Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy’s DLC Schedule For North America

By Spencer . March 22, 2011 . 9:35am

Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy comes out today and its launching with DLC. Here’s what’s available and when you can get it from the PlayStation Store in North America.


March 22 – Aerith assist character

Comes with Dissidia Duodecim Prologus: Final Fantasy



March 22 – Tifa’s Enforcer costume

Amazon pre-order voucher for Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy



March 22 – Cloud in Kingdom Hearts gear costume

GameStop pre-order voucher for Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy


March 22 (but you can’t get the voucher until later!) – Lightning as Aya Brea costume

Voucher pack-in with The 3rd Birthday


March 29 – Warrior of Light’s Nameless Warrior costume

Free from the PlayStation Store

image image


April – Cecil’s Knight of Two Moons costume

Voucher pack-in with Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection


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  • When does the EU get their list?

    • For the Legacy edition:
      “Legacy Edition will include a number of special in-pack items comprising exclusive downloadable costumes for Tifa and Squall, and six Deluxe Character Lithograph Art Prints, all presented in special white packaging with exclusive Legacy Edition sleeve artwork. The pack will also include a voucher for the user to claim a 50% discount off the purchase of the original Final Fantasy game from PlayStation®Store.”

      Not sure about Cloud’s costume though

      • I am aware of all of that. I want to know when we actually get other stuff. I have the Legacy Edition already. Though it is my GF’s.

  • Zonic505

    Still no word on Squall’s costume? I can’t help to think it’ll be the registration bonus for registering the game on Square Enix’s Members site.

    • I hope so. Still, mine won’t register.

    • it’ll probably be paid DLC.

  • shion16

    thats a lot of dlcs!!
    i could wait to FF dissidia duodecim Turbo HD

    • kupomogli

      Super Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Turbo Championship Edition!! Thankfully Square Enix isn’t Capcom and we actually get a whole slew of new content then just a few new characters.

    • Advent_Andaryu

      Siliconera had an article in the past confirming that there will not be a Universal Tuning version of Duodecim so this is the definitive version.

  • Code

    rar, I don’t like the fact how to get both Cloud and Tifa’s costumes you need to in effect buy the game twice, they better have them all on PSN sooner or later omo;;

    • PrinceHeir

      yes. as much as like amazon, i wasn’t able to pre-order this. as for gamestop no just no. so put the costumes on PSN please

    • I like to think that they’ll make them available on PSN sooner or later. It’s just a matter of when.

    • of course they will, but you’ll have to pay for it of course.

  • Yes! Its great for these costumes to be available outside of pre orders. I got the Cloud pre order today. ^_^

    • Christian Wright

      is the cloud voucher in the case or do they print it on the receipt?

  • karasuKumo

    Dispatch confirmed today :) Hoping I get it a day early ^^ Can not wait!!!! I’ve been playing the first like crazy for a few days.

    On the topic of DLC I was rather disappointed that VII didn’t get a new stage so I’m hoping that in the future they release Aerith’s church as a DLC stage. I thought it would have been common sense to have it as a stage -__-. Also a XIII-2 costume for Lightning would be brilliant.

  • …And the sea of DLC begins :o

  • The full game is going to be available for purchase at the PSN right T.T ?

    • kidhyuga

      it is now. GO GO GO GO

  • cmurph666

    Ugh… ebay here I come…

  • That Cecil one is Sexy (And looks a bit more like Sasuke, just saiyan) and I can’t Wait for the FFIX ones.

    Funny Thing I noticed with the Cloud dlc. It’s listed as “DLC 1”. Is that their way of saying that characters may get more than one DLC outfit? If so, I won’t complain.

    • kidhyuga

      well same english voice actor

    • just “saiyan” eh, you know because his hair is spiked up like a super saiyan… i’ll leave now

  • where the hell is squall KH DLC???? i been waiting for the annoucement since Feb after japan got it on the V- jump magazine!

    wtf! where is it SE??? that’s my main charecter!

  • i knew i was gonna end up buying third birthday even i finished paying IV collections! oh well then we got type-o import this coming summer ; ;

  • i wounder if EU DLC code work for NA version game? if so i holding on to cloud KH code and try it for squall DLC anyone email me if they know if this works?

    if so am willing to trade it when it releases on friday for EU.

    [email protected]

  • Sweet, got my Cloud costume!

    Little off topic, but has anyone tried to register their game on the Square-Enix memebers site? It says my serial cannot be confirmed. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Hope I’m not the only one. ;^;

    • I was unable to register mine too, it must not be open yet.

    • You have to redeem the codes on PSN.

      Kinda related, but are they any quests yet? No, right.. Then I’ll have to wait until the 29th >.<

      EDIT:My bad I missunderstand your post.

  • I pre-ordered on Amazon and I can’t find my Tifa DLC code. Is it on the receipt? I need some help T.T

  • Exkaiser

    Ach, I really like Cecil’s costume, but I don’t want to but FFIV again.

    • I own all the versions of Final Fantasy IV and I’ll get this one too

      • Exkaiser

        I’m pretty good with my SNES copy of FFII, myself!

  • So, if I’m following this article correctly, does this mean that on March 22nd (today) they are releasing the Cloud and Tifa DLC on PSN?

    • No it means just what it says, you get them by pre-ordering it from different places. The only thing avaliable on the PSN is the helmetless WoL.

  • Souji Tendou

    Wow SQeex wow…! You’re following the footsteps of Bandai Namco now?

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