Watch Jill Beat Up Sentinel In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Character DLC Trailers

By Ishaan . March 8, 2011 . 8:08am


Jill and Shuma Gorath will be making their way into Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on March 15th via a paid downloadable update. Capcom released the first videos of the two characters in action today.




Those who purchased the collector’s edition of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be able to download the two characters for free. For everyone else, Jill and Shuma will be a paid download at $5 each.

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  • $5 each?!
    NO WAY!!

  • nyobzoo

    $5 each…ugh (even though it’s not as bad as $7 like BB:CS)

    with the rumor Frank West and Strider coming to the game also, at this rate if they keep adding DLC characters I can see some sort of Super MvC3 edition with all of the DLC on the disc :(

    • NaelAM

      Frank West and Strider screenshot is a fake. The Strider portion of the screenshot was confirmed to be just a part of his Namco X Capcom artwork.

    • Not to mention Strider and Frank West are both Capcom characters. Why wouldn’t there be two additional Marvel characters leaked at the same time?

  • Holy, 5$…NIS and Gust in Neptunia are only 2$ if I remember right, why isn’t it more like that?
    Same problem in BlazBlue, I don’t see why fighting dlc characters need to be so expensive, then again I don’t know anything about programming at all.

    • Blazblue DLC characters weren’t already on the disc, though. Capcom ripping people off hard, as always.

  • Chow

    I always find Shuma-Gorath’s poses after he does certain feats to be hilarious, especially due to the fact that he’s an ancient interdimensional diety of sorts.

  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFive bucks!? 4 dlc characters would be a psp game!!

    • Guest

      You charge $5 on PSN for the Jill I love
      and I’m like f*** you
      Oo, oo, oooo
      I guess the price of this game wasn’t enough
      and I’m f*** you
      and **** DLC too!
      Said, if I was richer, I’d still be with ya
      ha , aint that some sh…?
      ain’t that some sh…
      And although there’s pain in my chest
      I still wish you the best with a…
      F*** you!
      Oo, oo, oooo

  • The worst part is, the characters are already on the disc itself. Yeeeaaahhh.

    At least Blazblue didn’t do this (Even though the characters are way too expensive)

    • I’m trying not to defend Blazblue, but oh well.
      10th paragraph of the article.

      I’m still a bit bitter about Makoto and Valkenhayn though ^_^

      • Code

        rar, fun article >w<

      • Ahh, Yen from RSG posted that to his Twitter yesterday. It was a fun read. :)

        • Ah I see. Since I don’t use twitter, I have no I idea whether it was posted before or not ^_^’

    • Code

      rar, I don’t know — it’s one of those things that on-disc has it’s benefits (neither route is fair to the customer though) the main one being they aren’t forcing you to use X amount of space on your HDD when they have it on disc. As of right now I got like something like half a GB in character patch I had to download which I can’t access. Considering I only have like 6GB of space on my HDD left, I’m not exactly wild about that opo;; especially since you need those patches to continue playing online too opo; I’d find on-disc MUCH less imposing on the consumer.

    • mikanko

      Don’t know how many times this needs to be said, but the characters are NOT finished on the disc. The models are mostly complete, but voice samples and moves are missing. The official word is the characters were still in QA. I’d rather pay money for a finished Jill than find her lvl 3 Hyper being worse than Dark Phoenix, or have her not be a viable character period etc.

  • I thought Capcom told people before both of them will cost $10? I’m surprised people are surprised (if that’s a proper sentence).

  • Locklear93

    I’ll be the voice of dissent and say I’m happy to have them, and willing to pay that price. That said, I’m a lot more liberal with my DLC money than most people, and I recognize that fact. As for DLC characters in Neptunia (which someone mentioned), though I’m not an animator or artist, it definitely appears to me that there would be a significant amount less work involved in producing characters for Neptunia–if nothing else, because the characters don’t have to interact so intricately with everything else. Fighting game characters have to deal with exploitable invulnerable frames, intended/unintended combos, balance vs. other characters, and so on. Characters in Neptunia just need their animations to look good, since the animation itself doesn’t have to be directly connected to damage dealt.

    Not trying to justify the price, and I won’t try–you either think it’s fair, or you don’t–but fighting game characters ARE more work to create than some other types of DLC.

  • $5 is a bargain compared to BlazBlue’s $8 characters and those can’t even be played in arcade mode, nor do they have individual endings (I hope that changes with the CSII patch, but until then, these are actually a better deal).

    I got the CE anyway, so it doesn’t bother me.

    • Tarlol

      Not only are BlazBlue’s character sprites much more expensive to produce, but a full BlazBlue character has far more potential depth in terms of playability than any of the MVC3 characters. I actually _like_ dlc characters, I think they keep the game fresh, but Capcom offering 2/3 of a team for 10$ when those characters are actually on the disc really is NOT any better than BlazBlue’s DLC characters, and even, in my opinion, slightly worse.
      That said, I think both characters look awesome and I’m glad Capcom is going to be patching more in. Here’s hoping we get Gene.

      • Code

        $7 is steep, and honestly too high, but I do have to agree, much more work goes into traditional animation, it’s going to sound assy saying it, but the amount of work going into BB characters versus the amount into MvsC3 characters, I don’t even know if it’s comparable opo;;

      • Guest

        oh please. KoF XII characters even have much more detail and animation than BB

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Hey man, KoF XII/ XIII characters might not be the highest resolution, but the process went into making them was absolutely tedious and the result is gorgous. Nothing to scoff at.

          Every frame is proportionally perfect pixel for pixel with no instances of off-modeling or sloppy detail jitters. Restrained designs combined with the unique art style of the sprites keeps the characters tasteful and classy without becoming generic or over-the-top. Also, check out the drawn-in self-shadowing and layered gradiants. I don’t know any other 2D fighter that looks remotely close in terms of sprite art (SFIII has better animation but that’s a different matter).

          Sorry for going off topic. I’m not a fan of any kind of DLC characters. Gone are the days when I clear arcade mode under certain conditions, face the secret character, beat him, and own him from that point on.

          • Sure know your stuff. However I find 3rd Strike’s animation the best out of everything. The resolution is crap by today’s standards, but watching how everything flows smoothly reminds me that we did have an era of artistic quality

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I don’t think we’ll ever see sprite animation at the level of SFIII: 3rd Strike again…

        • Tarlol

          Regardless of what you think of the animation quality in BlazBlue (seems rather subjective to me) I don’t see how you could possibly argue that Marvel’s models take more effort. It’s pretty well documented that even SSF4’s models cost less to produce than BlazBlue’s high res sprites.

          …So I don’t really know what your point is. I think BlazBlue’s dlc gives you better value, because often in BlazBlue you pick one character and stick with him/her. In Marvel 3, characters are pretty interchangeable. That said, as long as its optional, I’m all for the expansion of games via downloadable content. But I think that excusing Marvel while condemning BlazBlue’s prices is pretty ridiculous.

          • mikanko

            I don’t think the difference is too much. I’ve always been a big fan of 2d sprites, but BB’s don’t exactly have an SF3/KoFXIII amount of animation frames. Despite the games faults MVC3 has the best animation I’ve seen in any polygonal 2d game, and for the first time really doesn’t bother me to think 2d capcom is dead(or at least not as much as it used to). Shuma/Felicia etc. animate well enough that if a sequel to Darkstalkers/Vampire came out with this engine I would be really eager to see it, where as if a polygonal sequel was announced before this game, I probably would have only cringed.

            Obviously it’s cheaper to produce than sprites, but I don’t think it’s an exceptional difference. Most of the cost will probably go into QA and balancing the characters. Jill and Shuma’s models were complete well before the game came out, but their movesets were not.

            Also, despite people whining about Sentinel all the time, this game has really great character balance. Some characters are a lot more difficult to play, but if you have enough creativity know which characters can compliment them, any character in this game is viable for competitive play. This is not something that most fighting games with nigh 40 characters can say, and I think Capcom deserves props for that at least.

            I completely disagree with the idea that characters in this game are interchangeable at a competitive level. Casuals sure, but to really find a good team chemistry will take a while to find, and is pretty irreplaceable when you do.

          • Tarlol

            I think MVC3 looks terrible in comparison to Street Fighter 4, and really, Street Fighter 4 much more greatly resembles the comic book art style.

            MVC3 has two levels of play: casual and competitive. There’s not really much room for the middle level players, something that has irked me about the game in the past. On that level I can see what you mean. But I would find it hard to deny that Capcom did not design this game with the flaws in MVC2’s tier system in mind. They clearly were aiming for people to be able to pick their favorite characters, and so a lot of the movesets are very similar. This, coupled with the X-Factor system, is what creates the balance. All characters are viable, I agree – but they’re not hard to figure out.

            Compare this to BlazBlue, where the characters have larger movesets and character specific unique skills. The canceling in BlazBlue is pretty similar to Marvel, granted (as well as the hitstun system being the same) – but in Marvel you can do an ABCL revolver action for heavy damage with each and every character. BlazBlue is a little more specific about what cancels into what – especially in its use of drive attacks. Which one do you think costs more to playtest? And, just by the way, as many articles have documented (including one linked in this comment box) BlazBlue’s sprites do cost a significant amount more to create. You can’t downplay that…

            TL;DR people who give Capcom a free pass for $5 MVC3 characters while saying $7 is too much for BlazBlue characters are being kind of ridiculous. I’m not saying anything really about the quality of either game (I’d rather play SSF4 than either.) but it just seems like a pretty obvious double standard.

          • mikanko

            To each their own. I personally find SSF4’s graphics a bit bleh, and love the way MvC3 looks. The only character’s look who I don’t like is Ryu though, heh. There are enough differences in the abcl magic series that I drop combos still a bit too often, so maybe it’s just the characters I have on my team, but none of them feel or control very similar. Their assists compliment each other nicely, and zoning ability/health and other factors make them mesh really well. I don’t think any of them are too interchangeable without making a completely different team. Switching Trish and Storm around and a couple other characters maybe, but even the likes of Akuma and Ryu are hugely different characters, and can’t be approached the same way.

            While I play the game a bit too much, I’m pretty mediocre at it compared to super serious competitive people too, but I’ve noticed my ability climb steadily, just wish the match making online was half as competent as SSF4’s, which I’ll probably go back to when AE drops.

            Also most MvC2 hardcore players don’t think the games play anything alike, and two of the best MvC2 players in the US couldn’t crack the top 8 at the first MvC3 major. Though as someone who never took time with MvC2 I can’t really say much.

            Admittedly CS’s Rachel nerfs left me a little bitter towards BB and I’m just happy to see a game where the best player in the US is thrashing people with the likes of She-Hulk and other characters most people aren’t touching yet. So if anything I think this game feels a lot more balanced than some people think.

            Marvel3 is definitely a more simplified game in some ways, but BB is still a dumbed down GG in a lot of ways too, so it’s hard to say what kinda man hours go into QA’ing the characters without actually being there.

            Haha, anyways I don’t really disagree with you much at all, just have a difference of opinion taste wise. I have no problem paying the dlc for either game. <_<;;

          • Tarlol

            Let me just say that I dont think the game plays like MVC2 at all, when I said “with MVC2’s tier system in mind” i was referring to how broken the game was. Haha.

            Other than that, I think that aside from personal preference we pretty much do agree, seeing your other posts in this comment box.

  • Fonic

    Jill looks like she plays fairly different from MvC2 but it’s not a bad change I guess and of course makes sense from a “plot” perspective. Still wouldn’t mind seeing her RE1 look return as a costume.
    Still holding off on getting the game until a price drop or something.

  • Bakuryukun

    I would be willing to pay 3.50 each, but 5 bucks is a bit steep.

    • Don’t ever buy BlazBlue: Continuum Shift if you think $5 is expensive for a DLC character.

      • Bakuryukun

        I actually have Blazblue, but I made the DLC cheaper buy splitting the bill with a friend, I bought Makoto, and he bought Valkynhein, then downloaded both onto each others PS3’s.

      • lightningrook

        All the DLC was on a sale a little while ago, at least on the Xbox version. I think it was compensation for the Valkenhayn delay, so for a time after his release both he and Makoto were like half off. I think the Unlimited DLC was also on sale (it was all of them for the price of about four), which in hindsight I wish I bought since Score Attack is hell and a half for me.

        • Code

          Nah, both 360 and PS3 had the sale; characters were marked down to $4.99 I think it was. Honestly I’m either waiting to BB3 announcement or for an all three characters bundle deal. I’ve played Makoto, and Valkenhyann, and might consider practicing Makoto if I pick her up sometime.

        • See, I think paying money for the Unlimited versions is a rip-off, since you can unlock those through the game, even if it is difficult to do so. But for stuff not in there, I don’t mind paying.

          I think the PS3 version had a sale around January of the BlazBlue stuff, now that I think about it, but I am not paying for additional colors or announcer voices, or, as I said, versions of characters I can unlock in the game.

  • Aiddon

    good times; I might use Jill to replace someone on my other teams

  • 3, 5 or 7$ per character, I don’t think it matters that much. Charging for characters very early after release in a game were players need the DLC in order to stay “competitive” is the problem at hand.
    This will spread to way more games if things keep going their way.

    • I like the idea of fighting games getting new characters via DLC, instead of having to buy Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Turbo Hyper Edition or Guilty Gear XX3 Accent Core Plus Minus Overture. I always hated the idea of retail updates that render your initial purchase completely obsolete. I’m glad to see BlazBlue’s Continuum Shift II patch. If it had been another retail release, I wouldn’t not be interested, as I was already annoyed enough having bought two versions of BlazBlue in two years.

      As long as they priced right and you can play against people who have the characters, even if you don’t, I have no problem with it.

  • Scallion

    This is stupid.
    I’d pay 5 bucks for the together, but no way am I paying that for something with no physical value.
    Whatever happened to undergoing some difficult challenge to unlock a new character or costume or stage?
    Oh, that’s right, you have to buy all of that now.
    Why are you letting Capcom nickel and dime you with DLC?

  • KyoyaHibari

    Lol Hsien-Ko = Taokaka, Shuma = Arakune

  • mikanko

    Jill looks pretty uninspired from these videos, but so did a lot of the characters in the game from their reveal trailers. When some of the better players in the fighting game community get their hands on them they can find some pretty ridiculous things this game lets you do, and makes them a lot more interesting to play. ie: She-Hulk, Tron, Morrigan.

    People complaining about DLC are getting a bit stale. The characters were unfinished on the disc, spending money on development after a game has released to polish them for release costs money. $5 a character isn’t too horrible, and I’m sure both PSN and XBL will have sales at some point as they do with most their Capcom dlc, like Megaman 9, SSF4 costumes etc. If you don’t mind waiting some months.

    If there’s any chance of Strider/Psylocke/Cyclops/Surfer/Dr. Strange/Megaman X ever getting made $5 is the minimum they’d need to cover development costs and still remain profitable.

    If Capcom should be blasted for anything it should be the poor online netcode this game has compared to MvC2 and Blazblue, and the horribly unintuitive interface this game has compared to SSF4.

    • Yeah, just because I have no problem with DLC shouldn’t mean that I don’t have a lot of complaints about this game, especially the lack of a spectator mode in lobbies, which pretty much renders them pointless.

  • Wiccan1109

    Jill looks very bland, im wondering if shes just here to add another skintight femme to the mix. MvC2 Jill was really quircky, i dunno why but im just getting this Nina from Tekken vibe and thats never good. Her moves look so different too, i get that theyre doing the whole modernisation thing but her speed looks like the only thing they’ve kept. Shuma Goraths’s okay. i mean he’s really wierd, and im as baffled as marvel is as to why capcom were so adamant about him, (oh wait, no im not. Tentacles…) but its safe to say hes definitley a unique character in the roster.

    I dont really have heart attacks over DLC, but i feel bad for people who like them both, since they were announced even before some of the default roster, paying for them does feel a tad unsavoury. For me personally, Jill and Shuma aren’t worth the price though. If they were individual, id probably buy Shuma, but i do like to see Capcom putting new stuff out for it, its always interesting to see. :)

  • PrinceHeir

    Jill Rocks :p

    im only buying her don’t care about shuma :P

    but then again in 1 year they’re gonna release a Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 with all the DLC characters on it.

  • Guest

    Why do people think online, micro-transactions,and digital distribution is awesome again?

    A few years ago this roster would’ve been larger and you wouldn’t have to to pay for a single character. I don’t think the positives of this new digital wave outweighs all the negatives it brings.

    I’m a cheap bastard thought and almost never pay full price for anything and rarely buy anything day one. So yea when I get around to owning this there might be a free patch or some new package with all the characters for free. Anyways, enjoy getting ripped off, everyone who pays for these.

    • xhunter

      Back then they could make more characters in less time. Technology got better, they as developers didn’t get that much better. I’m not saying the DLC is ok, not at all, just saying that not having 50 characters is normal. Making 50 with these graphics would take way too long and probably wouldn’t be worth it financially for those few boycotts from the whiners.

      • Guest

        Yea I get that. I was never complaining that the roster wasn’t larger than MvC2 since it had like 10 years worth of fighters and sprites to rip from. Paying for costumes and characters. Theseg kind of things used to be unlocked with cheats. Now they’re charing you for them. It bugs me.

      • Guest

        so….what’s Blazblue’s excuse?

    • Actually, keeping in mind that MVC2 was just a cheap cut and paste job, if this game had been released before DLC, there just wouldn’t have been these characters until they released the next retail edition.

  • Natat

    *Jill activates LV3*

  • GamerKT

    $5 EACH?
    I’m so glad I got the Limited Edition. Only $10 more. Basically got a free subscription to Marvel Digital Comics. And artbook/comic, decals, and sexy tin.
    Worth it.

  • So what’s the turnover for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 cameramen? Because it seems many of the villians decide to maim them, if not kill them after every match!

  • thaKingRocka

    On the whole, Jill seems as lame here as she did in RE5. Capcom have done away with a character I really liked. It all started with that stupid outfit in RE3.

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