These Two Characters Lead Fenrir’s Aragami Fight In Gods Eater Burst

By Spencer . March 17, 2011 . 5:02pm

After the animated introduction, Gods Eater Burst directs players to visit Sakaki. The Chief Supervisor of Fenrir Far East Branch Aragami Technology Department keeps track, in seconds, of how long it takes for you to visit him. Sakaki created the Oracle Cell technology, which led to development of the Aragami slaying weapons you use in the game.


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Johannes von Schicksal jumps into the meeting with Sakaki. While Sakaki is a tad eccentric, Johannes has a cool demeanor. Another founding member of Fenrir, Johannes was once a researcher. He advocated the Aegis Project and studied Aragami Armor. Lately, he has been supervising the Fenrir Far East Branch and the Gods Eaters that live there (i.e. you).


Johannes Johannes 3 Johannes 2

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  • The supervisor creeps me out. He has this “I watch you when you sleep” look on his face every time I see him.

    • That’s what I get from most characters that never open their eyes, or have extremely squinty eyes…

      Lookin’ at you, Brock.

      • Same here, squinty eyes freak me out.
        Brock was such a creeper, but he was a cool creeper.

        • Guest

          What about the dude from Prince of Tennis (forget his name)

          • Hmm? Fuji from PoT? I think he’s creepier when he has his eyes open tho… lol

      • What about Gin from Bleach?

  • I love some of the character designs in this game. :O

    Also, it looks like Sakaki has chibi versions of himself in his programs. :/

  • Code

    rar I’ve been enjoying the game throughly since picking it up >ww<

    • I love this so much more than MH. This one seems faster too me, not to mention the Aragami are designed fantastically.

      • Code

        I’m about even, I love my MH, but I’m really loving this, it’s a really breath of fresh air after years of MH. I’m really enjoying the pace of it, plus 100% agree, the aragami all have really awesome designs, I’m always looking forward to just what the next one will look like/do >w< Plus just the visual style of the game is fun, neat locations, weapons, and clothes, really pleased so far.

        • ok, i know im being a reply whore; but if either of you want to play on Ad-hoc party, send me a message on psn.
          here is my psn id.

          looking forward to “eating” with you!!

          • Barrit

            Have you had any luck finding people to play with yet? I tried searching last night and didn’t find anyone playing in any of the worlds.

            My guess is that it may be too early for some people. I usually don’t try to jump into multiplayer until I have a game down pretty well and decent gear.

          • Code

            I know I’m playing through story missions before I hope online with it, but likely I’ll make a separate character for online, since I know people locally who also picked up God Eater so I don’t wanna jump too far ahead of them with my main >w<

      • Guest

        What about Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2 and Kaijuu Busters Powered?

    • obviously you haven’t made it to later missions…

      • Code

        Nah not yet, I’ve been pretty busy this week, but I’d actually be impressed if this got up to MH challenge level, I’d be happy either way though Really have enjoyed the pace so far, but can’t say much on how hard later game stuff is yet >w<'

        • its not like uber difficult… but it definitely becomes a challenge. I mean.. there are ways of spamming HDH bullets, but that is like spamming a Los with flash bombs– aka no fun. Though.. i don’t really like to compare this to mh. I like to think of them as separate because mh is “old world” and geb is “future world”. As for the mh “buffs” who think this game is just a “hack and slash version of mh”; just keep one thing in mind. This game is in its first generation. It still has time to evolve– just like monster hunter.

          • Code

            Oh yeah, definitely >ww< Although fights with several monsters at once definitely turn up the difficulty (I love how many more monsters can be active at once in this owo;).

          • What in the world are “HDH bullets”? I saw a video, and also saw it mentioned on GameFAQs… I guess what I’m really asking is how do I make them?

      • kactaplb

        obviously you haven’t combined good bullets…

        Hack and slash version of mh really. Fun. and challenging in the grinding/hackslash sort of way. But… I could never shake that feeling that I was doing the same thing over and over and over. At least with mh, I could switch up weapons/armor/skill type.

  • PrinceHeir

    badass clothing :P

  • Sakaki has the grin of a traitor. Also he wears glasses, which in animeverse, means there’s a 50 per cent chance he’s a double-crossing villian.

    • His eyes are closed, too. Once he reveals his true colours, they’ll either be evil narrow slits or wide and filled with ambition bordering on madness.

    • *removes his glasses*
      *crushes them with his manly grip*
      *slicks his hair backwards*
      You know who I’m talking about.

    • Sakaki has THREE PAIRS of glasses. He wears one, and the other two are around his neck.

  • Guest

    What’s with Japan and it’s obsession with German names? WWII is over

  • lol that’s some bedhead on Sakaki.

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