Michelle Ruff Is Playing Katherine In Catherine

By Ishaan . March 21, 2011 . 6:09pm

Siliconera reader and Atlus super-fan, Chris Taran, recently gave us a heads up about rumours that voice actress, Michelle Ruff, had announced she would be playing the role of Katherine in Atlus’ upcoming horror/puzzle adventure, Catherine.


Ms. Ruff had reportedly casually mentioned her role during a recent earthquake relief donation drive conducted on behalf of the anime community, which she attended with some of her peers in the voiceover business. We wrote in to Ms. Ruff to find out if there was any substance to the rumour, and she was gracious enough to write back.


“Yes, I can confirm that I’m indeed playing Katherine in the new Catherine videogame,” Ms. Ruff wrote in her reply. “It’s fine to release that information to the digital streets. It’s accurate!”


Michelle Ruff has played a major role in another recent Atlus game as well: Yukari Takeba in Persona 3. You may also know her as the voice of Etna in Disgaea 2, and she’s the voice of Crimson Viper in Street Fighter IV.


Ms. Ruff joins her peers, Troy Baker as Vincent, and Laura Bailey as Catherine, rounding out Catherine’s main cast. The game is slated for release this summer on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


A giant slice of ham and cheese pizza with onion for Chris Taran for the heads up!

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  • Zero_Destiny

    This dub is going to be so great!!! :D Really Michelle Ruff was somewhat of an obvious choice but for a good reason. Atlus doesn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to play the game. No worries here. The dub will be great. XD

    • Code

      Yeah, lol >ww<' although god damnit if her voice doesn't get me every time omo;

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah it’s a very safe choice. I like it when companies get some unknown or at least not as used actors to do the voices but there’s a reason why companies fall back on the same actors so much (and it’s not just for budget reasons). Some of the best dubs out there take chances but still I can’t bring myself to hate talented actors even if they’re overexposed. (well there are some rare cases but for the most part I can’t). lol So I hear you. I’m in a similar boat.

        • endaround

          No its mostly for budget reasons. Studio time is really, really expensive and having actors you know who can get done in the allowed time is important.

          • Zero_Destiny

            You just pointed out what I was saying my good friend. The companies have limited time/money so they hire GOOD actors they know they can trust. It’s not like they go out on the streets and pay some random person in peanuts. lol

        • Code

          Agreed, I’m definitely not knocking Michelle Ruff, she’s still one of my favorite voice actors, she’s over used for a good reason >w<; Just not really any surprises here.

      • Her voice is missing in a lot of anime for me. Had it not been for Bleach, then, well I dont think Id have seen anything shes been in.

        • Zero_Destiny

          You must of not of been watching a lot of English dubbed animes then, that or you never noticed her because she’s hard to miss. She even has had some roles in the Naruto dub. lol I was going to list all her work for you but that would make this comment way too long. lol Anyways if you’re interested go check out her work here:
          By the way it’s a great website (the one I just pointed out). Pretty good database really. If you don’t already know about it you should mess around with it and lose hours of your life reading all the info. lol

          • Those are not anime that I watched (That is to say, Bleach is perhaps her only biggest role for me).

          • Zero_Destiny

            She’s in some pretty good ones that I suggest you hunt down. By the way You never seen Gurren Lagann?! Are you kidding me. If you want to call yourself an anime fan you HAVE to watch. One of the best animes I’ve seen from the past 10 years. Please tell me you you at least watched it in Japanese or something. If not. Go out and buy it. It’s the manliest, bestiest, Craziest, Bestiest show you can ever see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            The least you can do is watch all the episodes MangaEntertainment have put up on youtube for free:
            They got the whole series there.

          • @Zero_Destiny Its been in my queue for instant netflix ever since they added it awhile back since I fell in love with the fan art for the anime and the blogs I follow on tumblr love it so much. I guess I love the character designs.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Sawada that a boy. You gotta sit down one weekend and watch it. Awesome story, great OST, Hilarious jokes, beautiful animation, and the manliest main characters in all of anime who run on nothing but manly passion. If you don’t end up liking it than you’re not an anime fan to begin with. lol I can pretty much guarantee you’ll love it.
            Row Row Fight the Powah!!!!

          • Episode 4 is the exception to what Zero_Destiny said about the animation. Otherwise, you should definitely watch it for all the reasons he said though. I also recommend looking for the unfiltered version of Episode 6. (Censored feels like the wrong way to describe what happened to that episode)

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Lee yeah some of the earlier episodes look pretty good at first but then they get to some scenes and you’re like OMG what happened to the budget. I don’t think Gainax knew how big the series was going to be at first. The series picks up though pretty early and the little “mishalves” in animation don’t really show up after a couple of episodes. But when we look at the series on the whole it’s animation is simply beautiful. Gainax knows what they’re doing and they do it well. It looks far better than most TV anime and the super cartoony zany style is just breath taking to look at in motion. Good stuff. @Sawada don’t let some the earlier episodes trick you. The animation is just great once you get past some little bumps here and there in the beginning.

          • I’m pretty sure Gainax pretty much winged the show up until 6th episode, though they did have a goal in mind for what the last couple of episodes would be like, but as you know, it went in slightly different direction. After that it was obvious the atmosphere/aura/(whatever you want to call it) of the show changed to a somewhat more serious tone.

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol When I said Gainax knows their stuff I meant they know how to animate well is all. That’s a given with them after all. :) I wasn’t talking about them knowing how the story was going to be right from the get go. Sorry should of made that clear.

          • Joanna

            MAL <3

            Not just a good database, but a great site to keep track of what anime you are watching and manga you are reading, especially if like me, you sometimes don't have time to watch/read anything and come back a few days/weeks later only to forget what episode you are on. :)

  • Etna? I guess I can see that, I didnt think Etna=Yuka-tan! So excite!

    • Testsubject909

      Just now, you reminded me of Tak Fuji from Konami…

      • Belenger


  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

  • meruru


    Most predictable and uninteresting cast ever.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      It is predictable, but if I had no choice but listen to English for this game, I’ve paid attention enough to know these are capable voice-actors in their own right, and better than having a cast of cheap/ bad/ unfitting voice-actors.

      Though I understand the prospect of hearing the game sound exactly as you imagined and casted in your own head is a bit unexciting…

      • MPHavoc

        Honestly, I couldn’t care any less if people feel certain VAs are “overexposed” in english dubbing. As long as the casting is appropriate and the characters are portrayed accurately, that’s all that should ultimately matter. I’m simplistic that way.

        In regards to C/Katherine, they aren’t a stretch for either Ruff or Bailey(having played similar characters in anime).

  • Finally, recognized as the Atlus super-fan I’ve always aspired to be!

    But seriously this is who I’ve wanted to play Katherine for awhile now. Super excited to see how she handles this role.

  • You know, this really saddens me. I was thrilled when I heard Troy Baker was voicing Vincent but my hopes were crushed when I found out Laura Bailey plays Catherine and now Michelle Ruff playing Katherine has just flat-out killed me. I like Laura and Michelle both but I do not think they were suitable candidates for these roles. I’m hesitant to even pick up this game now.

    • Who else would do it? I think they should do open casting calls, get some fresh people in the market.

      • Well I for one was rooting for Mary Elizabeth McGlynn to play Katherine. I think she would have been perfect and I was betting on Kari Wahlgren for Catherine. I guess I forgot how Funimation just likes to have the same people star in everything. Prime examples are Laura Bailey, Michelle Ruff and who could forget…Vic Mignogna. Troy Baker has been in quite a bit too but I haven’t seen half his roles so I can deal with him even though I was rooting for Steven Blum to voice Vincent.

        I do agree with you, I think they need fresh new people on the market. I’m not that old but I’ve watched thousands of animes and have heard these people one too many times for me to really enjoy them anymore.

        • IceRomancer

          I agree, I like Michelle but I’ve heard her waaay to many times than I care for!
          Kinda upset over no Mary Elizabeth McGlynn tho:(

        • Especially when the people start to sound the same for every role…which gets annoying because even in some games when they are voicing minor characters and they sound like characters they were in in other anime.

          • splintered

            You know what’s funny though? When it’s a Japanese VA doing the same voice in each and every role they are in, everyone goes crazy and thinks it’s awesome whereas if it’s an English VA people are apathetic and think it’s stupid that they’re being used again.

        • PrinceHeir

          yeah i was kinda hoping Mary Elizabeth would be voicing Katherine, i mean if you heard her Rosso the Crimson you know she fits Katherine voice soo perfectly. about Kari Wahlgren, i know i heard her as Lady in the DMC series so i guess she’s also a candidate, but alas the decision has already been made so it’s all good ^^

          Steven Blum cool but i heard his voice pretty much everywhere XD

          let’s just hope both voice actors have a role in the game :)

          as for new VA, i agree they need to try some new blood or choose some VA that are rarely known. for example Michael Gough who did the voice of Dan Smith and Jin Uzuki from KIller 7 and Xenosaga Ep I,II respectively. or Cam Clarke who did the infamous Liquid Snake and Almayda from MGS and Killer 7, it’s been a while since i heard his voice O_O

          • You mean Xenosaga II & III? Crispin Freeman was Jin Uzuki for the phone call in Xenosaga I.

            Edit: Kari Wahlgren’s been in soo much stuff. Haven’t played the original Tales of Symphonia (Raine), Shadow Hearts 2 (Karin), Final Fantasy XII (Ashe), FFTactics: War of the Lions (Princess Olevia), and so forth? XD

          • PrinceHeir

            yes Xenosaga II and III. sorry about that ^^

            we really need more diversity in VA. in japan they could pick tons of VA for any media yet here we’re stuck in limited people(or companies won’t go for anyone unless they’re known in the industry) companies should start hiring those i mentioned and many more.

            i also can’t believe Karai Wahlgreen voiced Jill Valentine in MVC3. i mean Patricia Ja Lee(another VA i recommend) fits perfectly with Jill not to mention she’s the pink ranger :D

            put Zero(Johnny Youing Bosch) and hopefully with Vergil(Daniel Southworth) and you have the Power Ranger’s Team :D

          • Yes I have heard Mary as Rosso, loved it. All her roles she usually plays sophisticated sexy women (or men in some cases) and I thought she was perfect for Katherine considering she is sexy and sophisticated.

            Steven Blum is everywhere I will admit but Vincent totally looks like Spike Spiegels little brother or something haha. I fell in love with Cam Clarke once I played Tales of Symphonia. I loved him so much.

            I would like to hear more people like Andy McAvin and Kelly Manison and maybe even Chris Patton. I haven’t heard the three of those in years.

          • PrinceHeir

            yup not to mention she’s the singer of the True Silent Hill Series(1-4) you can’t go wrong with that :D

            oh yes i also missed Cam Clarke. where the hell is he?

            well companies don’t want to take risk nowadays. i remember back then that the cheesy and hilarious VA is part of video games. the amount of engrish and dialogue is sooooo funny XD nowadays everybody tries to be serious(which is great) but i don’t know. things change apparently.

        • splintered

          You know what’s funny though? When it’s a Japanese VA using the same voice everyone thinks it’s awesome and don’t care that they’re hearing the same voice over and over again. But when it’s an English VA people are apathetic and say that there should be someone else doing their voice.

          • Guest

            Because Japanese seiyuu are pitch masters that can change their voices at a whim for different roles. There are only certain seiyuu like Yui Horie where you can tell it’s her every single time. In English, changing pitch while sounding normal is much much harder unless you’ve had lots of formal voice training. So in order to compensate, they should be using different VA instead of the same ones over and over again. But they do not, hence the complaints.

          • KyoyaHibari

            Romi Paku…’nuff said

      • Chippel

        I wish they would. I think her voice fits okay, but I’m sick of hearing her.

    • well theres always the option to change the voice to japanese

      • I heard they weren’t keeping that option in the game. If they do include it, I’ll definitely buy it then.

        • mirumu

          The option wasn’t in the Japanese version for them to remove. I certainly won’t be happy at all if it isn’t included in this version though.

        • Where’d you hear that? Cause I haven’t heard anything either way. I hope they do include it, they’d be crazy not to, I mean, it’s bluray we’re talkin’ about here, I’m sure there is more than enough room on the disc for both voice tracks.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Not this again. They gotta have an equal product on both systems. Don’t think it’s a space issue either. Also, licensing/ money issues. Yea I want dual audio as well but Atlus isn’t NISA, it seems.

          • mirumu

            Supposedly the Japanese 360 disc only takes 5.8GB leaving somewhere near 3.6GB free given dual layer DVD capacity. Plenty of room so definitely not a space issue just as you say.

            Regarding your Atlus/NISA comparison do you actually know something we don’t because that sounds an awful lot like speculation. I felt the need to ask because you’re not the first person to say it, yet other than historical patterns I’ve seen nothing to back that up.

            Sure, Atlus haven’t tended to support multiple language tracks in the past, but Persona 3 and 4 for example just filled single layer DVDs and adding the second layer would have been costly. With Catherine on the 360 they’re already committed to a second layer anyway.

          • Pichi

            There is a chance that it could be DLC. The rumor that Microsoft doesn’t like their products to be inferior and wouldn’t want to sell it that way. To keep both the 360 and PS3 equal, it’ll have to be DLC or no option at all. I got this after hearing about the Dynasty Warriors 7 Japanese DLC rumor situation.

    • endaround

      Huh? Laura Bailey might be too on the nose for Catherine but aside from that I don’t see a problem.

    • Hmm.. Hopefully in the next trailer, we’ll get to hear them all in action. Maybe they won’t sound like you expect.

  • Sooooo~ We’re expecting a new trailer from Atlus soon with the three voice actors? :3

  • With this news, there is no way in hell I’m not pre-ordering this game. Michelle Ruff is my all time favorite voice actor. I’m getting giddy with each thought of this.

  • Wow, excellent casting. I’m looking forward to buying this game once I’ve gotten the other 7 on my list outta the way.

  • Pretty good main cast line up.

    Looking forward to a new trailer sometime soon then.

    • Testsubject909

      Looking forward to seeing this game on my TV screen.

  • Voice fits. I’ll allow it. lol

    • DanteJones

      Heh, when I read “I’ll allow it”, I heard the ref’s voice from Celebrity Deathmatch in my head. Weird. XD

      • GamerKT


      • Actually, it was totally in reference to Judge Mills Lane, who was the ref on the show, at least when I watched it. lol

        Good show, sir.

      • z_merquise

        “I want a good, clean fight. NOW LET’S GET IT ON!”

        As what Charles said, it’s from the ref Mills Lane (who was actually a real boxing referee). Man, it was a long time when I first watched Celebrity Deathmatch. Really brings back the ol’ days.

  • Sorry but I don’t like English dub on games as “Japanese” as this one. :( It would be like watching Dragon Ball Z in English… useless.

    • This game isn’t very Japanese. It’s set in a Western city, the characters all have Western names, etc.

      Unless sex, seduction, sheep, nightmares, and the color pink are all distinctly Japanese things now.

      • Exkaiser

        But Vinsento Buruukusu and Kyasarin Makuburaido are such classic nihon names.

        • Testsubject909

          Vinsento sounds more like the long lost Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

          Leonardo! Donnatelo! Raphael! Michaelangelo! Vinsento!

        • gatotsu911


      • Being made by Japanese is pretty much Japanese enough AND YESS!! sex, seduction, sheep, nightmares, and the color pink are all distinctly Japanese things now <- i copy paste that hehe

      • I’m not talking about the “setting”, it’s more a question of “feeling” : this game feels japanese… It’s not the kind of games american dev will do ;) e.g No More Heroes > except Suda, who could possibly make that kind of games ??? :p

        • It really doesn’t matter to a lot of us, when it comes to what language the game is, where it is MADE, just where it is set.

    • Exkaiser

      I watched Dragon Ball Z in English and it was just fine. I don’t think punching people really hard and fast is something impossible to convey in English.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yes. Agreed. The Dragon Ball/Z/GT dubs where all good. Especially when you consider DBZ was a late 90’s early 2000’s dub. In fact it was pretty DARN good for that time. And the Kai dub is perfect. Anyone who complains about Kai dub is just not a fan of dubs or is too obsessed with the Japanese dub. Which is fine you can like the Japanese dub more but don’t start spotting nonsense and BS hate for the English dub.

      • Aoshi00

        “I’ll send you to another ‘dimension’!” :) Gotta admit, the early DBZ dub and censoring in the 90’s was pretty horrible and drove me bonkers like the dub of those times (I remember I wrote to Animerica to complain as a kid lol.. I thought they butchered my beloved series..), No one was killing or dying, nope, just being blown to another dimension.. Well, sometimes it has to do w/ which voices you are accustomed listening to. I’ve grown up listening to DB in Jpn all my life, so it was hard for me to hear a guy’s voice for Goku, Kuririn, etc.. not to be mention Vegeta sounded like a growling and hissing lunatic compared to the calm and cool Horikawa Ryo back then. They did take a lot of liberty w/ the script and added a lot of silly jokes, cringe-inducing back then.. but in retrospect it was kinda funny.. like Jeice, “Put your back to it, you’re digging like convicts” w/ Special Ginyu Force’s Aussie accent… I never liked Freeza being voiced by a woman in Eng though… I guess some was okay like the Orochimaru (voiced by Kujira…) in Naruto…I never thought DB was about just about punching people..The Jpn dub for Catherine was really good though w/ veterans like Yamadera Koichi and Mitsuishi Kotono. I like the choice of the Eng cast so far, but it would take me a little bit to get used to hearing them in diff. voices, I suppose it might be the same for some as they’ve heard the Jpn seiyuu in the trailers for so long.. Unfortunately I don’t think the game would have dual track (and not because of all the both platform needing to be equal bull.. Alan Wake and Naruto UNS2 and tons of 360 games all had dual audio).I’m not familiar w/ Michelle Ruff.. chances are I’ve heard of her but just didn’t know her name since people mentioned Crimson Viper from SF4. I’m not very familiar w/ Eng. VA at all, but I knew Troy Baker and Laura Bailey from FF13/Vesperia/Nier..

        • Exkaiser

          Michelle Ruff was Rita in Vesperia and Crimson Viper in SFIV.

          Personally, I prefer adult Goku having a male VA. It always felt so strange to see him as an adult and hear his child voice come out of him.

          • Aoshi00

            Oh Rita.. yea, I did hear of her in Vesperia sounding pretty cheeky :), but I’m not too familiar w/ Eng. VAs other than a handful like Steve Blum..

            Yea, if the first time you heard of Goku being voiced by a male, it might be weird to hear him voiced by a woman.. but traditionally there have been a lot of male chars voiced by voice actresses, such as Kenshin, Kurama in YuYu Hakusho, Shinji in Evangelion, Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist for example. It was weird for me to hear him voiced by a male in Eng.. For Nier I played Eng. first, so it took a while for me to get used to the Jpn voices when I play Replicant. I think it mostly has to do which one you hear and get used to first. For me, Goku is no one other than Nozawa Masako (she said she didn’t think of Goku as Goku, it’s like they are one), just like the animated Batman would always be Kevin Conroy, their voices were just so engraved in many people’s mind. Jpn audience would probably think Sean Schemmel sounding weird if they’re not used to him.

            Still, I think the Eng dub for DBZ in the 90’s was just atrocious w/ the script heavily altered and censored I can’t imagine how people say it could be good.. back then Vegeta was my idol and I remember I was so looking forward to hear him speak English, and the second he landed and uttered a word to Nappa, I was pretty shocked w/ his raspy and hissy voice :)

          • Exkaiser

            Well, I think the difference is that Edward and Shinji are young men and Kenshin and Kurama are by nature effeminate, but Goku as an adult is a masculine looking character, even if he’s a goofball by nature.

            That said, I prefer Ed’s english dub to Romi Paku, but I like Kenshin’s voice either way.

            As a child growing up watching Dragon Ball Z, I can’t say the changes would have ever bothered me. Everyone I knew who watched the show (Up to and including my kid brother) was well aware of people dying, regardless of what they said out loud. Moreover, without having seen the original voices to compare, the dub voices felt very fitting to us. Maybe they do make Vegeta sound more like a raspy asshole, but that just colors our pop-cultural perception of the character. Perhaps the dub isn’t an outstanding one, but it certainly does its job- DBZ was really quite popular.

          • Aoshi00

            I think in most US dubs, they still prefer using boy or men’s voices to voice young men in general, but a lot of young male chars in anime are voiced by female VAs who could do a unisex voice. Nozawa Masako has voiced a lot of boys in her career.. I just thought it was fitting to have the same voice except deeper and more mature because Goku was still pure and innocent in heart despite having grown up, of course he got more macho along the way :) I really like seiyuu like Paku Romi or Ogata Megumi though, I love all the boys’ role they did.Actually when I was in HK, the Cantonese dub also had a male voice for the grown-up Goku, but Kuririn’s voice was by a female (just like Tanaka Mayumi/Ruffy in Jpn). It was pretty good but I preferred the Jpn dub of course. I was not aware so many people liked the Eng dub, there’s certainly improvement over the years. I guess the cartoon was still popular and universal no matter how badly it was dubbed or altered, just like Sailormoon and such (Lunar the cat being voiced by an old woman instead of a young woman), but people didn’t really know better anyway.. I’m glad the shows took off though, even Pokemon, as they paved the way of anime’s success in the US in the years that followed.

            I just remember it really bugged me at that point how they censored the script and added so many lame jokes, everyone’s cracking a joke every other sentence.. and the way they presented it was to make kids think “oh Chaozu just got blown up, but he’s okay, he just got teleported to King Kai’s planet like Goku was after the Raditz fight”, or when Piccolo sacrificing himself by shield Gohan from Nappa’s blast, I just thought it sounded really stupid when they kept emphasizing “sending someone to another dimension”. Of course the censor was lifted afterwards and it was much better.. I’ve watched Dragonball and Z in both Jpn and Chinese before, so I guess that’s why I didn’t like the US dub at first…I liked Spike Spencer as the Eng Shinji ok (but sometimes he sounded like 30-some year old when he was screaming), but Ogata Megumi was still the best.. in the HK dub, Shinji was also voiced by a male VA. But yea, the Eng. Vegeta was definitely given a different portrayal in the Eng dub, that was a very different image I had of him because he sounded so cool in both Japanese and Chinese, back then I watched DB/Z on air in Chinese but rented the tapes of the Jpn ver every week w/ my meager allowance.. and I loved Horikawa Ryo (Shun from Saint Seiya/Reinhart in The Legend of the Galactic Heroes), I guess I mostly had beef w/ him and the Eng Piccolo sounded like cool rapper to me :)…

      • Are u American ? ^_^ Because there’s a huge difference between English and Japanese dubs… Chacun ses goûts as we like to say :)

        • Exkaiser

          I’m an American, yes. I’ve seen most of my Dragon Ball in English, but I’ve also watched quite a bit in the original Japanese audio.

          I think the important part of the show- the part where the guys with the muscles shoot lasers at each other- translates very well between the two scripts and casts.

    • mikedo2007

      OK, let me ask you this. How should anime based on American properties like Halo Legends and Batman: Gotham Knight be watch? Japanese or English? If you were to watch Batman in Japanese, wouldn’t Batman sound strange because you weren’t used to hearing Batman in Japanese, and the same thing can be applied to Master Chief, would you find it strange to hear Master Chief speaking Japanese in the Halo anime. Also, you are aware some of your favorite JApanese VAs do dub. Did you know Splinter Cell: Conviction had a interesting Japanese dub cast?


      • If I think the voice matches the character I dont give a rats ass if its in Japanese, English, or some other language

    • gatotsu911

      You mean this game that’s so “Japanese” that it’s set in America and has an entirely white cast?

      • Aoshi00

        It doesn’t matter, it’s an anime/game. Why was Rurouni Kenshin dubbed in Eng when the story took place in Jpn, it’s so that people who don’t feel like reading subtitle could just hear the chars speak English, despite them being Japanese. It’s all a matter of preference, some people prefer to hear a game/anime in the language it was originally made in, but for convenience, some prefer dub in their own language regardless of the setting in the anime/game. By that logic and restriction of the so called “setting”, Naruto should never be dubbed in English even if they are fantasy “ninja”. But UNS games were dub and sub, so everyone’s happy.

    • I’m sorry, but that’s so silly, especially since all signs point towards the game taking place in America.

      Yakuza? Don’t want an English dub. Takes place in Japan. People should be speaking Japanese. This? It should definitely be in English. And while I do want them to give a dual audio mode, just to make it fair for everyone, I must admit that when I see posts like yours, the meaner part of me hopes that it’s only dubbed, just to annoy you.

      • I disagree with you on the part where if its in America it should be in English other then that i agree with you. Just because I feel like most Japanese VA can do better than most English VA! But DBZ English VA were awesome I can watch it in Japanese/English butttt definitely not Spanish

        • “Just because I feel like most Japanese VA can do better than most English VA!”

          Thank u, really !! ;)

        • To me, it really comes down to a matter of preference. To me, I want the visuals to fit the audio. Simple as that.

      • It’s just a matter of taste… No need to “annoy me” like u said, your post was indeed kind of silly in the end. Plus, one more time, it’s not because it takes place in America that Catherine has to be in English… English VA on mostly RPG suck, I love to have the choice between english or japanese. Yeah I know, Catherine is not a RPG but the chara design by soejima + the animé direction + the jap VA make me WANT to do it in JAPANESE.

        • Aoshi00

          Exactly, the setting is in the US, but Catherine by Atlus is still very anime-ish just like Persona3/4 for example. And boy, did the experienced veteran Jpn cast do an excellent job for this game. Like I said, it would be awful if fans don’t get to hear it.

        • See, what’s funny is the first time I saw the Catherine trailer, immediately, I heard the English voice over for Spike from Cowboy Bebop in my head. In fact, when I downloaded the demo, I didn’t feel the voices matched the visuals, at all, but I wanted to play the game, so I dealt with it.

          Hell, when I played Record of Agarest War, I turned the voices off completely, because there was no English dub and it doesn’t take place in Japan.

      • Aoshi00

        That’s a pretty awful and silly thing to say, just because you don’t think the chars should speak Jpn because of the “story setting” (I guess Atlus was wrong to have dubbed this game in Japanese), you don’t want those who prefer to play the game in its original language to have the option to choose? It’s like saying Naruto has ninjas so all the US fans should be denied an Eng dub for the sake of so called authenticity (maybe 影分身の術 shouldn’t be even romanized to Kage-bunshin no jutsu), or Rurouni Kenshin should never have been dubbed in English. There’s a thing called marketability. I wonder why Persona 3 and 4 were dubbed in English in the first place even though the story took place in Japanese schools. Maybe many people want to play and hear a game in a language they understand? Just stop it w/ the sub vs dub, people simply have their preference, anything could be subbed or dubbed depending on the region the work is released in, DVD has alrdy settled such issue w/ dual audio long ago…

        Catherine having dual audio or not, I just hope the Eng cast do as good a job as the excellent Jpn cast.

        • Excuse me, are you telling ME to stop it with the sub vs dub when I was RESPONDING TO SOMEONE ELSE WHO STARTED THE CONVERSATION? I know you and I don’t like each other, but there’s no reason for you to say things that are patently idiotic, especially when I know you’re a fairly intelligent person.

          • Aoshi00

            All I’m saying is there’s no such thing as some chars in some games/anime have to be speaking a certain language because of the “story setting”, dubs are made in different countries for a very obvious reason.

            I was just re-watching the Hong Kong movie CJ7 on blu-ray, I could watch it in Cantonese or Mandarin (I did watch it in Mandarin on DVD the first time), but I loved the Eng dub, I thought the script and lip sync were great. The original was dubbed in the first place, two female actresses from mainland China spoke Mandarin and Stephen Chow from Hong Kong speaks Cantonese, so when you hear the Mandarin ver, Stephen Chow was dubbed in Mandarin, but when you hear Stephen Chow speaking in his native Cantonese, the other two actresses were dubbed in Cantonese so everyone is speaking the same language. The Eng dub was quite fun to listen to though even though it was a Hong Kong movie.

            Everyone has their preference, some Dragonball fans prefered watching the anime in its original Jpn dub because they think either the Eng. or Spanish dub was awful, or some prefer hearing the Eng dub because they’re accustomed to the American version, it depends on which version you are used to.

            Some people have heard so much Jpn dialogue from the Catherine trailers now, so they might be alrdy used to those voices (Yamadera Koichi as Vincent as Mitsuishi Kotono as Katherine) and want to be able to hear them in the game, nothing wrong w/ that, and they are grade-A voice actors and have lent their talent in telling such an exciting and thrilling story (w/ bad casting the story would fall flat). I’m pretty sure the Eng cast would be able to do a good job as well from the chars I’ve heard them done. I’ve played the game to death alrdy, so I want to hear the English dialogue just to be refreshing, and get to experience in a different way. Maybe many players would have the chance to do the same if there is dual audio.

          • If you read my entire original reply to his statement, I’m usually in favor of dual audio. I’m in favor of it here. But when I read people who say things that I think are completely silly that boil down to, “I don’t care where it takes place, just where it was made,” that annoys me and when people annoy me, I tend to try to annoy them back. It takes me completely out of the story to hear people talking in a language that doesn’t fit the characters. That’s my personal preference.

            For others, they want to hear things in the language of the place where they live. That’s fine. I understand why Yakuza isn’t for everyone and why some English games get a Japanese dub.

            I just hate this whole, “It’s anime so it must be in Japanese because Japanese VA is always automatically better.” I think it’s more on a case-by-case basis. There are some atrocious Japanese VA. There are some great English VA. Then there’s the opposite. I wouldn’t wish the English dubs of Chaos Wars and Grandia on most of my enemies.

  • Dimentionalist

    Rita: Blahblahblah METEOR STORM! Blahblahblah METEOR STORM! Blahblahblah etc…

    • AdamBoy64

      Yes, I only know Michelle Ruff from Vesperia. She was good in that, so i’m excited to hear her in this game.

  • I truly, truly cannot wait for this game now. Oh m gee will this be awesome!

  • PrinceHeir

    i knew she’s gonna voice her :D

    im really excited for the english VA. despite me still preferring the japanese one(nothing can replace Miyuki Sawashiro, NOTHING) the english cast looks to be phenomenal ^^

    this along with Dark Souls, MGS Rising, The Last Guardian, Dues Ex HR are one of my most anticipated games ever :P

  • Aiddon

    huh, didn’t expect that; if she goes with her Crimson Viper voice (which I believe is closer to her real voice than, say, Yukari) that’d be a good fit.

  • darkfox1

    again are guesses have been spot on

  • DanteJones

    Ahh, good to hear. Michelle Ruff’s voice is one I don’t think I could possibly ever get sick of. :)

  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn may have been a better pick, but Ms. Ruff will do quite fine as well.

  • Obvious choice is obvious. But it’s a good choice so I shouldn’t be complaining. :p

  • Pichi

    I love Etna, so I’m curious how this will play out with the character Katherine. I can see Etna mode when Katherine gets mad at Vincent, lol!

  • Troy, you lucky ass dog. :)

  • Go Rukia!!

  • I like this news.

    Very much. I am pleased Atlus. I am pleased.

  • Miss Ruff is EVERYWHERE!

  • So let’s see here…


    Yea, this should be good.

  • I guess she’s got the role of jealous, vulnerable romantic interests down.

  • gatotsu911

    Aw, bummer. I was really hoping for Amanda Winn Lee. It’s been ages since she’s had a leading role in anything.

  • KyoyaHibari

    RUUUUUUKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ;P Nah but im not getting this game, seems kinda boring, i was looking forward to more of a persona style RPG, but the story seems interesting

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