Tale Of The Last Promise Gives Us A Closer Look At Black Rock Shooter

By Spencer . February 16, 2011 . 1:13am

brsaImageepoch is cross promoting their two PSP games. Early copies of Tale of the Last Promise, Imageepoch’s first PSP game, also include a "Book of Secret". The hardcover book has illustrations of the lead character Wolf with Ceres, Rushdie, and Sasha. The book also demystifies the Messiah Knight vows and explains what the last promise is.


The disc is a Black Rock Shooter: The Game preview videograph with tons of clips from the PSP title. Models of Black Rock Shooter, White Rock Shooter, Gray, promotional videos of Black Rock Shooter and White Rock shooter waking up, a glimpse at a special costume, and the latest trailer are on disc.


Tale of the Last Promise comes out on April 28 in Japan. Perhaps, someone kind Imageepoch fan will leak the trailers online then?

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  • SlashZaku

    NISA will be handling localization for Imageepoch titles, correct? Just want to make sure before I write off something that wouldn’t end up localized.

    I’m guessing Last Ranker will never make it over either?

    • symytry

      At this point it’s highly unlikely. It wasn’t a huge sales success.

      • The sales were okay for a completely new tittle though, Japan seems to be really strict when it comes to new stuff =/.

        Still, i think the main reason it isnt coming is because of Capcom

    • I dont know about the Last Ranker because i think CAPCOM has the rights for it, them with Imageepoch.

      But most probably the latest tittles made and published by imageepoch will most probably get here thanks to the awesome NISA :D

    • Darkrise

      Nope, Capcom(I think) was the one who announced that they were going to but it’s been 2 years so I guess they gave up on it.

  • Please, please please include this in the European edition of the game.

  • Wow… Astonishing work! Love the art!

    • Aoshi00

      Awesome artwork, I wonder if that artist did some illustration for One Minute Hero, many people did.. NCSX w/ the 50% bonus ratio again argh..

      • I want it :'(

        • Darkrise

          All of us do.

        • Aoshi00

          I’ve wanted this as well ever since I saw the trailer.. the pretty boy seiyuu cast is going to drive the fangirls crazy :) I wish I could just pre-order this, but I’ll just wait until after release to be certain I’m getting the bonus.. I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra on ebay.. hard cover booklet FTW (the FF13 Int’l hard cover booklet was great and pretty rare too). Black Rock Shooter I’d have to wait for reviews to see if it’s an indeed good game, the figure is tempting but I’d refrain..

      • I thought their style was a tiny bit similar to the person who did the “main” character designs for Half Minute Hero too—but that artist is Ayaka Suda (http://as-em.serio.jp/)

        Andriasang put up a BIG picture of the “Book of Secret” cover (http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/02/17/fps_sales/images/2132440513_full/) where the illustrator’s name was legible, and it turns out it’s Chinatsu Kurahana (http://www.chroma.cc/)

        • Aoshi00

          Thanks for digging up the artist info. I prefer the Half Minute Hero (I said One minute hero lol) artist too, I guess a bigger picture shows it’s in different style by a different artist.. that pic of Shinsengumi is pretty cool though.. I’m sticking w/ NCSX, I think they should get the bonus (I left a specific commment), today I bugged them again they told me I’m getting the bonus for Catherine :)

          BTW, I never head over to andriasang, seems like they have a lot of cool news.. if not for them, I wouldn’t have even known FF13 had 2 more drama CDS… I just stumbled across their site one time..

  • DemonicX

    Special costume? I’m going to go ahead and bet that it will be a Hatsune Miku costume. =)

  • Shikinami

    Japan always gets the best stuff. ;_;

  • Waiting for gameplay vid! Still, im 100% sure i will get this when NISA brings it :D!

  • Darkrise

    That disc and that cover art for Last Promise is just awsome! Japan get’s so much bonus for their games that it’s frighteningly envious. 0.0
    Wish it could be the same for every other region like EU and NA.

  • I think I’m in love…with the artwork~
    I now have to buy flowers and a wedding ring for it, damn! ><

  • Zero_Destiny

    Let me tell you a tale of how I’ve promised myself for the last time to get this. Oh and Burakku Rokku Shouta!!!!!!!!! XD Yes ImageEpoch doesn’t disappoint keep up the good work I know these games will be great!!! XD

  • PrinceHeir

    damn love the art :)

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