Contest Update: Double The Gods Eater Burst Prizes!

By Ishaan . March 22, 2011 . 4:32pm

Contest time! Up above is a picture of a bunch of Gods Eater Burst figures, which is the prize at stake (yes, all of them). The contest is simple: answer the multiple-choice questions below correctly, and we’ll enter you into a random draw to win the prize.


Update: Good news for everyone! D3 Publisher have kindly offered to throw in a second box of the same Gods Eater Burst figures, which means that we can now pick two winners! The contest ends on March 24th, so you still have time to enter!



1. Mail your answers to [email protected] with the subject “GEB Figure Contest.”

2. Only one answer out of all four options for each question is correct. Only include a single answer to each question in your e-mail.

3. Not doing this, or posting answers in the comments below will result in you being disqualified.

4. Unfortunately, the contest is limited to residents of the U.S., Canada and Mexico only.


What are the weapons in Gods Eater Burst called?

A.) God Arcs

B.) God Eaters

C.) Devourers

D.) Fenrir


Which year did Soma’s first mission take place in?

A.) 2064 AD

B.) 2065 AD

C.) 2059 AD

D.) 2072 AD


Which one is not a weapon in Gods Eater Burst?

A.) Alostroemeria

B.) Blood Blade

C.) Claudia

D.) Gloriosa


Who has trouble paying attention during drills?

A.) Kouta

B.) Soma

C.) Sakuya

D.) Lindow


If you’re not sure about the answers check out our coverage of the PSP game. The Gods Eater Burst contest kicks off today and ends on March 24 @ 11:59PM PST. Good luck!

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  • Code

    rar, oh man I’m all over this contest owo~! Been absolutely loving God Eater Burst since I got it >w<~! The Vajra figure alone is really badass, although Borg Camlann is pretty slick too, I had no idea they actually had figures of the Aragami out opo;

  • the answers are-

    ha, nope this contest is all mine! you guys made it to easy though ;)

    • @Ishaan one of your question isn’t worded correctly.

      “Which year did Soma’s first mission take place in?” look in the archives you can see what i mean. (i wont say it aloud)
      if im wrong let me know, ill be leaving it blank in tell i know for sure.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s correct, hahaha.

        • ok ill go with it then. thanks your the reply.

          EDIT: oh i see MY error lol. i mistaken it for his birthday lol. my bad. but now i know when he is born lol.

          • Code

            Silly Zonron you can’t start work the day you were born >w<~!

  • Oh cool a contest, some kind hearted benevolent soul should graciously formspring me the answers to these so that I can have a chance, as, data-mining for answers isnt a task that I have mastered. I would be eternally grateful.

    The figures look hot and would be a truly splendidly gorgeous addition to my glorious shrine of memorabilia and paraphernalia.

  • The Weapon is called Gunsword
    oh and Keyblade

  • Soma

    Darn, those are some awesome figures!

    I’ve been considering picking up Gods Eater Burst, but I played the Japanese demo when it came out, and wasn’t so sure it was for me.
    Seems like the kind of game I’ll need to play with other people, and I haven’t played any multi-player PSP games since MHFU.

    • Code

      My advice is don’t gauge it too much by the Japanese demo the game’s smoothed out A LOT since that demo came out >w< The demo initially, left me feeling kind of mixed too, but I decided I'd give it a shot any ways, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the mechanics have smoothed out a lot.

      Also you can have up to 3 CPU partners for when you don't have friends around. But yeah it does seem like MH it'll be more fun with friends — but at the same time the game is pretty accessible so far even without other human players.

      • im still waiting for my friend to pic up his copy lol, i almost decided to buy it for him. why must we gamers be so lazy XD

      • Soma

        Alright, I’ll have to give it a chance.
        The demo didn’t seem all that good, but I’ve only been hearing good things since then. Maybe I’ll be able to convince some of friends to pick it up, too.

    • Gonna have to agree with Code that the game’s been smoothed out a lot since the (Japanese God Eater Burst, not God Eater) demo came out.

      PROTIP: Playing the game for about 7 hours in a day will make your thumb hurt.

  • I hope I win.

  • I would have loved some origami aragami figures.

    • Code

      rar, that’d be all kinds of badass too opo; I always wanna call them origami’s too >w<'

  • Ufufufufufu~

    Glad to see a contest for this. I sure do want those Aragami figures…

  • darkfox1

    i cant participate in this contest because i dont really know much about god Eater

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      You still got time and the hint about Siliconera’s coverage on it really helps, because well I’m not sure how far I’m able to talk about their coverage and how I might break the rules, but their coverage really helped me :)
      Why not give it a try? (or not, I don’t want more competition, jk lol)

  • Reitsumi

    I want to participate, but I don’t live in USA

    • Yeah, I got all excited until I read that bit. Oh well!

      My copy of the game arrived yesterday and I’m really enjoying the little bit I’ve got to play so far, which is the main thing,

  • And I was looking forward to this contest. Y u do dis ;__; *sobs* May the best man wins.

  • Lol, at least you guys expanded the limit a bit more, to mexico uh?, go a “little” lower and to the right and you will find me >8D

  • It´s nice to see that my country was included in the contest :´)

  • ZomaNeko

    Cool, contests like this are fun

  • contest for awesome figures! YAY!

    ‘Usa etc only’

    NOES! Oh well… *sigh* I just sit here n wait for Persona 3 PSP to come out… in over a month… :(

  • Woohoo, really hope I get one! If not Varja then the Chi You, those are my favs~

  • Blargh! The only Question I don’t know is the weapon one…TT_TT
    I haven’t seen any of those yet. Time to guess then.

    • Protip – read our past coverage on Gods Eater Burst. ;)

      • Wish I had seen that earlier. I already sent in my e-mail… Curse you D n’ D and your time consuming nature.

  • Aw, it’s limited to residents of Canada, the U.S. or Mexico.

    Wait a minute… I’m from Canada, the U.S. or Mexico! Maybe even all three! That triples my chances of winning!

  • Agh. I think I forgot about using that exact string as the subject line. It was something close to that. Oh well…

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Hello, since I am pretty new to these contests (and the site) and I am feeling a little nervous on some stuff so I hope it is okay to ask this…

    I have followed the rules and have my answers ready, do I just send the email and you’ll know it is me somehow?

    Thank You

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