Gungnir’s Tactical Gauge System Explained

By Spencer . February 28, 2011 . 9:27am

imageWhen Famitsu revealed Gungnir, a new strategy RPG from Sting and Atlus, they introduced the main characters, but only dropped hints about the game’s combat system. Thanks to a retail leak we know a little more about it.


Sting developed a tactical gauge system for Gungnir. Players can use this gauge to change the turn order. By switching allies into place you can set up a simultaneous strike on an enemy. While Sting is known for developing games with complicated mechanics, Gungnir is designed to be user friendly for strategy RPG fans who feel they aren’t good at the genre.


Gungir allows players to select a difficulty level and the PSP game has a handy player’s guide built into it. Atlus also included a media install function to cut down loading times. Gungnir comes

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  • MisterDandylion

    Looks interesting. It kind of makes me remember of Riviera: The Promised Land.

    • Likewise. Excited to see the Dept. Heaven games go back to that sort of style.

  • malek86

    If it’s noob-friendly, even I could play it!

    • The turn order change thing the article describes already rings the alarm for me…

    • Ereek

      Not the biggest fan of SRPGs, I take it.

      • malek86

        That’s an understatement.

        I completed FFTA, but then, it was a grindfest of epic proportions which I didn’t want to repeat anymore after the game was over.

        I fell into it again with Disgaea, but only played it for 20 hours or so before noticing the vast majority of my time was spent in the Item world, killing every enemy except one and then trying to reach the bonuses by clearing all the color fields in one combo. After that, it only took a power failure after 3 hours of play to decide that the game wasn’t worth my time after all.

        • kupomogli

          That’s the reason why. Disgaea isn’t a good isn’t a good tactical RPG at all. Storyline is pretty good because of the comedy, but that’s it. I actually don’t like any of NIS’ RPG titles, but what the company does develop very very well is platformers. Prinny and Prinny 2 are amazing.

          FFTA is a great game and to me it wasn’t a grindfest at all. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it much but I’d recommend you try and give it another chance. One thing about the game is that you don’t want to level up a character as a magic user then change them to a melee character, and I’m not sure if that’s why you felt it was such a grind, but just a bit of information. The stats gained a permanent and don’t change.

          However, if you want a tactical RPG that’s really easy to get into, then I’d say try Brigandine Legend of Forsena. Also Brigandine Grand Edition which is it’s remake but import only. One thing I’ll say is that if you do play it, make sure to turn the animations menu in the options menu off after you see them or get bored of them or else you’ll turn a possible 15-30 minute battle into an hour.

          Brigadine is similar in style to Romance of the Three Kingdoms as when you take over every area in the continent you beat the game. The only difference is that outside of combat you just manage your knights and monsters, move from one location to another, or send a knight on a quest. You don’t go into the amounts of detail outside of combat that you do on RotK. You can exchange monsters between knights, change classes, equip one weapon per knight, etc. Monsters each cost a specific rune power and knights only have so much, so you’d really want what monsters you think would work best with other monsters as well as the knight in question.

          Inside combat its your standard tactical RPG. I’d go into detail but I guess I’ll eventually join Siliconera’ Bounce page and I could always make this my first review. Just to show that the game isn’t a grind as well. The game starts year 215, month 3 when you can make your first move/attack. I finished off the last enemy on year 215, month 12. Because attacking is always the last phase, the game goes to the next month, so I didn’t complete the game until year 216, month 1. But yeah. You have to attack every turn just about in order to finish in that sort of time frame.

          • malek86

            Now, I don’t remember much about FFTA, but I do remember half my time was spent grinding levels by using damage-less skills over and over, because you gained exp by doing actions or something like that.

            They apparently removed that system in FFTA2, so maybe one day I should try and get into it again. I only played it for some hours because of other games I wanted to play.

            Most of my problems with SRPG actually stem from myself, because my tactics always suck so I feel the need to grind levels to make up for that. But that makes them boring quickly. I guess I’m just not a strategic guy at all. I always get creamed in RTS too.

          • kupomogli

            “I always get creamed in RTS too”

            Reminds me of my first time playing Age of Empires 2 online. I hardly had my town built up with maybe two soldiers defending it and the person I played against invaded with 20 or 30 people. At the time I had 20+ peasants getting supplies. I don’t play PC games any longer, but I did learn different strategies from others while playing these kinds of games.

          • Ereek

            If it helps, I couldn’t stand FFTA but I loved FFTA2 and put a huge amount of hours into it. I didn’t really feel like it was grinding, unless you count doing optional quests as grinding. FFTA2’s meat is the side quests and the main story is pretty much non-existent.

            Have you tried something like Jeanne d’Arc? That’s relatively easy and has an interesting story and world as well.

          • malek86

            @kupomogle: well, being creamed by online players, that’s understandable. My problem is that I get creamed by the goddamn CPU. Anyway, I know that I would get better by learning from other players, but I have an adversion against multiplayer, so that’s probably not gonna happen.

            @Ereek: maybe I’ll try something easier one day. Not now though, right now I’m more in the mood for action stuff. But once this Gungnir gets localized (if it does happen, I guess it would be no sooner than November), maybe that will be a good time. A beginner-friendly game, it’s bound to be a good place to restart.

          • Ereek

            @Malek, regarding RTS.

            If you have time, try GrimGrimoire. I’m not saying this simply because my avatar comes from there, either.

            It’s a relatively easily accessible RTS and isn’t a “hardcore-style.” You can cheat a bit and stop time if you really need to look around the (huge) levels. It’s great if you’re not very good at the genre and is just about right in single-player challenge difficulty. It’s graphically beautiful, as well.

            Or perhaps try Lock’s Quest, which is a Tower Defense but definitely has the RTS elements. I usually find Tower Defense games to be boring, but I really enjoyed this one.

          • kupomogli

            I actually forgot about this.

            What about the Tactics Ogre PSP remake. They added a feature that lets you rewind battles. Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together is an amazing game, and while I haven’t touched the PSP version yet, it might be a game you want to try.

            If you make some sort of major error, then all you have to do is rewind back to where you feel comfortable and make different choices.

  • malek86

    By the way, uh, the article is cut in half?

  • Uhm, Gungnir comes…what?!

  • Barrit

    Hmm. is the article incomplete or did you change the turn order of the paragraphs on us? You clever, clever guys hehe

  • JustaGenericUser

    “Gungnir comes”

    I know I sure did.

  • Cloud_ST

    I love that style of graphics,the game is looking great so far.

  • alundra311

    Am I the only one who thought they hid spoilers in the last sentence?

  • >Atlus also included a media install function to cut down loading times.
    >included a media install function to cut down loading times.


  • Oh hey, I just noticed in the screen shot. It says “Break Out!”. That’s normally used in the Dept. Heaven games. I never once saw it in Hexyz Force.

    Alright Sting, which episode is this?

    • Guest

      Sorry for the double post!

    • four_black_hearts

      Episode IX.

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