Gungnir, The Next Title From Sting, Is A Traditional Strategy RPG

By Spencer . February 23, 2011 . 12:06pm

gungFamitsu has more details about Gungnir, the next game from the makers of Yggdra Union. In fact, Shinichi Ito designer of Yggdra Union, Riviera, and Knights in the Nightmare is designing the game. Satoko Kiyuduki returns as the PSP game’s character designer.


While Sting made unique gameplay systems for Knights in the Nightmare and Hexyz Force, Gungnir, as Famitsu explains, is a traditional strategy RPG. It appears characters have different classes too since screenshots show Elise as a "valkyrie" and Julio, the protagonist, as a "fencer."


Julio grew up in the destitute district of Espada. Starting at a very young age, he joined a resistance force known as the Esparenza. Now he’s a squad leader and holds Gungnir, a spear said to hold a war god. Despite his upbringing, Julio has a cheerful personality and always puts his friends first. The story begins after Julio rescues Alyssa who is about to be sold to another country by a slave dealer. Julio hijacks the sale and asks Alyssa to join the Esparenza. While Alyssa’s history is shrouded in mystery, she is said to have a timid personality. Like Julio, Alyssa wields a gigantic lance. Rangus is the leader of the Esparenza and Julio’s step brother. He is seeking revenge against the Gargantia Empire after his father was killed fifteen years ago. While he acts pragmatic and appears to be levelheaded, deep down inside Rangus’ emotions churn. He uses an axe in battle. Elise claims to be a messenger from the gods is indifferent to the war. She sides with Julio for some reason and joins the group.


Gungnir’s genre is simulation RPG meets military history fantasy. The game is slated for release on May 19 in Japan.

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  • malek86

    So it’s more like FFT, right? I’m confident they’re gonna have some unique hook though. They always do. At least, a standard SRPG means I should be able to somewhat play it, unlike Yggdra Union.

    But is it Dept. heaven or not? It’s made by Shinichi Ito, so maybe…

    On a side note, Satoko Kiyuzuki again, great to hear.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      I didn’t notice that before, but you’re right Shinichi Ito is one of the designers for the game. Maybe that does mean that this might be another entry in the Dept Heaven series. However we won’t know until more information is released.

      • malek86

        As an added bonus, the two main characters totally remind me of Yggdra and Milanor. Could be a reference?

        • Shadow_Raskolnik

          I think that’s just the way Kiyuduki designs her characters, on the otherhand though the spear Gungnir reminds me of a diviner. Maybe the war gid that resides within it is the spirit of a grim angel. Now that would be something.

          But endless speculation tends to go nowhere so I’m willing to wait for more information to pop up eventually.

        • Shadow_Raskolnik

          I meant *war god* my key board is messing up quite frequently these days.

  • The PSP is to SRPGs as ____ is to ____.

    Fill in the blanks.

    • Sal

      The PSP is to SRPGs as XBox 360 is to FPS.

      • the Xbox 360 is to RPGS as male prostitutes are to Republican senators

  • hadjimurad

    i’m interested how Sting will do a ‘traditional’ SRPG. maybe the story is avant garde? regardless, i’m looking forward to this.

  • Roanoke834

    Love Sting’s art style. The “painted” look is just awesome. Seems like I chose a good time to get a PSP too since it looks like this won’t be making the typical Nintendo -> Sony console swap that the Dept. Heaven games made.

    • malek86

      Could be the opposite though. I wouldn’t rule out an eventual 3DS port.

  • Well i always love Sting’s art, i wonder how will it be at the end though, it seems this game will be closer to Yggdra than Riviera, what a shame D:, but well, it is still good, hope Atlus USA doesn’t start getting far from Sting now, so far they have been good brothers :P

    • If you’ve always loved their art, go out and buy the two following manga series:

      Shoulder-a-coffin Kuro
      G.A. Geijutsuka Art Design Class

      Le enjoy, I sure did. Hell, I bought these two series before I ever knew that the artist did stuff for Sting.

      • Woah!, he made manga?! i didnt knew that O-O, im gonna check those out

        • BTW, it’s a “she” ;)

          I also just realized my avatar is Kuro from one of the mangas.

          • Haha, thanks for making that clear for me xD, there is a lot of women with some very famous mangas, so this doesn’t surprise me anymore xD

        • Guest

          Satoko Kiyuduki is a female.

    • if i not mistaken, the character designer for Riviera is a different person.

      EDIT: yup, its Sunaho Tobe

  • BelmontHeir

    Hexyz Force was a pretty traditional turn-based game, or at least fairly traditional for Sting. Coincidentally, it was probably my least favorite game I’ve played from them.

    • malek86

      HF was a pretty standard RPG, BU was essentially the same as YU, KITN PSP and Unison are ports of games made before the deal.

      I’d say the deal with Atlus had an effect on their creativity, probably because experimental games are risky for business.

      • A real shame imo, I enjoyed the weirdness of Sting’s games even if the requirements for a perfect playthrough were enough to give you OCD. Still, this looks good even if traditional isn’t a word I’d usually associate with Sting.

  • Looks like it’s a sort of return to Yggdra Union, with the graphics of Knights In The Nightmare. As I fan a fan of both the aforementioned, I’ll keep my eye on this one.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    Judging from that screen shot the gameplay reminds me of Disgaea, which is always a great thing and the art style looks just like Riviera, which is another good thing. I may pick this one up if it get’s an American release or if it doesn’t I’ll get it once I’m better at reading kanji.

  • Ren

    Esparenza? Shouldn’t it be Esperanza to go with Espada?(hope and sword)

  • Xien12

    Hm. We’re missing 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. It’s not an MMO of sorts, so that leaves 5-8. Or… maybe this is the mysterious episode 9? They did say they were trying to release something early 2011.

  • Last time I checked, fencer’s didn’t wield huge ass lancers…I wish they did though as it would make the olympics more awesome.

  • reason why i love Sting game:
    Shinichi Ito as Planner/game designer
    Satoko Kiyuzuki as character designer
    Shigeki Hayashi as music composer
    Dual language Option
    Pure Win!!

    Totally gonna get this on day 1

    oh, and i just checked the official site:
    and gotta say LOVE the bgm

    • malek86

      I just noticed but, the official site is hosted by Atlus, while all of Sting’s games until today were hosted on their own site. Is it an ominous sign?

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