How To Create Your Own Sword (Or Steal Another Player’s) In Way Of The Samurai 4

By Spencer . February 22, 2011 . 1:00am


Way of the Samurai 4 has a custom sword making system. You can visit a blacksmith to temper your weapon further increasing its durability and attack power, but there is a limit to how far tempering can strengthen a sword. If you want to exceed the limit you’ll need to recast your sword by giving iron to the blacksmith too. If your old sword just isn’t cutting it you can have the blacksmith melt it down into metal. Before you turn spoils of battle into scrap metal you may want to have the blacksmith appraise the blade first. After an appraisal, the sword’s true potential and strength are unlocked.


Where can you find new weapons in Way of the Samurai 4? You get them from other players that pop into your game. Way of the Samurai 4 automatically uploads and transfers character data to other game worlds where your character appears as an enemy. Defeat a wandering samurai and you’ll be rewarded with their weapon, even if its an original creation.


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Players can also create swords from scratch from three parts: blade, hilt, and grip. You can also add a charm, which adds a special ability. One charm restores a tiny bit of life after your health drops to zero. Another charm boosts your attack power in the evening hours. A protective charm gives your character a fixed chance they will escape from a throw. There’s even a charm that increases the amount of money earned after an opponent is defeated.


Way of the Samurai 4 comes out on March 3 in Japan.

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  • Lamashtu

    “If you’re old sword”
    If I’m an old sword?

    • neocatzon

      appraise yourself, you might find your true hidden potential :p

  • That’s the true look of a blacksmith right there. Screw protective outfits, all you need is a hammer, guts, an impressive haircut and body oil.

  • God i need this game
    So many awesome games for the PS3 this year….Need more money!

  • Code

    I’m still holding out for Way of the Samurai 3to drop just a tiny little bit more before I snatch it up. Generally a series I’ve always enjoyed, one thing I kind of wish would return (despite how horribly unbalanced it was) is the versus mode from the original opo; I guess with online play you’ll be fighting other players from time to time anyways >w<'

    • Way of the samurai 3 is kinda cheap now, but I’m not sure whether I want it or not… As a Way of the Samurai player, how did you feel about the game?

      • Code

        I don’t know it’s been a lnog time and Way of the Samurai 1 and 2 were the only one’s I played. But to me they were kind of like Samurai B-movie meets a small sandbox, I suppose probably (although never played them) Yakuza series would be similar. Basically you play like several days in the sandbox, there’s multiple story paths and routes, resulting in different fights, bosses, and enemies.

        I usually enjoy the dynamic of seeing multiple plot elements happening from different prospectives based on who your with, and the push to play through multiple times to see it all is really fun in my books >w<; Plus I always felt like the combat was expectational well done in them.

        • Cool, thanks Code. Might give Way of the Samurai 3 a try

  • I love how many good and notable games are being released early this year, and even more to come later on~ ♥

  • PrinceHeir

    i love customization weapons :D

    nothing like giving the blacksmith the necessary recipe’s for your weapon :)

  • Chow

    His. Name. Is. Dojima!

  • Souji Tendou

    English pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….!

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