Tactics Ogre Director Touches Upon Series’ Future

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 8:27am

To promote their game, the Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together development team at Square Enix offered to answer a few questions for readers of Sony’s PlayStation blog.


One reader asked just how much of the original game’s development team worked on the PSP remake. This particular question was fielded by Hiroshi Minagawa, the game’s director, who answered:


“Besides Yasumi Matsuno, who led the overall game design and gameplay scenarios, the composers Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata were involved, and from our Square Enix staff we had myself and Yoshida Akihiko (artist).


Additionally, we had members who are the heart of the Final Fantasy Tactics developers and other staff members who have partaken in the development of the Ogre Battle series, but not Tactics Ogre specifically. We also have new team members who enjoyed playing the game and are now putting in that strong passion as developers of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Surprisingly, those new members who were merely players of the original game remembered the finer details more so than the original development team.”


Minagawa also revealed that Yasumi Matsuno, who chalks out the storyline of the Ogre Battle series, doesn’t really have a clear-cut vision for the series as a whole. Rather, he writes stories based around the game systems that he designs.


Additionally, Minagawa mentions that, as much as he’d like to  gather a team of developers familiar with Ogre Battle games to work on a future console title, the prospect would be rather difficult due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that Let Us Cling Together’s team was already larger than they had expected it to be.

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  • Cloud_ST

    Loving the game so far,I hope we get another one soon!.

    PD:Please for PSP?(Or NGP xD).

  • Darn it would be nice to play it on a console (imagine ornately detailed 3D models and gorgeously stunning artworks for attacks, with intricately crafted phenomenal cutscenes with astounding voice acting). This game would literally rock my socks off.

    Oh well, it would be great to get another one coming for the NGP.

    • Yui

      That would be pretty damn incredible, but I’d rather have them do the same for some sort of veritable FFT or Vagrant Story sequel first. Or remake. Whichever they prefer. :D

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        I definitely wouldn’t mind more Sydney Losstarot…

        • Yui

          Amen, though for me it’s more about seeing Ashley Riot again. :D

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Oh, sorry. I was drooling at the possibilities…

            I’ve said it before, but it would be great if Matsuno ended up being able to remake VS the way he always intended to. And then maybe after that, we could get a proper sequel…

            I want to play as Vagrant Ashley.

          • Yui

            Your sentiments, I echo them wholeheartedly. After all, there’s still a lot of life in the Ivalice setting, right? And with all that lore, design and whatnot…who knows? There’s certainly potential for much more from Ivalice, as far as I’m concerned. :D

    • godmars

      You’d think that if they brought it over to the PS3, especially on disc form, that it would be like Agito. Pseudo RTS with damage effects and unit customization.

    • Don’t NGP jinx me! I couldn’t care less about a PSP2 with motion/touch (both of which suck as input) controls!

  • DarkWaterClone

    I just hope Matsuno becomes an official member of SE again. Then more Tactics Ogre games can come out. Plus maybe then a sequel to Vagrant Story could happen.

    • Yui

      Mmm. Frankly, Matsuno making games at all is good enough for me, but throw Sakimoto back into the mix and I don’t think there’s anything left standing between SE and unlimited success.

      Matsuno is damn good, but Sakimoto…Sakimoto’s unrivalled.

      • Don’t forget Yoshida! For my tastes Matsuno-Sakimoto-Yoshida is a team right up there with Sakaguchi-Uematsu-Amano.

    • PrinceHeir

      yes we need another Vagrant Story :)

      love the atmosphere in that game :P

      “Surprisingly, those new members who were merely players of the original game remembered the finer details more so than the original development team.”

      wow they’re really are dedicated in this project ^^

  • jarrodand

    They should remake Ogre Battle 64 from the ground up on 3DS. That game more than anything could really use Minagawa & Matsuno’s touch.

  • Aiddon

    -does the Jedi mind trick- you will finish the series. You will make a Vagrant Story 2.

  • Would love to see a remake of the N64 version, specifcally because it looked fun but I never got the chance to play it.

    • Why bother with a remake when you can just go play the original?

      • jarrodand

        Ogre Battle 64 was the only mainline entry developed at Quest after a significant chunk of staff had left for Square (including Minagawa and Matsuno). Out of the 3 Ogre games, it’d the one I’d most have liked to see remade by the “old” team.

        Honestly, I think Tactics Ogre was the one that needed a remake the least. Though it’s also the most popular one, so I can see why they did.

        • Why would the “old” team want to remake a game they had nothing to do with? Why not just make a new game?

          I disagree… I believe that this game TO:LUCT was the best game to remake out of all the Ogre games due to the fact that the original SNES/SFC game never released here in English and when it finally did release on the PS1, it was a rare game that suffered glitches and poor porting. This PSP release is the perfect version of a game we never got to see properly.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Just so you know, the SNES/SFC version was translated by the Aeon Genesis Translation Project. :P

          • Thanks. Looks like I’ll need to look into getting myself a custom SNES cart for that one… (I own all the others… doh!)

          • jarrodand

            Well, half the “old” team did make it… Quest basically split after TO, with some staff going to Square to work on PS1 and some remaining behind and moving to N64. The game was based on Matsuno’s outline though, why wouldn’t he want the game done as he’d envisioned?

            TO was already the most polished, and most popular of the 3 Ogre games. But it also already felt the most complete… like I said, I can see why they picked it, and it’s easily my personal favorite of the 3, but looking back I just think either OB or OB64 could’ve really used a remake more.

      • Really I think you could say the same for most Tactics Ogre games surely?

        • Yes. You can say it of all of them. This game is the best candidate however as the PS1 release (which was a port of the SNES game) was not widely spread and suffered from problems.

          If you own a Wii the N64 game is easily downloaded… or the cart is available on eBay if you want to spend some more money… I just mean that the N64 game is still perfectly playable where the SNES game (which I own…) is only in Japanese, and the PS1 game which costs way more money than it should is a glitched release anyhow. This PSP port is the perfect release for people to enjoy a fantastic game!

  • Apollonis

    I’d rather see them do something completely original than another Ogre, Tactics, or Vagrant Story, personally. They’re all good but it would be a shame to limit such talent to only making more more more of a few series.

  • HarryHodd

    I like that they are at least considering a console game. Can’t they just make something look good and have good gameplay and call it a day. Just because it’s on a console doesn’t mean it has to be a huge production.

  • More Ogre is Good Ogre!

  • Any SRPG like Tactic Ogre would be welcome, I love the decision, routes, gameplay, jobs, etc. Those thing were awesome and FF tactic is awesome too but the original FF Tactic would be in my heart forever because DAT SERIOUS PLOT! like Tactic Ogre.

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