Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell Of Ar Ciel Playtest – Do I Really Need To Purge?

By Spencer . March 15, 2011 . 7:25pm


Woken from the middle of a chore dodging nap, the listless Aoto rushes to the rescue of an armored maiden. She’s engaged in a battle with Clustarnian soldiers led by Mute, who looks like a bodybuilder in a tutu. Without any thought Aoto jumps into battle with his sword-like tool. After crushing the enemies the maiden transforms into Saki… a Reyvateil who strips down to her underwear and turns the Clustarnian soldiers changing them into cakes.


The introduction makes Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel sound like a lighthearted game and sure enough it has moments like a wedding scene where Aoto mistakenly gropes a lead character. However, if you look past the silly scenes, Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel’s story takes a dark turn. Sol Cluster, the third tower protecting people from the Sea of Death. has two groups at arms with each other. Clustania is led by Reyvateils and often cleanses entire towns that defy them. Archia and the Think Tank laboratory seem to be friendly at first, but hide perhaps more sinister intentions. Genocide, in Ar tonelico Qoga, is contrasted against events where Finnel, a Reyvateil Aoto and company save from plummeting in a cave, undresses so Aoto can program her song magic. Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia had an undercurrent of innuendo, which bubbled to the surface in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. Ar tonelico Qoga replaces the subtle tone with raunchiness.



Reyvateils need to "purge" their clothes in battle to sing stronger songs. Seriously. So, you might be in a fight with tree-like monsters protecting a nurse who is covered only by floating neon blue rings. Gust designed a new combat system for Ar tonelico Qoga, but just like past games the focus is on protecting the Reyvateil in your group. Aoto and two allies, the cold V-border Tatsumi and knowledgeable Reyvatolgist who attacks with a medical kit, can run on the battlefield. While you’re mashing square to dish out a three hit combo, the two other characters act on their own. You can switch control and use items (without worrying about refresh time) by opening the game’s menu. Special attacks, which you learn by synthesizing old weapons with rad videos for Aoto or V-boarding magazines, can be used by pressing a direction on the D-pad and square. Special attacks consume a bit of HP, but that’s not an issue since recovery items are plentiful.


Melee attacks are meaningless, anyway. Even with the strongest weapon you can buy at the time, Aoto acts like he’s wielding a toothpick. The trick to all of Ar tonelico Qoga’s battles is waiting until the Reyvateils are ready to purge. When "purge ready" appears over a giant beating heart, you need to hold a shoulder button and shake the controller. Providing you have a hyuma (think of them as feelings turned into musical fairies in your mind) assigned this move changes the battle music, buffs your party, and strengthens Saki’s song magic. Purge a second time and she can deal out 15,000 HP worth of damage in the first few hours of the game by throwing a cape wearing bomb. Before an attack plays our you might watch one of Gust’s purge moves that zoom in on the disappearing clothes. While characters always have to strip to do more damage, purge movies can be turned off in the options menu. Guys in the group purge too, that’s the only way they can do an ultra supermove.




Building bonds between Aoto and the two Reyvateils, Saki and Finnel, is the main way to strengthen them. Just like other Ar tonelico games players have to dive into their Soulspace and venture into their minds. The Cosmosphere plays somewhat like a visual novel. By spending dive points and picking the correct choices you can see side stories that flesh out both characters. Dive deep enough and you can unlock personae, personalities so strong they change the appearance of both characters. Players can switch personae in the equipment screen – a fitting choice because each personae has their own song magic and area of effect.




As you press through the story, you’ll visit (surprise?) dungeons with random monster encounters. You’ll walk through the typical RPG locations – caves, sewers, and a mountain that uses the same graphics in two areas. Similar to other Gust titles there is an encounter gauge that depletes after each fight. When it’s empty you’re free to explore a dungeon for treasure and synthesis items. Aoto’s floaty jump comes in handy early on since it allows players to explore more areas. Building weapons is much cheaper than buying them, but aside from learning supermoves alchemy isn’t that useful. Reyvateils are so powerful, especially if you spend time at the dive shop. All of the battles really come down to shaking the controller at the right time, which still feels odd to do after spending so many hours playing Ar tonelico Qoga.


Weirder than the classism meets clothes shedding storyline is how vague Ar tonelico Qoga is about the "true" finale. It’s easy to miss it and another playable phase (read: chapter). There are other endings to collect and one helpful design decision lets players skip around the story on their second play through. The focus of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel isn’t the finale or the combat system (although you will spend a considerable amount of time in combat waiting for the burst meter to fill up), it’s getting to know the Reyvateils. Gust gives players plenty opportunities to do so and you’ll see more of them (perhaps too much?) than any other Ar tonelico game.

  • Eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail, already purchased the DLC off of the PSN!

    • Testsubject909

      There are already DLCs? Huh… I didn’t notice.

    • Croix

      Currently awaiting mine as well.

    • Lol, the same with neptunia, i will have the DLC and i still dont have the game xD

    • I’m waiting on the DLC, as there’s supposed to be a bundle next week.

  • I’m still waiting for mine to come through the mail. Hopefully tommorow.

    • Testsubject909

      Yeah, hope so for you. Me, I know when it’s arriving.

      March 22… Thank you, though at least I know when it’s coming.

    • Im importing…. Hopefully a month… T_T i want that calendar on my wall already

  • How much will i enjoy this if i haven’t played the first 2

    • This has been asked millions of times xD, you might enjoy it, but you may feel counfused/out of place sometimes, because they may refer to terms you are yet not familiar with, and also, some characters’s stories that were in the previous games finish here.

      Like, they were in the world of the previous games and they went to this one for X reason…

      Me for example, i played and beated AT2 first, and then AT1, i was kinda confused at the beginning of AT2, i didnt know what the hell was those Revytails (the girls that use powers that sing, and are connected to the tower), or if they were humans or that was just magic, also, some characters appeared from AT1, there were some jokes i didnt get, but i knew that they were surely talking about the main character of the first game, and it wasnt such a big deal, of course, if i had played AT1 i would had enjoyed those jokes better.

      But anyhow, after a while i started to understand every term, and i seriously loved AT2. Played AT1, and a lot of things were made clearer. I’m sure you will be able to enjoy the game, but just not as fully as someone that has played the previous games would.

    • Qoga skips over the greater mythology like the Sea of Death and why everyone is singing, but it is a standalone story. Since each game takes place on its own tower and Qoga is on the last tower there isn’t much overlap.

      The gameplay system is totally different too. If I’d compare Qoga’s combat system to another game I’d probably pick Star Ocean (Strip Ocean?)

    • HarryHodd

      I haven’t played the first two and after about 3 hours in
      I am really enjoying it. So funny and great pacing from the start. I like all the characters. Battle system is fun. Not really having any problems with the story so far. If you like jrpgs with quirky characters then I think you’ll like it.

  • What a poor choice for font.

  • Hm maybe I will move this game up higher in my queue, lol, (currently after Agarest War). Wow the main character, Aoto, special skill is pretty awesome and he is so cool! I hope he has a great VA, cool!

    • I dont think you will be able to handle agarest wars, well, i wouldnt mind more sells for aksys xD, but well, keep in mind that Agarest Wars is a hardcore strategy game more than anything. Hardcore Specially starting the thrid generation (my god). Ar Tonelico would be better choice to get first from what i know from you.

      • Wow I was going to say that I would use a guide, but it appears that no one wrote a complete one, guess I will be on my own. I had started through an hour of it (cant remember if the boss defeated me), but then I put it away. I need to get back into it for Agarest War Zero. Is it really that difficult? This year Im making a conscious decision to get through my backlog, but with games like this Ar Tonelico its hard to balance!

        • Well, Agarest wars was pretty easy until i reached some bosses (and some monsters) on the third generation. Is nothing impossible, but is a lot harder from what you have fought before.

          If you like challenges then it will pretty cool, as long as you know what you are doing in the game, you will have no problems, it has been hard to beat some bosses, but i still didnt had to grind to beat them. I just had to think (and sweat) a lot more in those fights.

          There is the Agarest Wiki (google it) But if you have problems with boss, you can easily google it, most probably someone had some problems with it too, or just ask someone you know that has the game on siliconera. You will need to give this game a nice amount of time. But you can always put it in easy mode if you want to beat it faster, i dunno how easy it is, but i’ve been playing in normal, and the difficult is pretty good.

          Anyhow Agarest Zero seems to be really a powered version of Agarest Wars, im so looking forward to it >8D.

    • Personally, I’d just skip Agarest. That game was so incredibly tedious, gameplay-wise. I kept playing for the story and by the third generation, even that wasn’t enough to keep me going. I might go back to it eventually, but it’s not a top priority.

      • Aw you stopped at one of the best parts of Agarest (and when it turns a lot harder), the main character of third generation, Thoma, is really good and funny, he revived my interest on the game for that gen xD.

        But yeah, this is a game that needs time and patience. But is sometimes really fulfilling, you gotta check out Midas (a boss) in that gen… is like, “omfggggg! do i have to win this sh*t!?” it felt so good when i finally beat him haha.

        Also, is not something normal people can just go on and on without stopping, i myself have stopped to play for at least a month before continuing, i specially take my time when i start a new gen, when you beat one, after going all the trouble of beating the last boss of that gen, and then start again, is like a big *sigh* because there is still more of the same to do xD.

        But i like the game, it has it’s faults, but i like it, the battles are sometimes addictive, the story main is good, with the concept of generations and they gotta sacrifice themself is really nice, but it is just too separated by many battles, and needs more dialogue from time to time too, events are like a big refresh in the middle of the game more than anything and it Zero looks a lot better too.

  • Croix

    Just a note on the battle system, more of a question really since I don’t have the game quite yet, are there still songs that only buff your party? In the original Ar tonelico, while song bombing was the preferred strategy by most players early on, I later found it better to use magic that beefed up the vanguards’ attack power and just let loose with attack skills, since it also kept the party healed. Especially the ones that added all four elemental types to attack damage, sometimes quadrupuling what a character would normally hit for.

    • I haven’t played for too too much today but you power up the girl’s songs like adding a higher healing rate and so on which is what the hyumas are for

    • The hymuas, which you activate after a purge are the buffs. Song-bombing (I like how you put it!) is pretty much the strategy.

    • Yeah, it was a lot faster that way too xD

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    “…Chasing them into cakes.”

    Into *her cheesecake*, I presume (I mean, she even got ready by stripping down). I’d dive deep into that… But not before I lick all the sweet sticky syrup right off it first and nibble that cherry on top. Mmmm… O_o’

    “The focus of Ar tonelico Qoga… it’s getting to know the Reyvateils… perhaps too much?”

    Sounds like another case of too much in-your-face fan-service ruining the story like it has for many an anime series. Maybe the next logical step is an H-game. Then you can straight up purge their virginity! -_-‘

    • I dont think a H-game could be as deep as this though, in most Ar Tonelicos you HAVE to get to known revytails… And not phisically, yeah, they did the clothing thing, and that was surely where the joke was refered to xD, but you have to get to know her more mentally, and with the cosmospheres, you can really see some crazy sides of the girls, is pretty cool to see the MC try to understand the personalities of each cosmosphere level, and gets to know more about the feelings of the girl.

      • Testsubject909

        Wouldn’t you want the best though? Customizable main character with actual roleplaying and depth, smooth fun gameplay for it’s genre, paired up with beautiful graphics (style over realism), whether it be 2D or 3D, in a budget price, that has a good story, wonderful characters, memorable events, multiple endings AND hentai?

        I know, I know. Impossible.

        But a boy can dream. A boy can dream…

        • And such a beautiful dream it is…. ;___;
          That would be the most awesome game ever!!

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          While we’re dreaming, let’s have it made by Undead Cavia x Bioware x Tales Studios x Illusion. It’ll have the battle system of Grandia, the graphics of Dream Club, the branching dialogue system of Mass Effect, characters/story comparable to Chrono Trigger, and the H-Scenes of Sexy Beach.

          • Testsubject909

            And time travel, so you can meet up the loli versions and the adult versions of each girls!

            With the Radiant Historia’s system enabling you to return back in the past to previous events and re-write it to see different events pull off in different ways.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Ar Tonelico IV will be the first.

        • Lol, well, i can understand you saying that without playing any game, all this can be pretty misleading at times, but this is kind of normal already, seems like they did a bit too much on this one, but this is part of AT ._., there is a lot more into it though, and i think spencer did a good work balancing most of the charming parts of the games, but, i dont see any mention of the music/hymns one of the most important aspects of the game o.o.

          But seriously, Ar tonelico has one hell of a story. With a huge backstory too. For exaplmle check this toryline page, and there is also a lot of info on this page

          • Honestly the artwork alone makes the game worth it’s money. Nagi Ryou is one of the most awesome character designers I know. :D

          • Yeah, the artwork is pretty unique too, really fits the game, but what really got me, was the Hymns, the atmosphere the game gave, and the story, strange, futurist-like, but great story.

            And that you can know the girls better, by going into their mind, is just awesome, you can see most of the human’s personalities there, is great to see how they are reflected by the girls and the songs they do (even the creature they make has it’s own meaning), the clothes they wear also represents that personality in some way.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I’ll check it out. Thanks.

          • No prob :P, also, i’d like to point out that the games occur in the third era

    • Croix

      The next step for Star Ocean would have been an H-game if Yoshinori Yamagishi could have had his way. So I’ve heard, at least.

      • Seriously O-O? But Star Ocean games has always been pretty… “clean”, and the endings with all the characters (the 93283 endings with SO1,2, at least the ones ive seen) are pretty “clean” too xD.

        First time i hear/read about this o.o

        • holyPaladin

          SO 1,2,3 are clean..

          SO4 is not perfectly clean (just some event) although it’s not comparable of innuendo in AT series

          • Oh yeah, i forgot that cat girl… I really wanted to forget her, why did you made me remember her?!

            Of course, compared to AT series, SO games are pretty clean

          • Darkrise

            Not to mention that um… Hmm. That mage woman. Don’t remember her name. =/

          • Oh wait, Myuria? She was pretty decent O-o, well they made her big boobed, but that’s most of it… She is already married anyway haha xD

          • holyPaladin

            Is Meracle creepy? I find her cute lol (of course with Jap VA) :D

            But Reimi is no.1!

          • Yeah Reimi is great, i liked the characters a lot more with their respective anime drawings (Reimi, of course, pwned all) But the 3D models was what really scared me… the faces more than anything, with those eyes… specially meracle’s. These have been the only 3D models that had made me feel weird when looking at them. But with their drawings i could relate better to them, and make a better image of them in my mind

          • Why is there so much hatred for Meracle? As someone who played Last Hope International in English, I don’t understand the hatred for the characters. The only one that annoyed me at all was Edge and that was just during his broody, “I can’t do anything right” phase.

          • I dont hate the characters, i hate their 3D model… i just could look them at the face that much… TH..THOSE EYES, BIG PLASTIC LIKE EYES, AHHH!.And some events on the ship were like “O_O”, but definitely, the only thing i didnt liked of that game was the 3D models… i enjoyed the game anyhow, im not as superficial to let something like that bother me xD

          • Surprised that people didnt like Meracle. She barely even had memorable story moments.

            @Charles Lupula Really? I thought Edge was the highlight of the game, my favorite Square Enix protagonists. I felt connected.

            Im shocked people didnt mention Lymle….

          • SolidusSnake

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada: What? Cheating on Vaan and Hope for Edge? For shame, Tsuna. But yeah, Lymle was godawful, kay?

            @WildArms: Naw mang, Meracle was hot, possibly the hottest Star Ocean character. Here’s a pic to help your memory:

          • Lol, but her 3D model, way to move, and that “love” or w/e with Edge was creepy xD, well, i dont mind if he likes him, but those movements she made wit her 3D model… argh, definitely, it was the 3D models :P

            @Tsuna Yeah, Lymle is another case too… just looking at her walk (not to mention her english voice …’kay?)

          • SolidusSnake

            Hmm personally I thought the character models were an improvement over Til the End of Time but that’s just me. At any rate I def found them less creepy / uncanny valley than, say, most Final Fantasy titles after FFVII where they go for realism and end up with weird.

            Although I think we can all agree that 2D is the way to go when it comes to JRPG, like Mana Khemia, Disgaea, Atelier series, etc.; it just looks so much more appealing. Getting access to the anime-style character portraits in the International version of SO4 was a big plus :D

          • Yeah xD, i think they went too far on real style, they (specially edge) just looked like dolls T.T

          • Zero_Destiny

            >:( I’m disappointed in all of you!!!!! How can you forget that Star Ocean 1 had a cat girl named Pericci!!!! I don’t now what’s wrong with you guys!!!!! It’s okay Pericci I still think you’re adorable. :)

          • Croix

            Instead of having Myuria as both already married and her husband…well, you know, as well as a false lead love interest for Edge for some odd reason, I think there should have been another sideline thing going on between her and Bacchus (if not for his ending and the uncommon line in conversation, they’d be the perfect match for an extremely odd couple).

      • Testsubject909

        Honestly I wouldn’t mind.

        It’d make the most awesomest Hentai GAME. You know, actual gameplay in a hentai.

        That’d be awesome.

        Of course, the hentai aughta be good too. Always wanna have our cake and eat it.

        • Croix

          Not to get derailed here (or perhaps this is bring us closer to the topic?) but I think that sometimes, if someone wants to just come on out and hit it full blast, they could put tasteful mature themes in a video game, and still retain it as a game. Seeing the characters that ended up in the game, I’m not sure how I would have felt if SO4 had ended up an Eroge (and it wasn’t necessarily certain that it even could have, but Yoshinori did mention he wanted to make one…), but I think a game like Ar tonelico could pull it off very well, perhaps even going in a more mature direction and raising the bar in class a bit from the constant innuendo. The problem with AT here is that these games are still marketed in a lower age bracket in Japan. It’s two different audience’s whose cultures have two different expectations when it comes to maturity and what’s acceptable in a video game. Not saying that any of this really needs to happen either, just pondering here.

          Haven’t really been staying completely up to date on Catherine, so I wonder how it was handled as far as content?

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I was kind of thinking of that game as well…

    • That should read “changing them into cakes” let me make a fix.

      Qoga has more fanservice than perhaps even Neptunia, it feels like it distracts from the story. I mean its hard to take anything seriously when all of the sudden people are turning into cake slices.

      • Croix

        However, if this was built upon, it could make for some rather disturbing and nightmarish things to think about when you consider that it’s pretty much one of those fates-worse-than-death, since it’s pretty much inviting someone to come along and eat you. In fact, I’m starting to form a really bad nightmarish scene in m head now involving something in between the opening as described in this game and the driving forces behind Fat Princess…..

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Aww fine ruin my fun… Jk, please fix it. :P

        The serious story seems like a bad idea… and the humor sounds awkwardly unfitting. Or maybe the other way around. I don’t think I’m going to pick this up. It doesn’t help I’ve never played the first two and don’t think I will either.

        (The cakes slice thing reminds me of Rhapsody, which was light-hearted through and through.)

        • HarryHodd

          I don’t see why it’s a bad idea to have a serious story with quirky characters. The characters have personalities and it shows in thier actions. If you want a non serious story with quirky characters you can play the Atelier Series.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            No, not the characters… the CAKES and all that fan-service. If you want to tell a serious story, throwing these things in there will confuse/ derail your audience’s focus and feelings. Unless the cake and boobies are elaborately a deliberate part of the dark plot that is eventually explained with believable reasons for their existence. Or ceases with restraint when the story gets serious. Neither which seem to be the case.

            Honestly, I have no idea about the gravity of the story, I’m just going by what you people are telling me. A theoretical argument.

          • HarryHodd

            The Cake is part of the characters quirky personality. The quirky character that loves sweets is an actor in this serious story.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            @HarryHodd. Look dood, you can’t have your Cake and eat it too.

      • HarryHodd

        I really think that is the charm of this game. The Reyvateils powers are an extension of thier personalities. Cake seems fitting for Saki.

        • Perhaps. The quirky cosomosphere skits are a nice touch. This is just my humble opinion, but sudden cake transformations and boob jokes…. when entire towns are about to be annihilated takes away from the gravity of the situation.

          Lighthearted stories are fine and so are serious stories, but to me (especially later in the game) Qoga makes light of situations which blunts the story.

          • HarryHodd

            Well honestly I’m not too far yet and can see your point. I just accept that cake is a trait of the character. Boob jokes i agree are a bit out of place with the serious nature of the story though.

          • I usually am annoyed by such distractions during town threatening events in many games, but the cosmosphere never bothered me, because i always ran on the assumption that “diving” took mere minutes to perform despite feeling like hours.

          • Umm… They do jokes in the middle of a tragedy? That is weird on these games D: , ah well, i guess ill judge it when i play it.

            But im sure the cake thing is related to Saki’s personality somehow xD since most of revytails personalities are a out of the ordinary on these games (wich is great), there surely would be a meaning in her cosmosphere (maybe)

          • Actually, this isn’t in her cosmosphere, but it’s not as strange as it seems. In fact, the other characters even point out how odd it is that she can turn people into cake and when one of them makes a joke about it, she scolds him, reminding him that those were people and his joke is probably going to put her off cake for a long time.

            It isn’t distracting, at all, for me, at least.

          • Actually, that thing about turning people into cakes isn’t as funny as it appears initially, since once turned into cake, it’s impossible to reverse the effects of that transformation. To put it in a simpler way, these people are considered as “dead” from that point on.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      That’s probably the one gripe I have with NISA games which is their nonsubtle use of innuendo and fanservice in many of their games. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with fanservice and all that, but when they decide to hit the player over the head constantly all the time it usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I just feel like if I wanted that stuff I could get it elsewhere, more and better. Though I guess it’s kind of inane of me to complain or make a note of it here now that you mention it. It’s all over most of their games… this is hardly new. It’s the logical step.

  • I have mine already <3 it's amazingly fun, I actually WANT to fight lol. Though if anyone played the JPN version or know the answer to this question, please reply <3

    Is there a way to always have purge cutscenes (I'm sure you all know what they look like and if not, its the scene when the clothes that will come off light up and vanish) I seem to always just go into a flash of light and the clothes are already off. I dived deeper into finnel and finally saw the first purge scene but it was only once in a battle and didn't happen each time… sad panda

    =] either way I'm enjoying myself

  • HarryHodd

    Just got the game and am having a great time with it. It’s laugh out loud funny with a serious undertone. Really fun game.

  • mine is on its way from amazon :]

  • Darkrise

    Patiently waiting for mine tomorrow… In the meantime I’m just trying to finish the 2nd one. =/

  • Xeahnort

    The wait is finally over.

  • “Hey, I want to do some higher-level programming, so can you take off some clothes for me?” – Aoto.

    Wow. He gets straight to the point doesn’t he? Aoto, saying what every other man is thinking.

    • doubletaco

      If I did that kind of programming at work, life would be a whole lot better.

    • dusk

      Wait… you’re telling me people don’t usually take off their clothes when doing programming? Oh dear… I guess that’s why the girls at work always call for security while everyone else laughs at me whenever I start working on my terminal.

      Looks like this series is trying to build it’s female fanbase with this 3rd game. Little too late though.

    • Inspiration! xD Is funny how he just said it in one shot though xD

  • I was shock with the game play more than anything since the last two were turn based this one isn’t and it is actually fun more than ever.

  • Kai2591

    I wanted to read this article, but decided not to, so as to avoid spoilers for my most anticipated GOTY!

    Oh man can’t wait~

    Preordered it very early and selected pricier fast shipment for max speed of delivery!

  • irzbos

    Just as a warning to ppl, If you read the artbook before playing the game, it gives a spoiler about a character that you may not want to know.

    • HarryHodd

      Yes I did not read the visual art book. It’s more for reading while you play along.

    • I remember how bad i spoiled myself with persona’4 artbook, and they warned it at the beginning… I COULDNT RESIST!, why… why!? I could never expect that from teddy T-T

  • And on the subject of how dark the game can be, I’ll be expecting to see some reactions for when the players have reached the final parts of the game, in special those who know that the Grathnode Inferia was caused by the very own inhabitants of Ar Ciel (in other words, Humans and Teru).

  • Switched over from Yakuza 4 to Ar Tonelico. Not because Yakuza was bad, but just because there’s SOO much you can do in it. I was about 4 hours in (EDIT: looked at my save and I was actually 7 hours in. Shows how much I was enjoying it, that it seemed like so much less) and I had barely touched the story, I was so busy with side-missions, hostesses, and mini-games. I figured this would actually take me less time, so I’d do it first and, by the time the DLC comes out next week, I probably still wouldn’t have beaten it.

    Anyway, I’m about 3 hours in and I’m loving it. I don’t find the fan-service or the cake thing distracting, at all. It would’ve been had the other characters not been all, “Hey, wait a minute…” or if they broken the fourth wall, which is usually fine in NISA games, but not here. I am not far enough in to compare it to AT1, which was the only one of the series I played before, but I like the battle system, which feels like a mix of AT1 and Star Ocean, I like the characters, and I was completely cracking up at Mute’s voice.

  • Damn, I hate the art style.

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