Elite Beat Agents Developer iNiS Are Meeting With Publishers At GDC

By Spencer . March 3, 2011 . 2:06pm

imageAfter three successful beat tapping games with wacky stories, iNiS went on to spearhead Microsoft’s karaoke game Lips. But, it appears iNiS has something new in the pipeline. The developer is meeting with Western publishers behind closed doors. We know of two publishers that have a meeting with the rhythm game developer.


Nintendo picked up Ouendan after Keiichi Yano, CEO, showed Nintendo a flash based prototype. Before that, Koei published the quirky boy meets girl, but turns into rock star game Gitaroo Man for PlayStation 2. Way back at GDC in 2007, Yano mentioned they were developing a game for Wii. iNiS hasn’t said anything about the title since.


iNiS, whatever game you’re working on we’re cheering you on!

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  • Code

    rar, I’m cheering them on — for Ouendan 3 >w<~!

    • Kris


      (How about Ouendan 3D!?)

      • FireCouch

        Except not only is every single song in OSU! an anime theme song, the charts are pretty bad as well.

        • Day2Day

          CX, I’m not sure, but he might be talking about the fact that the confirmation sound in the Ouendan games is the crew shouting “Osu!!”

          Although your point is completely valid.

          • Kris

            What Day2Day said.

      • Code


        rar, maan a 3DS Ouendan would be must have TwT~! It’s really one of the only rhythm series I’ve had any success in playing.


  • Please if its music oriented use modern super popular western songs, thats all Im asking, for I want by “Baby”, “One Time” (love that song, Justin B’s best), and of course “Paparazzi”, “Bad Rohmance”, and “Just Dance” babe.

    • MarkMario

      …They probably won’t be able to afford licenses for super popular songs except a few + just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re good (Justin Bieber’s songs).

      • Dude its gameplay that counts most; who cares if the song is good or not, as long as they are catchy and lead to addictive fun gameplay. I was a fan of guitar hero, but band hero had Aly & AJ and Jesse Mccartney’s song leading to extremely addictingly fun gameplay on their songs.

        • Ren

          This is a Rhythm game, the songs are integral to the gameplay. Certain songs just don’t fit the Ouendan formula very well.

        • alundra311

          Looks like the “other” Tsuna is here.

          • Ren

            @I wish I knew what you guys just said(replying here so you get notified)
            “Falando sério, eu acho que Trist é a exceção de basicamente todas as regras sobre senso comum que eu conheço, mas fazer o que, ele é Triste. Se bem que meus pais gostam de Lady Gaga… ”
            Seriously, I think Trist is the exception of basically every single common sense rule I know, what can be done anyway, he’s just Sad(triste = sad, pronnounced quite similar to Trist, trees-teh). Altough my parents do like Lady Gaga…

            “Meu Deus, que piada linda xD Concordo. É triste mesmo e parece que se anda a tornar naqueles típicos espertinhos de Internet ultimamente =/ Se calhar é só impressão minha!”
            OMG, great joke xD I agree. It’s really sad and seem he’s becoming one of those typical internet smartasses you see nowdays =/ If it ends up being so ‘it’s only me’!(or: ‘it’s only my impression’)
            Taken liberties with the translation for understanding sake.

          • alundra311

            Hahaha. Really great joke. Thank you for taking time to translate it. :D

          • This is starting to annoy me, is so contradictory, even with life itslef

          • Ren

            That’s Trist for you.
            @ your other comment
            Most of us brazillians simply guess when reading spanish(ñ is our nh,ll is our lh, too many things are alike) since the languages are very similar(I can never learn spanish because I simply confuse it with portuguese). It create problems sometimes though:
            ‘La viene un tarado pelado con su saco en las manos corriendo hace la buseta” this piece of Argentine spanish would be read for us as “There comes a naked pevert holding his balls on his hands going after pussy(not the cat kind)” while it’s supposed to mean “There comes an idiotic baldie holding his jacket on his hands going after the microbus”. It isn’t normally this confusing, but makes for funny times when you finally discover pelo means body hair in my language. “No me molestas” always makes me laugh. ‘Don’t sexually harass me’ instead of ‘Don’t annoy me’ is always gold.

          • alundra311

            This probably just proves that he loves to troll sometimes.

    • i cant help but ask Are tiring really hard to troll here or are you serious? not trying to be offence its just the song you picked are the ones i see getting flamed a whole lot.

      • One Time? Justin Biebers debut song, is being flamed, what? It was utterly awesome, I even bought it myself. Baby is played on the radio all the time…Just Dance is awesome to dance too (and its remixes), as well as Paparazzi (the moto blanco remix is its best), Bad Romance too is excellently great to dance too, and I forgot the collaboration with Beyonce, Telephone is amazing (the remixes, awesome).

        New addictive fun to dance to songs are awesome!

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Jesus Christ…

          • Ren

            Hey, taste is taste, even if it’s bad taste. And Trist is Trist, even if it’s bad Trist.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Who am I to judge, right? =P

            I just thought that no one except for 12 year old girls actually cared about Justin Bieber. Silly me.

          • alundra311


            But you are right. Nobody but 12 year old girls care about Justin Bieber. ;)

            [Edit] Sorry. Just read Ren’s comment below. :D

          • Ren

            @ your last comment
            No, you’re right, no one but 12 year old girls care about Justin Bieber. Trist is just the rare exception of the rule. Falando sério, eu acho que Trist é a exceção de basicamente todas as regras sobre senso comum que eu conheço, mas fazer o que, ele é Triste(god, I wanted to do this joke for a long time). Se bem que meus pais gostam de Lady Gaga…

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Meu Deus, que piada linda xD Concordo. É triste mesmo e parece que se anda a tornar naqueles típicos espertinhos de Internet ultimamente =/ Se calhar é só impressão minha!

            Aaaaanyway, well, even if I don’t like any of those two, I can still understand people liking Gaga. I mean, it’s pop. People like pop… I guess. But Justin Bieber? Just… no.

          • alundra311

            But Trist is not an exception. Because he’s actually *shot*

            P.S. I wish I knew what you guys just said. :(

          • It’s funny to see how many words are so close to the spanish xD, i could make sense in some parts

        • well now that i know its not just trolling, i did listen to the songs before but i dont think it would fit rythem games cause the beat repeat itself A LOT, i couldn’t even find the B Section for bad romance, if it even had a b section, which would make it too easy. if any i would like them to add more rock and jazz hybrid songs they have catchy beats and dont constantly repeat

          • Wouldnt fit a rhythm game? But her songs are in Rock Band, thus they fit the rhythm game genre, and not only that but also in our dance games as well. I believe that is more testament that they do fit the genre.

          • Ren

            Genre is genre, game is game. Just because her musics can fit in some game that doesn’t mean they can fit all, the formula is different for each rhythm game. This is also a music by music process, some music fit certain games, others don’t, it’s worthless to disscuss abou this.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Sorry sir, none of those are songs I’d dance to.

          Here’s a great Kinect/MOVE concept. A music game based on the hardest azz deth metal you can dig up. Think Static X sort of unintelligible screaming. Use the camera to create a virtual mosh pit where you get your bonuses for bashing the playa next to you silly!

          • Songs you dont dance too? I do, even in the newest Dahnce Dahnce Rewolution, Bad Romance is in it.

            Screaming actually gives me a headache.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And JustinB and LadyG makes me want to put a bullet in someone — preferably them.

            Sometime Victorique-san will need to tell you the time she DIDN’T take advantage of an opportunity to literally plow a car through O-Town……and opportunities like that don’t ever knock twice.

          • ToSeektheChosen

            Wow, you’re awesome… I totally agree. M/

          • SolidusSnake
          • M’iau M’iaut

            Dimebag will come back from the grave to kick that punks azz once he hears that.

            @ Solidus….shame on you; why would you bet on anything but the Zombie Apocalypse

          • SolidusSnake

            @M’iau M’iaut: That would be entertaining. Zombie rock star vs. shota pop idol, WHO WILL SURVIVE?!

        • “Who f**k is Justin Bieber?”

          This was Ozzy Osbourn after asked about his opinion after doing a comercial with him.


    • ToSeektheChosen

      “Super Popular Western songs”, If by popular you mean 9 year old girls who drool on JB’s $hitty music, then by all means put THOSE songs onto the game. Dude, that’s not real music, it’s called auto-tune; anyone can use it. My GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE… the only thing JB sings about is trying to get laid. READ THE LYRICS, it’s true.
      Btw it’s Romance, not “rhomance”, and Lady Gaga is probably a “guy”. rofl, the lady has a deeper voice than beiber. That’s not music, just some auto-tuned bullshit to get the music industry even more money. They only sing for money, it’s all for public image…seriously I didn’t want to get into this, but I see this kind of crap every goddam place I go.

      • not to mention half of all her songs are remixes of just one beat she consistently uses

      • Lady Gaga, autotune? Nah, not unless it’s for deliberate effect. She’s a classically trained musician, and while she isn’t Janelle Monáe or anything, she’s a decent vocalist. You should hear her sing stuff that isn’t pop.

        But it’s hilarious watching people get up in arms about her. She is trolling EVERYONE, and laughing all the way to the bank.

        • ToSeektheChosen

          I am not so sure about Lady Gaga because I’ve only heard Bad Romance by her. But I’ll bet a testicle that Justin Beiber(or bieber w/e) autotunes.

          • How can you have missed her other songs?! At least listen to this one…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY6lGA1QIPk

          • ToSeektheChosen

            I did not miss her songs, I simply did not listen to them. I don’t want to be another person fooled by the media, only listening to what is “popular” or “mainstream”, besides I think Pop/Rap is overrated.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Careful there sir, start betting your testes on things and eventually you might end up just like Justin.

          • ToSeektheChosen

            Oops, thanks for reminding me, I got carried away.

        • Bakuryukun

          Auto tuning for deliberate effect really needs to stop…it’s happening WAY too much in music now and by this point it just sounds silly.

          I know next to nothing about Gaga and Bieber, to me they are just names I hear people whine about incessantly or praise like gods, I think I’ll just go back to listening the Xenogears soundtrack thank you very much.

          • Auto tuning for deliberate effect really needs to stop…it’s happening WAY too much in music now and by this point it just sounds silly.

            I agree very much with this, actually!

          • Pesmerga00

            You guys happy now? You went and made T-Pain cry. ~shakes head~

          • Bakuryukun

            Awesome, agreeing is way more fun that arguing *high fives*

        • Kris

          Tossed you a like for the Janelle Monae mention and for also realizing that Gaga is playing a brilliant joke on the music industry.

      • Hey, music is music, if there are enhancements to their natural voice to make the song more addictive, more awesome, more amazing, then by all means use it. Plus notice I did not say Ke$ha (who well is pretty not that talented live as she runs out of breath on her own songs…).

        Why so against it? Is it because its popular that you do not like it. If it is a music game then they have to include one of these two artists as they are popular and would capture the greatest interest in the American videogame buying public….

        • ToSeektheChosen

          ARE you being serious? I’m not against the idea, but I don’t think much people would buy a game with those type of songs in it.

          • Ren

            For the best or for the worst, he always is. He does have a point(if if he doesn’t actually bring this point) that people judge mainstream too much for just being mainstream. Mainstream only mean it pleases the masses, it doesn’t mean that it’s outright horrible or that is a sin to like it, it just makes you a personalityless idiotic drone if you only do so, like how like indie music autommatically makes you a prick and liking denpa music makes you a otaku loser. He also has a point that mainstream music can help to promote the game and one or two won’t kill the game, but everything else is utter usual Trist rubbish.

            Sometimes I wept for the state of society, then I remember that Trist is too amuzing and a nice guy when he wants to be, so I let it go.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            But I might make the argument that music games declined after they went out and grabbed current pop stuff. Look at early DDR set lists, lots of 70s-80s tunes, remixes and Japanese and euro techno. Early GH was almost entirely ballads and guitar solo stuff from similar periods. Newer music styles just did not always fit with the traditional music game fan, which at the end was all that was left.

    • kylehyde

      “Justin B’s best”

      I don’t think so.


  • Gitaroo Man 2, please.

    Or something else with 326 on art duty.

  • Pichi

    Would take another EBA! 3DS can be the perfect place for that.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    You see how that rat Beiber can spark up this whole debate?!

    • M’iau M’iaut

      We haven’t had something get quite so off track since the Great Yandere Debate of 2011!

      • Zero_Destiny

        We lost many fine men in that debate :( lol Also school days VN is getting a US release!!!! WildArms told me so. :)
        I’m looking forward to scaring the crap out of myself and seeing many deaths. lol

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Yuppers, he beat me to passing that word on. They should also finally have Demonbane out by the end of the month. I try to keep to Spencer’s safe for work community, but if someone is willing to have H in their VN, Demonbane is a recommended. Take the Necronomicon, turn it into a cute nasty mouthed loli, and give her and the MC a giant robo to run around battling personified Cthulu gods in. Add in a fair amount of sex and that’s Demonbane.

          Soooooo, if a young yandere girl decides to pick up and play School Days, and gets one of ‘those’ ends……would that not qualify to her as ‘good’ ones?

          • Zero_Destiny

            I saw the OVA so I’m definitely leaning towards picking up a copy of Demonbane. :) I’ll probably get another one and school days too since you get a discount for shipping on three items. :D I’m so happy to find more sites that sell VN’s. There are some other good looking one’s too.

      • ToSeektheChosen


  • This would make importing a 3DS worth the money if Ouendan 3 comes to it.

  • You know, even though I once used to be a pirate every game I could, I bought EBA while it was still going for full price. I don’t regret it.

    If we get EBA2 (Unlikely ;_;), or Ouendan 3 in NA somehow, then I’d wait in line to get the 3DS day one.

  • Hopefully your next game won’t have potential to enduce arthritis

  • Yui

    I was never very good at EBA. I mean, I love the game (love love love!!), but rhythm games elude me,and I could never get into it. Used to play a fair bit of OSU! though, so bring on another game in a similar vein! :D

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