Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extended With Extra Episodes

By Spencer . February 17, 2011 . 2:29pm

valk3aSega seems to have bigger post-game plans for Valkyria Chronicles 3. Valkyria Chronicles 2 had downloadable missions. Valkyria Chronicles 3 had downloadable episodes.


Episode one "The Restless" follows Nameless squad leader Kurt and Imca in a snowy area. In addition to mission for players to clear, episodes have cutscenes, specifically awkward moments between the two characters in "The Restless". Clear the mission and you’ll obtain a new sword.


valk3c valk3b


Sega still plans on selling extra missions like Disciplinary Mission: Block Their Way, which has players stop an army using anti-tank weapons. Clear this mission and you’ll be rewarded with a blue ribbon that boosts evasion.


valk3f valk3e valk3d


Extra episodes cost 600 yen ($7) while missions are just 200 yen ($2.40). Valkyria Chronicles 3 episode one "The Restless" comes out on February 24. Sega plans to release the extra mission a week later on March 3.

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  • I liked the extra episodes in VC1, but what I wanted to ask is, when they are already making extra episodes for post game, how long is the original game?

  • ive heard VC is good but im guessing i should start with the first.

    • 420420

      The first VC is WICKED if you like RTS. The problem is finding it, it’s pretty rare these days, but MAN if you find it, BUY IT!

      • Joanna

        Rare? I don’t think so. I’ve seen it around a lot and it’s still offered online on Amazon and Gamestop, so it can’t be that rare.

  • why isn’t the western release date being announce yet? are they waiting for E3?

    • Probably. I will buy it but I still have to finish VC2. So many thing to do and so little time.

      • kupomogli

        I have such a large backlog I still need to start VC2. I haven’t even opened it yet, despite picking it up on sale at Kmart a week or two after it was released.

    • Im just as scared as you

  • BelmontHeir

    I’m playing Valkyria Chronicles II right now. It kinda…pales in comparison to the original. And I don’t mean because it’s on a handheld. The story just feels like anime fluff, not much thought put into it. Mission types are repetitive and recycled often. I’ve already sunk 30 hours into it, though, I guess I kinda feel obligated to finish now. :/

    • SlashZaku

      Recently finished VCII myself and yeah. The gameplay is fun (repetitive missions aside) but Avan being a lead is just horrible and the story just seems so-so most of the time. VCIII seems to do away with any doubts however.

    • Kai2591

      Totally agreed.
      It feels like an experimental spin-off game on new soldier classes or something.
      I finished it though.
      Its not a bad game though.

    • Nothing will get me to buy VCII because of that. A game that comes so close to associating real military to a story gets devolved into a school life anime game.

      It’s like a template for a much better sequel because of the gameplay tweaks.

      • raymk

        ah so your the reason we might not see VC3 in the west. The game was still good story aside and there was some likable characters. I’ve always prefer d gameplay over story anyway even when the story is good so it might just be different for the both of us.

        • If they don’t like it, they don’t like it. The original posters are under no obligation to buy a game which they are not into. And they’re right – I played through the Japanese version and it was not as entertaining or deep as the original PS3 game.

          Finally, you are = you’re. Your indicates possession.

        • “ah so your the reason we might not see VC3 in the west.”

          Are you bringing up that Tales of syndrome or was that sarcasm? :/

          VC1 didn’t get the sales that SEGA wanted and STILL they’re able to release VC2. Quit acting like VCIII is never gonna come; and that goes for everyone. This is not Namco we’re talking about.

          • raymk

            I was just messing with ya =P. Even if there not namco they can still not release a series as i’m sure they’ve done before. You are right though I shouldn’t be worried, i do how ever want phantasy star 2 infinity as well.

          • Yeah, Infinity is a particular case. But looking at all those cameo costumes, I don’t think it’s possible.

    • Dont worry VC3’s story is nothing like that, and is pretty close to VC1’s story quality

  • SlashZaku

    Really like the idea of ‘Episodes’ with cutscenes and such. Seems right in line with VCI’s DLC (why didn’t they do this for II?). Wonder how many they’ll roll out…

  • holyPaladin

    Please Sega announce it soon..

    • Yeah. VCII was a bit of a let down, but this one seems to be a massive improvement. I hope it gets a Western release.

  • cmurph666

    I bought VC2 twice (physical/digital, like most of my psp games) people so I’ve done my part in bringing over VC3.

    • Wait, you always buy both a the physical AND digital version of every game? :o

      • cmurph666

        Not every game, just my PSP collection. (The games that are available any ways: VC2, Persona, P3P, Disgaea, Prinny, etc)

        I’m counting on the NGP/PSP2 to be backwards compatible with the digital versions.

  • PrinceHeir

    please include this on the western release thank you :P

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