Studio Pierrot Creating An Opening Anime For Bleach: Soul Ignition

By Spencer . March 18, 2011 . 2:35pm

imageBleach: Soul Ignition, you know the upcoming Bleach game for PlayStation 3, will have an original opening movie. Sony Computer Entertainment hired Studio Pierrot, the same animation house that does the anime series, to create it.


Visual Kei rock band Sid is lending "Melody of the Wild Dance" to Sony for Bleach: Soul Ignition’s opening theme. You can listen to the song ahead of the game’s release here.


Sony Computer Entertainment still hasn’t set a release window for Bleach: Soul Ignition aside from sometime this year, but with more and more news trickling out perhaps its on the horizon.

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  • Oh SNAPS, its meh song!!!! I love that opening for Bleach! (Oh wow thats the lead singer!) They also had the best clips to go with it, Aizen standing, Rangiku crying over Gin, cool epically awesome looking Ichigo, zomg, that Ichigo! *squeals*. This song being in the games opening would be so awesome! Apart from the openings and endings during the Bounts arc, they always have such awesome songs for Bleach.

    Please SONY release it here! I would be so glad to play this phenomenally epically awesome sounding game! I cant wait to see what Studio Pierrot creates though. Hey and that image, isnt that from when Ichigo is learning the final getsuga tenshou…

    • Jenova2212


    • @Playstation #SCEA should bring this over, since it’s NOT a niche game like Demon’s Souls. Besides, Playstation owners want to their own Bleach games in their systems, since SEGA got the Nintendo game rights, this generation.

      • Guest

        Licensed games have a harder time making it here than original games

        • That’s the 1st time I’ve heard of it. Besides, in a marketer’s POV, it’s a goldmine for them to have a license like Bleach.

          See: Namco Bandai + Dragonball/Naruto.

  • karasuKumo

    I like that opening :) The dark look to is was cool, actually I like quite a few Bleach openings they are rarely bad.

    • raymk

      truth they are rarely bad unlike a couple of naruto’s openings. They have some alright one’s.

  • Jenova2212

    Too bad this is a terrible game… :/

    • you havent played the full game yet so dont make a review out of the demo

      • And the demo is not that bad either, just really short. But hey, it’s a demo for a game with no defined release date. Big whoop.

  • Still think that Alones is the best Bleach OP :D

    • eilegz

      nahh YUI rolling star its the best :D, miwa change its close

      • WOW I love “CHANGE”, it was so catchy and so fitting! Definitely one of the top openings!

      • Rolling star is good too. Simply said, most of Bleach’s OP were directed tastefully.

      • Ren

        I am probably the only person who never liked Rolling Star, both opening and music.

      • holyPaladin

        I agree, YUI is the best :D
        Alones and D-Technolife are my fav too..

        Never watch Bleach again though since Bounto or whatever it’s called :x

      • IsaacGravity

        I more into Anima Rossa and After Dark when it came to Bleach openings. Honorable mention to Ichirin no Hana.

        • No fan of D-Technolife?! Ichirin no Hana is awesome. What did you see from After Dark, it had too much Inoue! (Anime Rossa from the best filler!)

          • IsaacGravity

            …When it comes to honorable mentions I can only give a nod to one. I like both but High and Mighty Color always wins it for me in the end.

            As for my tastes… I really liked the beats from the song than the video shown WITH the song. Not a fan of Orihime. Never have been and couldn’t stand her as things went on. Otherwise I would just chose Velonica for both song and vid (preferably when promoting one of the movies at the time).

            Anima Rossa is a hands down favorite. Funk all the way.

        • eilegz

          omg yeah how could i forgot about high and mighty color ichirin no hana :D

          i did like the first opening from orange range too asterix.

    • Wow really? I thought it was, vocally, one of the weaker ones and nothing to write home about. Because it just seemed odd compared to the ones before it.

      • I prefer the first version of alones, before they changed it to that weird sounding second version. I don’t know, but I found the accompanying video for alones very meaningful and artistic. How Ichigo’s walking down the street with Orihime’s hairpin scattering, Orihime being taken by Aizen. It’s just personal preference :D

  • I miss that other one. forgot how it goes. Maybe I’m just thinking Naruto lol

  • I don’t think that SID is a Visual Kei band. Its just J-Rock.

  • the more I see of this game, the more I like it :) I’m just hoping it has plenty of Szayel Aporra Grantz in it… :D that guy needs more love :D

  • Rciwws

    Too bad the show took a great big crap as Aizen was finished. New material is simply awful.

    • The episode before last was so epically hilarious, lol! I love these new materials!

      • If you’re talking about the new filler(which will probably be there for a long time), I agree, they are quite pleasing the least and the episodes are funny. :P But I was never a filler biased guy to begin with so who knows. xd

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