Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions Roars On To PSN

By Spencer . February 21, 2011 . 12:55am

fft1Square Enix is also dropping Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions onto PlayStation Network like a Choco Meteor. A digital re-release is slated for March 9 in Japan.


While Final Fantasy Tactics on the PsOne had a translation that was clumsy at times, the enhanced PSP port was re-localized with Victorian style English and had new colored pencil cutscenes. Unfortunately, this version was marred by loading times during battles. Running the game from a Memory Stick instead of a UMD should fix those.


While a North American release has not been announced, Square Enix plans on re-releasing the 20th anniversary remakes of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II internationally. Perhaps, a domestic announcement isn’t far behind?

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  • PrinceHeir

    yay that way we can play this on NGP ^^

    though i want a FFV and FFVI enhanced edition. please square do it and you’ll complete every 2D FF game ^^

    • Zero_Destiny

      Never played the PSP version but heard it was bogged down by slow-downs and lag. I really want to see 3D remakes like the ones on the DS of FFV and FFVI on the 3DS. :D But either way you put it Final Fantasy VI is the best and is worth playing again on any system. It easily puts all the other Final Fantasy to shame. Also look the PSN IS getting more love. Maybe we can get a Parasite Eve, and Chrono Cross PSN release in the US afterwords. :D

      • SolidusSnake

        Parasite Eve would be sweet. I’ve been wanting to replay that one for awhile.

      • PurpleDoom

        Yeah, I like that Square is finally getting their content onto the digital store. I have a 3000, so I could get the UMD if I wanted to, but I want my games to be compatible with NGP and I absolutely HATE the whirring noise generated by UMDs, so I prefer digital anyhow.

        As for the game itself, I’ve heard it’s still worth playing despite the technical issues.

  • Loading times, I can deal with.
    But what about the CRIPPLING SLOWDOWN every time ANY ability is used, ever? Seriously, I’d rather a patch if possible…

    • I’d like a patch too. It wouldn’t be bad if this slowdown didn’t happen often, but unfortunately, it does. It’s one of my few problems with WotL. And to think that the slowdown was worse in the Japanese version.

      • Yea I flat out can’t play WOTL with that slowdown. As much as I love the new classes, cutscenes, and script, it’s not worth basically ruining the gameplay experience by tripling the time it takes for any animation and completely removing immersion.

        Thankfully emulating the vanilla FFT rom doesn’t have the same problem.

    • gatotsu911

      Yes. The slowdown completely killed the game for me. I recall hearing that the problem wasn’t just loading times – SquEnix fundamentally screwed up somehow in the process of porting the game to PSP. I will be eager to see whether the PSN version will fix the slowdown problem, since that will impact whether I buy it or the iPhone version.

    • kupomogli

      Me also. I got midway into chapter 2, but all throughout chapter 2 whether it was Agrias using one of her abilities or all the battles with a lot of spell casters I quit because of the ridiculous pacing which battles were progressing. I really really wanted to finish the game because I liked the localization in a different way than the original, even if I did like the original PSX version localization better. I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to quit.

  • WyattEpp

    Well thank god for that. The ability loading times severely hampered my enjoyment of the AMAZING re-translated script. Seriously, I am so sad that my PSP was stolen BECAUSE that game was in there and I hand’t managed to beat it again. Also, I need to find out who worked on that script and email them a beer or something.

    Best Final Fantasy.

    • Also, I need to find out who worked on that script and email them a beer or something.

      • gatotsu911

        I thought Alexander Smith was responsible for WotL?

        • That is a very commonly held misconception.

          You can check the guy’s resume yourself, if you like!

          • gatotsu911

            Huh. Well now I know. I wasn’t terribly fond of Slattery’s work on Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV DS, but the WotL localization was actually pretty good, possibly because FF Tactics is a game world in which Slattery’s typically purple style feels less out-of-place.

          • Joanna

            eh, really? I thought the new translations for Chrono and FFIV DS were well done and fit the settings of the games. FFIV especially since its setting was very fantasy medieval.

  • mikanko

    I wonder if anyone with less than legit means of playing their psp games could confirm playing the game from the flash memory rather than UMD fixes the games horrible slowdown. I somehow don’t think it’s safe to assume it will. I’ve noticed improved loading times on installed PSN PSP games over UMD, but in game slowdown seems like it might be something completely different than shorter loading screens.


    • It’s vaguely noticeable, but I saw virtually no loading times with my digital copy of Yggdra Union vs. my UMD copy. I want to get Knights in the Nightmare off PSN because the loading times for it are atrocious…

      Also, some of my friends are jealous of my digital copy of Phantasy Star Portable 2 because there are hardly any loading times (they’ve got UMD copies).

      • mikanko

        I just meant that I don’t see a lot of reason to believe less loading times will reduce the slowdown in FFT for PSP. The slowdown was bad enough that I thought it was more likely just a badly programmed port of the game engine, and not actual loading off the disc.

        Would probably get this if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall people with psps that could emulate PS1 games(this was before FFT for PS1 hit the PS store) preferring a PS1 emulated FFT to the PSP version, and obviously these people would not be playing the PSP version off of UMD. It was a while ago I saw such forum comments, so I could be wrong. Why I was wondering aloud if anyone who happened to be privy to a CFW installed PSP would know.

        • I could ask some friends and see if they’ve tried FFT PSP. Got plenty of them with hacked PSPs.

        • You are absolutely correct: I much prefer emulating the original FFT psx rom to WOTL as it doesn’t have that incredibly dragging animation slowdown. And no, running WOTL off of a memory stick does absolutely nothing for the animation slowdown, it just shaves off some loading time before and after battles.

          There is a big modding community that has patches for the new translation for FFT, as well as custom sidequests, sprites, and even a comprehensive balance change that makes the game more difficult. But of course, you need a CFW psp to emulate, or a decent computer.

    • Digital copy of the original UMD still had slowdown, particularly on ‘heavy’ graphics that were used on skills.

      They need to redo it from the ground up. Hopefully, they achieve that here.

      • Highly unlikely… this is just a “rom” or “iso” of the UMD if you will.

      • Draparde

        yeah they should have gave it the Tactics ogre treatment imo.

    • Exkaiser

      The slowdown during skill effects is just poor programming.

    • GamerKT

      Ahem, I didn’t notice any slowdown. It’s good. >_>
      Well, I think MEGAHITS caused a tiny lag, actually, but that added to the experience for me.

  • I did get used to the loading times, but that’s not to say that I would object to them being improved. :D It’s a game that I’d quite like to have on a memory stick over a UMD just for general convinience, too.

    I also need to finish the game – I popped it in the other day to see where I had got up to and found I was stuck at the boss battle at (what I presume is) the end of Chapter 3 with characters who could probably have done with more levelling before getting stuck in that position. Oops.

  • I loved WoTL. I really didn’t mind the loading times that much. Wasn’t the original like that too?
    Anyway, the script, the story, the gameplay, and the music… this game was a masterpiece ^^

  • GamerKT

    Those cutscenes… were just amazing-looking.

  • I Can tell you for fact that even playing off the memstick, you still get lag during skills.

  • Kunio_kun

    Screw all this arguing about FFT and it’s slowdowns; just play Tactics Ogre instead. There, problem solved… ;)

  • ValerianKnight

    Final Fantasy Tactics – War of the Lions.
    PSN Digital version release on March 9 on Japan.

    “Unfortunately, this version was marred by loading times during battles. Running the game from a Memory Stick instead of a UMD should fix those.” – Seliconera (Gaming Site)

    They might be talking about the overall speed of the in-game not just the loading of the game.

    Square Enix has the chance to re-patch the game for the said slowdowns before US Release. Keep our fingers cross.

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