Mortal Kombat Teaches Players Special Moves With Zombie Killing Mini-Games

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 5:31pm

mortalk The upcoming Mortal Kombat game from NetherRealm Studios has a 300 floor challenge tower to complete. In a way, the challenge tower is like Mortal Kombat’s tutorial mode. In one mission I played, I had to use Jax’s ground pound to knock Reptile down to cancel his invisibility so I could damage him.


Another mission with Johnny Cage had zombies to "fight". Johnny stood on the left side of the screen and zombies staggered from the right towards him. If a single zombie reaches the Hollywood icon the mission ends. I suppose it just takes one touch to zombify Johnny. Kill 30 zombies and you win. The whole setup was a clever tutorial designed to teach players how to use Johnny’s fireball, which arcs towards enemies. Every once in awhile a zombie runs towards Johnny forcing him to react with a speedy fireball.


Challenge mode is also home to test your sight, might, and new for Mortal Kombat (2011) test your luck tests. The test your luck mode has players pick a character and then spin a slot machine. You might get a power up that increases damage or a wacky modifier like headless mode where two bodies duke it out. Depending on your luck (or lack there of) it’s possible to for the screen to fade to black or flip both players so you have to fight upside down.


While test your luck has is a nod to the series’ bizarre humor, fights are brutal with bone crushing X-ray moves. We’ll have more Mortal Kombat coverage soon including an interview on Siliconera.

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  • Arcm

    I love the demo very much and I can’t wait for release. It feels and plays amazing and the challenge tower looks great not to mention an actual STORY MODE….. I’m looking at you MvC3

  • I can’t help but think that MVC3 did nothing but help Mortal Kombat by being so incredibly sparse when it came to single player options. It’s just like how bare KOF12 looked compared to SF4 and BlazBlue at the time. They could’ve done so much with MVC3 (not just the single player modes. I mean, it’s completely inexcusable to have lobbies with no spectator mode) that they didn’t. I’m not one of the people complaining about the roster (in fact, the roster is one of the few positives about it), but when it came to gameplay modes, when it came to the supposedly “robust” story mode that Capcom promised, when it came to the fact that you can’t even fight the computer in versus mode (yes, I know there’s the training mode trick, but c’mon), it is so lacking.

    Then MK comes out. First good move they did was getting Kratos as a guest character for the PS3 version. That immediately put it on my radar, when it wasn’t even going to be a rent before. Then it just started loading on features. Full fledged story-mode. Separate arcade mode. This. This, right here, is going above and beyond and was enough to secure my payment. I loved this type of mode in the first three Soul Calibur games and it’s been sorely lacking ever since.

    I really feel coming so close to a fighting game that left people feeling unsatisfied opened up Mortal Kombat to a lot of people that wouldn’t have bought it otherwise.

    • lightningrook

      I don’t know about that. To me, fighting games were usually more about the franchise than the feature set, and while Mortal Kombat certainly looks robust in that factor, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve never been a fan of the series.

      I get the feeling when people go to get fighting games, they go because they want Street Fighter, KoF, MvC, or whatever, not because they want a “fighting game.”

      • Different people want different things.

        I haven’t been a fan of the series either, but all the extra efforts they’re making in the single player have made me decide to give the game a try I wouldn’t have otherwise given it.

        They announce Street Fighter V tomorrow, I’d buy it because I love the Street Fighter series. KOF 13 if it ever gets a PS3 release, will be a day one purchase.

        Mortal Kombat? Had no interest in this game until seeing how much of an effort they’re making, compared to what MVC3 is lacking.

        • You would buy MK because of the sparse single-player options that MvC3 lacked? Do you even have interest in its gameplay and fighting mechanics? :/

          • It seems like it may be a fun distraction. While I hated the 3D MK games, the 2D ones were fun for a little bit and the story was interesting enough to follow. I’m not expecting to be blown away by the gameplay with this one because Mortal Kombat games were never about the gameplay. They can’t hold a candle to Street Fighter or KOF or BlazBlue or even MVC. But if it plays like the older ones, chances are I won’t exactly hate it, even if it’s not my preference (god, do I hate block buttons).

            Am I thinking, “Oh my god, I can’t wait to do 30 hit combos with Mileena?” God no. But I’m thinking, “I wonder what Kratos’ ending will be.” “It might be fun to see if I can do all 300 challenges.” “I think my roommate will find this particular fatality amusing.” “Noob Saibot looks fun to play this time.”

            I’ve never been a high-level tournament player with fighting games anyway, so if it’s not as intricate as Continuum Shift, as long as it’s fun, I can deal.

          • (MK had a block button? lol)

            I just wanted to confirm that. Now that I think about, this may account as a party game…a bloody one. I’m not familiar with the story except the movies and given that Kratos is just a cameo, I hope the ending is not plain.

            Even with the challenging and valuable single-player experiences, I hope people will still take into account that this is a fighting game and make MK tournament-worthy (not that I’m no pro myself, mind you).

          • Yeah, pretty much. This is probably as close to as a casual game as I’m going to get. Describing it as a party game is pretty accurate. Now, I know Ed Boon says that he wants this to be featured in tournaments and if it somehow is deep and intricate, I’d be pleasantly surprised, but I get the feeling most of what he’s saying as far as that is concerned is just P.R. talk to attract the high-level players.

            And yeah, it had a block button, which is ridiculous for a 2D fighter. Hell, MK3 had a run button. Pressing back to block is so ingrained in my mind that it’s just completely counter-intuitive to press a button when I’m being attacked.

    • That’s one of the reasons people transitioned from CoD to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, well, not because of lacking in single player modes, but a much more immerse gameplay experience. I think MK has that hands down, granted the only MK game I ever cared to play was MKvsDC. Of course, I doubt MK will sell higher than MvC3, but I’m sure people will still transition from there.

  • but in the MK is still boring right!!

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