Persona 2: Innocent Sin Gets A PSP Pouch Package At Konami Style

By Ishaan . March 15, 2011 . 10:35am

Like a lot of other relatively high-profile games, Persona 2: Innocent Sin is getting a DX (deluxe) Pack on Famitsu’s store. That package comes with a set of six 30cm × 12cm character-themed visual posters, and is priced at 6,279 yen ($77).


However, the game is also getting a separate package over at Konami’s Konami Style store. For 8,800 yen ($108), Japanese players will be able to pick Innocent Sin up, along with a special “Seven Sisters High School” PSP pouch.


The Seven Sisters High School is the institute attended by the protagonists of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Like the regular retail release, a limited number of copies of this package will also come with a mini-soundtrack CD. Here’s a few more shots of the pouch:



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  • I love Atlus swag

    • kupomogli

      I doubt you’d ever sport your Seven Sister’s School pouch out in public though. Even without the logo I wouldn’t.

      • True, but most of my gaming swag doesn’t leave the house. Just fun to have to reflect on games I love.

        • I would totally wear that out & about

      • I would, but I am an extreme minority. LOL

      • Testsubject909

        I’d let it hang from my laptop’s bag as it’s own compartment for the PSP.

        Anyone I’d meet who could properly identify it is most likely someone I’d want to talk to.


        Seven sisters fo’ Life!!!

  • This is mad hot dude! I wonder if we get it for the CONUS, it would be cool if it also could fit the NGP.

    • I bet the NGP will fit. I don’t think its significantly larger than the PSP and based on the picture, it looks like there is a lot of room to spare

    • Jenova2212

      Day 1 baby! Day 1!!!1one!

  • Ya got style bro’

  • Testsubject909

    Ah… The seven sisters high school tag…

    Oh goodness.

  • I would love me some real hawt seven sisters as a preorder extra~

    Though I think I could settle with this pouch too, for the time being. :P

    • Zero_Destiny

      Who would want seven hot sisters?????!!!! That’s like torture. Seven hot babes around you all the time that you can pursue because that flag doesn’t ever work out in real life. :( And then you feel ashamed for thinking your sisters are hot and am like “OMFG I’M LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!” That’s crazy!!!! And then you find out you’re little sister can’t really be this cute and that she’s into eroge and than your dad finds out. So you like try to take the fall for her and he is all like you were playing eroge about pursuing your little sister ON your little sister’s computer and you’re all like “Yeah! What of it!!!” and BBOOOOOMMM!!!!! punched in the face. You’re CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Everything can work out somehow if you BELIEVE!! Though honestly, I’m saying I want seven hawt sisters, not that said sisters should be related with me, not that I would mind, though. xD You can’t tell me that the torture wouldn’t be worth it, that you wouldn’t want 7 super hawt sisters at your house. Let’s add that your parents are on vacation somewhere abroad and you are alone with the sisters….hmmmm :9
        One girl for every day in the week.
        Man I play eroge on the computer of my lil sis all the time, what’s the fun of doing so without the danger of being spotted by your sister, while playing such games in her room, on her comp??!
        And I think you watched too much Oreimo, because if I had a sister this cute who even plays eroge, I would totally try to hit her and her super cute lolita friend too and not even my dad could stand in my way!!! Someday I’ll fulfill my ABSOLUTE UNBREAKING DREAM OF THE PERFECT HAREM!!!!!!!

        • Zero_Destiny

          But I’m not the type for a harem ending. And these darn nun’s won’t leave me alone!!!! They keep coming to my scientifically advance city full of schools for some reason. What Misfortune!!! Why have I’ve been cursed with an unwanted harem and have been blessed with suck because of my unstoppable right hand. *trips and DON’T ASK HOW manages to rip girls clothes off. SSMMAACCCKKKK!!!!!!!* WHAT MISFORTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will my peaceful days return??!!!!!

          • Holy goddess of Hentai….truly a misfortune, I want to help you so let us swap our lifes, so that I can live your “life of misfortune”, while you can finally have your normal peaceful days. :D
            Man somtimes I’m just too generous~

          • Zero_Destiny

            But it won’t work because that darn right hand negates EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

          • @ZD
            Damn you and your magic negating right hand!!! >_<
            Well then don't start the action without me! I'm just packing my bag..and off to wherever you are!!

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh Good maybe you can take that crazy girl who keeps shooting electricity everywhere back with you!!! Argh Biri Biri will be the death of me!!!! *trips again and rips more clothes off* What Misfortune!!!!!!

          • @ZD
            Will do, I don’t mind some biribiri, but only if you can help me to take Seiri-chan and the ever beautiful Oriana too(the latter being obviously more crucial). :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh Take’em all!!! Then maybe I can get some peace and quiet and find some time to play more Dragon Quest!!!! :D

          • @ZD
            Alrighty then~! Then it’s a deal, or a “contract” if you want it..bwhahahahaha!!!! >:D

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh Alright Contract signed. You better not weasel out of your part of the deal. :D Finally I can stare at Dragon Quest with no women interrupting me. *drools*

          • Since when did you swap lives with Touma? >_>

          • Zero_Destiny

            Since Because the end of the last arc was just SO EPIC!!!!! We need a third season with 24 more episodes now!!! :)

        • Ren

          Remember to make sure you haven’t got a School Days type harem, or heads will roll.

          • Oh yeah, almost forgot the mistakes my master did(such a great man, will always remember you Senpai ;__;)…but no worries I will be a lot more careful. I’m well prepared and good to go. :D

  • Zero_Destiny

    Nice!!! Love the pouch would rather have the posters though!!! Atlus USA when you bring it over remember posters and OST!!!!! XD Pouch can be thrown in as an added bonus though.

  • I’d be too embarrassed to use that pouch… Well it’s not that the P2P pouch sucks, it’s just that I wouldn’t wear any PSP pouch in public. It just emits this wrong idea to the guys and gals around me >_>

  • Hmm at first I thought “Oh, it’s just a pouch” I’ve got one.

    Then the pictures said otherwise. The thing’s humongous!

  • puchinri

    What’s the likelihood of NA getting (something like) that…?
    I kind of want it, but that’s awfully expensive.

  • cmurph666

    It’s not a pouch, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.

  • lol hell naw way too girlie to rock in public.

  • I want. I want. I want!

    Please say this is coming to the UK!?!?

    A futile question, but I shall hope all the same :D

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