Disgaea 4 Trading Figurines Unboxed And On Display

By Spencer . March 18, 2011 . 4:19pm

8ff295ca-sIf you like Disgaea collectables, Nippon Ichi has you covered. Disgaea 4 came out in February and there are already trading figures.


There are ten figures to collect, which covers most of the main characters plus the Disgaea series mascot Prinny. Flonne, who was a pre-order bonus for the PS3 game in Japan, is the mystery tenth figure. Like other trading arts, you don’t know which character you purchased until you open the box. The idea is for fans to trade with each other so they can have a complete collection.


NIS America announced they will release Disgaea 4 here this summer. Perhaps, Rosenqueen will stock some of these?


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  • I will take one Axel please! :P I wish they were bigger!

  • malek86

    Are these like One Coin figures? They look a bit lower quality though. I guess they are also smaller. How much does one cost?

  • I’m still waiting for Disgaea 3 trading figures D:

  • Code

    Awesome >w< I have a set of the original Disgaea figures, maybe something to look into down the road if NIS brings them over.

  • Soma

    Though these figures do look awesome, I hope they’re a little sturdier than some of the previous Disgaea one-coin figs.
    I have a complete original set still boxed up, but I bought some of the Disgaea 2 figs, and a lot of them fell apart. =/

  • nyobzoo

    I’m sure they’ll sell them at AX2011

  • SolidusSnake


    Do want.

    • Code

      Angel Flonne is totally wearing sandles now.

      • SolidusSnake

        I’ll have to try that on my next stealth mission. Nin nin!

      • Zero_Destiny

        Foot Fetish Check ;P
        I love you Flonne. :)

        • Code

          rar, I’m curious as to why her design changed, maybe she’s finally become High Seraph now >wwww<; plus that voice opo;;

          • city_debut

            That would be the case. Apparently she’s Archangel Flonne now – not sure how that fits in the storyline however. Nice to see she’s all grown up.

          • Code

            But but, what about Laharl and Etna omo; I like there trio dynamic, this is no fun if Flonne is doing paper work in that great cloud in the sky omo;; Then again the only paper work I can imagine Flonne doing is origami opo;

          • ForeverFidelis

            To be honest, I enjoy the little moments that Laharl and Etna have together in Disgaea 1 more than the trio’s dynamic.

            Hopefully we’ll be seeing more f that.

            I STILL DONT HAVE A PLAYSTATION3333333333333333333333333



          • What are you waiting for? PS3’s are now more low cost than ever. Actually, rumblings suggest a price drop around E3 in June…surely you could land a PS3 then?

          • Fix that. Stat.

          • Code

            I find there’s a special dynamic between any of them Laharl, Etna – Etna, Flonne – Flonne, Laharl >w<' Bah all Disgaea's character's in general are just great!

          • Zero_Destiny

            No you can’t break the trio up. They don’t work if it’s not all three of them.

  • I know I’d want a 1/8 or 1/6 Prinny as my collection…

    • Testsubject909

      How about a 2 feet tall prinny plushie doing a salute?

      My cousin has that, and I want to steal it away from him.

      • That’s even better dood! Now I feel like stealing the plushie off you afte you stole it from him!

        • *Hides under a box the Metal Gear way* hehehehe….

  • Zero_Destiny

    MUST RESITS URGE TO IMPORT!!!! REMIND YOURSELF OF YOUR PATHETIC WALLET!!!!!!! :( I always liked these little figures. Maybe if we’re lucky NISA will slip us some. Maybe even as a bonus for Pre-Ordering Disgaea 4 :) *wink wink* Or maybe they can at least put some in their store :D *wink wink* lol Oh well. I can’t afford little figures right now. I’m still looking forward to the game though. I really want the Flonnes and Axel figure though. :(

    • Arent you up north somewhere or something in CONUS? Dont they have import type stores that get these kinds of things. I cant imagine these to be unaffordable and that costly, then again I dont have the eye of a connoisseur so I dont know the pricing of these figurines.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah but these things add up and SO many games need to be bought. :(

        • Lucky, all the games I keep wanting get delayed and set back (though I am getting tons of anime in the coming weeks), like the recent Motorstorm Apocalypse, leaving me with no game of interest to get in April…oh wait, are you getting the 3DS too?!

          If these additional things were located in stores here Id be buying too. I always love paraphernalia and memorabilia of the series I love.

  • Yum.

    • Code

      NO! rar, don’t eat the figures, no matter how delicious they are!

      • Hahaha I’ll try, but boy they sure do seem tasty!

  • cmurph666

    I want Prinny Asagi~!

  • Testsubject909

    I wonder if these should be called trading figurines… I mean, I doubt anyone who’d buy those would actually be trading figurines around.

    Rather, they’d just accumulate them in a small shrine.

  • Ram

    One Fuuka and a couple of Prinnies please!

  • IceRomancer

    Wouldn’t mind owning a couple of those!

  • Sal

    *huff* * huff* Must…. Get…. ALL OF THEM.

  • Does the Prinny explode if you chuck it? Come on Siliconera do your research :P

  • zhemos

    Looks like Disgaea 4 will be my first purchase on the NISA store.

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