts for some reason, still don’t get quiet why, trust me worst part of the job was her constant icy stares and being critical of how I was doing everything xpx’ Then she axed me first chance she got xpx; Sad too because 6 months ago we got along fine. Was pretty disheartening, I actually didn’t mind working in retail where it was all games, all the time, so it was at least mental stimulating chatting with customers about game stuff, and visually stimulating getting to shuffle through all the game cases >w<;

            Maan I wish we still had a Kmart here, they closed down quiet a few years ago now, but I saw that sweet deal they had on MvsC3.

    • I never had an big issue with Gamestop myself either. But there are some (1 or 2) workers where I go to is just like T_T why TODAY. Most of them seem friendly enough that I can’t take care of my business leave.

      @Barrit. Yeah, why what’s up with the hate for gamestop? I can understand if a couple workers piss you off, but for the extreme hatred? >.< There a plenty of both at site and online stores to buy games.
      (but then there's money… T_T darnit I hope I didn't start something.)

  • Aiddon

    actually the Tifa costume wasn’t designed specifically for DISSIDIA; it was lifted straight from Amano’s original illustrations for FFVII (and you’d think with all the Amano-inspired designs it would be her default costume)

  • Barrit

    Hmm.. I already have it pre-ordered from Amazon, but that Cloud costume is really sweet too.. arg.

  • karasuKumo

    So in the UK we get KH Squall but not KH Cloud -___- not bothered about that Tifa costume, she has her cowgirl and AC costumes so I’m all set ;) lol

    I’m guessing they will probably be on PSN for some money in the future knowing SE, they wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to get money haha

  • YES! So Glad I preordered It!

  • ;-; But I want KH 1 Squall… (although I prefer his KH2 version). I mean Cloud has ENOUGH spotlight. I mean I like FF7 both the original and CC. But Really… Cloud you attention Man-whore. XD

    Wait, I preorder DDFF way before this announcement was made. Does this only the reservations for now until March when the game comes out to get the Costume DLC,or for everyone reservation for the game as a whole? If it’s the former, then I’ll just count my luck and pray that the alternate outfits will be released for DLC eventually.

    • PersonaBull

      If you preordered it you’ll get whatever bonus comes with it. This announcement is just further incentive for people who haven’t preordered yet to do so.

      • Oh okay. Thanks. :D I still want KH Squall, though. Guess I’ll have to wait on the incoming weeks to hear anything on Dissidia 012.

        Beggars can’t be choosers but still ><;

  • evilmoogle

    when/before the game is released.

    Me/other fans: “must have dlc costume!” & “omg, exclusive!”

    After a few weeks: EVERY COSTUME as a set, ON PSN. for 3 dollars!…each

    Me: “Fuuuuu”

  • Draparde

    i’ll preorder it…but not so much for that KH outfit. im not a big fan of it

  • Bleargh. As much as I like Tifa and will likely be using her, it seems like the Cloud DLC costume is a lot more in terms of bonus content. (Since that probably didn’t make sense. . . ) Tifa’s Enforcer costume there really isn’t terribly different from her normal FF7 outfit with the exception of different strap locations and red coloring instead of black.

    Then we have Cloud there with a costume -much- different from his default stuffs.

    *generic whining and rage @ Gamestop*

    Oh well. At least Squenix can tell that we actually do want the bonus DLC stuffs stateside, and are willing to provide. =)

    • doomspeller10

      More arenas as DLC would be nice too.

  • thebanditking

    Sorry Cloud your KH outfit is cool and all but Tifa wins this round. From what I remember this is the outfit that Amano designed for Tifa correct?

  • Square needs to step up its game on their DLC news. Keeping people in the dark about pre-order bonuses and DLC isnt very reliable IMO. Also why does Europe get a special edition and US doesnt. I have no problems with Europe, but this is just ridiculous.

    • Testsubject909

      To date, the DLC looks like it’s nothing but costumes. And to me, that’s… Meh? I see no reasons to buy it immediately.

      Mind you they could always pull a dick move and make it so that Gilgamesh is a DLC available character only and comes only to those who pre-ordered the game.

      • DLC is supposedly music AND costumes.
        Making Gilgy a DLC character only is highly unlikely. But then again we are talking about square here…

        • doomspeller10

          That’s right, they screwed all PSP Go users when they released Birth By Sleep, they can find new ways to screw us all.

          • It’s not SE that’s at fault here. Disney’s the one who doesn’t want to release the game as a digital download

      • Didn’t they sort of do that with Aerith? Since she’s only available to those who buy Prologus.

  • Aww COME ON!!!
    Why do we have to preorder? And that means we can’t get one or the other. That’s just lame.
    *exhales* Calm down… remember that this game is going to include new characters from FFVI and FFIX…
    Wait a minute…

    • Testsubject909



      I mean. The pre-orders are understandable of sorts as a business. They want to get good day 1/first weeks sales so to please their current investors and regain some investments from different areas.

      Anyways, it’s hard not to find some game nowadays without some sort of Day 1 Pre-order incentive.

      • Yeah, but what if I wanted both costumes? That probably can’t happen now unless they rerelease them in DLC (not saying it’s unlikely.)
        But still, I hope they add FFVI and FFIX characters. I can’t possibly see why they would leave out those two games.

        • doomspeller10

          Agreed! I want Shadow, Steiner or Vivi to appear. Is it too much to ask one of them?

  • WonderSteve

    Tifa vs Cloud. This should be an easy choice.

    • Testsubject909

      Emo kid with convoluted story gets to look like some bum wannabe half-demon cosplayer with poor man’s wrapping around his sword that does nothing except make it look ‘cooler’ and through simple common knowledge actually doesn’t do anything to help him in his swordsmanship nor the effectiveness of his already unwieldy weapon.

      Or a costume that’s bright red to catch the eyes and the attention with more skin showing from her already small top and one less strap giving that extra tease that she might get one blow too many that would get her to lose her only remaining suspender, despite the fact that the outfit looks a bit silly when you think about it.

      Yeah, should be an easy choice.

      • Yup. Cloud because his buster sword beats out anything else. Not like Tifa is the only girl on the roster showing some skin.

        • Code

          That’s no girl that’s Kuja!

          • SolidusSnake

            I sh*t bricks when it finally hit me that Kuja was a dude. I think I was already on disc 3 by then. Whatever happened to those days of innocence? ;_;

          • doomspeller10

            If I recall well, Kuja was said to be a dude from the very first time you encounter him in FF IX.

          • SolidusSnake

            He was referred to as “him” a few times, which is grammatically correct for a person of unknown gender. His appearance, outfit, and mannerisms especially those seductively swaying hips would make it pretty hard to believe that he’s a guy, unless you’re already familiar with the Japanese fascination with traps.

          • Testsubject909

            Rule63 would like to say otherwise.

          • Ren

            Same diff.

      • adam483t

        Someone takes their video game girls too seriously.

        Going with Cloud.

        • Testsubject909

          I’d go with neither actually. Personally.

          None of these two DLC costumes is much incentive for me to Day 1 this game.

          Now on the other hand, if it was something connected to Gilgamesh…

      • Cloud_ST

        lol,chill out with the hate dude.

  • PrinceHeir

    gamestop? seriously? one of the crappiest stores i’ve been through. unbelievable they also put almost every MGS LE on gamestop(MGS Twin Snakes,MGS3,MGS4,MGS Peacewalker)

    why can’t they just either put it on Birth By Sleep(like in japan) or heck why not put it on Tactics Ogre or The 3rd Birthday? what a missed opportunity. though at least it’s not exclusive to gamestop. hopefully we can still get the costume on PSN sometime. i don’t like missing out some goodies.

    • SolidusSnake

      I won’t be buying the game, but I can relate to your disgust with Gamestop. A part of me died when I had to pre-order the Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel limited edition through them due to amazon being sold out.

      • PrinceHeir

        that sucks :

        but it’s for the king baby :)

  • I will pre-order asap. I wonder if The 3rd Birthday
    will have some pre-order bonuses

  • cmurph666

    Ugh, multiple pre-order dlc codes.

    Ebay, here I come.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Ingenious!!! Tifa’s the ultimate fanservice and Cloud’s the ultimate manservice. SE you’ve thought this out well. lol Am I the only one who thinks Cloud’s Kingdom Hearts look is the coolest one?

  • Hmmm….KH Cloud or red mini skirt Tifa? Sigh…can’t have everything I want, going with KH Cloud. Hopefully they’ll all be available later as DLC.

    Just hope I don’t have to deal with the same headache I had to when ordering Dragon Quest VI from Gamestop.

  • Nooo!! i want the cloud kh costume so badly…but oh well i guess i just have to live the rest of my life without the Cloud costume…uwahhhh!!

  • wth. why can’t we have all of them?
    i love you SE, but seriously? -_-

  • Well, something some people may not have realized is that they come with CODES that you can enter into the game. So I would think it possible that you could use one code for multiple games. But yeah, there might be some rules of the universe breaking with these offers XD

  • I’ll go with Cloud.

    I’d rather have the Squall costume, because I actually like it, but Tifa’s just looks like another pallete swap…

  • So wait a minute…If i preorder the Gamestop one and Amazon one, will i get both(with pre-order codes)? or are the costumes actually in UMD’s? I so want all the exclusive costumes

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