An Overload Of Screenshots From The 3rd Birthday

By Spencer . March 7, 2011 . 11:35am


Aya Brea is supposedly humanity’s last hope against the Twisted, but there appears to be an unsavory back up plan. In these localized screenshots from The 3rd Birthday a newscaster says if Aya fails her mission the government will resort to a nuclear strike, but the game probably won’t let that happen.


Event_07 Event_09 Event_10 Event_11 Event_12 Event_13 Event_14 Event_15 Event_16 Event_17 Event_18 Event_19 Event_01 Event_02

Event_03 Event_04 Event_05 Event_06


Players can power Aya up by purchasing new weapons with BP and equipping Over Energy chips. Aya earns chips after an Overdive kill, a move that has Aya dive into the Twisted to finish them off. Chips mutate is you place them nearby each other, which results in stronger abilities for Aya.


OE_DNA Board_08 OE_DNA Board_09 OE_DNA Board_10 OE_DNA Board_01 OE_DNA Board_2 OE_DNA Board_03 OE_DNA Board_04 OE_DNA Board_05 OE_DNA Board_06 OE_DNA Board_07 Weapon_01 Weapon_02 Weapon_03 Weapon_04 Weapon_05 Weapon_06 Weapon_07 Weapon_08 Weapon_09 Menu_01 Menu_02 Menu_03 Menu_04 Menu_05


Aya retains whatever guns she equips before a mission begins and her "protective gear" even when she dives into other characters on the battlefield. She can also take over a helicopter by jumping into the mind of a pilot.


Battle_22 Battle_23 Battle_24 Battle_25 Battle_26 Battle_27 Battle_28 Battle_02 Battle_03 Battle_04 Battle_05 Battle_06 Battle_07 Battle_08 Battle_09 Battle_10 Battle_11 Battle_12 Battle_13 Battle_14 Battle_16 Battle_17 Battle_18 Battle_19 Battle_20 Battle_21 Battle_01


The 3rd Birthday makes its debut in North America on March 29.

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  • “We can definitely get Eve back.”

    WOAH WOAH WHAT? Did you NOT see what happened in the first game? Or what happened in the second game when they tried to abuse that stuff?

  • kupomogli

    The second game is my favorite. I really hope this one is as good or better. Anyone play the import? How is it in comparison to the others?

    • DanteJones

      I completely agree, the second one was fantastic. It wasn’t until way later that I found out you could get a GUNBLADE though! Almost makes me want to go back and play it again. :O

    • Ren

      If you like or at least endure TPSs you’re going to love the gameplay, but don’t play on hard on your first time, it does a job on your self esteem and is very frustating until you fully get the hang of the game.
      Never played the first two, but the story is completely unrelated and doesn’t have anything similar with the originals, not even the themes, to the point this could pretty much a brand new IP and it wouldn’t change anything at all. It’s also very hit and miss, it starts promissing, but derails quickly. The story is enjoyable but pretty bad, kinda like the KH series, but since it isn’t a game for everyone like KH, it suffers a lot more from it. The ending will either leave you crying or with a blank stare wondering how many of your neurons were burned by the asspulled plot twists, the title even kinda gives one of them away if you really ponder about it and you have any knowledge from the events of PE2.
      In the end, very worth it, but only for gameplay and the beatifully handled cutscenes full of carnage.

  • DanteJones

    Holy screenshots! I’m glad this game is coming out, along with the Ys games which are already out and Legend of Heros: Trails in the Sky later this month I think? It gives me a reason to show my PSP some love, haha.

  • Ren

    A tip to enjoy this game to it’s fullest: Ignore the story. Seriously, it’s on Kingdom Hearts’ plot holes and fridge logic levels and on japanese FFXIII writing bad. The gameplay is beautiful and extremely entertaining and completely worth on it’s own. But the least said about the story the better.

    • NoElixirs

      It should be expected when the same writer is being assigned to multiple projects.

      • Jenova2212

        Who is it?

        • NoElixirs

          Motomu Toriyama who directed Final Fantasy XIII.

    • ToSeektheChosen

      Nothing is complex nor simple, it’s just a matter of understanding.

      • Ren

        And how does that relate to what I said. Dumb is dumb, even if what’s dumb for one may not be for other, and because of that, everything is inherently dumb. See, everyone can throw a completely worthless pearl of winsdom anywhere. Explain how it relates.

      • Jenova2212

        There’s a difference between simple & complex, and…NONSENSICALLY CONVOLUTED!

        I understand the plot of the Kingdom Hearts series perfectly, every little thread – I have every game, even the Final Mixes. Which makes the realization of how stupidly convoluted and idiotic it all is even more painful.

        In this case, matter of understanding hurts the experience even more… And from what I’ve been hearing on 3rd Birthday, this game’s only saving grace is the shooting, and the costumes. And they save the game *barely*…

  • NoElixirs

    The OE Settings happen to be the most enticing part about the system, although the beautiful Customization interface is troubled by the inapposite font.

  • PrinceHeir

    yes i can’t wait for you Aya :)

    hurry up March 27(my local store is getting it that day) :D

    • Zero_Destiny

      I love your enthusiasm. I feel bad for not playing the first games. I do hope they’ll be released on PSN so I can see what’s the fuss all about. Also I beat my game. :D How’s XenoSaga III going?

      • PrinceHeir

        ahaha thanks ^^ yup it’s almost confirmed(by ESRB) that the first one is set to release on the US PSN. let’s just hope they include 2 as well :)

        well i just got into Disc 2(final disc) been doing minigames. once it’s done. i’ll proceed with the story. well the art directions seems to be on the right track but the story contradicts itself with Ep I. some of these events were modified in Ep III instead of following Ep I which is disappointing really.

        what about you? i read your playing Xenogears now right? how is it? is it like Chrono Trigger? btw i also bought it on PSN haven’t played it yet(it’s in my PS3 now) :)

        • Zero_Destiny

          XenoGears is pretty awesome. I’m like 5 or 6 hours in and I’ve been lovin’ the game. Now that I beat Dragon Quest I’ll probably devote more of my time to it unless something else distracts me (it seems like I’m never able to give my full attention to PSN titles lol). I’ve seen like 10 or 11 anime videos in it already which is always a plus for me and the story is really just starting to pick-up and is incredibly cool. Lot’s politics between two kingdoms, Mecha Warfare, and the main chara seems to have a very tragic and [email protected] past (plus a connection to some mysterious caped man who has challenged me to battle once already). Very interesting stuff. Likes to talk a lot about morality too. It’s very good writing. The combat does remind me of Chrono Cross a good bit. You get three atk options a weak, medium, and strong atk (like in Chrono Cross). Each one uses a certain amount of energy. So like you’ll only be able to do one strong atk a turn but you can do three weak atk’s a turn. You need to combo your atk’s to do more damage. As you level up you can do more atk’s per turn. If you experiment around with your atk’s you can find combos to do. They do more damage. I have only one right now. I think it’s weak, weak, medium atk or something like that. The combo does way more damage. There’s also special moves your chara’s know and then the mech battle which play out similar to normal fights but with some more nuances. My only complaints are minor ones like how you can’t use the joystick, and how Triangle is to jump, and square is to open your menu (why I don’t know but it has cause me to jump many times whenever I tried to open my menu).

          • PrinceHeir

            wow sounds awesome :D

            can’t wait to play :P

            though i need to finish Xenosaga Ep III first :P

            i miss those multiple attacks from Ep I and Ep II. in Ep III they made it a standard turnbased JRPG(with all the attack,item menu)

            oh well the game is still good though :P

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