Catherine Officially Confirmed For Summer 2011

By Ishaan . March 1, 2011 . 12:22am

It looks as though our friend at EB Games and the Gamestop listing were both correct: Catherine is officially confirmed for a summer release. Here’s the official site for the game, although it isn’t fully up at the time of this post.


While Atlus USA haven’t provided a date for the game, EB/Gamestop listed it for July 26th release, which is also the date that Amazon have listed on their page.


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  • Yay, they’re keeping the covers.

    • That’s cool. I actually like the little-touch ups Atlus USA usually does with covers, but how can you really improve on these, right? (and don’t say a sheep wearing undergarments :p)

  • mikanko

    Multiple cover arts making it hard not to double dip. >_<

    • It’d be lovely if Atlus gave us reversible covers with both pictures.

      • mirumu

        …and/or posters.

        • Make it a small wallscroll like with the Game Crazy Bayonetta preorder bonus. ;3

    • Aoshi00

      Or triple dip, or the never-attempted quadruple dip *.*… I think I would just probably pick up the PS3 ver this time around, will see.. can’t believe I’m presented the same choice again.. If they’re using both covers like the Jpn ver, it’s probably not reversible. This game is definitely worth double-dipping to support Atlus.

    • Testsubject909

      Double dip… Maybe it’s because of the game’s content in question, but I couldn’t help but think about the cats being out of the bag, and the double dipping… and innuendos… and… definitely sexual…

    • I’m buying 4 copies. And that still feels like not enough.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        You’ll get to Octo-dip with the 3DS/ NGP ports.

    • malek86

      I thought people were complaining about the price of games :P

  • DanteJones

    Woo hoo! This year is shaping up nicely for game releases, and I love the comment at the top of the picture, haha. :D

  • ::jaw extends::


    • Testsubject909

      … I don’t know whether to cry tears of joy or jizz my pants.

      or maybe both…

      No… No wait. I know what i need to do. I need to mourn the money that I won’t have this year due to all these games.

      Thankfully. I’m only interested in the PS3 copy, both to play, and the look at… Must be quite a pain in the wallet for those who intend to get both boxes.

    • REVERSIBLE COVERS! I want that.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Makeshift Catherine cover I slapped together. Gives you an idea of how good it looks:

        • BadenBadenPrinny

          Do want

        • They’d obviously need to resize Katherine for the different aspect ratio but otherwise it could work.

          Personally I don’t care if the reverse side is the other girl, I’ll be happy if they make a reverse side at all. Which is likely since both Demon’s Souls and 3DDGH got them.

        • Do want seconded.

  • Was there any doubt? :P

    Anyway, hell yeah (also VGP mentioned it’s coming out July 26, 2011).

  • Steve Blum as Vincent or no buy! I hope you’re reading this, Atlus USA.


    • ryebot

      I’ll take somebody new. Steve Blum is in too many things, and based on the pretty spectacular and natural-sounding Persona dubs, I trust whoever they’ve got behind this.

      • True, but I can’t help Vincent looking like Spike. I can only dream, but it’ll be hilarious if that happens.

        • SolidusSnake

          I dunno lol. They look alike but their personality seems pretty different. Spike is a badass bounty hunter and Vincent is a wimp who gets trolled by his girlfriend and killed by forks. :p

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            That’s what I thought too but I’m thinking part of the reason people say this is because the Japanese VA for Spike is also the VA for Vincent (Kōichi Yamadera).

          • SolidusSnake

            Interesting… wasn’t aware of that. Although to be fair I think that Japanese Spike and English Spike were somewhat different characters, J-Spike was more of a goofball like Lupin and English Spike was more of a straight up badass.

      • “Natural sounding” really? I prefer English voices in EVERYTHING I play/watch. Video game, anime, everything. But Persona 3 and 4’s English dubs were awful ear-grating crap.

        Sure Steve Blum is in alot of things. But why is that I wonder? Because he is an amazing voice actors. Those who are good get the job, simple as that. I fully support the notion of Blum being Vincent. But with Atlus’ the works are pretty much hit or miss. I HOPE Catherine has good English acting, but I have a feeling it will not be.

        • Apollonis

          That was supposed to be a joke right? I don’t know what P3&4 you played, but the voices were better than 90% of game dubs out there.

          • Not a joke at all. Using Persona 3 as an example, there was not a single voice in there that did not sound forced, over/under acted, or spoken as if just reading the paper rather than being the character. If it wasn’t for the ability to disable voices I probably would have never finished the game.

          • Apollonis

            Strange, I haven’t heard any other real complaints about it other than Fuuka, and to see you go right over the fence into outright hatred was kind of bizarre. It sounded pretty natural and normal to me, anyway, quite unlike most dubs of shows and games that I’ve seen… and anyway, P4’s dubs topped 3’s in pretty much every way :) Then again, I don’t care that much about dubs in the first place since I’m fine with just reading subtitles and going with the original acting, whether it be movies or games; French, Japanese, Swedish, whatever, and just appreciate them in VGs when they are included… so I suppose you would have a bit more experience in that department.

          • I really wouldn’t want to use the word “hatred” as that is a very strong word and implies I dislike the Persona 3 dubbing more than I do. But I really cannot say it was to my liking.

        • Woah. I’d go as far as say P3 and P4’s dubs were just as good as the original, if not better. I just prefer whichever sounds more natural and don’t have a real preference.

          In P4 JP, I could not stand Teddie and Rise’s voices. The only voice that I really liked in the original P4 JP is Chie (Yui Horie was perfect for the role).

        • gatotsu911

          Well, also because he’s one of like 20 voice actors in California who does anime on a regular basis, especially 10 years ago. There’s that too.

          Also gonna have to take issue with your bashing of the Persona voiceovers. Sure Persona 3’s voice acting wasn’t AMAZING (and certainly had a few bad apples *cough*Fuuka*cough*), but it was definitely above average.

          • Only 20 actors? I can name off many more than that, that I consider to be good actors.

            EDIT: Saw you specifically said “California”. In my initial statement I was also including Texas and Canada.

          • gatotsu911

            Yeah, California, Texas and Canada each have about 10-20 voice actors who both A) are good and B) do anime regularly. (Though there are some that work in both Texas and California, such as Laura Bailey, Vic Mignogna and Spike Spencer.)

    • Your loss.

    • Aoshi00

      I think he would be pretty good, you know the very first role I heard Steve Blum play (or start to recognize his voice), Roger in Big O.. he could be a pretty good Johnny too.. looking forward to hear the game in Eng.

  • i love how they used the phrase “Cats out of the bag”

    • i can’t wait to see all the innuendo’s this marketing uses, with what aksys did with agarest, its up to the atlus team to up the ante!


        Bollocks! That really is clever.

        • OH MY GOD.

        • PersonaBull

          It took your comment to get me to realize that…

          The guys at Atlus are ridiculous! At least they definitely managed to get a lot of press out of this, regardless of how much of it was intentional. Here’s hoping Catherine can sell just as well in the US, eh?

    • I hear Catherine is the Cat’s meow– yeah that doesn’t work. ;~;

  • SupaPhly

    my prediction:
    Rated M in the US
    Rated 12 in Europe

    • Europe’s ratings can be wierd, unless Pegi means something other than age range. Sonic Colors gets Pegi 3. LOL They think 3-year olds can play that game.

      • SupaPhly

        I guess nudity doesnt really matter for europeans.
        remember Fahrenheit? euro version had boobs and US version was censored

        • Europe has made artistic nude pictures and statues for centuries. Of course it won’t matter. lol

          • The US is bass-ackwards, we advocate extremely violent video games of war that barely get a 13 or older rating, but a little skin and it’s an AO rating! This will be M for sure, I just seriously hope they don’t censor it to keep it from getting the dreaded AO rating that is a good possibility for the US.

          • SolidusSnake

            But have they made artistic statues of guys getting gibbed by ginormous forks? @[email protected]

          • Aoshi00

            At first I was shocked by how violent the death was in the demo too, yea it’s just in a nightmare and some said it’s “cartoony”, but I didn’t feel the same because it’s not like Itchy and Scratchy in The Simpsons (even that I find hard to stomach at times), even though Vincent is in his boxer and has sheep horns.. It really gives you goosebumps to see him squashed or splat in all sorts of ways by the bosses and you try your best not to get him killed..I thought the violence was more graphic than a simple chainsaw decapitation in Resident Evil which was censored in the Jpn ver (again I guess they could argue Vincent die in a nightmare hence not real, but then he dies in real life too like Elm Street..). This game doesn’t have full nudity anyway (close w/ some tricky camera angle).. it’s the adult themes (infidelity, incest, etc) and moral choices in general and I found the manifested violence quite graphic, which is what makes your heart rate shoot up..I know it’s better not to rate a game so high to limit the audience so more people could buy the game, but sometimes I really don’t get how they rate the contents that clearly is not suitable for minors w/o parental guidance. It’s not like a boy being curious in Playdude…

        • And it’s not even what we get to have, but what that content ends up being rated as. The Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball games, with terrifying social ramifications and physics independent breasts was rated as a 12+.

          • Europe doesn’t make a big deal over nudity like the rest of the world.

          • I think its more the oposite, only USA and arabs make a big deal over nudity

          • Actually, DOAX and DOA: Paradise were both PEGI 16. Somehow DOAX2, despite having stronger sexual content, was the one to get through with a PEGI 12.

            I don’t know what the Japanese rating was for DOAX, but DOAX2 and DOAP both got a CERO D. (PEGI 16 and CERO D cover the same age range and fall somewhere between the ESRB’s T and M)

            I’m not saying the U.S. isn’t stricter, I’m just saying y’all are exaggerating this a bit.

        • Aoshi00

          It’s not so much the skin though, I remember their PS3 ads have boobies.. if it’s rated 12 in Europe, I guess they’re pretty open and comfortable w/ the matter of extramarital affairs (not Vincent but cheating nonetheless) and other hinted abnormal relationship for 12 yr olds :(? Anata wo Yurusanai was rated Cero C too like Catherine but w/ the little violence label..

          Actually I was surprised to find out Nier was rated 15+ in Australia or something, so over there mature rating is for 15 or above? I thought they were pretty straight when it comes to violence (or sex?) in games.. Nier has some pretty disturbing themes when it comes to both.. I’m no conservative or anything, but I wouldn’t want my kid playing Catherine at 12 or Nier at 15..

          But yea, definitely M in the US, and smart move for keeping both covers, sex sells :)

          • No, Australia is crazy when it comes to adult games. Mortal Kombat, for example, was just refused classification over there. They had a minister who was against an 18+ rating for years and years, and even though he’s gone, it still hasn’t gone up for a vote yet.

        • Yea, Europe and US are pretty much opposites. US is okay with violence but when it comes to sex are all “THE CHILDREN! THE CHILDREN! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”

          Europe is okay with sex, but when it comes to violence are like “OUR EYES! IT BURNS US! TURN OFF BLOOD AND BODIES DON’T STAY ON MAP AFTER KILLED!”

          Good times.

          • amagidyne

            It’s a little unproductive to think of Europe as a single country. Not all of us are Germany.

          • Europe is a continent, a collection of countries. What happens in one country effects the view of Europe as a whole. If you were talking about a country specifically that is something different all together.

            Mush like how the US is a collection of States. Each state with it’s own different laws and views. And again, the law of a single state effects the view of the US as a whole. Some states attack sex in video games, other couldn’t care less.

            I think my stereotype of Europe and the US are perfectly fair.

      • Well the ratings just mean the content is suitable for that age and the parents won’t complain about it : P

    • godmars

      You forgot banned/not rated in Australia.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Also why they’re getting We Dare and We Aren’t.

    • Zero_Destiny

      That’s a bad thing? Maybe it’s because I’m not younger than 17 or 18 *whatever M is* anymore but I don’t really care. I’d rather have Atlus play it safe and not have to censor anything and get an M rating than toning things done or cause a controversy with a T rating. Besides I wouldn’t worry too much with the sales being ruined because the game is M. Atlus has put so many M rated Megaten games and has never had a financial problem because of that before.

      • gatotsu911

        If anything, Atlus has proven that M-rated RPGs can still sell. Square and Namco could’ve taken a lesson from that when localizing the Xeno-games.

  • Well played, Atlus. Well played.

  • Chow

    [random positive comment #52]

    • Testsubject909

      Considering how, when I clicked this article to comment, there were only about 47 comments and not all of them being positive.

      Number 52 best be within a list of positive comments you have to say, or you’re a tad bit premature.

      • Apollonis

        Haha yeah it’s funny to see so many of the top comments now not celebrating but whining about voices and covers and ratings. Gotta love those “hardcore” gamers!

        Edit: Oh, and prices too of course.

  • Ram

    Awesome! Bring on the nightmarish easy mode!!

  • Knowing it is time consuming puzzle game I am much less excited about this game. Wished it was more about naked and sheep JRPG style.

  • No surprise for me at all. All of the clues added up…Even from P3P lol
    I am soo happy and I can’t wait!

  • cj_iwakura

    So where do I ship the first born as payment? Irvine or Japan?

  • I’m…Sorry Atlus. I’m so sorry ;_;. I’ll never doubt you again.

    I’ll buy 2 copies to make up for it.

    • Testsubject909

      one of each? or two of each?

      • Two of each, man that’s hardcore!! :D

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          ALL FOUR AT THE SAME TIME!? Oooo what a PLAYA! BALL’N MAAAAD SKILLZ! Naughty bad boy!

          • Real men are always aiming for the “naughty heaven” and that’s only possible with four copies of this game playing simultaneously!!

  • mirumu

    Not a big surprise after the last email, but very welcome news all the same. Wonder if they’ll do the same or similar limited edition versions to those Japan got?

  • Please have Japanese voice overs. Quality Seiyuu in the gamee.

    • Are you implying that their English Vas are not quality?

      • SeventhEvening

        If he’s not, I will.

        Some of them are great, but the good ones are far too few. If you play too many games or watch too many dubbed things you just hear the same dozen voices over and over. I mean, Leonardo DiCaprio may be a good actor, but if he was main character of 9 out of every 10 movies…well, it would get pretty old.

        • gatotsu911

          “If you play too many games or watch too many dubbed things you just hear the same dozen voices over and over.”

          Why, that NEVER happens with Japanese voice actors.

          EDIT: ESPECIALLY not Kotono Mitsuishi and Koichi Yamadera.

      • i second that not having english voices is just lazy i want to hear what i speak thanks

      • mikanko

        Even though the voice acting is probably going to be better than most English dubs out there it’s nice to have a choice. I’m a pretty big fan of a lot of the Japanese voice actors in this game from the anime shows I watch, so I’d enjoy getting to hear them in a game like this.

        • Exactly why. And from the bit of the walkthrough’s they do damn fantastic job for this game. Plus, I kinda prefer the sub over dub. Especially for this game its kinda gotta stay to the original for me lol.

          • Darkrise

            Precisely why they should have dual audio. Miyuki Sawashiro nuff said.

      • Its hit and miss. Got pretty awkward in P3 for some of them. And for this game, not sure if you’ve checked the seiyuu, but its kinda necessary for them to have it.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Regardless of what he implies, please take a look at the Japanese VAs. The pedigrees of Kotono Mitsuishi (Katherine) and Kōichi Yamadera (Vincent) are legendary.

        • Do not forget Miyuki Sawashiro as Darkrise mentioned. :D such an awesome job as Celty.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I love her as Baby Beel in Beelzebub but that’s a little off topic lol

      • mirumu

        Any inevitable dub will not only be used in the American release, but also in every other english language release, and honestly the American accents feel really out of place when you aren’t used to them. To me the American VAs usually sound like they’re overacting. Made it very hard to enjoy the Persona dubs.

        That’s not to say Japanese seiyuus don’t do the same thing, but it’s easier to ignore when it’s not your native language.

        I’d never ask for a Japanese voice only release, but I hope they do have both Japanese and English so we can at least choose for ourselves. That way everybody wins.

        • “That’s not to say Japanese seiyuus don’t do the same thing”

          Good. Because they do.

          Its anime, overacting is kind of the point.

          • Though, I have to say, Catherine is far less anime then the Persona games and it has very solid Japanese VA. Hope they”ll be able to nail it in the English version.

          • mirumu

            It’s certainly commonplace in anime. They even have entire speech styles that no one in real life use such as the typical “ojousama” (rich girl) ending all their sentences in “desu wa”. I’ve no objection to dubs retaining that feel when it was there in the original.

            It does vary with the genre though, and in the more “serious” anime titles speech tends to stick closer to mainstream usage. As you say, I’d certainly consider Catherine to be such a title from the voice acting in the Japanese demo.

            I’m open to being pleasantly surprised with a Catherine dub, and I hope they do a great job, but with dual audio there’d be nothing to complain about.

    • Atlus tends to not suck when it comes to English voice actors.

      • Darkrise

        Fuuka’s eng voice…

        The better option would be just to have dual audio to satisfy both sides and there’s plenty of room on blu-ray.

        • Still better than Rise and Teddie’s JP voices. Their voices make my ear bleed.

          • Ren

            I agree with Rise’s one(Kugimiya on her worst during battles), but I hated Teddie’s american voice acting, it was good I admit, but I still hated it. Loved how the characters sounded fairly different from their japanese counterparts though(Yukiko and Kanji aside).

        • Zero_Destiny

          I must be crazy because I like her English voice. She was the same actor who did Lulu’s voice in Final Fantasy X too if I’m not mistaken.

          • gatotsu911

            As much as I’m eager to stick it to dub-bashers, there really is no excuse whatsoever for Fuuka’s voice. It’s TERRIBLE. It’s utterly devoid of emotion, it doesn’t even fit the bloody character, it’s shrill and grating as hell, and above all it’s THE ONE VOICE YOU HEAR MORE THAN ANY OTHER IN THE GAME. There’s just no excuse for all that.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Whelp that answers it. I’m crazy. lol Serious I’m not joking and this isn’t a case of blind-love for the dub, I honestly liked her voice. I thought it fit her chara well. Plus it sounded different from what we usually get. Feel free to hate her voice. But in all honesty I liked it.

        • She was probably just confused in her role as Fuuka. You play Blazblue, so you should know how awesome Rachel’s eng voice sounds like

          • Fuuka was not played by Mela Lee…

          • It’s either Paula Tiso or Mela Lee… Looks like people can’t decide which one

        • gatotsu911


          Though, in all seriousness, I do support the dual-language option whenever it is feasible. It’s nice to give players a choice. That said, as mentioned above Atlus is usually pretty good about voice acting in their games, and if I’m not mistaken Catherine is set in America, so I for one will most likely play with English voices anyway.

        • Fuuka’s voice makes her ADORABLE, what is wrong with you.

          • Especially in that scene when Fuuka had that vibrating thing on her and she couldnt stop laughing

          • I couldn’t stop laughing either, ’cause that was just ridiculous.

            And then I remembered I was playing an M-rated game.

    • gatotsu911

      Why yes, I’m sure a major console release of a game set entirely in America will have Japanese voiceovers. Makes perfect sense.

      • Yes it does. Why not give the option so everybody is pleased with a fantastic cast but just release it only english?

        It makes perfect sense to piss the other half off. Well, not piss, but mildly disappoint and this game NEEDS to have Japanese Seiyuu. That may just be me but it’s required. :/

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        So you’re telling me a game entirely concocted by a Japanese studio, with Japanese anime cutscenes, and is inevitably founded upon Japanese culture/ ideologies shouldn’t have Japanese voiceovers done by famous Japanese VAs with longs histories in the Japanese anime medium?

        • gatotsu911

          I’m not talking “should”, I’m talking “will”. As mentioned above, I think dual-language options should be made available whenever possible.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Ah I see. My bad then.

      • Apollonis

        I’m curious, but where did you hear that it’s supposed to be set in America? I haven’t seen anything like that, but then again I’ve been trying to avoid all spoilers.

        • People who played seem to assume its set in America. I don’t know if its by the character names or something.

  • pridesin

    yea !!!!. Come to Siliconera right after checking the e-mail.
    Atlus USA really knows how to spoil us.

  • Nice. I hope it comes out in europe too

  • PurpleDoom

    Nice to see this whole thing cleared up with a good ending. Can’t wait to play!

  • Dodzkie

    Summer is gonna be hot! :D

  • Icon

    Whichever system you’re getting it for, you win. Those covers are great! Glad they made it over.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Definitely better than these covers:

      • Oh NOE….!!! Why did I have to look at the picture >_>

        Awesome Gintama joke though. xD

  • Everyone: Wait, I thought you said there was no plans for a western release?
    Atlus: *TROLLFACE*

    • I’ll ask you a question first…where did you hear that Atlus USA was not bringing it over? Do you really think it was Atlus who did the real trolling?

      • Taken from CVG –

        “Atlus has said that its adult-oriented psychological thriller Catherine will not be released in North America – for now.

        Speaking to BeefJack, Atlus’ US PR apologised and confirmed that the game was a Japan-only title at the moment.

        “Catherine is a Japan-only game and there are no plans for a NA release at this time. Sorry about that!” says the statement.”

        No, totally not trolling ¬_¬

        • Once again, I will say, that the Catherine controversy taught me that your average fan has no idea what a non-disclosure agreement is.

          • Having dealt with MANY NDAs, what Atlus did is a perfect example of what NOT to do during a NDA.

            Concerning a NDA you may not talk about something either way. Saying something is “not coming” even if not true, is in and of itself breaking the NDA because you are talking about something. The proper answer would have been “No comment” or “We cannot discuss that at this time.”

          • Apollonis

            They didn’t say “not coming,” genius, they said “no plans at this time,” which is a stock phrase roughly the same as no comment. The fault is not on Atlus but on these idiots for reporting non-news, and other sites for sensationalizing and spreading it, and gamers for over-reacting.

          • So stating “Japan only” and “no plans for western release” are no synonymous with saying “Not living Japan, no western release”?

            Silly Atlus fanboys.

          • Apollonis

            Nope. They were saying that it was a game only available in Japan, which is true, and that there were no plans to announce at that time, also true. You were pretending to be so knowledgeable about NDAs while misinterpreting the situation completely.

          • Not pretending at all. I have been held under well over 50. Each and everyone said that you may not confirm nor deny something. The only response that you were allowed to give, should you not be able to avoid one entirely is “no comment”.

        • Not beefjack again D:

        • If you’ve ever read GJAIF, you’d know that CVG are terrible when it comes to games journalism.

          • Apollonis

            Wasn’t that website you linked to basically created to stalk Jim Sterling…?

          • Most the stuff I’ve read about involves Kotaku… so no.

          • @STiger: After they made a generalisation on Japanese games’ menu, I’m not taking them seriously anymore. Even more after reading the comments. It lowers my IQ

        • gatotsu911

          “no plans for release at this time” =/= “not coming”

  • If Johnny Young Bosh is Vincent I shall burn every copy of this game. Unless he uses anything other than his Ichigo voice… His Claire Le-Onelly voice in Heat Guy J was perfect. But come on, I mean eriously, that guy is in EVERY japanese game lately, I want a break!

    • Aoshi00

      Is he still :)? The last game I heard him in was Last Remnant, “let’s kick some A!” :) He’s okay I guess, a bit young sounding for Vincent though..

      • Extra_Life

        I happened to play Last Remnant, Magna Carta 2, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Devil May Cry 4 very close to each other, and that was Bosch overload. Nothing against the guy, but it was actually horrible to have the same voice for some many protagonists over so many games. But of course, my fault for playing that selection of games one after the other!

        • He’s still not as all over the place as Nolan North.

        • Barrit

          I hear a lot of American VA’s names thrown around, but I can honestly say I don’t really recognize them. I usually play games in Japanese when given the option so I’m sure that plays a big part in it.

          From your post I know exactly who you’re talking about though! I played Magna Carta 2, then later saw an English trailer for Sengoku Basara and couldn’t help but picture Juto everytime I heard Yukimura speak. It was very odd and not in a good way. He just didn’t sound very Yukimura-ish.

          Hopefully they have dual audio, because I’d hate for the same thing to happen with this game and I just picture Juto the whole time Vincent talks lol.

        • Aoshi00

          Oh yea, how could I forget Magna Carta 2, I love JYB as Juto, he was pretty cute there :) Even though Fukuyama Jun was also good in the Jpn dub.. unfortunately I haven’t finished the game yet, got the disc 2 and just left it there back then :(… the gameplay was pretty good and I liked the chars and art design. I really don’t watch dubbed anime, or anime at all… but JYB did a good job in Last Remnant and Magna Carta 2. I haven’t played the Symphonia sequel though..

        • Well the only role that I know JYB wasn’t a protagonist, was in P4. He did an AMAZING job as Adachi, imo. And Adachi is one my favorite villains. XD

          also you could say that Lelouch in Code Geass is a villain or Anti-hero and JYB did his English voice as well.

      • He’s also in Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes as Yukimura Sanada. lol

        idk, JYB is decent, but I wanna hear more Troy Baker. lol I secretly became a fangirl over his work. XD He was a decent choice for Snow in FFXIII (lol which I started playing a few days ago when I had no internet — on chapter 9 in just 3 days of playing. o.O) and his voice for Mitsunari Ishida also made me melt in Sengoku Basara. XD

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol I like his tvtropes page. I laughed the first time I read it.

          • lol I love how Troy Baker has Vincent from Catherine listed under his roles. XD

        • YES SANADA!!!!!!

        • Aoshi00

          I only played the Sengoku Basara demo but didn’t get the game, I liked the anime take on the historical chars, but unfortunately I’m not too big a fan on the Dynasty Warriors gamelay…

          I loved JYB as Rush in Last Remnant and Juto in Magna Carta 2, I think he has a pretty good range. Troy Baker was very good as Snow in FF13 too, I too wish to hear more of him :) He’s pretty funny in real life. I thought Steve Blum was so cool as Roger though..

    • I want JYB to be Tobias, he seems perfect for it!

  • karasuKumo

    Brilliant, Atlus I do love you ^^

  • Aw yeah! Comes out 5 days after my birthday so I think I’ll by this baby myself. Wonder what sort of special item[s] (if any) will be coming with these. I think that will determine which copy I order considering I got both a ps3 and 360.

  • cmurph666

    Free Pizza included in the Collectors Edition!

    • Testsubject909

      But will it be delivered fresh, steamy and gooey with a blonde girl to suckle on the stretched out lingering mozzarella?

    • Aoshi00

      Coupon for Papa John’s/Domino’s promotion, or if they’re cheap you get a free topping lol..

    • /pizza

      i doubt anyone will get that joke.

  • Aiddon

    the second I checked out the official website before the Faithful newsletter arrived I knew it was coming (plus it being released on the 360 was the biggest hint). I can’t WAIT for this game due to Atlus trying to tackle some REALLY adult subject matter

    • In most of their games you’ve got an apocalypse either about to hit or has already hit. In most of the earlier games you fought GOD. Persona 2 had a potential gay relationship and Hitler. Persona 3 had pentagrams and symbolically committing suicide. Atlus knows adult subject matter.

      • Aiddon

        oh yeah, they’re definitely one of the few companies really trying to address some very touchy issues. Like Kanji’s issues with his sexuality/masculinity, Naoto’s gender issues, and now Catherine really tries to be getting into erotic subject matter, and it also seems to be touching on Vincent having to grow up and take responsibility for his relationship.

        • Guest

          Also they have some old drifting race games

  • Now make it less than 60 dollars, and I’ll consider it.

    • Now complain more and see Atlus not bringing anything

    • Yes, your worship. Should Atlus make you a nice tea and fan you with a palm branch while they’re at it?

      You’ll consider it? Jesus Christmas, woman.

    • You’ve got practically 5 months to acquire $60. Seriously?

      Just go donate blood plasma. I hear they give you $65.

    • SolidusSnake

      Less complain, more pre-order.

    • Uhm, a 12-15hr game, with multiple endings tons of replayability and even online boards with seemingly quality music and cutscenes is truly worth less than the cost of most retail games? This game seems to pack more content than other games selling for the same price, I do not see what justification there is for them to budget price it…

      Unless of course one is one who doesnt ever get any games for full cost on day 1 because of the moral belief that all games sell for too much

  • animefans12

    This has now made my day.

  • Well that is nice. The feint plan came to fruition. Day 1 Baby, Day 1! Now please continue Atlus spoils!

  • It’s a pity. I’ll probably get the PS3 version but I prefer the cover of the XBox version.

  • Poor Atlus, I hope a more entertaining reveal wasn’t scrapped since it was revealed ahead of time.

  • RX_93

    With this my bank account has officially been raped.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Unlike Sawada who’s bank account can’t ever die lol Also Nu Gundam? OMG it’s one of my fav Gundam designs!!! :D I still have the toy from when I was a kid.

      • Nu Gundam was probably the only reason to watch Char’s Counterattack. xD
        That and the Sazabi, with the ever awesome Char~

  • The moment that they said there was a 360 version, I knew it was coming to America, so there is no surprise in that, since there is no reason to even make a 360 version if you’re sticking only with Japan (unless it’s a hentai game or a bullethell shooter).

    I am surprised, however, that they’re going with the different covers here, too. Very cool of them.

  • Exkaiser

    I don’t even know why people doubted it.

    • gatotsu911

      This. What on earth made people think that Atlus wouldn’t be localizing a major self-published game? I say the doubters should be ashamed of themselves.

      • PurpleDoom

        Because they said they had no plans at the time? PR speak or no, that’s sure to raise a few doubters. Nothing unreasonable about it.

        • No, actually, it was obvious for anyone with half a brain that they were localizing it.

          • PurpleDoom

            Because all of us are psychic and know the inner workings and plans of Atlus. Right.

            Nothing is ever a guarantee until it’s announced.

  • Oh damn >_<
    too many games to buy in this year.

  • AWWWWWW YEAAAAHHHHH! And Xbox gets the milf!

  • Volcynika

    Nich Maragos made an amusing post on GAF:

    “And so ends this week’s Afterschool Special on giving too much credence to stock PR responses.”

    I laughed. Also from what I’ve seen around places, gone from “omg Atlus don’t abandon ussssss” to “wtf full price I’m not paying that.” Oh well!

    Already preordered at Amazon.

  • And europe gets shafted for another CE ;__;

  • Well nothing more to add since the last topic, except that I’m brutally tempted to buy both versions~! >_< Oh Atlus why do you have to tease me with so awesome covers? x3

    • Zero_Destiny

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Take that non-believers!!!!!!!

  • Atlus is playing mind games! Killing me softly with their PR! Blinding me with localization!

    This game was going to be a “maybe”, but now I have an irrational urge to buy it. Buy it hardcore.

  • PrinceHeir

    yes thank you atlus :)

    we’re also using the JP covers? excellent ^^

    now for a new Shin Megami and Persona 5 would also be awesome :P

    nevertheless i can’t wait for this. day 1 for sure so how about a dual audio with subs please? :)

  • Almost can’t believe they kept the Japanese box art in tact. Pretty darn awesome. Now to pre-order 4 copies! (2 of each console!)

    • O_o

      • Darkrise

        The power of support and love for Cathy and Kathy. Or else Cathy will punch you repeatedly.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Wow I just woke up after staying up mad late and typing a paper on how immigration has changed between the Macro-Regions of China during Mao’s rise to power to see this. BEST Morning ever. All else I can say has already been said by Vincent:

  • SolidusSnake

    DAMN, July can’t come soon enough!

  • Just saw the email… Im so freaking happy, i admit, not as much as with Ar tonelico, but im still happy xD

  • MisterDandylion

    “1,2,3.. get soaked in my sheets!”

    Finally, I hope we get reversible covers but either way I don’t mind :)

    Man, for some reason I feel like eating pizza right now after galring at Catherine….

  • Good news indeed! I hope they release a demo over here as well, since I’ve never been very good at these kinds of puzzle games.

  • godmars

    Now we just have to worry about what if anything gets changed/censored.

    • amagidyne

      I haven’t played it, but it’s only got a C from CERO. Can’t be *that* explicit, can it?

      • gatotsu911

        This. I’m kinda tickled by all these people being all like “oooooooh, it’s so ADULT, will those dumb censorship-loving Americans allow it?”, when in reality it’s almost certainly not that graphic. I doubt it even has actual nudity.

        • lurkingsalt

          Spoiler: There’s not.

        • Guest

          It’s probably LESS risque than Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Heavy Rain combined, yet I’m sure hypocritical anti Japan game haters and overly religious soccer moms will make a stink about it simply because it’s an import

    • Persona 3 and 4 have way more explicit content.

  • Barrit

    I’d totally pre-order right now, but I know there is bound to be a special edition. So I’ll just hold off until then :)

  • amagidyne

    Hell yeah.

    Faith restored.

  • Darkrise

    … *Looks around to see if anyone is around*
    AAAAAH!!!!!!!! OMG! Does this year get any better!? I want both covers!!!!

  • Hahah, this is cool! I’m looking forward to it, especially with it’s release point. Gives me enough time to get the money for it!

  • Code

    rar, approved >ww<' it's Atlus, it's one of there biggest games in years, I couldn't see them not bringing it over.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s
  • Woke up, saw this and went back to sleep. Woke up again and it was still there. So, it wasn’t just a dream?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Dream of Butterfly or is Life a Dream. Don’t want to wake up because I’m happier here…
      I found it only appropriate to reference PERSONA :)

  • masuto

    Atlus is a freakin liar. That’s called unprofessional bad PR. Publicly lying to people that you’re not gonna publish Catherine and then announce that you will isn’t good PR.

    • Atlus went public? Isnt it the site itself the one responsible, Im quite sure other sights have asked Atlus about the game before hand and decided that the obvious news wasnt noteworthy. What did they lie about? They didnt ever say that they were not going to publish it, youre just putting words in their mouth.

  • Can anyone tell me which console this game was originally developed for, and which one it was ported to? Since I own both systems I’d rather check out the best version of the game.

    • I thought tech analysis stated PS3 versions performs slightly better than the x360 version.

      • malek86

        Apparently the anime parts look better on PS3 (I guess they had more space for cutscenes), while the gameplay looks slightly more refined on 360, probably due to AA2X instead of QAA.

        I guess there isn’t much of a difference: in any case, I would just go for joypad preference, because that’s gonna affect you a lot more than just some jaggies.

    • In-game shots are largely the same, but the PS3 version has better compression during animated cutscenes.

      Check out for a comparison. In particular, look at the purple orb shot.

  • lurkingsalt

    Now the wait begins. Can’t say I’m surprised but never the less I’m glad.

    Have to stop watching the live streams of the JP release now , I have spoiled enough of the game as it is.

  • Guest

    Are they gonna keep the Japanese rap song?

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      It’s on the English site, so I’d presume so.

      • Guest

        What’s the lyrics to it? I only know the first three words: “One Two Three”

    • Atlus didn’t change any of the P3 & P4 songs.. so it’ll stay most likely.

  • i hope they make the game more easy on easy mode because on Japanese is too hard i lost all my 30 continues in one stage on easy mode so the no easy mode on the game the think say easy mode is fake lol

  • hope they will release a Catherine Famitsu DX Pack too~~

  • I don’t even know what to say.
    I’m just….so….so happy ; A ; AHHHHHH. YESSSSSS.

  • Guest

    gamestop was right!

  • DlanorKnox

    Oh man! So tempted to pre-order this on Amazon now, but I guess I should wait and see what kind of collector’s edition gets released. You’re awesome, Atlus! This summer is going to rock!

  • kurosan9712

    Oh well, I already have the jap version, I know japanese, I’ve beaten the game. No need for and english release.
    Besides, I’m not ready to listen to awful english dub.

  • Two days without going online and I see this! XD I knew you do Atlus. Hoorah for the believers. >w<

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