A Sneak Peek At Dissida 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy Event Scenes In English

By Spencer . March 11, 2011 . 2:43am

Did you catch the localized Dissidia 012[duodecim] trailer yesterday? If not check out this post. Done? Good.


Lightning appears to be at the center of all the events on the Cosmos side, but every new character in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy has a storyline to follow. Yuna, unlike most characters, retains at least some of her memories. She gets between Jecht and Tidus who starts off as a Chaos character in Dissidia 012[duodecim]. Laguna acts like a wise big brother and Tifa… well check out the screenshots from her event scenes below.



tifa DDF_Tifa_e-01 DDF_Tifa_e-02 DDF_Tifa_e-03 DDF_Tifa_e-04 DDF_Tifa_e-05 DDF_Tifa_e-06 DDF_Tifa_e-07



Kain DDF_Kain_e-01 DDF_Kain_e-02 DDF_Kain_e-03 DDF_Kain_e-04



Laguna DDF_Laguna_e-01 DDF_Laguna_e-02 DDF_Laguna_e-03 DDF_Laguna_e-04 DDF_Laguna_e-05 DDF_Laguna_e-06 DDF_Laguna_e-07 DDF_Laguna_e-08



Lightning DDF_Lightning_e-01 DDF_Lightning_e-02 DDF_Lightning_e-03 DDF_Lightning_e-04 DDF_Lightning_e-05



Prishe DDF_Prishe_e-01 DDF_Prishe_e-02 DDF_Prishe_e-03 DDF_Prishe_e-04 DDF_Prishe_e-05 DDF_Prishe_e-06 DDF_Prishe_e-07



VaanDDF_Vaan_e-01 DDF_Vaan_e-02 DDF_Vaan_e-03 DDF_Vaan_e-04 DDF_Vaan_e-05



YunaDDF_Yuna_e-01 DDF_Yuna_e-02 DDF_Yuna_e-03 DDF_Yuna_e-04 DDF_Yuna_e-05 DDF_Yuna_e-06 DDF_Yuna_e-07 DDF_Yuna_e-08

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  • These screenshots look so awesome!! Lightning vs Warrior of Light. The different scenes look they could really build up some interesting interactions.

    • Testsubject909

      Here’s voting for WoL.

      If you think about it properly, WoL actually leads them to victory. After all, since this is a prologue to the first Dissidia, this means that, ultimately, Lightning will bring the heroes of light into a stalemate or into failure, as they would have permanently lost some members between then and the original game.

      That and I have no confidence in her leadership abilities in comparison to other more capable characters… Such as, i don’t know. Cecil who actually was a captain in a large army… Sure, Lightning had some training in the field, but Cecil and Kain were actually some of the highest ranked military officers of their kingdom.

      But one could argue that they’re a smaller squad. Still, they face overwhelming opposition and in such a situation one could argue it’s best to make usage of guerilla warfare. Then if so, and as much as I don’t like the guy. Cloud would’ve made just fine what with his association with a small time terrorist group Avalanche and relatively successful raids… Or Zidane, who was part of a group of thieves who has quite some experience in such tactical situations.

      Really, I see no other reason to have Lightning be the leader then just trying to boost up her popularity for the upcoming FF13-2, and also to capitalize on the freshest face from the FF series…

      “What about feminism? Huh? What about having a strong feminist leader?”

      Yes, I’m actively providing a counter-argument and also leaving it rather devoid of any explicit explanations so to cover it on a wider broader basis… I’m not biting the whole “feminist support” route here. I don’t see her character as either good enough, popular enough or important enough to warrant the position of leader, other then strategically wanting to better her reputation to then better sales of their upcoming sequel.

      Not in a game where they’ve chosen to take the heroes of every FF games, in which most of them have experience with war and larger scale battles.

      Yes, I forgot to mention Laguna too. Fixing that by this little edit at the bottom by saying him out before someone points it out to me.

      • Why is it that everytime a girl is put in charge of something, feminism has to be brought up @[email protected]’ Can’t someone just be strong but also happen to have a VJJ without it being a big deal?

        • Testsubject909

          No, because humanity in general just seem unable to let go of a simple concept such as gender, and considering how there are always going to be clear differences and a lack of equality between the genders no matter how much work and effort we put into it, the matter will never truly go out of subject until we all learn, collectively, as the human race, to just go beyond the subject of gender.

          The same applies to race and age.

          Good luck.

  • dusk

    So apparently for this Yuna, Final Fantasy X-2 didn’t happen?

    • It seems like each character in this game and its predecessor seem to have been pulled at certain points during the events of their respective games, with no spin-offs or sequels taken into account.

      • Like in Tales of the world, with all the tales of characters, it was like if the game’s theme was just part of the main story of their own games, something that happened at some point xD but they havent finished their own story either

        • Good comparison for ToTW. I initially wondered why Luke still has long hair in ToTW: Radiant Mythology

          • Yeah, and they cut his hair for the 2nd, and on the 3rd again long hair, it seems people prefer luke with long hair xD (i know i do, he is funnier) Also, i think the Lloyd that appeared in Tales of symphonia dawn of a new world appeared in the 2nd (bigger Lloyd) and they changed him back for the 3rd game

          • Ohoho short hair Luke is just “I’m gonna set everything straight. I’m just an unworthy copy” meh : I wish I could play ToTW:RM2 and 3. I am disappoint

    • Testsubject909

      Look up what LanceHeart said, and look up the original Dissidia.

      Think of all the characters and their current emotional state, one clear example I can provide is Terra, who is obviously suffering from her esper powers as opposed to confidently making use of them to protect what is dear to her.

      You can then take a pretty good stab as to which part of the story she was drawn out of.

      Kefka is quite obviously pre-floating island as well.

      And no, I don’t take their ability to go into their special EX forms as canon to the story, save for Cecil as he’s obviously already finished his struggles with his inner darkness. Cecil is definitely post-face thyself.

      What’s harder to tell is the Warrior of Light though… Was he taken before his game began? Or after his game finished? Considering the implication of Chaos in the whole mess, one would immediately assume After, but knowing the story of FF1… It could easily be Prior to…

      And this is where the whole time paradox mess that FF1 provided becomes even more convoluted.

  • The way Laguna gets a cramp bring back memories of FFVIII

  • Dissidia is gonna be awesome, but what we’re all waiting for is this…

    Concrete proof tht Laguna is Squall’s dad!

    • There was still doubt? Only an idiot would still be denying even before Duodecim -.-‘

    • Spoilers! SPOILERS!

      I swear I’m gonna get past disc 1 of FF8 one day…

      • Testsubject909

        Just watch a Let’s Play of it. The gameplay is not worth the story.

        And don’t get me wrong either. The story’s not worth much as well, despite all the lavish praises the fans are giving it.

        It’s actually pretty damn convoluted and more confusing then it is genuinely good.

        [edit 2]
        And before some fanboy or fangirl says “it’s just because you’re too stupid to get it”. That’s far from the case, it’s just genuinely convoluted which in turn causes it to be confusing because of certain situations, characterization and details just not matching properly or causing paradoxes which are solved magically by narrative magic rather then genuinely interesting magic.

        …Yes. I take a lot of precautions in my post. Mainly because I’ve long grown tired of some types of responses which in turn causes me to put up my shields early, mainly so to tone down actual attacks. Though I do leave myself open for comical trolling, of which I don’t really mind.

  • The 3D art design is amazing for this game.
    Now even more people will develop ridiculous crushes on imaginary characters.
    Maybe even someone as practical and manly as me.

    Hopefully it looks really realistic when I attack Tidus.

  • Tifa is so beautiful *tears*

    • Testsubject909

      While you’re crying, many other fans are busy doing something far more questionable…

      • Yu_TheKing

        ROFL, I knew someone was gonna go there >_<

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :D

    sucks this will probably the last dissidia using fighting style. hope they do a more RPG like in the next game though ^^

    • I don’t believe they said that they were gonna scrap the gameplay system, just change the game’s genre and build something new with it. To “Morph” it!

    • Testsubject909

      Here’s hoping they bring it to consoles.

      Not going to graphic whore, I don’t care about that. Make it a PSN/XBLA title with a lower budget and graphical expectation but boost and ramp up the roster of characters and stages as well as provide a more connected online experience and more space for content and easier access to DLC which in turn would make them all very happy.

      Top it off, since it’d all be digital distribution, they’d save a ton of money on packaging and manufacturing while also increasing their profit.

      Sure, it won’t have the same experience as a full fledged game release, but that means it would still be possible to build with a relatively low budget with properly toned expectations and more freedom for experimentation, innovation and growth while also fetching a more reasonable price (probably around 20-30$ if the roster is big enough to encompass at least 4 characters from each game, 2 villain and 2 heroes, which with 13 FFs being taken here, would mean a grand total of 52 characters. And from that 30$, they’d see a larger percentage come back to them, making the offset of price to profit reasonable as well, and the lower price also causing higher sales.)

      And seriously? They could see some serious revenue out of this… I know I’d buy it in an instant.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    Whoa look at Tifa!

    • Testsubject909

      I was a bit too busy looking for a moment before I could actually read your comment.

      But thank you for reminding me to go take a look.

      • ToSeektheChosen

        lol, I like hot female characters, I really do. Yet, they annoy me. They’re so distracting, especially in fighting games like Dissida. Why do they have to make them look so good?!

        • Testsubject909

          You’re too easily distracted then, or learn to multitask looking/gawking and fighting.

  • darkfox1

    so um Why is Tidus Shirt off Again?

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