The Creators Of Kenka Bancho Turn The Tables By Making You A Tough Teacher

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 2:26am


Spike has a twist on the Kenka Bancho formula. The team created Gachitora: The Roughneck Teacher in High School, a high school chivalry action game.


In this PSP game you play as Torao Kaji, a teacher in charge of the delinquents in class 3D. Your students are in need of some tough love, the kind only an ex-badass can give. Kaji used to be a gangster, but now he’s a heroic teacher. In Gachitora: The Roughneck Teacher in High School you help solve your student’s problems with punches and mini-games.



If nose picking and throwing a flaming tiger didn’t sell you on the concept maybe a demo will. A playable demo of Gachitora: The Roughneck Teacher in High School will be available on PlayStation Network this April. Instead of giving players a slice of the retail game, the Gachitora demo has an original story. You’ll help Makoto Misaki, an original character just for the demo, with one of her issues. Players will be able to sample street battles, visiting a maid cafe, and a strikeout mini-game too. Save data from the demo can be imported into the final game when Spike releases Gachitora: The Roughneck Teacher in High School on April 21 in Japan.

  • Shuryou

    Don’t you hate it when flaming tigers get your clothes? Luckily the sun hides everything we hold dear of our body.

  • GTO!

  • malek86

    So it’s kinda like Great Teacher Onizuka: The Game.

    • Great Teacher Onizuka + Kamen Teacher = Hell yeah. :D

      • puchinri

        My thoughts exactly. x’D
        (I wish he had a Kamen persona too…)

        • That would be damn awesome indeed, maybe as a costume at least. xD

          • puchinri

            Oh man, now I want that to happen. x’D
            Kamen Teacher persona costume is now a must!

      • Ren

        OMG, you just made me want to go back to reading Kamen Teacher. Why the good mangas are never licenced where I live? Well, at least we get all Jump and Magazine titles.

        • That’s a good thing, right? :D
          Actually I just made myself go back reading Kamen Teacher too. xD
          spoiler(just in case):
          Though I think it is going to end soon. :(
          Why are the best ones always so rushed, or short? >_<

          • Ren

            Kinda, we get good titles but pretty much only maiinstream ones. I was surprised when I saw things like Busou Renkin, Tenjou Tenge, Full Metal Panic! and Nana, since these kinds of titles are never released. I remeber when I fell on floor laughing when my 10 year old at the time brother found a Gravitation volume while looking for Tenjou Tenge, good thing he never undertood what that was about.
            It’s sad that it may be ending, but at least is better than some series who have clearly passed their prime and are pretty much in need of a ending, becoming sad shells of their former selfs, begging for the sweet release of a good apllied euthanasia(read: Naruto). It’s best for it to end than for it to continue even after it lost it’s mojo and stops being good, I just hope it ends on the authors terms, it’s sad when good series get canned, principally when they get endings like ToLoveRu(although that one got itself back, but by that time I noticed the series had no actual plot or good characters and was simply a endless string of unecessary fanservice that made me unconfortable to read it near my younger brother and that would never have any kind of resolution or semblance to a cohesive narration, that, and also the fact that boobs have a bit less than 1/4 of the effect they have on your average man ‘cuz of me not being straight and things, so the fanservice never really appealed to me). Poor, poor ToLoveRu author.
            That said: **** you Naruto and **** you Sasuke for being whiny bitches moved by angst. Just go do what all sexually repressed teenagers do and go get laid or at least try to. Either with Sakura or with each other, whatever works best for you two. Damn UST.

          • u also need to get laid or anal j/k :D

          • Ren

            @Kevin Lor
            Please first consider if I actually want to, second: grammar. Also, anal is a form of sex, so getting laid kinda includes it in itself and straight people tend to do it as much as non straights. Go read a goddamn sex ed book, they are not that difficult to find.

    • doomspeller10

      Sounds like they were pushing for a GTO game but didn’t get the license. I’m just wondering if there will be female teachers to conquer in a VN-esque style.

    • WyattEpp

      Nailed it in one.

  • it looks definitely cool!!

  • joesz

    I wanna know why muzugi…why!


    Talk about a way to get me hooked.

  • Beat up students and teach in a badass manner all the while getting jiggy with hot female teachers…I can see this game appealing to adults as well as teens.

  • Exkaiser

    But will we be able to whip those silly banchos into shape!?

  • Seems a bit late to follow GTO’s success but it might be worth picking up for the gameplay (if it ever crosses the water).

  • pridesin

    1:42 !!!!! what the?

  • I love school games, I hope they localize it!

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Seems like the creators finally branched off into their own distinct direction. I always felt like the Bancho games were a lesser version of the Yakuza games, but this looks more personality-packed and unique than ever (as a game anyway, less so as an anime theme). No matter what, We could really use more games that are like playable anime/ j-drama.

    Now if someone could go make a game out of Megane-chan and Yanki-kun, or My Boss My Hero…

    • puchinri

      A Yankee-kun to Megane-chan game would be so amazing. I hope I see one announced this year. Even if my expectations are unreasonable…

    • My boss My hero eh? Great show. Sad that only tokusatsu shows get made into a videogame :)

  • Guest

    Eh. Seems like another game I’d rather watch an anime of instead of play.

    • puchinri

      Well there is already an anime, a live action, a manga with a prequel and sequel and another similar manga by the same guy… But when I read GTO, I always think it’d be fun to be Onizuka. Just not literally. Because no one would be that lucky irl. ^u^;

      • Guest

        Haha, yea I know. GTO is GTO though. I’d like to see THIS in particular. Akiba’s Trip too.

        • puchinri

          It would be an interesting watch. Akiba’s Trip would be very cool to watch! (As long as it exploits male and female vampires, because double fanservice equals double the nosebleeds for me.)

  • Zero_Destiny

    Why does Japan get all the [email protected] Teachers. :( No wonder why all their students are so smart. We get pencil-pushing weakling teachers. The West needs more [email protected] TEACHERS!!!!!!! >_<

  • Blacksofa

    It’s like they read my mind. As long as I can dress him up like Onizuka. Hope they would make and actual GTO game using the Yakuza engine.

  • PersonaSpace

    I think the chances of this getting localized are essentially 0. AtlusUSA hasn’t touched the franchise since the one game in this series they did bring over tanked. Even by Atlus standards. Maybe XSeed or NISA will be up for it.

  • WyattEpp

    I love the idea of the demo being original. That sort of closure is nice.

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