One More Look At The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Before It Soars To Stores

By Spencer . March 15, 2011 . 3:39pm


Preparing for the North American release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Xseed sent over a batch of screenshots and this trailer.



The story begins with Estelle Bright and Joshua joining the Bracer Guild. Estelle grew up in a rural town called Rolent known for its engineering advancements and healthy supply of septium. Years before Trails in the Sky begins Estelle’s father Cassius (the moustached man in the video) adopts Joshua. Even though they have the same last name they are just "friends." The duo will meet other characters like master mechanist Tita Russell and the self-absorbed musical virtuoso Olivier.


The Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky, the first entry in the Trails in the Sky series, comes out on March 29.


Craft1 HuntingEstelle1 Extra3  Scherazard

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  • just “friends” huh? Yeah, alright. ;P

    Where's this damn real life money cheat when you need it?!

    • Zero_Destiny

      Just frineds? Same Last name/family? Yeah Alex and Luna where like that and look how THAT turned out!!! Heheheheheheh My Hentai no Tamashii is in full swing now. ;)

      • My thoughts exactly! :D And totally, my Hentai no Tamashii is in full burst today!! xD

        • And i wonder how Estelle will be… i can’t shake the feeling of some tsundere vibe here xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            If that is true then I think XSEED messed up and forgot to put that in the “REASONS TO COME VISIT” Option. XD

          • Rofl, and a tsundere scene featuring Estelle video xD.

            “I… I WASNT FIGHTING FOR YOU, YOU KNOW!” “Even if they insulted you i was just fighting because they were idiots!”

          • Possible, though I think that Estelle is more like Hakufu from Ikki Tousen if you know that, just….more intelligent. :P
            She doesn’t look like a tsundere person, she seems open with her mind and feelings, at least that’s what I read out from the description. :D
            Though I surely wouldn’t mind it. xD

          • Haha, im just guiding myself with her drawing and her *kick first and talk later* thing :P

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oh YEAH!!!! Well my Hentai no Tamashii is in OVERBURST!!!! today!!!!
          I dig all the female chara’s: Kloe Tita, Scherazard, Kanone, Dorothy, Estelle they’re all so lovely. :)

          • Trying to beat my Burst mode I see! In that case I’m activating my LIMIT BREAKER!!!! Now I’m burning with the infinite flames of my Hentai no Tamashii!!!!!!!!!

            Me too, Tita and Kloe seem very nice and lovely, and Scherazard is damn hawt, hmmmhmm~ :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            Zero_Destiny strikes Coup de Graces and brings his job level up to 10. SWORD SKILLS ARE MAXED OUT BABY!!!
            Zero_Destiny pierces through the heavens and destroys a planet. Don’t ever doubt my HENTAI NO TAMASHII’s POWAH!!!!!

          • @ZD
            UOOOOAAAHHH, I will remember this!!!!! This time you were the Hero, but next time I’m gonna pwn you so hard….wuhahahahahahahaha!!!!*Flies in Team Rocket manner into the far sky**blink*~

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh And so the young hero Zero_Destiny has slain the Demon King and takes the fair hand of his princess. Together they return to the king who inaugurates the young hero for his brave work and together with the Princess in tow they set out into the sunset. Looking forwards to whatever adventures await them in the next part of this epic trilogy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You beat the game. *end credits start*
            Zero_Destiny: *sniff* I’m always so emotional during these end credits.

          • Ren

            @Zero Destiny
            *After the credits roll*
            HEY ZERO!

            Yoshi. DON!
            *And Zero was no more than a twinkle on the sky, never to be heard again until he became a McGuffin for the next installment*

            *The Pervert of Zero appears in bold letters in the screen, for only it to fade back into the start menu*

            “You’ve been “Galactic Punt”ed. Number of victims to this day: 1… for now”

          • Ren

            Quit yapping pathetic fools, my EcchiTama in already on GODSEATERBURST!!! You have no hope of overcoming me, just surrender and I’ll make your deaths less painful… Unless you’re a M, then I may indulge you.

            In another note, TITA sounds like teta which means nipples where I come from. I never be able to take the character seriously.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Don’t worry Tita is the token loli so you wouldn’t take her seriously anyways. :P

          • Ren

            @Zero Destiny
            Don’t say that, lolis are serious business.

    • Slap your head with your right hand, then left, then right, 2 TIMES, then jump, hit yout legs with both hands, then punch some random person on the street, and keep your right hand pressed againts the floor for 5 seconds.

      Then say with a loud voice while spinning “Let’s fall above the butterfly, but where are the pies that came with my monkeys?”

      Done. Was planning to make a guide soon.

      • Damn man, that’s an uber brutal cheat….best I’m gonna save my game first and try the cheat tomorrow, just to be on the save site. :D

    • Ren

      Ask Trist, he probably has it. With his endless wallet and all…

  • FYI, the website is up now, too!


    • Huzzah! I’ve been waiting for this to go up but didn’t see it on the XSEED page. Thanks for posting it Tom!

      EDIT: There’s a “Secret Password” section on the website!? Gah!! I’m so intrigued!! Pikkard Pop and Falcom Punch didn’t seem to give me access, and now I’m running out of ideas…

      • Manonam

        Just click on the link:

        Then click on the orbment and then the “Submit” button without a password and all it says is “Coming Soon!”

        It’s that simple!

        Kind of a lame joke to waste people’s time for nothing though…a free music download or something from XSEED would have been nice (hint!)

        • Don’t worry, special things are coming! You’ll just have to wait until after the game’s release (which you’ll need to do anyway in order to figure out the password). But it’ll be worth it, trust me!

          So, yeah… take the “COMING SOON” at its word. Once the game’s out, cool things will be found behind that password door, for sure!

    • Just changed my Twitter’s avatar with Joshua *drolls* i can’t wait to get the freaking game, i feel my RPG blood boiling!!!

      • Ladius

        I feel you man, even if this month is full of rpg goodness Trails is what I want more ;__;

    • Great man, thanks! :D
      Boy do I love the design of the site, this classic feeling it has with the post card and the signs and how everything slides on the screen. xD
      And naturally the awesome soundtrack. :D
      Just wanted to say~ xd

      • Zero_Destiny

        I dig the Fullscreen option. It’s nice to look at the site in all it’s glory. :D
        EDIT: Looking at the videos. The voice Acting I’m loving it. XD Sounds really nice!!!!! Also JYB hahahaha we can’t escape him. :)

        • You’re right! That’s actually the first time I see a full screen option for a site, it looks even more awesome that way! :D

        • Draparde

          where did you see video’s with voice acting o.o?

          • Zero_Destiny


          • Draparde


    • How far into the game is that Nya to English dictionary?

      • A good 3/4 of the way in, I’m afraid. You have a ways to go before you can consult it! But it’s pretty awesome, when you finally get a good look at it.

      • *wants to know what you talking about*

        • Go to the very last page under the Popular Activities section of the website.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Doctor Dolittle wrote a BOOK!!!!! Finally I’ve been meaning to brush up on my Catanese. lol That was a weak pun wasn’t it? :P

          • We can finally go and figure out what Nomo says. Although… I’m pretty sure most of the time it’s “Nya~~.”

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Lee I NEED to know what Nomo says. If Goku said it, it has to be important. lol

          • OMG hahahahahahahahaha xDD

          • I’m so gonna pick that language up :D

    • Ladius

      Probably the best jrpg official site in many years.

      You and the XSeed crew are doing a great job for the sake of us jrpg fans, I really hope TitS is successful.

      • …Yeah it’s probably for the best we don’t use the abbreviation for Trails in the Sky.

        • Ladius

          Who cares about sexual jokes? In the future mankind will think of the Trails in the Sky series when they see tits, I tell you!

  • Hm, guess I will wait for a playtest or something to see if it is a game to get.

    • Ladius

      You will miss out one of the best jrpg to be released this gen, and probably the one who needs more support from the fanbase in term of sales alongside Tales of Graces F.

    • This game will be good, fo’ sure, and it has voice acting (for the most important scenes i imagine…?), so get it!

  • High pitched girly squeals are most definitely in order. *Squeal*!!!

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh man that really does look like the YS VI engine. :D I love those graphics. They give me the vibe of all-star PSOne games I played back in the day. This just looks better and better. :D

  • Oh my… those music reminds me of the memories when I was playing this game few years back… argh.. can’t wait.. haha..

  • Guest

    ok cool

    now bring over that newer one and the fighting rpg

    • Ren

      Damn you tease! Every time I see your ava it remembers me I’ll never be able to play Dangarompa in English and that I have no chance at understanding it in Japanese. Damn you and my lack of polyglot ability.

      • That game is AWESOME, you dont know what you are losing, awesomeness, epicness in one little game, JUST AWESOME, MAN, YOU WONT BE ABLE TO LIVE A FULFILLING LIFE IF YOU DONT PLAY IT. YOU SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED YOU HAVENT PLAYED IT!!!

        Just fooling around with you btw xD, anyhow, the game really is great x_x

      • Guest

        Let’s gather a team of people and demand they bring it here!

  • preordered my premium edition at amazon months ago.

  • Hours

    I’m so pumped for this game, it’s ludicrous. :)

  • DanteJones

    I don’t mean to sound like a negative nancy, but do you guys think we’ll see the other Legend of Heroes games outside of Japan? I was checking out Gamestop’s pre-order list for PSP games and there isn’t a whole lot on there. I think it was about 10-11 games and a few of those are coming out this month and next. I hope they do, I just don’t know.

    Trails in the Sky looks like its gonna be awesome though, hopefully it sells well enough for them to consider releasing the others. :)

    • XSEED said they intend to bring all 3 games in the series over.

      However, the 2nd one is two UMDs and can’t be put on PSN which is creating a problem. I hope it still gets released on UMD at least.

      • DanteJones

        Oh sweet! Yeah I hope so too, they sound like really awesome games. :)

  • Really excited about this. Got it preordered and all.

    A bit concerned about the rest of the series, though, especially after the RPGamer article :(

  • Am I allowed to not be as excited?

  • Would you guys say its worth buying the previous LoH games? I’ve been pretty interested in this series years ago before they started being developed for PSP. But I’ve also heard pretty bad things about LoH 3-5 on PSP compared to the PC versions which I can’t play since I don’t know any Japanese.

    • Legend of Heroes Tear of Vermillion is totally worth it, my favorite one. I didnt play the others as it didnt seem like a continuous trilogy and people said there was nothing to write home about with them.

      • If you liked Tear of Vermilion, I actually WOULD recommend playing the other two, as you’d probably enjoy them just as much. (Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch is honestly one of my favorite RPGs of all time, though I’m of course more referring to the original Japanese release.)

        I think the previous titles, in general, are cheap enough now that you can give one a try and see what you think… and if you can get past the flaws and find that you actually like it, you’ll probably like the other two just as much.

        …And you’ll LOOOOOVE Trails in the Sky. ;)

        • Ladius

          Yeah, aside from the dumbed down battle system and poor translation the Gagharv trilogy had a lot to offer even on Psp.

          That said, investing in the Trails trilogy is far better, and since Gagharv and Trails aren’t related plot-wise it’s actually useless to play the Gagharv games before Trails’release.

    • Don’t get the PSP ones. I’ve played one of them and did not enjoy it at all.

      From what I heard, Bamco butchered up everything, and is nowhere near as good as the PC versions.

    • Ladius

      The Gagharv trilogy (LoH 3-5) is completely unrelated to the Trails saga, so you can start with Trails without missing anything :)

      If you’re interested in the Gagharv games, though, brace yourself for an uninteresting battle system and poor translation (while the Trails port was done by Falcom and localized by XSeed, the Gagharv ones were developed and published by Namco Bandai). The plot, the sense of travel and the setting, though, are really good.

  • So far, I’ve gotten Ys Seven LE, Ys: TOiF LE, and Ys 1 & 2 Chronicles with the music cd. My body is ready for the Trails LE.

  • Joanna

    It looks much better in motion. Oh boy, looks like I have to add another game to my meter long wishlist. Too many good games, it’s so hard to pick and choose. T__T

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